1 June 2003
Can anyone help me? I seem to have miss layed my old school song and would love another copy. Thank's.
Trish Large (H69-72)

1 June 2003
So sorry to hear of Mr Wylies passing, I wish his family all my condolescences and thanks Bob for doing the same on behalf of the Society!.
Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

1 June 2003
Hi to everyone who can remember me, especially Chris Lancaster, Julie Tibbs, Angie Barnard, Debbie Rymer and anyone else from Balmoral House 78 - 80. If you are going to the reunion this year have a good time and a drink for me. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year as I have to go into hospital on June 17th for a back op. Hope you have a good time and I hope to see you all at the next reunion.
Chris Duxbury (B78-80)

2 June 2003
Dear All,
What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I have just found the site and spent many hours reading all the emails. My Sister Janet and I were in Marborough house. Some of the names I remember are Christa Smith, Helena Collins, Joyce Williams, Mo Rankine, Andrea Arnold, Patrica Ann Long, Linda Joyce Williams (my sister would love to hear from her again). Margaret (Charlie) Bond. Of course who can forgot Mrs Henderson and her daughter, Miss Waldron (Pearl Roberta Winifred as she informed me one day). Was in 1066 and All That; and in the Chapel choir. Would love to know when the next re-union will be and hopefully may be able to try and arrange it.Oh Max Penfold Janet asked me to email you but your emails bounce back. She say to let you know she still lives in the same place. Miss your brother when I was home at Christmas.Take care
Laura (Nesbitt) Russell (M64-66)


2 June 2003
Sorry to hear the news about Mr Wylie - I have happy memories of going to the Boy's School as a timid third year for lessons in stage make-up from him - long before I realised that I wanted to work in the theatre and was able to make use of those skills! It has also been good to see him at so many reunions - please pass on my condolences and sympathy to his family
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

2 June 2003

Ref Bob's message 31 May

Mrs Wylie has now advised me that the Thanksgiving
Service for Mr Wylie will be held at All Saints Church
Beeston Regis, Norfolk on Wednesday 11th June
at 1430 hrs. Mrs Wylie has specifically asked that mourners do not wear mourning clothes
Bob Jordan


Important notice to those who have booked in to the Chequers Hotel on the Saturday night

The Chequers hotel confirmed they are full on Sat 28th June (all Windsorites!!). However some people have not confirmed with them with a credit card. If they do not do so soon their room may be given away to any one else from Windsor who may phone in.

Anyone wishing to book in elsewhere overnight click here for details of other hotels.

More information on the Reunion can be found by clicking on the Reunion News button

2 June 2003
Michael Downey
Sorry for delay in getting back to you.Paul Clay used to live in Peterboro'worked for Umbro.Mike Waters was in Met Police,Gerry Mills lives in Soutend area.Had dinner with Gerry a couple of years ago...he's a decorator.James and I may make it to the re union,depends on whether we can get an "exit" for the day.
Most of my memories of WBS are good ones and I can remember you playing tennis at some strange times of the day....6am and so on.Someone told me you are a tennis coach now so that practice paid off.See you Ralph.
Ralph Bennett (M62-68)
3 June 2003
Jock Carroll, no worries, glad your OK and back in circulation, do all you can to make the reunion, remember what I said, you've got 10 days to book!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
3 June 2003
Tina (Kirby)
I'll look out for you at the reunion, could you bring Sandies last known address, Nige Horne would appreciate it! Nige cant make the reunion as he's a prior event booked, but he says all help is appreciated!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
3 June 2003
Hi Scot & Denise,
would be great to see you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of people that you'll remember and who you'll even want to see. We're staying overnight at the Queens Hotel (Market Place)
Chip Carpenter (H73-76)
3 June 2003
I am saddened to hear about Mr Wylie's passing away. He will always be Mr Wylie to me as I remember him from my times at Windsor. May I pass on to his family my condolances.
Bruno Brunsdon (E67-69)
5 June 2003
Just checked messages for May and was happy to see my name...Hello to Tracy Wesson,i do remember you very well,also remember the first Hillsborough house party i went to. (the first time i met you,i think.)Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me,or who has any photos of me as i dont have any of my time at WBS.Also hello to Scottie,Bruno.
Kevin Jardine (H74-79)

6 June 2003
For those that have not yet booked a room for the re-union, a quick ring round the hotels on the WS list reveals
Chequers Hotel - Full

