3 May 2002
Lots of memories of Windsor,getting on the train aged eleven, knowing no-one. I remember Mr Binfield, his huge frame and the Latham plimsoll he used on my rear end !!. The Young Farmers Club in the Rural Science block, beheading white chickens on the block and letting them runaround the yard. Stealing apples from an orchard outside on the cross country route, getting caught by the german farmer , beating him back to the school by hopping over the barbed wire fence around the sports field. The head the next morning talking about Anglo/german relations becoming stretched, any of the offenders giving themselves in to their housemaster will escape punishment.
Signing up for confirmation classes mainly for the renowned cream cakes in the dining hall after the service. I remember some names, Latham, Frith, Benfield, some friends called Benge, brother and sister that did not settle at Hamm, "escaped" one night were found two days later on the road home, sent to Sick Bay on the top floor for punishment. Frau Schidloff ?? our matron and the evening rock cakes that always lived up to their name. I remember the time most of the school suffered food poisoning from some bad liver and the lines waiting to use bathrooms. The CCF that probably started my twenty two years in the Royal Engineers. water bombs from the top of the stairs in Sandringham.
Now live in Indiana, USA
At the beginning it was dreadful, but after three years I missed it badly,very fond memories.
Brian Brayshaw (S57-60)

3 May 2003
i have been reading your web site with great interest i only went to the school for a very short time was hoping someone could help stimulate the old grey matter before this was at rhine middle school . ihave 2 sisters julie and helen lived in weeze remember sharon cooper , anita verscoyle ,liz ? and debbie anyone help me!
Tracy Cholerton (C74-75)

4 May 2003
Dear All,
Still thinking over whether to attnd the reunion on 28 June. Can anyone publish on the site an up to date list of names that have confirmed attendance this would assist us in coming to a decision. So far I have not seen many names from our 'era' on the message board and a number are on the lapsed list.It is a long and expensive trip if there are not many from our years. I think it might hel or encourage others to attend if they knew who else are going from their years.Many Thanks
Scot and Denise Innes (nee Pegram) (M73-76)

There are no current plans to publish a list ahead of the reunion.
The list of attendees is growing daily and bookings are coming in thick & fast. Compared to the last reunion, we are way ahead in advance bookings this number of weeks away. The number of people that use the Message Board is a very small minority of current members so that is no reflection of who is attending. Regarding attendance, we would encourage members to contact their friends on the Register (which has contact details) as they have done in the past.

4 May 2003
Due to a clash of dates I'll have to miss this year's reunion but would like to wish everyone all the best & I'm sure you'll have a great time.
P.S. Graham Keil - you may want to check your PC; I received a nasty virus from you............!!!
Neil Carrick (H72-75)
5 May 2003
The Windsor Society Committe look forward to welcoming you all to the reunion.
We note that many of you expressing the intention of being there, have not yet applied to come and in some cases have not yet applied for membership.
We have to let Newbury Race course have the numbers 2 weeks before the event. Lapsed
members have recently been sent reunion details.
Please help the committee by getting your forms off quickly. Thanks

