1 March 2002
Was only 19 years ago ! Damn I'm getting old..

Andrew Quigley (E77-83)

1 March 2002
In reply to Martin Chamberlain`s message. Yes the stable looking buildings behind the gym were still there in my years at the school, unfortunately a sore subject as some of us took a little expedition up a rope one day that was dangling down from the roof window (near to hockey pitch) and found out it was belonging to the local German Fire Department. Ended up infront of the Headmaster AND fathers Commanding Officer. tuttutututut...

Tony Warford (S71-77)

1 March 2002
It brings back some old memories does this site! cannot remember much just matron shidloft!!! and mr ramsdale and mr p ball! got wacked a few times for smoking and waht a run from the girls school to the dorm! Used to live in Osnabruck in 70's as some of my pals still do.remeber we used to put all the baths on full hot water to hide the smoke?and going to the girls school was a weekend treat and a bottle of fizzy stuff that made our heads turn! Still good times eh?.

Kieron Macdonald (S71-75)

2 March 2002
I remember the chapel choirs making a record (LP), can't remember what year it was but think it was 1966. Don't remember competing with the Beatles for the number 1 slot though!!
Sad news about Padre Thackery, it's because I used to catch the board rubber he threw at me in RE, that I was in the rounders team!!Anyone remember the inter schools athletics, at Rheindalen, when we stayed at Queens School(?) for a few nights? Mixed coach journeys both ways, what a novelty!!.

Liz Sowten (S65-68)

2 March 2002
Would love to hear from,
Gary-Gina Madron.
Andy-Julie Tibbs.
If anyone remembers me please drop a line .

Kevin Jardine (H74-79)
2 March 2002
Hiya,wot a suprise!Any body out their remember me?Myself,Johnathon and Jane Worthy all at W S in the 70s.We lived in Berlin in RAF Gatow.Now back in England after completing 12 years in 19 fld RA Dortmund.Now firefighter in Preston,married to Loraine with two daughters.Would like to hear from old mates out their,maybe meet up in sunny Blackpool at reunion! Dave McGurke, Hopo,Dingabell etc....!!

Julian Worthy (jules) (S70-76)
4 March 2002
Margot Keen,
This is the message I promised you to test your abilities in finding your way into the 'Visitors Book'. Now try the other sites.
To 'Friends Reunited' and 'The Windsor Society'. Without you we may never have been in contact again. Many many thanks. .

Bob Stocks (H54-57)
4 March 2002
What a great site, have already been in touch with old freinds from the seventies and cant wait to see who turns up in the future
and a special thankyou to the staff at WBS for their efforts in educating the young lad who turned out to be me..

Gerard Gilmer (M73-77)
4 March 2002

Garry Maddran (C76-79)
4 March 2002
I think I have got the years correct. Just been scrolling through the messages. So many names that are coming back to me? Found this last Saturday. Was messing on and found an old school photo. typed in Windsor boys school and hey presto! I am sure that I will put faces to names as we go along. Got to go mow it's light out! .

Kieron Macdonald (S71-75)
4 March 2002
I was one of the first pupils to attend in November 1953, my house number was C75 being of course the house name Caernarfon. If my memory serves me correct there were only 3 houses when the school first opened, they were Balmoral, Sandringham and Caernarfon. The girls block was on the right as you went through the gates, the boys behind it. On the top of the girls block was the sick bay, I remember spending time there as I made out I had a terrible stomach ache just because my friend was in there, she was sent back to our house and I ended up having to stay there for a couple of days and having some horrible medicine every 4 hours.
I loved every minuet of my years there.
Valerie Burrows (nee Trench).

Valerie Burrows (nee Trench) (C53-)
5 March 2002
Hey Folks:
How ARE you all out there? Just thought I'd ID the insomniacs. Looking for Gabby again. Been through two e-mail adresses and one hard drive since we last wrote. And to heck with Carman San Diego, where in the world is Gordy Lund? Howdy to everyone within computer shot. Brinds (write me Mart, Si or J), Duds, Thomos, Keils, Geeze, Smitty, Pedders, Colin D (ya grey-it weelshman), Demand, Paddy, Bismark, Horner, Dr. Geetar Marsden, Birdy, Durgee Gromit and all that! Hope all is well on the island!
Bow O'Barr (S69-73)
5 March 2002
What a brilliant thing to find this site! I would love to make contact with pupils from "my" era. Does anyone remember when the choir did a Christmas broadcast on Forces radio in 1968? Does anyone have a recording of it - I lost mine. What about our Christmas concert in the cathedral? How is everybody - where are you all!!!

