8 May 2002
If I'm right, then I do remember you, Rita - I think that might be you on the photo with Elaine Webster which I posted on the Yahoo club site! Yes, I remember Hiawatha "You shall hear how Powpuhkeewis" etc - I had a crash course, as we arrived a few weeks before the end of term and had to learn it for Speech Day! Never snuck out to the Boys School (I was shy at school!) but I remember Kennedy being assassinated - was in the Art Room doing some posters for Christmas Fair weekend, and went to Miss Dunford's flat to return the Art Room key, and she told me - she was shaking. Went back to the house, lots of the girls were in tears..
Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)
9 May 2002
Hi to all ex- WGS/WBS - ites. Anyone remember me or sister Jean Deakin (she was a dreaded House Prefect) Both St James. My brother Michaelwas at WBS - Sandringham I think. Also I am still in contact with Isabella Coxon. I would love to make contact with my old pal - Lynne Jones (and her sister Chris) Chris's current details are not current! Please help if you can! .
Barbara Deakin (Nibs) (StJ 62-64)

9 May 2002
Anyone fancy a beer? Join a few ex-Windsors at 'The Shakespears Head' Kingsway, Holborn, London on Saturday 11th May from 12:00hrs onwards. Should be a reasonable turnout. See you there. .
Roger (Chip) Carpenter (H 73-76)
11 May 2002
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mandy Walters? she was in Sandringham and then moved to st.james (naughty naughty mandy) Dooosh Dooosh Walla Walla is all i can say! .
Ruby (Charlie)Adams (StJ77-80)

14 May 2002
Stumbled across this site by accident. Sorry no e-mail this time as I'm borrowing a mates computer, maybe next time. In the meantime if anyone remembers me just post a message in the visitors book and I will pick it up.
Bruno, long time no hear. Last time I saw you it was 1984 and a good weekend spent in Manchester that cost me a fortune. I've taken your e-mail address and will get in touch soon.
Be back in touch soon, seeya BD.
Tom Hawkins (BD) (M77-81)

14 May 2002
PS. Bruno say hi to Patsy and Gina for me. Caught Patsy's entry in the book on 14 Apr 2002. I hope they are well..

Tom Hawkins (BD) (M77-81)


14 May 2002
Marquita Lockie (did I really ride over to see you on the autobahn - on that scooter?), Paddy Flynn (going sailing on the Moehne, time out shopping in Soest, standing outside a music shop finding words and courage: "Eine, cleiner, Hohner, bitte?" went inside - Can I help you Madam?) Zoe Aurial Good-eve Docker and sister Phylida (sp?) Karen Goodeve Docker (sailed at Cowes in the holidays and had designer patches on their jeans), Rosalind (Posy/Bootpolish) Candlin (played the ghost in Blythe Spirit and seemed to float across the stage, I heard from her sailing up the Amazon and then as an antique carpet repairer in New York, then lost touch) and sister Celia, brilliant Maureen Bilham (Billy), Michael Cross and was it Michael (Cooper)(?) - to name but a few. Then there are those just attached to a memory: Nigel Frith who played Shylock and Hamlet (improvising when he lost his sword, "Quick, hand me another!")a.n.other who had "Earth-Angel" played on BFN during the holidays, and the Head Boy with a voice to die for of whom the staff said in far-back tones in the end of term skit: "Staff, three cheers for Terry!" Was that Brian Terry, and did his father have something to do with the opening of the school?
Where are they all now and what are they up to? Who remembers going riding on the nearby Army Camp? The Captain (I think) who should have taught us was 'otherwise occupied' with a certain lady and we were left to the mercy of a series of young National Service grooms - or they were left to our mercy, more like. At least Taffy-from-the-Valley taught me to mount and ride bareback...
Did the converted water tank remain a swimming pool?
Sheesh, doesn't time fly when you start the memories flowing! Could go on for ever but - Goodnight All..
Teresa nee Fenton (H54-57)

