Ian Mynott left a package with his name on it at the racecourse on Sat. night. It contained a Windsor T-shirt and Rugby shirt which he had just purchased. If anyone picked it up by mistake could they please get in touch.

1 July 2003
Have finally managed to get on to the site to have a look. It was great to read people reminiscing about old times and mentioning names that sound familiar to you even though you can't put a face to them after all this time. I was slightly disappointed to see that there are not many people from the 80s there. I have managed to get in touch with Karen Austin but so far that is all. I'm afraid I don't remember Sharon King but the name sounds vaguely familiar, although I do remember the 2 people you mentioned, Tonya Simpson and Bev Sturgess. Does anyone have any contact for Julie Mitchell,Fiona Hutchinson, Amanda Hunter or Martina (the surname escapes me)all of whom I shared a dorm with (opposite Miss Young's flat). If there is anyone out there that does remember me please get it touch. I remember spending many a night in the study copying out of the bible for being too raucous. Oh they were great days!
Susan Hammond (H80-82)

1 July 2003
Thanks to all the organisers of the reunion, it was a brilliant day and night! Have some really good new memories that will sit alongside all my old ones! All the new mates i've met online, who now seem just like old mates.
Scott Innes, still got wandering hand trouble! Vince Gulley, still got standing up trouble!
John Gay, still making the birds swoon!
......the list goes on, looking forward to the next one......there will be a next one won't there?
Is the Pope catholic? - Doug
Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

1 July 2003
Many thanks to the committee for what in the end turned out to be a most enjoyable weekend...Apart
from the late night revellers returning to The Bacon Arms at 0315hrs..what is there to do in Newbury till that time or am I older than I think?!! It was a disappointing turn out from St. James from the 1960's but I did meet some new friends and had a great time, even my non-Windsorite husband enjoyed himself! Hope the next reunion is as enjoyable, till the next time, best wishes to Alison (Hogg), Val & Geoff from Clydach,
and Charlotte & Robert and last but not least Les Meakin who left early to feed the animals!!
Alison Yates (nee Yaxley) (StJ64-66)
1 July 2003
Well another reunion gone. Whens the next one I here people shout?
I've heard it won't be for another 5 years,who said?can we wait thast long. Probably not so better start having a some mini get togethers
Bruno Brunsdon (S62-64)

