13 Aug 2003
Hi to anyone who can remember me Kim Nixon 75-78 approx Hillsborough, lived
in Berlin lots of memories.

Kim Nixon (H75-78)
26 Aug 2003
Only one message in August....?.
2 now! DP
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
26 Aug 2003
Sorry I lost touch! My email address has changed most if not all of my email to the old address has been lost – Nic I will be in touch soon!! Cheers

Jon Cressey (C73-76)

29 Aug 2003
hi doug
has the visitors book come back to life at last???
sure have missed the daily notes/gossip
G. Gilmer ( M73-77 )


31 Aug 2003
Good to see messages appearing again
R.Mitchell (nee Cleverly) (M 77-81)