1 March 2003
anybody out there remember the terrible twins

johnson twins (E75-80)

4 March 2003
Hey Robin Anderson thats my sister you are talking about and she is still a babe.Can anyone tell me where the Stafford family are.Jacqueline(edinborough),Philip and Michael where at the school till 1968ish then went to RAF Odiham Hants.jr

Ralph Bennett (M62-68)

4 March 2003
Wow ! Just found this web site, can't imagine how I have missed it all this time. As per most people I have now been sat reading the site for the last 5 hours (and that is on broadband !). Talk about re-learn your past. Names are hard to come by.
I was at the School around 63 to 65, the first term was the pits, only allowed out of the School twice a term to go to Hamm and then you had to get a sixth former to take you! I was in Caernarvon
House when Mr Phipps was the house master, and Mr Whylie was headmaster.
One of my claims to fame was being wheeled out in concerts to play the trumpet (always the same two tunes) The moment I left the school I never touched a trumpet again.
Being a smoker (was it compulsory) we found every nook and cranny in the school to smoke, I note that some one mentioned getting into the roof voids behind the catholic church in 1980 (must have been knee deep in fag ends by then !). There was one guy whom I knew but can't remember his name (sorry) who always writing his nickname 'The Tourist' everywhere
Another trick was to run all of the hot taps in the bathroom until you couldn't see the windows from the door, you could then smoke Ok and could get rid of the evidence easily if discovered. I was also a member of the model railway club in the cellar, very handy for a quick fag, the smell of the soldering iron nicely covered up the smell (I won't mention the near fire). Anther favourite was to smoke in the Theatre props room in the cellar as we had the keys and could lock ourselves in.
These were the days of 'nylon shirts' especially pink with bars through the collar, when we had a preoccupation for making leather ties.
Even though our cotton school shirts were laundered in glue and ironed by steamroller we used to wash our own nylon shirts and let then drip dry and use them when ever we could.
To get more freedom I was in the CCF and managed to become 'camping gear' monitor (used to get the best tents and sleeping bags) so we used to go camping a lot. On one weekend I remember walking with a friend to Soest to the PX to buy food (sweets), Just about killed us carrying camping packs.
One term I bought a one day old Chick from Hamm market and we kept it in the dorm in one of the cupboards, it went undetected for quite a while (I can't remember how we managed to keep it hidden during dorm inspections). The Chicken was eventually discovered so I keep it in a pen near the deserted block the other side of the campus and eventually took it home.
Yes I did get the cane in the end. Caught smoking yet again. As you had to wear PE shorts (no pants) we used to find the thickest pair we could get we then used to coat the inside with soap, it was supposed to ease the pain, never tried the cane without so to this day I don't know if it works.
When I left (I was suspended and never returned, yes for smoking) we returned to England as my Father was posted to RAF Spitalgate, guess what, there were several of ex WBS's that I knew living there.
Was it worth it, a resounding Yes, the school certainly educated you, made you resourceful, resilient and independent and I for one am glad I was sent there.

Dave Parish (C63-65ish)

4 March 2003
Robin Anderson;Christine says ty,now then is any one on this list :-Derek Wetherly,Michael(leg breaker)Cowell,"Kitch"Kitchen,Gerry Bird,Phil Briscoe,Robin Ellwood,Rob shears,Stu Baines,Alan Macleod,David Page,Alistair Pollock,Ralph Whalebone,Neil Yaxley,Rob Young,Ian Dyer,Alex McHale,Authur Sewell,David Barclay,Michael Crawford,I know there are lots of old friends that are not on this list,my memory is failing me, names and faces are a bit misty.I'd love to see any Marlborough boys (old boys now)who were at W.B.S.1963-1969.. at my **50th**birthday little get together,which is at "The Thoresby Hall Hotel" Ralph,Christine and Peter(Bennett)will all be there;alright Robin!!If you are in the area of Nottingham Mansfieldish Junc 28-29-30 of the M1 on the 22nd March 2003 please pop in and bye me a drink!!!!!Cheers.

Jimmy (Benny)Bennett (M63-69)
5 March 2003
Mind blowing to come on line and see all these 60's names - I remember Christine Bennett, she was in the choir with me I believe, and the names of Ralph Bennett and Dave Parish ring several bells -

Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)
5 March 2003
hello to anyone who remembers me,hope to go to Hobbit bash in Notting Hill

Kevin Jardine (H 74-79)
6 March 2003
It will be nice to hear from "The Past"...bit spooky, after all these years,but nice..see you all at The Thoresby Hall Hotel ok.dont forget!!yours sincerly "Benny"Bennett...

