1 September 2002
What a fantastic site to find after all these years. I don't know if anyone remebers me. I was in a group of "day boys" bused in from Soest every day. The people I remember were Byron Bartlett,Phil Rutherford, Bob Casburn, two brothers one called Phil..I think they moved to Gainsborough at some point in time. Just one memory for you all...the slippering we got for drinking beer in the day room with our packed lunch. Top times..
Paul Sheldon (H72-76)
2 September 2002
Just been to a friends barbi when I heard the word Germany, then Hamm! then Windsor Boys, so I got stuck in, my mate's neighbour turns out to be an old windsorite. His name is WAYNE ANDERSON, was in Caernavon from 79 - 81 and then back later on. He is not on line yet but any of his lod mates can use my email address in the meantime, I will ensure that you get a reply.
John Fisher (H65-68)

2 September 2002
S'cuse the typo in the last note. Some more names came to me overnight. The brothers were called Bennett. Other names ...Keith Humphries (We went to a T.Rex gig in Essen in 1973), Paul Taylor (He joined the Marines and fought in the Falklands) and a bloke called John Sherratt who lived in the next blocks of flats to us in Soest.Hope to hear from some-one soon..
Paul Sheldon (H72-76)
3 September 2002
I was in sandringham house my sister Jo was in Marlborough at the girls school anyone out there remembers us please get in touch..
Mike Ore (S77-80)
5 September 2002
Both my husband and myself attended WS in the late 70's and early 80's. We've just joined the internet age and viewed this web site. Have known about the Society for a number of years, however have not got around to joining. Maybe we can do something about that now. Great site. Brings back many good memories of our years spent @ Windsor. Best wishes from .
Janet (nee McKenna) and James (Lordy) Martindale (E77-82)
6 September 2002
Hi there,
This is the elder of the two Midges that were in Edinburgh house. Would be nice to catch up with anyone who was there at the same time.
Michael Decolvill (E74-79)
9 September 2002
Hi does anyone remember me!! I was the ugly one!!Swan now though!! . We'll be the judge of that - where's the picture? -DP
Marlene Jones (E65-67)
10 September 2002
Have been a member of the society for some years now, however, "forgot" to inform you of my change of address. tut, tut - DP Would love to hear from you all again and receive an update of members. Became a grandmother earlier this year!
Diane Davis (S73-76)
10 September 2002
Have been out of circulation for a few years, however I'd like to contact everyone again - particularly: Kerry Shipton, Karen Enright, Shirley Hewitt, Anna Thomas etc etc .

Diane Davis (S73-76)
13 September 2002
Did I learn anything??
Ballroom dancing was great!
CCF- polishing boots ... and garters.
Did you see Pegleg???

Tom Carville (B61-64)
16 September 2002
Hello to anyone who knew me. Joy, I promise to send all those old snaps back to you soo! (My dress sense has not improved since then). I'm a Grandmother now, how scarey is that! Does anyone know what happened to Sue Jennings? The last I heard she was nursing in Gloucester but that was a very long time ago .

Lindy (Kirby) Dalton (S74-77)
17 September 2002
my name was pat wildego when i was at windsor scool and i would be please to hear from anyone i knew therew .

