3 September 2003
Hi Kim

I remember you, I have some photo's of you in my book, along with Caroline Ambridge (talking of whom I have tried to reply to your email but it wont send.. any clues Caroline??).
Regards. )
Carol Gibson (H73-77)

3 September 2003
My name is Roy Naylor, I am surethat I am one of the boys in the photo Balmoral `64, i lived in Hilden my father was in the Lancashire Regiment, and would love to hear from anyone from that era, I can remember two brothers, one was Brian Pearson the others name I cant remeber
Roy Naylor (?)

6 September 2003
Hi carol, recognise the name can not put a face to it, my memory is terrible however it is a long time ago. It is realy exciting to find out some one recognise your name you feel yourself regressing back to those teenage years, Its great!

Kim Nixon (?)

8 September 2003
Just a quick note to see if anyone remembers me angie donkin, had a sister called sharon,lived in osnabruck, we where both in Hillsbrough house, drop us a line if you do remember me.
Hills 1980 till the day it sadly closed.
Angie Donkin (H80-83)

8 September 2003
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Doug Pruden (S61-62)

11 September 2003
Hi Angie
I do remember you and your sister Sharon. I also lived in Osnabruck and was in Hillsborough house from 1980 to 1982. I recently made contact with Karen Austin who said she had bumped into you. Hope you and your sister are both well. It is nice to see someone in the visitor’s book that I recognise at last. I used to hang around with Amanda Hunter and Fiona Hutchinson and Julie Mitchell. Do you remember me?.
Susan Hammond (H80-82)
11 September 2003
I was at Windsor Girls' School from 1960 - 1963, leaving to return home after my father left the services in 1964. My father was in REME and some of the children there I already knew from Singapore. Their fathers, like mine, had been posted to Germany following commitments in Singapore. My father was in Singapore from 1957 - 1960.
I was in Marlborough House when Mrs Dewhurst was there. The prefects I remember were Sally Williamson (I think) and Alexander (not sure if this was her first or last name either). I remember Diana Beckley, Helen Sunter, Anna (who went home to Scotland when her gran became ill and never returned, Michelle, Winnie Snodgrass and there must be more which I can't bring to mind at this moment. Our matron's name was Karl ... Frauline Karl ( not
sure of the spelling). From the boys school I remember Brian Unwin and Nick Gould for sure.I would love to hear from anyone was there at the time I was and who may remember me (hopefully there may be one or two but it was a long time ago).All best wishes to all ex-Windsor pupils - it was an unique experience
Diane Hain (Heenan) (M60-63)

11 September 2003
Hi Angie I do remember you and your sister Sharon. I also lived in Osnabruck and was in Hillsborough house from 1980 to 1982. I recently made contact with Karen Austin who said she had bumped into you. Hope you and your sister are both well. It is nice to see someone in the visitor’s book that I recognise at last. I used to hang around with Amanda Hunter and Fiona Hutchinson and Julie Mitchell. Do you remember me?

Susan Hammond (H80-82)

15 September 2003
Where is Mr Clarke...Physics teacher, house master and generally someone who took the time out to say a few kind words, made an everlasting impression on me anyway!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)
15 September 2003
Hi all you windsorites - Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) here. Just been in touch with David Chedgey he's still going strong. I was in St James from 65-68. David is dong fine. Barry Cummings the other art master seems to be doing ok. Been in touch with Ailsish O'Driscoll (ex prefect and Deputy head girl) Pam Ross would no doubt remember her, and Chris MacGregor has just become a grandmother. Does anyone remember June Alyson? A friend of Hilary Brown. Hilary is trying to get in touch. Such a shame that there are not many from the 60s on this site. I would love to chat to some of the 60s people. Unfortunately could not make the last reunion as daughter suffered a miscarriage. Have not been to any reunions yet but was wandering if anyone who remembers me or was there in my era would like to meet up some time, somewhere for a reunion of our own. Let me know and maybe we could arrange something. By the way my sister was also in St James - Linda Cooke.
Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68)
16 September 2003
Is there any further info on the 1970's re-union? I would be delighted if it was to be held in Birmingham, it's fairly local for me. I can full recommend Broad Street Birmingham. There are pleanty of pubs and clubs for all ages and limitless hotels of varying prices to suit everyone's pocket.
There are also several theaters near by Miss Siagon currently running in the Hippodrome, the Glee Club (Comedy Store with some of the UK's best), loads
of places to eat & drink there is a chinese quarter and being Birmingham Balti houses,add to this the fact The New Bull ring has now opened the girls will be entertained during the day whilst the men check out Broad Street.
Don't leave them alone too long though there are 3 lap dancing clubs!