Jimmy (Benny)Bennett (M63-69)
7 March 2003
66. I even managed to find all of my reports (depressing reading) and remember my house number was C174 - the memory is picking up. After checking my reports I was surprised to realise that I didn't get suspended after all although, however it was a bit of a cloud (of smoke) that I left under, still Mr Phipps and Mr Wylie wished me well all the same on my final report.
Does anybody know when those two left, judging by what I found they must have left around the same time (no not my fault !!).
Best regards to you all

Dave Parish (C64-66)
7 March 2003
Hello Benny,
Wow what a list of names.
Nice to see my name in that rogues gallery.
Many of those names are on my fading memory list but you've jogged the memory with some of the others. My 50th this year too (12th May).
I would really like to get down to the "Thoresby", if work will allow. If not I hope to see you all at the Reunion

Robin Ellwood (M67-68)
8 March 2003
This message is for Ralph Bennett. I have no idea what happened to Phil Stafford but I do remember him in a dorm with Dirk Matthews. I certainly remember you, Gerry Mills and Mike Waters. What ever happened to those two? Has anyone heard or know the whereabouts of Paul Clay?

Michael Downey (M65-68)
8 March 2003
Hi to everyone. What a great web-site.I`ve just spent all day reading the visiters book,what a blast from the past.Seen loadsa names and great memories. So does anyone out there remember me ? If so,get in touch.Where`s all my old dorm mates;Lynette Morrison,Sharon Jackson,Pip Leigh,Sabine(Sab`s).Or are any of the Nienburg mates out there?Llyod & Cilla Lathem,Winnie Winnock,Sue & Dennis Cheatham,Mandy & Worzel Hutchinson. Get in touch soon.Sharon xxxx

Sharon King (H79-81)
8 March 2003
I've just found this web site as well as the one for KAS which I came from for my last year. I was Head of House in Hillsborough in 1960 but am struggling to remember names.Would love to hear from anyone with a better memory than mine. I have a few photos I could send if anyone is interested.
Robin Oxland (H60-61)
8 March 2003
Also had forgotten a lot of those names posted by Benny.
Years after leaving I bumped into Mick Cowell (ouch) somewhere on the London underground he was an MP (red cap).
I had my 50th last December, I can still remember wondering what it would be like to be 18!
May see you all at the Reunions

Ed Eagles(M64-69)
9 March 2003
I've found some photos, mainly Hillsborough girls.
They can be seen on my site at www.cuppatea.freeserve.co.uk
If you recognise yourself or anyone, please drop me a line!
Dawn Crosby (H80-83)
10 March 2003
Johnson twins!.
The johnson twins!, at last, been trying for ages to find you. drop me a line, fantastic news!
Tiny McDermott (M77-79)
12 March 2003
Thanks Ed Eagles an Robin Ellwood,wot a blast from the past;really nice 2 hear from u both,dont know if uve read any of the letters from the last few mths, but there was a whole bunch relating 2 "gaffers pie" rem. it,wot a mess that was,yesterdays left overs disguised as an omlette...we called it "guff cakes" because it made u **** 4 ages after eatin it..enuff already,rem. Steven Fitton just found an old letter from him on the web.Hi Steve shared a dorm with u,i rem. u cos u used 2 have a salt deficency,it was hilarious when u used to leap out of ur bed an jump all round the dorm screaming blue murder..hope that has been rectified!!(honest)..u will be glad to know I threatened (maths teacher&house master)to a good thumpin last time i saw him at newbury, should av seen his face (I had been dwinking)he used 2 "slipper" u really hard if he caught u talkin after lights out,he made me wet me jammies once..bad man!talkin of maths teachers rem. "spankie"i believe that was his real name, wot a great teacher he was,i must av bin real thick cos i could not grasp fractions at all under his tutoring.wot the hell,now i need them every day,im a shopfitter!!also did anybody rem. going scrumpin cherries,there was a cherry orchard not far from the school,wuz sick many times by eatin thousands of them..(Brill)...an smokin that is where I started in my big bruvs footsteps.. HB (brand name)there was a fag machine across the road from the school caught only once got caned by ***..wish id keeped up the sports was a good sportsman once,scored 8 goals in a game against the canadians,got school colours 4 that an mentioned at school assembly.. my finest hour!!wot sweet mems... im startin to waffle better close down b 4 i go "total recall"rem.c u all at thoresby hall hotel 22nd march 2003 4 my 50th bash junc 28-30 of M1 it will b great to c a couple of W.B.S.ex`s we will av a great night I promise... love to u all!