Queens Hotel - Full

Hilton National Hotel - Full

Limes Guest House - A few rooms available,
phone 01635 33082

Pilgrim Guest House - Full

Newbury and Chieveley Travelodges - Rooms available, phone 08700 850 950.
Phil McGregor (Grog) (C73-76)

7 June 2003
I am not an ex-pupil but my mother attend WGS in 1959 to 1963.Her name was Jean Mackay and she is looking for anyone that shared a dorm with her.She has named a few girls who are Lesley Webster, Brenda Watson, Jennifer Bolwell, Jane Ayres and Caroline Blinkhorn if anyone knows any information on these girls please get in touch
Kellyanne Lee (StJ59-63)
8 June 2003
Hi All,
trying to get the original first eleven soccer team together for the reunion. Not for football of course drinking. At the moment I am settling with that duffer paul Tiny mecdermott I guess I will manage. Oh and just for clarification I think you will find Mac aged somewhat quicker than me.....get my drift!Hope to meet old friends on the 26thBest wishes to all
Mike Ore (S76-80)

8 June 2003
Are there any further details published yet regarding the reunion on the 28th June?
I would like to know arrival times, dress code (hopefully none!) start/finish/location instructions(or a postcode for auto route) etc.

venue address is Berkshire Stand, Newbury Racecours, Newbury Berkshire RG14 7NZ

Start time is 13:00 and finish around midnight .. DP

Jock Carroll, you've gone silent again, ring me!Cecelia Begley, are you still in contact with Maureen McChechnie and Lorraine McKainsh?? .
Nic Cuthbbertson (B73-77)

9 June 2003
Does anybody know the whereabout of Heather Gordon, Edinburgh House 74-77? She had an elder sister name Joyce.
Last time I heard from Heather was in 1980, and she lived in Wellingborough
Nic Cuthbbertson (B73-77)
9 June 2003
Hi again to anyone who remembers me or my sister Sandra, although she joined a year later and left a year later. We were both in St James.
I'm wondering whether Jacqueline Holyoake is out there anywhere; I notice that her brother Roger is on the current member list - how about a message Roger? I know that Jacqueline was in Hillsborough and the last time I saw her was at my wedding (long since over!!) in 1968 in Pembrokeshire.
Anyway, it's good to read all the messages posted on the site. I'm still in contact with Sylvia Wiltshire at Christmas time.
Keep those interesting messages coming - it's good to keep up with "the good old days!".
Carol Shears (nee Gannon) (StJ60-63)
10 June 2003
For accommodation in Newbury for the Reunion, try The Bacon Arms Next door to The Chequers.
Address is 10 Oxford Street Newbury.Tel. 01635 318222. My husband and I stayed there for the last reunion, it's very comfortable and reasonable.
Alison Yates (nee Yaxley) (StJ64-66)

10 June 2003
Having now decided to attend the reunion we are in last minute panic mode and have realised there is no indication of when the reunion starts, can anyone let us know asap so we can decide whether to book a hotel for

start time 13:00 finish around midnight ..DP

Scot Innes (M73-76)

11June 2003
In response to the comments by Mike Ore regarding the reunion, i would like to state that he is insanely jealous of me and any comments regarding the ageing process should be ignored, especially by any of my ex-girlfriends. looking forard to meeting up in Newbury, Mike and i will be in Caravan on the racecourse serving hotdogs from mid day, Keep the faith people....
Tiny McDermott (M76-79)
12 June 2003
Hi just found this site june 2003 I was at winsor 1960 for 3 years keen on cross country at the time hillsborogh house with roger smith and chris fay. also kicked around with pete laidler. remember well pop flowers house master annd cosher cate also ned kelly. farher was at R.A.F. Larbruch had fond memmories of lynn coombes from the girls school sandringham house I think. I live in York now took early retirement chil out playing the guitar email me please. many thanks phil
Phil ODonnell (H60-63)
13 June 2003
Hi there anyone from Marlborough who knows me. Great to see a name on the message board I recognise - Scotty. What a top bloke you were! (are?)Any better at the steeplechase, Scott? Who else is around on the scene, Scott?
Look forward to seeing you pop up another message
Al Bradford (M75-76)

14 June 2003
After deciding to attend the reunion, in a last minute panic, like some others,am concerned that I have left it too late to get tickets.
So,provided I book accomodation,are there tickets available?
Sallyann Dewar (StJ77-79)

You'll have to be very quick! it's not too late to attend but you do have to book ahead. Please send your cheque (details below) asap. Newbury Racecourse require the number of attendees (and payment) at the time of writing and so bookings really need to be in NOW

