1 February 2003

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2 February 2003
Can anyone else remember the outstanding 'gaffers pie' and 'gaffers omellete'provided at breakfast at WBS? I remember it was extremely popular and there was always a rush to be the first table up for 'seconds'. Does anyone have a recipe?

Ralph Ashenhurst (H 63-66)

3 February 2003
Sounds like something we use to have at the girls school,but we called it farmers breakfast.Don`t know recipe but it was about the only really tasty thing I remember about school

Jane Bond(Helps) (StJ 66-70)

3 February 2003
Just wondered if there's any idea on the numbers for Newbury bearing in mind the price? Will it be worth going?

Sheryl Stuart (nee Blackmore) (B74-79)

numbers coming in fast - watch this site for details - DP

4 February 2003
Sorry, Ralph, I don't have an actual recipe - but that never stopped me trying to recreate "Farmer's Breakfast" (Girls' School style) - used to serve it up to the kids with a flourish and tell them we loved this at school. They looked at it with distrust, and muttered stuff about "deprived childhood" and "weird". But they did love the sausage, bean and mash pie I used to make - another meal based on a Windsor "original".

Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)
4 February 2003
I am visiting the Hamm area at Easter. can anybody tell me if it is possible to look at the site of either school and have a look around

Brian Hawkins (Paddy) (C71-73)
5 February 2003
Very interesting wandering through the member list and visitors book - one or two names I seem to recall; Ralph Ashenhurst(Anstruther?/WBS), Bob Bernays(Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bernays - sung to Beach Boys 'Barbara Ann'), Christine Bennett (bit of a babe in the Cathy McGowan mould as far as I remember), Jennifer Fairman (Bahrain 1969 - could it be the same?). Site could do with a few more pics - have sent some in. That 'gaffers' stuff scarred me for life Ralph - only way I could eat it was smothered in sauce - red for pie, brown for omellette. Sadly I remain afflicted with the sauce habit

Robin Anderson (B63-66)

6 February 2003
I clearly remember both gaffers meals and believe they were really called farmers omelette and farmers pie. As I recall gaffering was the nickname given to rural science or whatever it was called that went on over the other side of the school involving plants, welly boots and greenhouses. Hence gaffers for the meals - suggest therefore you look for a recipe for farmers omelette/pie and see if they bear any relationship to what we used to eat. I agree with Robin gaffers omelette was best eaten smothered in sauce and there was always a rush to make sure that your table had a couple of full bottles of red and brown. Isn't it sad some of the quaint aspects of school that seem to stick with you!

Pat Rowney (E 64-68)

7 February 2003
I just looked at the membership list and was amazed at the number of names I recognized -- unfortunately, only two of them are current members. I remember Jenny Fairman - we shared a dorm with Angela Franklin, Jenny Wells, Sheila Needham (and others) and we were both in "1066 and all that" (who wasn't?). In fact, I have a photo of Jenny, Maggie Cotton, a can't remember the name of person, and me, all in costume and looking like we were soooooo Broadway!!! Then there was Diana Heywood, whom I never knew at sschool but she was my neighbour at Butzweilerhof. The names I recognized on the "inactive" list are Miriam Caruana, Gillian Lipscombe, Isobel McCutcheon and Ann and/or Susan Whittaker. I too remember farmers breakfast and was once told that it was made with powdered eggs (that may make a difference). I was once told that the beans and french toast was laced with anti-travel sickness stuff - really???

Lynne Griffin (Adams) (E 63-66)

10 February 2003
Anyone remember me? Why not drop me a line?

Brent Manuel (H74-77)

If you become a member, other members will have your address (& you will have theirs!) See the how to join page

10 February 2003
I've found some photos, mainly Hillsborough girls.
They can be seen on my site at www.cuppateafreeserve.co.uk

Dawn Crosby (H80-83)
12 February 2003
Recipe for Farmers/Gaffers Breakfast AKA "Bauern Fruhstuck" can be found on this website http://www.everyonesbeckandcall.freeserve.co.uk/fbr.html courtesy of Prince Rupert School Wilhelmshaven ....enjoy!! Its nice to see it continued to be a favourite down the years!!