Laura Cooke (C77-80)
19 September 2003
I visited WGS between 1973 - 75 and was in Hillsborough House, and my name then was Janice Tracey. There are a couple of names that I recognise from your "lapsed web reg" that I would love to get in touch with again if poss. Theresa and David Whiston - they were both in Sandringham house. If anyone has any idea where they now are??? I know it's a shot in the dark but you never know!
Anyway, keep up the good work - interesting web site.
Janice Jendryschik (Tracey) (H73-75)
22 September 2003
Hello Kim Nixon,
Denise Meyers (Fletcher) here... I remember you....And I am sure Carol Gibson does too. What has been happening in your life since Windsor then? I trust now that you have found this site, you will come to the next reunion in a couple of years time?
Denise Meyers (H72-78)
23 September 2003
So nice to hear from Jean Cooke, whom I remember very well - so many names in her message a blast from the past! Have always wondered what happened to Barry Cummings - he was quite an inspiration to me when I did A level Art, and told me to continue with art after I left school, which has left me with a house full of DIY paintings. I think a 60's get together would be a good idea, especially as this often means people other than those who visit the web site get together. We did have one a few years ago, which was fun - even if you didn't necessarily know everyone who was there, we all had shared memories.
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
23 September 2003
Hi all you 60s peeps. Jean Cooke here again. Thanks Pam Ross for your message. Reunion the 60s. Y not go to Windsor Great Park for a picnic and lots of bubbly and wine?? Maybe order the largest INDIAN OR CHINESE TAKEWAY TO ONE EVENT. Wot better than 60s windsorites meeting at the park for the worlds biggest take-away-order. Would make the news. Regards to all WGS/WBS peeps.
Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68)
24 September 2003
its some time since i last visited the site still trying to put faces to names anyhow if any body remembers me or my sister it would be nice to here from you
Andy Tibbs (H76-80ish)
24 September 2003
Hi there
I've spent most of the day looking through the Visitor's Book - sad? me? nah? I am amazed that there are hardly any entries from Edinburgh House peeps. Is it that I'm the only one who's found the website or what? Perhaps I'm the only one who can't remember anyone else's names to look them up on Friends Reunited? Whatever, here are some names that I can recall - if anyone recognises me or any of the names on the list please get in touch. Here goes: Kate Hobbs, Sue Price, Heather Bailey, Sharon Dicks, Christine Saunders (now Ward) and from the Boys School: Neil Owen(s) and Sean Magee.
Janice Hanslow (E75ish)
25 September 2003
Just to let everyone know from the 63-68era that Dave Chedgey is doing fine. I think he is about 63ish now. He keeps in contact with Barry Cummings who is still going strong. Nice to hear from Pam Ross again. Hay Pam - how about me and you organising a bit of shindig as I explained in my last message to the site. WINDSOR GREAT PARK. By the way what has happened to Lyn Dillon or Dillow name escapes me now. If you are out there Lyn - remember the time we both got caught smoking in the school block toilets one Sat afternoon. We were both caught by the art teacher. Can't remember her name but the smell of those german fags must have gone all the way down the corridor. Miss Keene was housemisstress at the time. We had to go before Miss Evans Headmisstress. The funny thing was she lectured us on the bad habit of smoking and threatened to write to our parents and as she was talking to us she had a packet of gold leaf on her desk?? It would have been so nice if she had just offered us a fag and given us a slap on the wrist
Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68)
26 September 2003
Well Hi to all those who attended WGS in 1970 -1972 I am really suprised to find such a well organised site. My memory for those years are a little blurry and I guess I have a little more time these days to think of those times. Well I think I would like to remember a little more especially about the good times spent with friends.
If you can remember me then maybe I might beable to get those brain cells remembering you. Hillsbourough house and the wake up bell are quite vivid memories the dinning room, the dormitories, the swimming pool, gym, the two churches, the assembly hall, but I can only remember two names Christine Morgan and Joanna Scott. If you can remember me I would love to hear from you.
Perth Western Australia is a bit far away I know, but with this kind of technology any thing is possible. By the way its Carol Large now Carol Everett
Carol Everett nee Large (H70-72)
26 September 2003
My name is Charles Pringle and I was in Hillsborough from 62 - 66.
In answer to the mail from Roy Naylor, I can tell you that the two Pearson brothers you mention were Don, the elder brother and Brian, the younger. I knew them well as we grew up together in Belfast, Hong Kong and Lemgo. Our fathers were in the Northumberland Fusiliers. From about the age of five to sixteen, we moved everywhere together. I haven't seen either of them since about 1969, when I last saw Brian in a place called Kirton in Lindsey in Lincolnshire.
I have lived in Tokyo for the last twenty years so I have lost touch with most of the people I knew then, but from time to time I still hear from Tom Byrne.
Hope this answers your question. If you are really interested in contacting Brian or Don, I might be able to help as I still have contacts to some people from the Northumberland Fusiliers.
Charles Pringle (H62-66)
27 September 2003
hi janice hanslow, i've found this site recently as well. I occasionally hear from sue price and kate hobbs and you as well. have you moved house or are you still at the same address? you're right that there are not a lot of edinburgh names on the list, not that it does me any good, i'm terrible at remembering names. if you still have my number give me a call, if not leave another message and we'll try another way.
Christine Saunders (E74-76)