The Windsor Society Committee
6 May 2003
Well, it happened sooner than I thought. I opened up a hotel towards the end of last year and this will be our first season. April comes and with it a Mr Anthony Willmore, ex Windsor Boys from the early sixties! More coincidently perhaps, it appears he was in the convoy that escorted me out of Nicosia when I was evacuated out during the Turkish invasion.
Steven Wieczysty (S77-82)
6 May 2003
I have asked the same question regarding a published list of attendee's for the reunion, but have decided to go anyway and take pot luck!
It would be great if you and Scott did go, as I would like to catch up on the 26 years, as you were always around (with the Lovells, Crowthers, Royals etc,) for the first 16!I am hopeing that there are as many "70's" Windsors as possible, so hopefully see you there?
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
6 May 2003
Hi All,
Looking forward to the reunion as had some great fun at the last one. Anyone got any info on the Maltese contingient, not seen any of the old Hilsborough House Maltese boys in any of the messages for a long time. Come on wake up Malta!
John Fisher (H65-68)
7 May 2003
Hello to Scott and Denise Pegram,
I will be attending the reunion in June and hope you can make it, i think you will be surprised by the number of people you will meet and remember, it would be really good to see you both after 27 years,
Hello to anybody who remebers me, looking forward to next month
Willie Henry (H71-74)
10 May 2003
Thought I would drop a line.
does any one remember me.
and pop chaetter(sorry for the spelling),and the boy who bad mouthed him.
and how we sent him to coventry til chaetter told use to talk to him,
Istill remember how chaeter took 1st-2nd years up stairs to play snooker
Peter A Hudson (M68-70)
10 May 2003
Hello to all schoolmates Windsor Girls between 1960 and 1963- anyone in the School not necessarily Sandringham please get in touch - it would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me
Gillian Yallop (S60-63)
13 May 2003
hi would luv 2 get in touch with anyone who can
remember me. i was one of the few scotish girls at the time and had a sister called Jean.i shared dorms with michelle kewley,sandra cole,yvonne
crawshaw & all that crew.Hope 2 hear from u soon and all is well with anyone i spent time with.
W.G.S.were the best days of my life.
Cecelia Begley (S74-77)
16 May 2003
Hi Cecelia,
I remember you well, are you in contact with anybody from WGS/WBS?
Nige Horne is trying to get intouch with Sandy Cole, so if you know her whereabouts, that would be great.
Are you going to the reunion in June (28th at Newbury)?
How are you keeping, and what have you been up to for the last 26 years??
There are loads of people you will know on the members list, and also on Friends Reunited.
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
16 May 2003
Oi Scott! Chip and his missus will be at the re-union, maybe you could car share?
Steve Mayne (C73-76)

18 May 2003
Any plans to make this years visitors book available to view, as I missed April's letters due to holidays
Eddie Benham (B55-59)

All of the Visitors Book is online from December 1998 onwards - just click on the Year buttons at the top and select the month you wish to view.
18 May 2003
Hi Scott & Denise,
nice offer from Steve Mayne, but it is what we talked about when I bumped into you last year. Happy oblige with a lift if you want.
Cheers, Chip
Chip Carpenter (H73-76)

19 May 2003
Hi Doug
How on earth does one view messages for 2003, can't find at the top of page where the other year are.....or am I being incredibly stupid?

Geraldine Rogers (H59-63)

Hello Geraldine, at the top of this page there is a button for each year. Just select the month from the drop-down menu. (I am assuming you are viewing this page using the Windsor Society's web page www.windsorsociety.org.uk and not from elsewhere) -Doug

19 May 2003
Hello to all those from the 67-68 era. I'm looking forward to the re-union. This will be my third.
I didn't dare book in to the same B&B this time because it was a bit like being back at school. I got led astray by the Bennets (no surprise there) and didn't get back till 4 or something in the morning. The landlady was waiting up because she hadn't given me a key and played merry hell because I hadn't told her what time I would be coming back. :-))
I've found a load of new photographs from that time so I shall bring them with me to see who identifies themselves and to fill in the gaps.
By the way, does anybody remember the fashion of the 67-68 time of geting our mums to stitch two or three windsor scarves together. I still had mine up to about 86 then I lost it on a bus. I think we should ask the commitee to see if we can get Windsor scarves. I certainly would buy one or two.
I have a record (remember vinyl) of the concert in the concert hall in Hamm. It has the Girls & Boys schools, the Canadians at Soest and some German schools. I was in the choir. Does anybody else remember it?
Also does anyone remember the Boys school International Weekend at Schloss Oberwerries? There were us lot, Canadians, Americans and Germans. I also have the press cutting (in German-but I have had it translated)
I'll try and bring them with me.
See you there
Robin Ellwood (M67-68)
20 May 2003
Hi Denise Meyers,
I remember you. You were a friend on the twins Dawn & Debbie Johnson who were my 'Big sisters' whilst I was there - only for the 1st year. This is the 1st time I've visited this site for some time. I've just been to the Friends Reunited site & found Dawn there! Wld be nice to get in touch after all this time

