1 January 2003
A Happy New Year to all.

As announced earlier in our Newsletter No. 17 (April 2001), a decision to remove email addresses from the Visitors' Book was made and is being implemented as of now.

The 2 chief aims of the Society are to help ex-pupils & staff of the Windsor Schools find their friends & colleagues through membership of the Society and to facilitate reunions. The Windsor Society (which is non-profit making) relies on membership subscriptions to provide the service, which includes a full register of members with contact details and regular Newsletters and updates to the register. If you are already a member then you already have access to the membership list of 1700 or so names and addresses known to the Society. If you are interested in receiving this (and all of the Newsletters to date from April 1992) please see the How to Join page

The Windsor Society Committee

Coming very soon on this site : A full list of names on the Windsor Society Register showing House and years at Windsor school.

1 January 2003
Happy New Year to all Ex Windsor School members hope you all have a good year and Hope to see many of you at the reunion in New Year to you all.

Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon (E67-69)

2 January 2003
Hi all Windsorites and a very happy New Year to all. I don't manage to read the letters very frequently so when I do I usually have many to read. I would take time out to write in support of the "committee". So glad there are others willing to give up precious spare time and organise/run the Society. Please don't stop - I appreciate all your efforts. Will try to keep in touch more often. Regards to all.

Su Shepherdson (Frenchie) (H57-60)

3 January 2002
Happy New Year to everyone. Great web site - I came across it last year and remembered the football photo circa 56/57 and remembered Tiny Latham, also I helped behind the scenes on "The Importance of Being Earnest" - what memories, and ancient ones at that -nearly 50 years!! Does anyone know of the following people are -
Ralph Czumaj (H 55-58)
Max Alexander (H 55-59)
Pat Tallamy, Pat Rustage, Yvonne Middleton, Diane Chapman, Eliz. Wright all in Sandringham.(S 55-59.)
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. In all the years of travelling have never met anyone from school. Presently living in China.

Sue Finlay (Johnson) (S56-60)

3 January 2003
Happy new year everyone......Anyone heard from Colin Cope (Copey) recently?? .

Tony Reilly (M73-76)
4 January 2003
Kind regards

Harry Watson (Bugs) (M61-64)
4 January 2003
Hi Glyn Johnson here. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my younger brother Graham. As it is Christmas I remember singing in the school choir at the carol service in Hamm. We also had a den in the cellar of Edinburgh House, where we used to chill out. Also those Wednesday afternoon walks along the canal bank. Anyone out there? .

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)
4 January 2003
Forgot to mention. I was one of the crowd who travelled to school from Paris. Anyone out there who remembers the TEE (Trans Europe Express) .

Glyn Johnson (E63-68)
4 January 2003
A Happy and prosperous New year to you all, especially to the Sandringham Lonely Hearts Club.
Enjoy, be merry and here's to another year.

Boots Kelly (S60-63)
4 January 2003
Happy new Year to one and all.

Barrie Gibson (Shuggy) (C75-78)
5 January 2003
Dear Glyn
I also travelled by TEE (loved it), departure was St. Quentin. I had a crush on a girl called Sharon Holland who also used the TEE to WGS. I also remember going to the local Cathedral and singing Carols in the choir. You may not remember me, as I was about 14 when I returned to UK in 1967
Terry Halbert (E64-67)
7 January 2003
Happy new year to all,hope you all have a good one
Barry McGovern (M78-81)

13 January 2003


The society needs a volunteer to take over responsibility for finding new members. Most applications for membership now come via the website but some come from adverts placed in publications such as Soldier Magazine, Saga Magazine, local papers etc. In the past we have also had requests on Radio 2, local radio and TV. Someone new could bring new ideas!

The work involved is not onerous and all advertising expenses are met. Further details can be obtained from Gill Walker on 01962 880377 or e-mail
15 January 2003
Why do you never see a load of folk from Marlborough?
Kitchen was the HouseMaster... .
David Pye (M66-69)
15 January 2003
I would like to wish everybody a happy and prosperous New Year.
Dawn sorry about the email address but one or two minor computer glitches meant changing it and I have only just got around to revivsiting the website.
Gill & Paul I hope you've settled in Luxumbourg by now please send me you new email address.

Peter Crowder (E73-76)
15 January 2003
Can i please appologise to anyone has sent me an email recently or in the past. I have had big pc problems that has meant i have lost my emails and address book. If you have tried to get hold of me please try again.

Alan Savage (C71-74)
16 January 2003
It is with great sadness that I inform
exwindsors of the death of William (Kirky) Kirk. Bill died from a heart attack whilst returning home from the Cumbria Hotel reunion. He leaves his wife Sharon of 17 years and two children Louise aged 15
and William aged 16. Kirky was in Sandringham House, Windsor Boys
The funeral is taking place at Slough Crematorium, Stoke Road at 4pm
on Monday. Anyone wishing Will's family contact address can email
Andy Lindley (Frotler@yahoo.co.uk) I know those of you who knew Kirky will
be very shocked and saddened.
My thoughts are with his family.