Cheques (£40 members, £45 non-members) are to be made payable to The Windsor Society and sent to: Sue Mooney, The Gardeners Cottage, Tydehams, Newbury, Berks RG14 6JT. Any queries contact Sue on 01635 582181

17 June 2003
oh what a mental surprise i got the night when i
loged on and found ma messages fae Nic Tina and jock....thanks alot, we had some brilliant laughs eh? Im in contact wi willie and victor Donaldson,joanie Barr but lost contact wi all ma palls throughout the years.Iwanted to go to the reunion but i had a bad year as i lost my sister Jean to cancer aged 43 in january then my dad died 6 wks later in Feb.Its been realy hard and realy i need a break so its too late but im gonna go the noo and try ma best to get a ticket and a run to the reunion. If anybody lives near stirling scotland and has a spare seat .... YOU HAVE REALY CHEERED ME UP wi the wee messages by the way. Jock that was crazy meeting u at waverley eh ha ha .take care fingers crossed for me to make 28th luv to u all lots of love luck and happyness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cecelia Begley (S94-97???oo-er)

17 June 2003
Al Bradford,
Hope that message was directed to me, just didn't think anyone from school thought I was 'top bloke'. Sorry but the memory has faded on the steeplechase but if I remember right you are the little bow legged bloke known affectionately as Mutley and despite only being at school 5 minutes you managed to get made Head of House. Am I on the right track and if so, how are you doing, where are you and are you attending the reunion?

Scot Innes (M73-76)

19 June 2003
Due to an unforseen change in circumstances I have a pair of tickets for the Reunion on 28th June at the racecouse in Newbury.
If you are interested please ring on 0116 2776135.I will be happy to post them out. I am only sorry not to be able to go but will hopefully go to a future one.
Ian and Jean Kennedy (B54-57)

Please can the recipients of these tickets give Sue Mooney a call on 01635 582181 ...DP

20 June 2003
Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion! Cant get there...have to work. But have fun and a drink or three on me!.
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
20 June 2003
Mike Ore, you nutter - please don't turn up on the 26th or you will be very lonely! Tiny isn't planning to pitch up and start on the hotdogs until the 28th. See you there.
Kelly Roberts (E77-81)
21 June 2003
hi Cecelia, really sorry to her about Jean and your Dad. Hope u can make it on 28th...sounds like a heavy night!!! If having problem getting room, a lot of people will let u crash in theirs..there were nine of us once remember! Take care, Tina.
Tina Kirby (S73-79)
22 June 2003
hendy if u read this give us a kwick ring...looking 4ward 2 saturday,(just 4 mike and tinys hotdogs)lol,pray for good weather,how many others r camping @ newbury???.
Andie Crawford (H78-81)
22 June 2003
Sharon King, I remember you, I also lived in Neinburg with all those people you mentioned. Will try your site later. Do you remember Tracey Bramall? Robert Breary, they lived in Neinburg too. Will try and contact you via your site.
Hi to you all who remembers me have some great memories of the school.Take care all of you, dont think I will be at Newbury, beyond my price range, but you all have a good time.
Karen Austin (H80-82)
23 June 2003
This is a message for Kellyanne Lee. I shared a dorm at one stage with Lesley Webster and also remember Jenny Bolwell. Can't say I remember your Mum though Kellyanne.
Anyway, I wish you luck with your message.
Carol Gannon (StJ60-63)
24 June 2003
I would like to stress all those members attending the up and coming summer extravaganza that is, Newbury. That my caravan of love is not open to all for Hotdogs and general snacks, i just simply made a comment that Mike Ore and i will be holding auditions for our new adult movie in the caravan for all those ladies from WGS. Lookinf forward to seeing you all and Mike has stocked up on Hair dye especially for you girls..
Tiny McDermott (M76-79)
24 June 2003
In reference to the two free Windsor tickets, can I thank you Ian and Jean Kennedy,For them. Thanks from Mike greenwood. Theye arrived today.
Mike Greenwood (H69-72)
25 June 2003
if you contact Sue Mooney (numbers on one of the messages around yours on the visitors book) she may be able to do something about a ticket?? I got one for Jock Carroll at short notice. Dont worry about somewere to stay, theres loads going and you will be able to bunk up somewere I'm sure!
Just get south, and see you there!
If Carol (Buchanan)and Scott Furgeson see this, are you going to the reunion?
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-75)
25 June 2003
FREE TICKETS to the reunion.
These tickets have now gone.I hope that all of you who go have a great time.
Ian and Jean Kennedy (B54-57)
26 June 2003
hope that you all have a wonderful time at the reunion on Saturday, unfortunately due to prior arrangements I shall be unable to attend, but I'll have a quiet drink and remember you all. Have a good un!!!!
Fiona Boxall (B-77)
29 June 2003
just got back after spending a great time at the reunion, for those of you not able to attend you missed a good evening out and a chance to catch up with some old mates, see you all in three years.
John Fisher (H65-68)
29 June 2003
Great night nice to see everyone, looking forward to the next one.
Tony Hines (B75-78)
29 June 2003
The 2003 Reunion was held at the Newbury Racecourse and was well attended.
Photographs of the event will be posted on the web site later this week,
together with a full report of the event.Thanks to Sue Money and the Committee for all their hard work ensuring that the event was so successful+