Pauline Docherty (H76-77)
23 May 2003
Hello to all, greetings from sunny Iraq. Wont be able to make the re-union for obvious reasons. Enjoy yourselves. Big hello to Mandy Muir, Yvette Tortice, Chrissy Butler, Ruby Adams, Mark & Dawn Shrives and many more. Hope to be back by the autumn. Take Care
Jim Alger (S77-80)
23 May 2003
Hi Cecelia..hope to see you on 28th..Leslie is coming too...only have address for Sandy Cole(Messias) up until 2 years ago..sorry Nic!..She had been working in Saudi somewhere
Tina Kirby (S73-79)

23 May 2003
I am accessing the Windsor site but do not have abutton for year '03,only the previous 4 years,99 -02
Eddie Benham (B55-59)

Eddie, I'm not sure what's wrong, anyone else having this problem? or any ideas? I'll get back to you as soon as I can figure it out. Doug

23 May 2003
Is there anybody from the Sixth Form House (Edinburgh 1969) going to the reunion? Could the Committee send out a list of prospective attendees out with tickets?
Mike 'Arfer' Adkins (E67-70)

23 May 2003
Barrie 'Shuggy' Gibson,
Yes I am going to the Re-Union and I have hopefully got Mike Price to dip into the depths of his large pockets to buy a ticket too!
I did try emailing you, but I keep getting errors on your address. Is your email working properly?

Mick 'Plug' Hughes (C74-77)
24 May 2003
hi pauline,
this is the first time i've visited this site and was really surprised to see names that i knew.i dont know if you remember me but i was in the same dorm as dawn and debi johnson (i was the one who was always in trouble)if your in touch with the twins could you let them know i would love to hear from them and anyone else who remembers me it would be great to catch up on the last 23 years.look forward to hearing from anyone
Tracy Wesson ( H76-80)
27 May 2003
Hello Pauline Docherty,
Are you going to the reunion this year? If so see you there. I think that Dawn is going to the reunion would be nice to chat to you all again. Do your remember Carol Gibson I am in touch with her too, she has not changed still a good laugh!
chat to you soon

Denise Meyers (H72-78)
27 May 2003
Hi Tracy,
I'm afraid I'm really bad for remembering names -I had initially forgotten the twins surnames, although I had remembered their 1st names. It was only after seeing them mentioned on this site, & noted the house & years, that I realised they were the same people. I do vaguely remember someone matching your description, ie always in trouble!! Did you remember me, by any chance, or was it just Dawn & Debbie's names that rang bells? I was the one who received regular weekly tuck parcels from my Grandad, seemed to be the perfect target for the apple pie beds, & was teased rotten about my 1st bra - which someone ran down the corridor with outside the dorm, waving it in the air & then hanging it over the top of the dorm door, out of reach!!!!! Happy memories!! I notice you were there 76-80. Did you start in the 3rd year - or is that part of my memory slightly out of sorts & the twins were actually only a year above me? I'm 38 now - what would that make you? I was in the same dorm as Sara Clark (who I made contact with by phone a couple of years ago), Sarah Parrot & a tall coloured girl, Irma Wells. Do you remember any of them? I remembered Sara because of her large shoe size for an 11 year old girl, & clarks shoes, Sarah because of her name, & Sara reminded me of Irma's name when I mentioned her in our 1st conversation after mmmmm.... (25) years!!!! Has it really been thaaat long? I still have a photo of Dawn & Debbie somewhere - up in the loft & out of reach, I think. I'll have to look them out sometime & get them posted on here - maybe in the next 25 years. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, or anyone of the names I've mentioned.
Pauline Docherty (H76-77)
28 May 2003
A great big sorry to Nick Cuthbertson, its a long story , i hope you know what Iam on about. Great to here that wee Cecelia Begley is around, hows George? Have you heard from Willie Donaldson? The last time I saw you was Waverley Station Edinburgh. Anyway hen be lucky miss you all. The Jock
Ian Carroll Jock (S72-)
28 May 2003
Looking forward to the reunion, and seeing old mates again - does anyone from the committee know when we will receive our tickets? - on their way soon
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
29 May 2003
Hi Kathy Rocket Is me, and yes i do remember Jenny Trigona, she was in my dorm my first year, and amazingly she and i have just got in touch. I have her e mail address if you want it. As far as Jacqui is concerned, she is going to the reunion and the last time i spoke she had said you were picking her up. Oh and sorry about the bonzo band, i stand corrected now, are they like the Monkees, just kidding ! I've heard they are real good anyway we'll not notice, too busy talking as usual - Anyway all being well see you 28th June, in full school uniform, you know what theyre like - Will be real nice to see you again
Su Turner (H64-71)
30 May 2003
Thanks for the offer to share driving but I think if we go we will be taking the children part way and dropping them off at friends for the day.I realise time is running out but we are stll undecided.Once again we are grateful for the offer, hopefully we will see you there. Are you staying overnight and if so where?
Scot Innes (M73-76)
30 May 2003
Hi there Denise,
Looks like we just missed each other - both posting messages on the same day!! Nice to speak to you again. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the reunion. I'd love to be able to go, Bryan (my other half) would be in his element at Newbury - he's a horse racing fan! However, funds won't allow at the moment, busy planning our wedding as we are getting married in July. Maybe next time. I don't actually remember many names at all until I see them mentioned, then they ring little bells, but I'm not sure if it is because I actually remember them, or if I just remember seeing the names before! If I do remember rightly though, didn't you have a pair of blue wooden wedge mules, about 3" or 4" or so high? I borrowed them one weekend to go the the pictures in the hall, nearly broke my neck crossing the field!! Anyway, got to go for now, speak to you again.

