1 April 2003
Hi again to Carol Gannon - small world, my sister Ginny lives in Germany, and has done so since leaving school. Are you and/or Sandra coming to the reunion this summer? I know from past reunions that there tend to be a fair few from St James, particularly from the 60's.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

9 April 2003
Hope to see as many old friends (and foes!) at the reunion in Newbury on 28th June as possible.

Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
10 April 2003
Looking forward to the re-union in June...My first one!! Hope to see a good turnout from the early 70s..that era seems to be poorly represented on these pages? Is there going to be a disco too at the reunion? There is nothing like an old 'tune'to evoke those feelings of nostalgia and take you right back..........
See you there.

Angie Dunmall (S69-74)
11 April 2003
Hello, I've just discovered this site, it's fantastic. I was in Edinburgh and remember my dorm mates, Jenny Wells, Suzanne Gatt, also Nicola Dodkins, Gillian and Sabrina Lipscombe, Pam ? and many many others not to mention Matron Schroeder. I was sorry to hear of the passing of Miss Waldron last year. Farmers Breakfast, bromide in the tea - what memories. I remember doing "1066 and all That" with Nicola. I have lived in Australia since 1971 and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Lynda Leslie(Barber) (E66-68) 

11 April 2003
Angie,the reunion blurb says that there will be music, although it will be by a West Indian steel band, so the jury is out as to whether 'Samba pa ti' or 'Play that funky music' will sound quite the same, in order to...."evoke those feelings of nostalgia and take you right back.........."

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

12 April 2003
Message for Carolyn Jarman (M71-75)
In Aug 02 you left a message saying you were still in touch with Denise Meyers (nee Fletcher.)
I wonder if you could please put me in touch with her as I haven't seen her since we left Windsor and I had no idea she and Nick had even married!
I've managed to catch up with quite a few old friends from those brilliant years and would love to hear from anyone else too.

Marina Wilkins (nee Lawton) (E76-78)
16 April 2003
Trying to contact Claire Sambrooke through this medium as i am really trying to Find Paul Sambrooke as he owes me £ 1.89 for a beer i bought him in London on the 8.8.1988 meet. I am trying to call in my debts as i may not have long to live, the doctor said i hope i don't see you again.Please help me find this evil man who stole money off me, the reward is 10% payable when i see his red hair as evidence.

Paul Tiny Mcdermott (M76-79)
22 April 2003
Hello Dawn and Debbie Johnson. The name Denise Fletcher might ring a bell for you, Meyers is my married name. I was Head of House until 1978 when I left. I remember some of the names you mentioned, but I thought it was a Fitzpatrick girl that did most of the midnight walking while I was there...Hahahah Yes! I remember Matron Doeper, have you kept in touch with her? I am hoping to go to the reunion, are you both going to go? Where do you both live now? Will check out the photo you speak of and let you know if that is how I remember you both...Hahahah Chat soon....

Denise Meyers (H72-78)
23 April 2003
Just been reading through the messages and the members list, what a journey, was it really that long ago. Will be back when I have more time - have to go and sweep the stairs - unless anyone wants to swap for my yoghurts for a week !

Paul Hayden (C74-77)
24 April 2003
Just reading through some of the old messages and I've seen names I remember Jenny Williams who is looking for Sue Yeoman and Davina Fairley, I remember these names and have Sue Yeoman in my autograph book, which i still have from school. I also see someone looking for Derick Hitchin, and i remember having him as a partner at a house school dance. Also Karen Ryan says she was in Hillsborough and remembers Miss Mallon etc, met her at one of the Newbury reunion . Wish there was gonna be our old songs at the reunion instead of the the bongo band, still will be great to see everyone again