Mike Hill (B59-63)
13 February 2003
Does anyone remember the shows we used to put on for all the staff and pupils in the common room?
And buying essentials from the tuck shop?

Karen Ryan (H68-72)
13 February 2003
I noticed Jenny Emmery's name on the members list, is that Jenny with a sister name Jacky?
If so, would love to catch up! I havent spoken since the early 80's when you lived in Fareham (I think?) I should be a member in a few days, so my details will be added! Love to hear from you!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
13 February 2003
I have noticed Heather Gordon on the elapsed list of members, if anybody has any information on her where abouts, or possibly married name It would be apreciated! I last spoke to her in 1980, and she was living in Wellingborough? I am also still looking for Kev Reannie and Ian Wright? I am meeting up with AJ Wheeler, Mark Scott (Scotty) and Chris Epps next week, Balmoral House Re-united!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
17 February 2003
Since finding this site I have been lucky to get in touch with, and have a few beers with, Darren & Brent Warren.Thank God, as I often tell my current friends what Germany all those years ago was like. As you can see from Nic Cuthbertson's message earlier, I am getting together with him and A.J and Mark Scott on Monday evening 17th Feb. We were all together in Balmoral some 25 years ago -- needless to say yet some more ale with be drowned. Plenty of chatting & catching up also I hasten to add.
Looking forward to it lads!! Thanks to the Windsor Society & all who help to run it!!

Chris Epps (B73-77)
23 February 2003
Hi Ralph,
I remember very much Bauer Fruhstuck . It was customised at Hamm. Farmer's Omelette.
I recall Hamm version consisting of left-overs fried up & wrapped in an omelette.(It may not be the "authentic" version , but still very tasty - & I still like it 40 years on !!!!

Harry Watson (M61-64)
23 February 2003
I can understand the general fixation with the much lauded 'farmer's breakfast' as there was not much else to shout about in the culnery department. Do any of you remember the cheers when kitchen staff dropped the plates? Does anyone remember the dark rumours about that funny taste the tea had? -Some thought it was Bromide. Were any of you at the school the day the mortar bombs were exploded behind the woodwork block, rattling more than just the windows? Did any of you get chocolate and an extra hour with the light on for having the tidiest dorm?
-Running the gauntlet, 10 mile cross country runs in the snow, swimming in that ice encrusted apology of a swimming pool, those were the days! -Does anyone remember that swimming gala highlight when a well endowed young lady dived in and lost her top!!!! Cheers from the lads of course

Larry Skelton (M59-61)

25 February 2003
Hobbit Bash (aka Informal re-union in London)
Hosted by the infamous Ex-Windsor Hobbits, we are having our fourth London get together in the "Windsor Castle", Notting Hill, on Saturday 12 April 2003. Kicking off at about midday, all ex-Windsors are welcome as are their partners, wives, husbands etc. There's nothing special laid on, just turn up, have a drink and a chat and hopefully another drink. The following link will tell you all about the pub:


Tell your ex-Windsor friends, the more the merrier
Steve Mayne (C 73-76)

26 February 2003
Just reading through members current and lapsed as I remember David Chedgey was my form master at school and our classroom was the art room in an attic in the block opposite the school block. Vera Mallon was our housemistress in Hillsborough.
I also remember 2 other housemistress Miss Watmough and Miss Kinnard (spellings a bit off). I remember 1 viso my parents couldn't come and see me so Miss W and Miss K took me out for the day to a beautiful park (I think it was where the dambuster raid took place). If anyone has contact with the above ladies please thank them on my behalf. I will remember it always. Karen
ps does anyone remember Saturday night films in the school hall?

Karen Ryan (H 68-72)
28 February 2003
Hi to Brent Manuel, S'funny bumping into you in Farnborough just after you posting like this. Good to talk to you after all this time and i take my hat off to you as well with regards your job, not an easy one sometimes, i'll bet. Have you checked out the new Exwindsorbfpo site (http://www.exwindsorbfpo.com/user.php?op=check_age&module=NS-NewUser), i was right in saying we're standing next to each other in the Hillsborough 76 pic, if you fancy dropping a line check back through the previous postings to find my e-mail. All the best marra. PS I could have sworn you surname used to be Emanuel.....did you change it or did i just imagine it? ;-)

Sean Cockroft (H 74-76)