14 May 2002
I got a phone call from Gerri (Geraldine Rogers) last night saying you had popped up!! I am sending you message on your private mail...YOU can't believe this? I am in shock too! Rita where have you been? Remember Elaine Webster, Pamela Ross - yes, Pam I remember you!! and what happened to Vanda Helm, Rosiland Wade, Tessa Nolan and the others?? you were in the same dorm as us!! I was down the end of the hall and got separated by Miss Luck and sent to dorm 304 where she and Miss Darymple could keep an eye on me. so you were either in the dorm with me and Tessa, or dorm 304 with me, Vanda, Christine, Rosiland.
wonderful to find you!! in Canada? I ended up in Vienna. I remember the Kennedy assasination. teachers came to our dorms in the night to tell us remember?
love georgina.
Georgina Rogers (H61-63)
14 May 2002
I also remember you I am very sure. I know that Rita was in my dorm, it may have been the one I shared with Tessa Nolan. Did Elaine Webster have the very long braid hanging down her back and was crazy about Elvis. I anyway remember her name.
am delighted to find Rita again!! .
Georgina Rogers (H61-63)

18 May 2002
a BIG Hi to all who remember me - looking forward to catching up with you all again!! .
Julie Lind (S76-79)


18 May 2002
Dear Georgina - yes, Elaine (Webby) Webster had the long, long plait - Tessa Nolan I kept in touch with for a short while after she left Hamm in 1966, I think her father went to Mons as an instructor - but then lost touch. I remember vividly when Tessa broke her two front teeth falling upstairs at home, and came into the English class late because she had been to the dentist to have them pulled out - Miss Martin demanded to know why Tessa was late, and she gave a broad, toothless smile, and said, "I've been to the dentist, Miss" - at which point we all fell about. The teeth had quite a saga - she took them out for hockey matches, she said to protect them, we reckoned, to frighten the opposition - and then she managed to lose them down the loo. I do wish we could manage to find Tessa again, but no success so far! .
Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)
18 May 2002
I can still taste that tea they forced us to drink before lights out....and as for the cake.Say no more.
Did anyone ever see old pegleg in the end?
We were the last of the windsors it closed down after the final exams what a day that was.Like all that history just stopped.
A day of mixed feelings i can tell you..
Mr scot how are you?
Meds you have never left my memories.you were a great guy and a fantastic sportsman.
Joe ninety SORRY i was just a kid.
clive haley where are you i miss you.
And to you all i miss you all if any one can remember me it would be nice to get talking again,I was known as SMURF due to the fact i was small .. i dont think any one ever called me by my real name,but it is Mark Smith .My sisters Jackie and karen Smith both went to the girls school. And so did i a couple off times in the night.but dont tell anyone ok. .
smurf (S79-83)
19 May 2002
Hello All. Shot in the dark but anyone knows where Fiona Longwith is now ?. Been looking for a couple of years but not found her yet. Good friends with the Morgans. Lovely girl, would be good to chat again.
Hello Christine Law. Got the Beer out of your hair yet after last weekend in Newbury, sorry shall I spray that again. Dave wasesponsible for the early morning call, I was too blathered to think of doing anything like that. Bruno Maddran have you got your Technical skills up to scratch yet. Loads of hellos to all that remember me. Love Pottsy .
Martin Potts (C76-79)
19 May 2002
look forward to hear from you.great site.real middle age therapy.
both my sisters went to wgs
i think karen bull is a member.
Mark Smith (S81-83)
19 May 2002
Hello every one!.
Joy McCourt it was great seeing you again last week,it wasn't nearly long enough,but at least it didn't end in a bar fight!I hope its not another 20 years before we meet again.I'm still trying to contact Ronald Mark "Monty" Powell of Marlborough Joined the RAF after school as an Engineer & may be living in Wales.John Gay,I hope you enjoy your new job ....best you buy a comfy pair of boots!.
Tony Reilly give my regards to Carol Fletcher when you see her..
Nigel Murray (M74-76)
20 May 2002
thanx for the backdated newsletters, they kept me up for hours reading them. What memories, hated and loved the place, miss the people and had some great times. Getting to the back dyke was a feat, 007 eat your heart out, i can still see us now wriggling under walls, climbing fences, ive still got the scars from one excursion when the alarm was sounded and we had to scarper back to school before dorm checks, just made it too, sorry frau Hessenbruch i must have been a thorn in your side for a while.