Bob J
29 June 2003
I would like to thank the committee for a cracking reunion (was it only yesterday?)
However, it did raise a few questions. Why do members lapse?(eg my sister lives in Germany and can't "send a cheque); why do members choose not to attend reunions? (There was some disappointment at turn out on Saturday - less people mean less chance of seeing your school mates) - is it the cost, the venue, the programme of events, the time of year? I think it would be useful to get some input from members in time for the next reunion!In the meantime, I have put some photos from this reunion on my website:http://pamelaross.co.uk/windsor reunion2003_1.htm Please let me know if you have problems accessing it, or if you would like (electronic) copies of photos.
Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
29 June 2003
Scott Innes - Yes the message was directed at you and yes we thought you were a great (top) bloke. Yes I am (was) Mutley and I thought we knew you as "Scotty". For my first steeplechase I hadn't been at the school long and went went bombing off into first place but ended up 40th out of 80. In my second steeplechase you kept stopping for breath and I kept overtaking you. Eventually you waited for me and we came joint 17th (for more points). Remember when Marlboro won the 5 a side?
I'm in good health and am happily married to Anne with 3 daughters. I always thought you would marry Denise. Do you know anything about our co-favourite teacher Mr Herne? Did you have a great reunion? I'm sorry I couldn't make it. Regards, Mutters
Al Bradford (M75-76)

30 June 2003
Just a note to say a huge thanks to all those who made the reunion at Newbury such a success. it was truly wonderful to catch up and see everyone enjoying themselves, such flexible hips for old codgers!.Thank you to the Barnard girls for making an old man very happy with a quite stunning dance routine, such soft hands Angie!.many thanks once again, some more great memories to add to the old grey matter.Please don't let me share a caravan with Mike Ore again, i could'nt get in the bathroom. i am nursing a very extreme hangover but it will fade unlike the laughs and memories that i will take from Newbury 2003. Congratulations to all involved!
Tiny McDermott (M76-79)

On behalf of all of the committee - Thanks, Tiny (& others) for your thanks - Doug

30 June 2003
Wee cecilia Sorry to hear about your family losses,your whole family are in my thoughts. We really missed you at the reunnion,everyone asked about you, it was a bizarre experiance. Tell Willy,Victor and wee Jake Stillie I was asking for them I,d really like to hear from them.Anyway hen must go I,ve been rained off work but plenty to do at home. Big hug and kiss speak soon Jock
Ian Carroll (S72-)
30 June 2003
Just a short note to everybody who contributed to making Saturday's renion a great night.
Thanks toi the committee who worked hard to put it together, hats off, I never thought the Caribean theme would work, but from the food to the steel band, it was great.
Also, thanks to Jock Carrol, AJ Wheeler, Sue Spinx, Denise and Kim Fletcher, Scott and Denise Innes, Marj and Rob Wright, John Gay and Sean Cockroft. Great to see you all! Does Vince Gulley remember anything from the reunion?
A suggestion to the committee, could it be possible to have s series of smaller reunions next time around, specialing in specific decades (i.e. 50's, 60's, 70's/80's combined? A small sub committee coud be put together per decade to assist the Society? Maybe 3 years time??
Comments wlelcome from all..
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
30 June 2003
big shout out to Sue mooney and the windsor society for a gr8 weekend...was brill it was sooooooooo good to c everyone..thanx to kelly for her calming influence...ur gr8...hendy love u m8..corbs,ann,tiny,mike,max,mandy,carol,everyone was so good to c u all...take care love and light to u all....MWAH andie
Andie Crawford (H76-81)


Ian Mynott left a package with his name on it at the racecourse on Sat. night. It contained a Windsor T-shirt and Rugby shirt which he had just purchased. If anyone picked it up by mistake could they please get in touch.

30 June 2003
Rob Wright (S73-78)