Jimmy (Benny)Bennett (M63-69)
12 March 2003
I remember the Johnson twins, the original Cheeky Girls, but with longer shorts. Glad you are still around and involveed on the site. Been trying for years to catch up with you two. I am in regular contact with Mike Ore and we would love to escort you to the reunion if you could make it. i have loads of offers from lots of women because i am the better looking one, but Mike needs a date because, although he is a nice person, the years have'nt been kind to him. Get in touch!

Paul 'Tiny' McDermott (M77-79)

12 March 2003
Hallo Clair Sambrook.Hope you remember me Grosser Ring 12 in Wulfen.I am trying to get
hold of your brother Paul.Help me please!!!!!!
And a big hallo to all who know and remember me.

Paul Falcus (E77-80)

13 March 2003
Just to assure you fellow mwmbers, i did not write the waffle that is currently submitted under my name, rattling on about "Guff Cakes". how this has been submitted using my name, i have no idea, perhaps the society can look in to this one, a clue could be, this masked man of mystery is looking forward to his 50th !, i am of course, a rather svelte, firm thighed 30 something, sort it or my lawyers will be in touch ok?.
apologies - DP (see Jimmy Bennett's message 18th March
Paul 'Tiny' McDermott (M77-79)

13 March 2003
I've been reading through the visitors book for ages seeing names of people I knew when at school and at home in Nienburg. If anyone remembers me or my brothers Pete And Steve or sister Linda get in touch via the society. Its been a long time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Austin(E73-78)
14 March 2003
Hi to anyone who remembers me. And do you remember my brothers Hyron & Allan,they were in Sandringham ! Also i`m in regular contact with Shane Ray(also in Sandringham). .

Sharon King(H79-81)
15 March 2003
Does anyone out there remember me? My sister, Sandra, also joined just after me and left a year later. I wonder where Jacqueline Holyoake is now - noticed that Rodger (her brother) is still on the membership list; I;ve joined, but still waiting for my name to appear! I also remember Beverly Foy, Cathy Coultas, Jenny Bolwell, Sue Lyle, Margaret Duffy, Jane Hollins, Margaret Glass; I'm still in touch with Sylvia Wiltshire, but she is the only one I have kept in contact with.

Carol Gannon(StJ60-63)
16 March 2003
This message is for Jimmy (Benny)Bennett (M63-69)
Hi James..as I remember you, it's also my 50th this year...24 March I seem to remember that your birthday is on the 25 March is that right?
Still remember the soccer matches, and your fantastic dribbling skills but you never would pass the ball!!! Have you seen the Marlborough Junior soccer team photo posted by Neil Yaxley?
All the best for your birthday, sorry I cant make it but I am having a party of my own on the 21 March. Be nice to hear from you again after all these years. .

Stuart Baines (M64-66)
16 March 2003
Just had a look at the site and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from that time.

Simon Peacock (H79-82)
17 March 2003
Jimmy (Bennett)a couple of names on your list of 4th March seem familiar; Baines, Crawford (did he have a slight stammer?)Ralph B. but can't put a face to any of them. Have emailed a few of my WBS photos circa '65/'66 to Bob Jordan @ Windsor Soc. who I hope will make them accessible to all - might jog a few memories. Sadly won't be able to make your '50th' as I'm out of the UK then - but hope you all(particularly Christine!!)have a great and memorable time.

Robin Anderson (B63-66)
18 March 2003
To Paul "Tiny"McDermott;I wrote that waffle using my own name pal,hard to mask the fact that i'm havin my 50th..most ex W.B.S.boys have read about it and have had a few real nice replys posted since...except yours accusing me of using your name.I reackon the error was made by whoever posts these msg. - oops! my apologies. I've now corrected the original message DP - I would not dream of using a name like McDermott on my msg.To sweatysockish 4 my liking!!LOL.....