Its been grat catching up with some of my old mates and even reminiscing with those that dont remember me, i cant wait to see you again next year at the reunion
does anyone remember 'little red book' and the record sticking in the talent contest? and did we really have to run round the field in our nightie as detention? .
Tracey (Smith) (B76-79)
21 May 2002
Julie Lind, hiya!! You'll have to get in touch with me, I did have your address, but lost it some time ago in my bedroom. I'll never find it now, you must remember how untidy I was!!
I remember when we moved to Marlborough, we used to have running arguments with Matron because we refused to make our beds properly. The amount of times we would come in and find them stripped, and then we decided we would strip them ourselves and save her the trouble!!
Sheena Morrison (S76-79)
22 May 2002
Hey Nige,
Other than you ....not met anyone else for years so a public announcemount did zillions for my confidence...??? I'm sure this is retribution for the one way police jokes (from me anyway)! However Kev Springate reminded me that I owe Karen Cubbage an apology (I still cant remember why) So ...Karen...my apology's for whatever I did..or didnt do, as my memory is shot to bits!!!! Regards.
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
23 May 2002
I was wondering if there are any more of the day pupils from 64-65 who used to live in Am Huckenholz and the immediate surrounding area, who might read this site. Most of us were the offspring of WBS WGS teachers, Civil Servants and Military Personnel who worked in the Hamm Garrison. It would be amusing to exchange old stories and even meet up for a pint or two.
Andy Pitt (H64-69)
24 May 2002
Just found the site, very Good, enjoyed reading the visitors book.I recognise some names if you think you know me please E Mail. I was a day boy but used to board at weekends when doing sports.
My brother David was in Sandringham House and my sister Margaret used to be in Edinburgh house.
Mike McCormick (H70-73)
24 May 2002
Hi People,
I stumbled on this site today by accident and feel really strange seeing sights I long since forgot existed. Anyone out ther remember me? I was quite well known in my latter years and recall events such as helping put on 1066 and all that! I've even spotted myself in the Caernarvon Boys 1966 photograph! I have a strong suspicion that I know at least one person on this message board - Pam Ross from St James. Anyway, if you remember my name ( I always did feel it was strange, but at least its memorable) I would be delighted to receive an email. Best wishes to all!!.
Tony Jobber (C62-67)
26 May 2002
Hi Everyone.
I'm glad this site is online. I had some very happy memories at WBS. I can still remember going thru the fence to get to 'The Back Dyke' :)
I can't remember whether I was there from 72-77 or 73-78. But if anyone remembers me, my nickname used to be 'Skiddy' (for reasons which I won't go into on here :))
Does anyone from Edinburgh House remember Michael (Midge) Colville, John (Fishlips) Walling?
I remember my housemaster Kenneth (Thommo) Thompson and Anthony (Foxy) Fox, and my Tutor Mr (Taffy) Hughes.
Anyway, if anyone wants to chat, my e-mail address is supplied.
Bye for now
Raymond Gardner (E73-78)
29 May 2002
Been a while since I posted anything - what I want to know is where are all the girls from Hillsboro' go to. Alan (Brady) and I have managed to meet and catch up, about those good ol' days. Alan and I are still trying to track down Linda Hoskins, Avril Hoy, Maxine Gardner, Denise (oops can't remember surname). Remember Sandy Nolan and Glynis Woofitt. It has been great catching up with Alan and I even managed to drag him to Crufts with me - he said he had a great time - was that seeing me or going to Crufts!?!?!?!?
Regards .
Deborah (Debbie) Evans (H71-73)
30 May 2002
hi people, just to let anyone that wants or needs to contact me, know that i now have a new email address. while i am doing this message, does anyone know the where abouts of Michael Melia? He was in Caernarvon House about 71-73..
Alan Savage (C71-74)

31 May 2002
forgot to renew my membership some one said i could renew for 5 years at once can i? if so could i have details?.
Ted Wick (StJ72-76)

Yes you can, Ted. I'm not sure your email address is complete. I'll send you a renewal form in the post. According to me you were in Marlborough House - the fact you've put St James is wishful thinking perhaps?! - Doug.