Andy Lindley (S76-78)


20 January 2003
Having read a lot of the messages,cant seem to find may from my era.I was relayed from kas in 59 and was head of balmoral 60-61.currently living in nz would appreciate any news fron those who can recall me.played in soccer,basketball,rugby staff hockey team ant athletics for school

Moose Marshall (B59-61)

20 January 2003
Horribly sad about Kirky - I remember him as a very large 5th year - great at rugby and very boisterous.

David McGurk (S74-79)
20 January 2003
In reply to message left by Glyn Johnson. My sister and I started WGS in Sept 66, travelling from Fontainebleau to Paris in the very early hours of a September morning to the Gare de Nord to catch the train. We had been attending an International Lycee in Fontainebleau but as we in the 4th & 5th years and were being thrown out of France were sent to Germany. We only had to the journey that one term as Dad was then moved to Holland and later to Germany. I do remember leaving home in a brand new uniform and arrivng back at the Gare de Nord looking like something that had escaped from St Trinians!! It never seemed fair that we had the furthest to travel and left school last!! Those were the days.

Sharon Pearse (M66-68)
20 January 2003
Dear Terry
Just sent message to Glyn Johnson, scrolled down and saw your message!! I wish you had said that you had a crush on me all those years ago, I am sorry to say that I don't remember you. My daughter says that you have had a lucky escape!! Was your father stationed in France or did you get off en-route? What happened to you after you returned to the UK? I left WGS in Oct 68, and went to Queens School, Rheindahlen after a rift with the Head of House. I left Queens the following summer and returned to England to start work.
It would be nice if you could contact me again to catch up on old times. Are you going to the reunion in June?.
Sharon Pearse (M66-68)
22 January 2003
only had two years as I came down from KAS Iended up as head of Balmoral house.Represented the school at most sports and recall "Bof"Barnes and Pete Leggett. Bof"s father used to coach the school basketball team-remember many trips in his American Wagon.can,t remember the make though (it was a Rambler, I recall ...Doug) -loved the stops for a beer or two on the homeward trips.Any one recall me or my brother "Bambi' feel free to contact

Moose Marshall (B59-61)
23 January 2003
Hi to all that can remember me sorry i havent been in contact much . I would just like to say how sad i was to read that Will kirk had died ,my thoughts go out to his wife and family

John Woodward (woody) (C76-79)
29 January 2003
Sharon Pearse (nee Holland)
Your're probably unaware that at least half of the Marlborough fourth year were in the same boat as Terry. As I recall though, you were forbidden territory at house socials due to going out with a fifth year, possibly the lad seated second from the left in the Sandringham heavies photo.
Brave little chaps weren't we - but discretion was the better part of valour.

Ted Radford (M65-67)

29 January 2003


The Windsor Society Newsletter is published twice a year in March & September. The editor coordinates articles, commissions articles and on occasion writes articles. Basic word processing, email & internet skills are essential. The editor edits (!) and prepares the basic newsletter which is then emailed to our print shop who assist with the design & layout. Distribution is carried out by other members.This is a rewarding job (but not financially!).

Applications & further details can be obtained from the Chairman of the Society, Bob Jordan 01962 713957 or e-mail jordan123@lineone.net

29 January 2003
Is anyone going to the reunion from my year, I know 3!!!!!! Sam (Me Bestest), Mark ( Me bestest's fella) and Lisa (me bestest sis)!!!!! Hope you can make it, I am so looking forward to it. Have fun and see you there xxxxx
Sam xx
Sam Hope (M80-83)
30 January 2003
hello one and all - have just found your site oh the memories! I went to WGS and was in Sandringham house my number was 129, I remember Frau Giesafeld (wrong spelling) and a teacher call Miss Crooks, I also had a crush on the History teacher Mr Harris. I was in the swimming team and one for Sandringham House. What about the French toast and Beans for brekkie!!! well cheers one and all KP

Karen Page (S69-71)
31 January 2003
Hi Moose, good to see you have been to this site too as I have seen a few of your messages on the KAS site. I'm sure there are quite a few people from the early 60's that would remember you but they seem a little reluctant to post messages...hopefully this year will see a change! Dave had Boff's car model OK but the make was a NASH, of the Rambler variety, must have been late 50's and if I remember beige in colour with a white roof. Have you checked out Friends United as I'm sure you will see a few familiar names there

Mike Hill (B59-63)
31 January 2003
To all those lonely Marlborough 4th year boys from 1966 - I didn't realise that I had such a following!! I have looked at the Sandringham 'heavies' and don't recognise anyone - age does funny things to one's memory. I remember Barry and Gordon but they were in Marlborough. Will you be attending the reunion in June - maybe we can catch up then. On a more sorrowful note I was very sad to hear about the passing of Miss Waldron. She will be remembered by those that passed through her hands during her time as Head of Marlborough. I was very pleased to be able to meet her again at the last reunion

Sharon Pearse (M66-68)

31 January 2003
Look at that another month has gone by and we are getting closer to June 28. Hope lotsa of people are planning on coming. don't want to be there by myself!!

Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon (E67-69)

don't worry, Bruno - there will be loads (DP) ....on second thoughts, now everyone knows you're coming.....