Pauline Docherty (H76-77)
31 May 2003
I am sad to advise you that Michael Wylie Headmaster of Windsor Boys School,Hammfrom 1964 to 1968 has passed away on Thursday the 29 May 2003.
There will be a private family Crematorium service. A Service of Thanksgiving will be held on a date to be announced. I have spoken to his wife Joan and offered her the Society's condolences.
Bob Jordan
31 May 2003
Nearly there folks, its going to be a blast, my first reunion. I have at last booked my room Su, I am in the dorm next to you at the Bacon Arms, got a good discount didn't we, nothing to do with the fact, that we promised the manager we would be in full uniform of course.. lol Thanks for the lift Kathy, much appreciated. We have all had a pretty crap year, so this is just what the Dr. ordered, and we must make the most of it.. lol we are Windsor girls and for one, all too short, weekend, we are going to be 17 again, and I forsee a lot of laughs, few tears, lots of dancing and drinking, and more memories being born. See you soon girls...
Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
31 May 2003
Hiya Pauline, yes i do remember you ,but i must admit after all these years it's very hazy. I recognise the names of the girls you asked about to.Was Yvette Carver in your year then? She was my little sister. I started Windsor in my 2nd year and shared a dorm with Dawn+Debi Johnson, Jill Marlor, Caroline Gillatt and Diane Herning, do you remember any of them? I have some photos of my school days, especially the twins, my dorm mates, my first boyfriend Kevin Jardine (who probably doesn't remember) and my best mate Luci Oxley who i would dearly love to hear from, so if you or anyone out there knows where she is please could you let me know.
I had long brown hair and was small, but noisy and always in trouble (hence i gained the nickname trouble).Our dorm always seemed to be put on the corridor at night by Miss Ramsey for one reason or another, maybe we just liked the corridor better than the dorm!!
I would have loved to have gone to the reunion this year as it is only 30 mins from my home, but i have only just found out about it as it's only recently that i have started to use the computer (with the help of my daughter). Wish i'd learn't sooner. Maybe next time though. I'm going to get a membership for the Windsor Society so i'll know whats what in future.
Well must go, hope to hear from you soon and anyone else who might remember me. Take care,.

Tracy Wesson (H76-80)

31 May 2003
there are a couple of us that would like to attend the reunion on 28th,but looking at the ionfo should haver let you know by 15th May.is it too late to attend.could we attend and pay on the day,or do we have to book.four of the group did in fact go to the last reunion.could somene let me know.ta.
Sheila White (C78-79)

No, it's not too late to attend but you do have to book ahead. Please send your cheque (details below) asap. Newbury Racecourse require the number of attendees (and payment) on the 14th June and so bookings really need to be in before then.

Cheques (£40 members, £45 non-members) are to be made payable to The Windsor Society and sent to: Sue Mooney, The Gardeners Cottage, Tydehams, Newbury, Berks RG14 6JT. Any queries contact Sue on 01635 582181