19 October 2003
My name is Paul Falcus I was in Edinburgh house 77/80 and would like to get in touch with anyone who may remember me.I would be realy happy to hear from a number of ex friends like Rob,Sammy,Midge,Pa and a few from WGS.I`m looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Paul Falcus (E77-80)

24 October 2003
Paul Falcus, could you please advise how to contact you. My names John Cole and we were friends at WBS. I was in Sandringham 77-78.!

John Cole (S77-78)

29 October 2003
whats happened to everyone. I've been having problems trying to connect. Come on you 60s windsorites lets hear some more stories. Who remembers Monsieur le blanc - young, handsome french teacher (or student) teaching at WGS. He used to come down to the cellar in st james and drink red wine at the end of term with us. Been in touch with Pia Ayres and a few others - lovely memories.

Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68) 
31 October 2003
Well what a surprise finding this site, my name is Heidi Lock, (Bedford) and I think I was in Edinburgh, but not sure, what I am sure of is that I was one of the students who transferred from KAS Plon when it closed down, and the mixed reception we got, as some of us still wore the uniform from Plon was interesting, however we soon settled in. I remember Miss Beckwith with affection, her Biology lessons stay with me still. I am living in New Zealand, but would love to hear from anyone who can remember Hilary Laing, her friend Angela and Jenny Price

Heidi Lock (E?61)