2 July 2003
Okay, now that we are clear who we are, it's funny you ask about Mr Hearn becoz I met up with him at the reunion and when I mentioned your message he became quite animated and remembers you well.
He asked if I would pass on his best wishes and that he would love to hear from you. I got the impression he does not log onto the site that often (if ever). He still looks the exact same except his beard has gone a bit grey, he has bucked the trend for the other sign of old age in that he seems to have lost weight over the years.It's pity you didn't make the reunion it really was a great night, it is only a shame more of the people from our era couldn,t make it. Anyway a big thank you to 'our crowd' for a memorable night. Particular thanks to Nic Cuthbertson who ensured the ale kept flowing and Ian and Bob Mynott, it was special seeing you both.I agree with Nic's view that it would be great to have a 70's do but I say lets not wait for anybody else to organise we could do it by personal invites. I would be more than willing to help organise. What do you say Nic ?
Scot Innes (M73-76)
2 July 2003
Hello All,
Had a great time at the reunion, well done to everyone who took part in making it a great event.
Jock Carroll get in touch would love to chat too you more. Aj you owe me an email. To all my friends who I chatted to for hours, good to meet up again, stay in touch. To Dawn and Debbie Johnson, were did you get to? Was looking forward to seeing you there....Lorraine McMillian I have some nice photo's you may want a copy off so get in touch.....Roll on the next reunion....
Denise Meyers (H72-78)
2 July 2003
Great fun on Saturday/Sunday (lost a few hours I think). Amazed at how many people didn't look a day older even 25 years on
David McGurk (S75-79)
2 July 2003
I'm still trying to find the girls that shared my mum's (JEAN MACKAY) dorm. They were Lesley Webster, Jennifer Bolwell, Brenda Watson, Jane Ayres and Caroline Blinkhorn.If anyone has any information, please can you get in touch and I would like to thank Carol for her message.
Kellyanne Lee (StJ59-63)
3 July 2003
Got talking to some of the girls and guys regarding further furtive meetings. perhaps noth bound somewhere next time, cheap and cheerful, keep it real. I suggested Mike Ore's house, but we have to keep in to three hundred people and we have to wipe our feet because he's had new carpets fitted. Any other suggestions?
Tiny McDermott (M76-79)
4 July 2003
Re the 70's reunion, I would be glad to assist, but by doing it by invitation only we would be opening ourselves up to the chance of missing people we are no longer in contact with?!
If we "assist" (in a big way) the Windsor Society, we would be able to tap in to there recources and knowledge ensuring a great night.
Marj Wright has also text me offering her help, and trust me when she sets her mind to a task, she gives it everything!
Thoughts welcome from all, including the Windsor Committee.
Great reunion though, a 70's bash is deffinatly needed!
Cost, location, type of function (ie 70's revival night, fancy dress etc.) Lets get the ale flowing again I say!!!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
4 July 2003
I would also like to say a BIG thank you to the committee for yet again an excellent re-union.
It was a shame about the lack of numbers, especially considering it was the big 5 0 (mine also 12th May).
I was also saddened to hear about Mr Wylies passing.
Hello again to all those from the 67 - 68 period - We supped some beer didn't we. Thanks for filling in even more gaps in my memory and putting more names to faces in the photo's I brought. There are still a few gaps to be filled.
Many thanks to the guy that kept strolling around the dance floor on the night bumping into tables, etc. and covered me in red wine.
Can't wait for the next re-union. Does anyone know if there are plans for another 60's get together.
Best wishes and take care
Robin Ellwood (M67-68)
6 July 2003
i would like 2 hear from anyone that was in the same house as me and my sister janet.janet started school a year or 2 b4 me,i remember linda peacock,kathy telford,susan nunn,renata winterbottom,mathilda(mattie)linda and tricia dawson,elaine black angela and rosina finlay
Jacqui Abraham (B70-72)
8 July 2003
What I meant by personal invite was that we could network and talk to people we are still in touch with as well as the formal invites through the usual channels.
I think a lot of us are in touch with people who do not necessarily log onto the sites.As far as venue etc. I would suggest we keep it simple by picking a hotel near the M6 or M1 - at a middish point in the country, probably Birmingham or even Stafford. Certainly seventies disco, fancy dress could be optional with a buffet.We could get a good deal on bed & Breakfast, possibly the room hire free, as we can guarantee a certain amount of ale may well be drunk.Cheers Scot
Scot Innes (M73-76)
11 July 2003
sounds great, Iagree that if everybody who reads the messages on the site invited friends who maybe dont we could get a serious turnout!
I also think Birmingham would be a great venue, as its cental with planes, trains and cars.I also have a friend who is area manager with the Drurys Doyle hotel on Broad Street in Birmingham? Early summer Saturday night might guarentee a good deal!I have 4 volunteers to help put this together, Maybe one more from the Windsor Society (maybe a 70's member, perhaps Angie Rowel???) to keep it in the society, volunteers??To keep the cost down, sponsorship may help, any suggestions!?Now we just need a "when"???
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)

18 July 2003
Reunion pics are now on the Reunion News page

plus Caption Competition!

19 July 2003
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In the meantime, please email your messages by clicking


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29July 2003
I was in Hillsborough house with my sisters Pat and Linda, I shared a dorm with the Hood twins, Irene McKenna, Yvonne Wright, etc and we spent most of our third year stood in the corridor all night does anyone remember?
Sadly Pat(Patricia)died very suddenly on 31st December 1998 and is much missed
Christine Crawford (H65-69)