Jimmy (Benny)Bennett (M63-69)
18 March 2003
Dear Carol Gannon
I shared a dorm with your sister, Sandy - in fact, I have a picture on my website which shows her with Pat Lomax, Sue James and Jenny Taylor when we went to Soest as part of third year camp in summer 1964. Please send her my best wishes!
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
18 March 2003
Thanks to Nikki Horne for putting me in touch with Nige Horne, my old partner in crime and mid-night excursion companion!
Nige is happy doing what he wants to do, and has asked me to give anybody who remembers him my best!
I am looking to meet up with him in the next week or so, so I will be happy to pass messages on, just post them on this forum!
Also, does anybody know the whereabouts of Sandie Cole, who is listed as a previous member? Nige would like to find out how she is doing?

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
18 March 2003
Just found this site. Hello to anyone who remembers me, especially Martin Fry, Titch Bagwell, Tony Gant, Joseph Agouis; everyone I played football with; all those in the athletics team etc. Great site; brings back memories. Sorry I can't remember everyone's name but if anyone who knows me would like to contact me, feel free, I'd be delighted!!

Charlie Bull (H66-70)
20 March 2003
does anybody know or remember the following who i shared a dorm with; wendy stevens, fiona cannon, karen savhill(spelling might not be right),also, denise fletcher

johnson twins (E75-79)
22 March 2003
Hello Johnson Twins. Dawn and Debbie I trust? How are you both? Nice to know you are in the land of the living, get in touch. By the way as far as I am aware you were in the same house as me so that would make you in Hillsborough....

Denise Meyers (H72-28)
23 March 2003
hi dawn crosby, tried to get on your website but it does not acknoweldge it help!

johnson twins (H75-79)
23 March 2003
I do find it difficult to read text message speak in large posts. Weren't we taught properly at the Schools we went to? it only takes a little time to type things out properly. Please half blind and half deaf

Bruno Brunsdon (E67-69)
25 March 2003
I was Chaplain of WGS from 76-81 and of both schools after Keith Elwood left until they closed. I retired from teaching -at another girls'school - last summer but have just started a new life as Vicar of three small country parishes in Wales with unpronounable name -anyone passing who remembers me is welcome at Llanllwni Vicarage -on the main road halfway bewteen Lampeter and Carmarthen

Bill Fillery (Padre) (M76-81)
25 March 2003
Hi to anyone who can rememeber me. Spent the best days of my school life at Windsor. Is there anyone I know going to the school reunion this year??

Marlene Jones (E65-68)
26 March 2003
This is a message for Mike Cassidy-Hogg where ever you are. I have noticed that you are on the lapsed members list, use to be in contact with you until end of last year when I was made redundant and unfortunatly your e-mail address was on my works computer. Don't seem to hear from too many whom were at Windsor in the early 60's. Hope to meet up with some of you at the reunion.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)
27 March 2003
dawn crosby,i remember the name but cant put a face to it.In my last term there i was put in a dorm with 4th year girls ;do you remember Bev Sturgess & Tonya Simpson?well i shared with them. I`ve tried your website but it doesn`t aknowledge it.Which pissed me off as i`d really like to see your pics.

Sharon King (H79-81)
29 March 2003
Hi Pamela (Ross)
Thanks for your message - Sandra sends her best wishes to you and your sister Ginnie; she now lives out in Germany - has done since the sixties. We see each other approximately four times a year.
I'd love to hear from anyone else out there who remembers either me or Sandy from the good old days!s

Carol Gannon (StJ60-63)
30 March 2003
hiya denise meyers, your name rings a bell but cant put a face to it.yes we were in hillsborough, do you remember any of the following who we were also friendly with, michelle scrivens, fiona cannon, wendy stevens, karen safhill, charmaine burns,lucy oxley(she was the one who went for midnight walks in her sleep!).are you going to the reunion in june?.do you remember matron little(duepper)? have you seen our photo on the exwindsorbfpo.com? we dont look anything like that now!!!did we really wear such groovy school uniform?speak to you later.

johnson twins (H75-80)

31 March 2003
Carol Gannon - in answer to your question regarding Jackie Holyoak, I last spoke to Roger about a year ago, he said Jackie had been living in Canada for the last few years.
I nearly fell out out of chair when I saw Sylvia Wiltshire's name, have been trying to contact her for years, please give her my love when you next get in touch with her.
Doug - I promise to renew my membership, meant to do it when reminder came through. Apologies - I just forgot!!!!!!

Geraldene Rogers (H59-63)