Tina Newman (StJ68-69)
 6 March 2002
hallo everyone Having just become a new "cyber-babe" browsing the web etc. could at last access the site for windsor society, I have just spent the last few hours catching up with all the messages in the visitors book, totally fascinating and made me realise just how long ago it all was!!!!!!!! if anyone remembers me please get in touch, I hear from Babs Odams and Gill Fletcher as well as Margaret Hodgson . My sister Jean was also at windsor as was brother David (he was in Marlborogh). A big thank you to all the committee for all the superb work. Does Dave Pipes remember cleaning windows at Rheindahlen many moons ago??? Take care jann x.

Jann Staines (K62-68)
7 March 2002
hi it,s bruno here again sorry about my last email i did,nt give my full email address. i hope everyones fine.just to let anyone know,i am in regular contact with phill lowrie,chris(law)willmott,david(dap)padbury. if anyone is interested i have a large collection of photos taken at w.b.s. & w.g.s 3 years ago when myself chris law and phill lowrie went back to hamm for a very nostalgic 5 days (memories came flooding back) well as this is only my second time on this site i do hope friends and staff will get in touch and hopefully get to the stage of actually meeting in person. i,ll be in touch again soon bruno(c76-79}

Garry Maddran (C76-79)
7 March 2002
Anyone remember the Holt brothers Fraser, Andy if so would love to here from you

Andrew Holt (C71-73)
8 March 2002
Any one remember or know the whereabouts of a lady called Carol Hyde?
She was at WBS around the early to mid seventies. regards .
Tony Reilly (M73-76)
9 March 2002
im not sure of the exact dates but had a great time while i was there can anyone out there remember me. I WAS NONE AS THE GREAT ESCAPOLIGIST
(I'm saying nothing)...DP
Martin Borg (H71-74)
9 March 2002
Well have read through nearly all the messages that have been left it brought back a lot of memorys,Reconized a few of the staff names but time has dulled the mind to others,apart from those guys in my immediate circle and dorm.Who for one reason or another have not appeared here. I started in class 1 AF (I think it was) Mr Fox was our Form Teacher,The class room Its self was right at the top of the main school block opposite the catholic church,Basically top of the stairs turn left.That is after coming througt the main doors and turning right in to the tuckshop.
I also have recollections of wandering through the Sauerland in the middle of winter on school trips and getting lost much to the disapproval of the staff.After get back I remember Mr fox giving us a slide show of one of the trips to the sounds of the Beatles, Here comes the sun. ( Which I can now admit was rather good). And every time I hear that record It always gives me a warm glow and fond memorys of good times I had there, It must have been good if I can remember It after 33 Years or so. Hopefully in the near future some of the guy I used to know will come on line and who knows,???? TTFN.

Mick Churchfield (S68-71)
9 March 2002
Hi there to all ex Windsor pupils & their partners, just a short message to let you know that there is a mini reunion organised for 19th& 20th April this year in Blackpool. We had another one a few weeks ago and it was a great success so dont miss out on this one. For more information email myself alnsvg@aol.com. I will reply to emails ONLY if you have "Windsor" in the subject box so that I know it is not commercial spamm mail.To be held at The Windsor & Westmoorland Hotel, cost for B&B is £20 per person per night, to book hotel ring 01253 351907 quoting Windsor for this special rate..

Alan Savage (C71-74)
9 March 2002
hi it,s bruno again just a quick note to find out who sent me an email on saturday 9/3/02.unfortunately i was trying to retreive the message but accidently deleted it so it would be great if the person concerned would try again (what a plonker i am).

Garry Maddran (C76-79)

9 March 2002
Hi there boys and girls. Anyone know Martin Borg from Hillsborough House, between the years 1971 - 1974.
I'd love to year from you.

