7 December 2003
hi everybody
I was in Marlborough house between 79-81 i'm hoping to catch up with anyone who was there or can remember me especially Paul brooke.

Neil McKee (M79-81)
11 December 2003
Would just like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Maybe next year I will be able to catch up with some lost friends. Cathy McKenzie, Christine Morgan, Joanna Scott,
and any other Hillsboroughite who can remember me. )

Carol Everett (Large) (H69-72)
12 December 2003
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, especially those who were in Hillsborough House and know me.

Ho ho ho

Carol Gibson (H73-77)
14 December 2003
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all. Anyone else remember going to a very large church in Hamm to sing Christmas carols?

Susan Murray(nee Cook) (H69-71ish)
15 December 2003
Hi Susan,

Yes I do remember going to Hamm and singing Christmas Carols in a huge church.
I also remember having a candle lit Carol singing session up in the common room, Christmas dinner with our tables decorated.I remember the black Ice on the walk to the assembly hall and going head over heels one winter and grazing my self, but on arrival at sick bay got no sympathy as the nurse thought I had been running. Once again Merry Christmas

Carol Everett (Large) (H69-72)
15 December 2003
Received an-mail from someone called jenny. Can't for the life of me think who she is. I probably sent her a mesage one evening after a few g and ts. Jenny if it is u get back to me with full name. (Jenny Foot springs to mind) Merry Xmas all ex-Windsorites and a prosperous New year
Jean Cavanagh (nee Cooke) (StJ65-68)
16 December 2003
Just to wish all involved in the madness that was Windsor schools, a very Happy Christmas and a safe a prosperous New year.

Tiny McDermott (M76-79)
16 December 2003
Hello Everyone, Happy Christmas and a Brilliant New Year to you all......

Denise Meyers (H72-78)
18 December 2003
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in Sandringham 64-66

Chris Lyon (titch) (S64-66)
20 December 2003
Hi everyone, just wanted to add my best wishes to you all for the festive season, and lets hope we all have a good year in 2004!

Carolyn Meakin (was Amos) (M 76-79)
22 December 2003
Here's hoping you all have a fab Christmas and an equally fab New Year xx

Kelly Roberts (?)

23 December 2003

A very Merry Xmas........
To anyone who remembers me (Tracy i will be in touch)

Kev Jards (?)

23 December 2003
Wishing all the survivors of the glorious Sixth Form House experiment the best of the season and hope they have a good New Year. Christmas was never the same after the Carol Service. Winters were whiter and the snow was better - or is a just a fond reflection.

Michael Adkins (?)

24 December 2003

The committee of the Windsor Society wish all its members a Happy Xmas & a Prosperous New Year.

24 December 2003
Hello everyone, Lynda Leslie (Barber) here. Firstly may I wish you all a happy festive season and the very best in 2004.
Jean (Cavanagh/Cooke) I was in Edinburgh between 66-68 and can remember when a few of us purchased a bottle of what can only be described as battery acid one Saturday afternoon. We snuck upstairs to the attic later that evening and were all sitting around drinking the stuff when we got well and truly busted by the house mistress (don't recall her name). Our punishment was to sit and watch as she poured the liquid out of the bottle - although it was foul stuff we were quite miffed as it took a lot of organising to firstly buy it but then manage to consume some of it before we were sprung. It was all good fun and I even think that a couple of us got a little tiddly.
I wonder if your e-mail from Jenny might have been Jenny Wells, she was around at the same time.
Once again I wish you all a very merry Christmas, our climate here in sunny Australia will be around the 32C mark - lovely. ..we don't want to know that! ... DP Regards

Lynda Leslie (Barber) (E66-68)
25 December 2003
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Windsorites and especially those from our era. Look forward to hearing from a few of you in the New Year.
Best WishesScot & Denise Innes (nee Pegram)
Scot (M73-76)
Denise (B74-76)
25 December 2003
would like to hear from anyone who remembers Jean Irene Gates or my sister Beryl Gates who attended during 1956 to 1960 in Hillsborough House

Jean Volz (Gates) (H57-60)
30 December 2003
Hope all those how can remember that they did have a good Christmas.

Malcolm Brunsdon (S62-64,and E67-69)