Frances Patricia Truscott (C55-59)
19 September 2002
My Father, GORDON LEES, was made Head of Sandringham in early 1966. Unfortunately my Father passed away 4 years ago and I am trying to trace anyone who may have known him or any photographs of him from that time. He can be seen in the photograph on the Home page of Windsor Boys School with the title "Sandringham Heavies".
If you do remember him or have any photographs please get in contact. My Mothers name is Cath and my younger brother Michael was born whilst we were in Germany. .
Gordon Lees (S63-66)
19 September 2002
I was in Caernarvon house at Windsor School when it was a mixed school, and i would be very pleased to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.
Two names that I remember well are Gloria Kearns and Georgina Chappel .
Frances Patricia Truscott (C55-59)
20 September 2002
hi Lindy,
I seem to remember your name and Sue's!! Did we know each other??.
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
24 September 2002
Big Thanks to Neil Scott for putting me in touch with his brother Mark Scott from Balmoral.
Could'nt place "Mark Scott until I thought off "Scotty"!!! Blond Hair and blue eyes, memories come flooding back!! Thanks for AJ's number, talked for nearly an hour!!
I'll be down to Reading in a few weeks AJ, so get your beer head on, we've got 25 years to catch up on!
Just Kev Reannie and Ian Wright to find, and we've got a dorm reunion!!
Also caught up big time with Marj, and spoken recently to Scott Furgeson. Be in touch during my next Glasgow visit Scott!!
Anybody else out there?? Time will tell.... .
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
24 September 2002
Hello, Wiggles and Woggles. Just been looking at the website & thought I'd let you know that Laura Cooke & brother Tom Cooke are still knocking around. We were both in caernarvon house, although Tom was suspended for going to the girls school at night. I am still in contact with Angie Holden (brothers Martin & Darren sister Debbie all in Caernarvon). I was in dorm 311 with Angie Holden, Julie Baldwin, Anna Wyatt, friends with Naomi Maguire, also looking for Marcus Ball, Billy Blair. Anyone who remembers Tom, Bruno, Stuart Deveraux ETC please get in contact.
Laura Cooke (C78-81)
25 September 2002
attended Windsor Girls school, during the late 70's.
Rememebr Greese every girl was in love with John Travolta (I still am, still wear satin trouses too!! remeber the YMCA dance we use to to at the school disco? I was a memeber of the Specials dance group set up by PJ Martin our Art teacher (who everyone fancied)we only joined up to get to go to all the house and year discos. I was in dorm 311 with Angie Holden & Julie Baldwin, Heather Divver and Sandra ? Later joined by Anna Wyatt. I got caught drunk along with Naomi Maguire on the osnabruck bus, Mandy Muir got away with it. Brother Tom attended WBS, and was very popular with the girls- therefore, was suspended for a short period for visiting the girls school at night along with mate Bruno (who never returned). The barbed wire never managed to keep us Cooke's in. Looking for anyone who knows us - still in contact with Angie & Martin Holden.
Laura Cooke (Loz) (C78-81)
27 September 2002
Hi Jacqui - thanks for the message on exwindsorbfpo!! Are you trying to get me sacked!! Just thought I'd drop you a quick message in here as I know others will read this!! Well, for all those who were in Sandringham, you will be pleased to know that yesterday I received a letter from Matron Giesefeld. She has recently returned home after a long stay in hospital recovering from a bad back. She still has her small hobbies - needlework, sewing and runs a French club but says she has had to give up tennis!!! And to all of us who have such wonderful memories of our time at Windsor, I add this quote from her letter "The job at WGS was my life - I think a lot of you felt that". .
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
27 September 2002
I've just been browsing through all these messages for 2002 and it struck me that there are loads of names I can recall, but what is worse there seems to be more that I don't. Am I getting forgetful? I was also one of those that endured the BERLIN TRAIN! Would really love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I found Pete Crowder's name on Friends Reunited but his e-mail isn't working, if you're out there, get in touch!
I for one have very fond memories of WGS/Berlin and wouldn't have missed a minute, even the bad ones!.
Dawn Bradley (C72-77)
28 September 2002
I started in Caernarvon & then moved to Marlborough when the girls moved in. I'm afraid my memory is rubbish so I'll type a few names and hope someone fills in the gaps! Darran Bolden, Jeff Yee-King, Gordon Muscat, Willy .., Lloyd Latham, Mark Maddocks, Jayne Hellier, Lisa Warilow, Adele & Odette, thats it memory lapse.
Warren Kitchin (C79-82)
30 September 2002
To all concerned: Please note change of email address: kathy@bairdk2.fsnet.co.uk Please note this is very similar to my original home address (addition of "2" after the bairdk). Due to the number of personal messages I have coming into work, I would appreciate anyone who uses my work email address to amend to my own personal address..
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)