Kevin Coleman (H71-74)?

see above (9/3).. amazing coincidence..DP

10 March 2002
Hello every one.Tony Reilly it was great meeting you at Euston a few days ago!.It wasn't nearly long enough,but we had a good laugh!.Joy Mccourt thanks for the e-mails,keep them coming!.I'm still trying to get hold of "Monty" Powell if anyone can assist,believed to live in the area of Wales & probably still in the R.A.F. Cheers .

Nigel Murray (M74-)

12 March 2002
Have been looking through all the messages over the last few weeks and lots of names are familiar. I was in Hillsborough 78 - 80 and like alot of people on the site only really have good memories. I married Vearnon Johnson (Sandringham) and he has been catching up with Leigh Walker, had notes from Will Kirk etc...
Also hoping to hear from Wendy Stephens, Fiona Canon, Tracey (Cosmo) Walker, Caroline (Cherry) Pile - and lots more.
So if you're out there and reading this message get in touch - it'd be great to catch up!!!
Bye for now,

Sharon Johnson (nee Blair) (H78-70)
14 March 2002
Very remiss of me but I have not been looking at the notice board for a long time. Apologies to all you folks who just got emails talking about things you said last August!
Just to let you know that I have sussed the technology and have loaded some photos on to the Yahoo exwindsorbfpo site. Without the aid of a matron, I shall be attempting to create a public photo album under my Yahoo account Cairncross_UK, so for those of you who know how, they may appear there soon. Only a few of some dorm / rollcall shots but it may bring back memories for some!
Steven 'Whizzers' Wieczysty (S77-82)
15 March 2002
Hi Julie Morgan
Still trying to get in touch, have you changed your e mail address again? Hope you had a good christmas (I know it's late!) and hope to hear from you soon. Also Dawn Bradley, have tried to e mail you with no luck.

Elaine Elliott(STONEHOUSE) (C75-78)
17 March 2002
Have just tried to send an e-mail to Elayne+Gerry Bird but my sysyem keeps telling me failed! It would be great to hear from you if you are who i think you are. I used to be known as Linda Gant back in those happy day,s. If any one else remembers me i would love to hear from you to. My twin brother Gary and older brother Tony attended at the same time.Great sight well done you guys

Linda Pridmore

19 March 2002
Hi all that know me, Quigley maybe you"ll figure this one out!! I am in touch with Anne James all the time and others at reunion times... Is there another reunion planned soon, anyone? I have got all my old school mags in the loft so will look them out at some point. I have been living in Kyle-of-Lochalsh (Look at the top north west of a map of Britian) next to the Isle of Skye for the last 19yrs since leaving Hannover. My son is now 15 and 6' tall with size 12 feet!! I am now divorced but finally very settled and happy with Charlie, some of you will of met him at Newbury, he is a fisherman from Kyle , sorry no orders for prawns can be taken!! Be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me, Kev I will get in touch, honest, it was great to hear from you. The same to Jayne Lovewell, I've written your address down incase I press a wrong button & delete everything!!! You all take care
Love Scottie xxx .

Scottie Robertson (StJ75-81)
20 March 2002
Have just been reading through all the old messages in the visitors' book!! Found a message from May 1999 from Frances Zavishlock trying to locate both myself and Jacqui Noyes!! Have tried the email address you had when you placed the message but, as we know, some of us often change these - don't we Jacqui!!! So Frances is you happen to glance through the visitors' book again, you will find messages from both Jacqui and myself, please get in touch!!
Also, have you tried the Friends Reunited site?.
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)

20 March 2002
Deos anyone remember me or my younger sister Jake. We were at WGS 1970 - 1974.
has anyone had contact with Chris Rees, Chris Watts (Titch), Chris Jones, Heather Woods.
All the memories are starting to flood back!! Hope to hear from someone soon..
Debbie Wilkinson (S70-74)

21 March 2002
Hi anyone help me out with a copy of the Concordia for 1977/1978?? WBS and WGS copies?
Did they do seperate copies?? Memory is failing me.........hehehe....lol, but thanks if you can.

Innes Beattie (H77-78)

21 March 2002
"Hi" to anyone that remembers me.Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days.

Diane Marsh(nee Bullock) (B70-72)

22 March 2002
I remember all the good times, would like to hear from any of the old Sandringham boys 65-68. Very fond memories of Sports & House/School Socials.