Suzy Peace (H64-71)
25 April 2003
Hello Marina,
Long time no speak. Yes! Nick and I are married, we have four children, three boys and a girl, and a grandson of five months....Oh how time does fly. And you? What has been happening to you since windsor? Are you going to the reunion? Chat soon.
Denise Meyers (H72-78)
25 April 2003
hello denise, good to hear from you again, we have not kept in touch with matron Doeper, have only just got in touch with tiny after 22 years, he has been up to York once, by the way thats where we both live and have done since leaving germany in 1980.Dawn will be going to the reunion as debbie cannot make it, i think tiny is coming thru to york to pick her up. where abouts are you living now? what have you been up to since leaving windsor? we did keep in touch with caroline gillett as she also lived in York but have since lost contact, dawn bumped into a girl called Charmaine while she was working for BHS,she use to share a dorm with dawn and michelle scrivens, have tried to contact michelle scrivens but she has not as yet replied. will hopefully see you at the reunion in June, looking forward to seeing some old faces and having a laugh about the silly things that we all used to get up to!!!! chat soon.

Debbie and Dawn Johnson (H75-80)
28 April 2003
Lynda Barber - I too shared a dorm with Jenny Wells! In fact, I recall giving her a really BAD haircut at one point! As I said in one of my earlier posts, I was in "1066 and All That" too. I remember Gillian Lipscome (sp?) and Suzanne Gatt. You signed my autograph book the last year I was at WGS and I think I remember your face!! I have been living in America since 1971 but visit the UK every year or two to see my mum and sisters. Hope all is well with you.

Lynne Adams (E63-66)
28 April 2003
Hello Everyone. I found a great site, www.baorkids.co.uk where you may find even more of your old schoolmates. Why not have a look, it's free to register/join.

Craig Mullins (E)

29 April 2003
Can anybody out there help me with a contact address for Irene Kyle. I see that here name is in the Lapsed Members list.
Appreciate any assistance.
Mike Handley (S60-62)

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29 April 2003
Denise, Look forward to seeing you at the reunion in June, I am trying to get AJ to come along. Could be a long evening..
Sean,are you going to the reunion?I am trying to talk Paddy Ferris into comming along
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77) 
30 April 2003
Just found this eccelent site and i am trying to find a couple of people if anyone can rember them.Mark webb of edinbough house and tandy jackson of windsor girls school

Ian Terry (E75-78)
30 April 2003
Suzy Peace.... Su Turner??? Do you remember Jenny Trigona (not sure if I've spelt her name right!) and her winding up Miss Mallon with the cookery exploits her and sister used to get up to in the school hols.... remember boiling oranges!!! How she managed to keep a dead pan face, I'll never know!! I've spotted ?? Trigona on a list somewhere but haven't been able to track it back - I'm assuming it was her sister and was going to drop her a line! Now I'll have to find the site I saw her listed (possibly FR but can't recall which year). I think the Jenny and her sister were is Hillsborough. Well, times change, and I have to admit Derek (hubby) and I like bongo bands!! Bob Marley and all that jazz?????? Well, hopefully, see you at the reunion, keep meaning to contact Jacqui. Jacqui, if you manage to read this sometime soon, we'll pick you up, if you still want a lift - try and give us ring (or I'll try to ring you), and we can try and arrange to stay in the same hotel (or tent?? No!! still don't like creepy crawlies!! See you all in June.

Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
30 April 2003
Hi everyone, 5 minutes ago i found this page by chance and im racking my brains like mad to try and remember a few names, but all i can come up with are fornames and they are not really anygood, so if anybody remembers me, id love to hear from them. I was in Balmoral House, but im not sure if it was from 1968 or 1969, i also had a sister called Patricia Turner who was also in Balmoral from 1969 0r 1970, maybe somebody remembers her? One name just popped into my head: Linda Dawson, and we also had another Linda in the same dorm who had a glas eye. Does anybody remember them? I really do hope that my name rings a bell by somebody, and please dont hesitate to contact me if you think yoe knew me. ( by the way i emigrated to germany in 1980 and live now in Ravensburg)
Bye for now... hopefully.

Lesley Turner (B68-70)
30 April 2003
Nic, i shall indeed be going, barring a total domestic calamity, will be travelling up with John Gay, be brilliant if Paddy does come. See you there marra! ;-).

Sean Cockroft (B74-76)