Brian Drury (S65-68)
23 March 2002
anybody out there that went to wgs between 1972 1974 and was in sandringham house i would love to hear from you i can remember a few names sandra cole, johanne barr, michelle,cant remember michelle surname but we all shared a dorm with a few other girls
Please get in touch .
Jeanette Henry (S72-74)
23 March 2002
Hi to anyone who may know me. My brother Steve was in Caernarvon House at the same time. We lived in Berlin and both have very vivid memories of that long, long train journey to and from school. The Funkturm was a very welcome sight each time we went home!! Does anyone know the whereabouts of Cindy Astell and Jan Routledge. I shared a dorm with them in my last year at school and have not been in touch with them since I left. Our birthdays were all within a few days and I always think of them each time they come round. We've had quite a lot since 1975!! Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me or my brother.

Joanne Woodcock (B72-75)

24 March 2002
Does anyone remember John Pogue he had brother called Dean, they were boarders but their parents where stationed in Berlin with the Irish Rangers, I think he left Windsor school in 1979. If anyone knows how to contact him let me know. I didn't attend windsor school but this site might help me to find him. Thanks..

Tracy ( )

Better still, if anyone does have contact with John , let John decide whether or not to contact Tracy himself.. Doug

24 March 2002
What a great site.Brings back loads of memories.Is
it really 22 years ago.God time flys.What happend?
Would like say Hi to all who may know or remember
me.Andy King,Rob&Tony Overd,Pa Quigley,Midge,Sammy
McGuire bros,Mark Baldwin and and and and..... WGS Chris.

Paul Falcus (E77-80)
24 March 2002
first week on the net and what a treasure finding this page! i was known as 'titch' from that first bewildering roll call. Shared a dorm with Sheila Short, Yvonne Coward,Gail Sullivan and Dena Day - so if any of you are there I would love to hear from you. I would really like to find Marlene Ross and Kenneth Case who both used to live in Bunde. Congratulations to the society for actually doing what we just thought about!
Christine Lyon <titch> (S64-66)

25 March 2002
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and the old days in Sandringham! Trying to think of names but keep remebering the faces. Used to live in Osnabruck.Good days and always getting into bother for acting the goat!
spent most of my time in the corridor or holding up books at prep time!then afterwards we would go out to the chippie and back for lights out and cake and coco! ha ha!
Nothings changed just the coco now
is better quality! (no bromide)
Kieron Macdonald (S71-76)

26 March 2002
Hiya Everyone
Can't believe how many people I've been in contact with since joining the sight.
Shared a dorm with Anne Norton, Michelle Scriven, one of the twins, think it was Dawn, Tracey and a shy girl (used to change under her covers). Have recently got in contact with Tony Metcalf, still as lippy as ever..

Marie Scheidel (nee Flynn) (H76-80)

26 March 2002
I'm trying to get back in touch with Caroline Ewers (nee Martindale). I can't get through to you, please get in touch. If anyone has Caroline's recent email address, could they please let me know. Ta .

Sheena Morrison (S76-79)

27 March 2002
Hi everybody
Can any of you remember me?
I was looking thro' the messages and recogised loads of names,but I just can't put faces to all of them. I was at the millenium reunion and was thrilled to meet up with so many faces from the past.Especially Bev Mallett,Denise Fletcher, Carol Buchanen, Debbie Wiles and .......
Wendy thanks alot for the card it was great hearing from you. I've been living in Switzerland now for over 20 years now, (Gosh is it possible? don't time fly?)but I can still understand English so if anyone does recognise me and would like to write please drop a line. .

Darlene Whiddington ( Buehler ) (C75-79)

30 March 2002
Well here i am again iwent a.w.a.l for a short while just had a message the Qween Mother has just died, Saturday after noon i was sorry to here the news. any how if any body can remember me ,i would be glad to hear from you .I also spent time in the school in Gatow Berlin in 1965 early then landed up in W.b.s Marlborough ,untill 1967 .I was in the same dorm as Paul Sayers and this yanky guy forgot his name .

David Jones (M65-67)
31 March 2002
Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me I was a day girl in Marlborough House

Carol Neeson Nee Stirzaker (M70-72)