3 June 2002
anyone out there know the whereabouts of slyvia sillet anne merrick marlbro house 71 julia bowell pia hudson debbie mcgee dorm312 hillsborough house 71?Had some great laughs at that school,but forever stripping and remaking beds at some unearthly hour of the night for being naughty!Remember the meningitis scare and the socials at the boys school.does anyone remember jackie and lesley Boyes? heres hoping..
Jackie Morgan (H71-73)

3 June 2002
Thank you all at the Society for bringing back a lot of precious memories. Happy days and nights?
I am new to the internet and I was shocked and delighted when I hit this site. I have always been a bit slow to catch on! Firstly, I to want to reply to a message that was posted in April 1999 by Alan Hawkes. I have sent a personal E-mail, but time marches on. Hello Hawkeye, You mention in dispatches Richard Chamberlain. Bosworth and Muscat. In trying to help you recall names, please forgive me if my memory is also full of holes. There was also David Plumb, Victor Newton, Stewart and Amos. You will of course never forget Ross (not a member of our dorm, but he always seem to be in there.) Best regards from Woolley. (022)
Secondly, to the green fields of Hillsborough. I remember Hayden Jones the HouseMaster with fond affection, but I cannot remember matrons' name. Help me please. Docherty you weren't a bad prefect, but that bedding was heavy early in the morning. All my love Victor
Victor Woolley (H64-67)

4 June 2002
to any body who remembers our matrons frauline kaula and
schidloft(spelling terrible but pronounced correctly) who would reward us at night with hot chocolate and a piece of cake if we had washed behind our ears, and in the morning would wake us up with "gamma gamma, raus raus,
Ian Matthews (S74-76)

5 June 2002
i was in edinburgh house, from 76-78 approx, my sister was called glynis i dont remember alot old age is creeping up on me all i do know is that they were the best days of my life.
Angela Burey (E76-78)


5 June 2002
Hi Jacqui/Gail
Just to let you know I am now back from hols, and have had a lot of catching up to do on my home PC - I didn't unsubscribe to the windsorexbfpo site before I went away!! What a nightmare 769 emails from that site alone!!! Gail, I have read your message but not replied yet - I have to fight with my grandson to get on my computer!! Mind you, he wouldn't stay and play on it yesterday, so that I could go to Salou for 2 weeks in his place!!! For a 5 year old he definitely has his priorities in order (the same as mine are now!!). Were you still at WGS when Greta went out with Rob Chamberlain? His name has appeared on the FR site but I'm not sure if it's the same person as there is no profile to go on. Jacqui, how are you and did you enjoy your week in Scotland? I don't know if either of you knew Linda Blackburn, but I've had a message from someone (forgotten her name already!!) whose sister is still in contact with Linda - so hopefully, here's another one for the pot!!! The girl that contacted me had 2 sisters at WGS, Lynne and Chris Jones(I think the one that's contacted me is Barbara). Lynne is the shortened form of another name - again memory going, going, gone!!). Will mail your personal accounts from home asap.
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)

5 June 2002
VIRUS WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Fisher (H65-68)
9 June 2002
Did Hyden Jones always smell of cigars??
i recall he was a kind man, clever son called David?? Sean Cockroft i will be in touch soon
Who else John Gay, Robert George, Bob (good at everthing) MCcormack,Peter (very sexy sister)Thompson,Simon Maddigan, The names keep comming
Drop me a line somtime
Malcolm(did you really call me Molly)Graham
Malcolm Graham (molly?????) (H74-76)
9 June 2002
Hi where is everyone from my year? remember matron sending us out on the landing for giggling when we should of been asleep, remember peg leg sheets,and making coconut ice with miss cole, where is susan leadingham, catherine slaughter,the other girls we shared a dorm with i cannot think of ther names right now. Didnt we have fab times at the Boys school discos on sundays.well im married now for 10yrs to a wonderful man and we have a daughter called Ellise, and life is just brilliant, look forward to hearing from someone!!!!
Stephanie Faulkner (E78-80)
10 June 2002
I have just been put in touch with Marg Wright after 26 years, who has realed of several names known to me!
She tells me she tryed to email me when I posted, but my emails came back, so after checking my email address, I've found out it's wrong! Anybody want a nostalgic cyber chat, or a few real beers, drop me a line.
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
10 June 2002
Hi to anyone who remembers me!
One of my most vivid memories was my first term
spent in Plon (as the new school in Hamm was not ready) - I was in an attic dormitory, I 'think' it was in a block formerly known as Nansen (from old PRS days) and it was in the former boy's quarters. It was the winter term and was absolutely freezing and mice used to crawl over our beds at night!! I can remember contracting food poisening and spending time in the sick bay and suffering from chapped knees, hands and face from the bitterly cold winds coming off the five lakes that surrounded the school, having communual showers and being extremely homesick! The new school felt like paradise in comparison and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at WGS and would love to get in contact with some of my old friends
namely; Jane Hollins, Chris Gay, Alison Trout, Sandra Vinnecombe (all Balmoral), Roz Phipps (Caernarvon) and absolutely anyone else who remembers me. My boyfriend on leaving was Johnny Weston and we kept in touch for quite a while. My sister Chris also attended WGS, joining me a year later and would also love to hear from anyone who remembers her..
Pat O'Byrne (now Elliott) (B59-65)
10 June 2002
looking for Lousie Samson, Debbie Robinson and anyone else who knew me at Caernarvon, teacher Miss Bebb history,and P.J martin any ideas what happened to them?.
Lisa Varadinek (C78-80)
11 June 2002
Victor Woolley - another name I remember from the past. Indeed, all the names you mentioned were all juniors, on the top floor (I think) when I was Head of House. Must apologise for all the horrible punishments we dealt out, in the prefects room.
Can't remember the matrons' names either, but I spent many delightful evenings having coffee and cakes with the upstairs matron - Oh! what was her name? Would be nice to hear from you all again. Try to find yourselves on the 1966 Hilsborough picture on the ex-Windsor site. Regards.
Dave Naylor (H64-67)
11 June 2002
Kathy, Scotland was great, my sister Lyndsey and I had a few more laughs over the memories of our time in Sandringham, she is in touch with a Chris Jones from Hamm too. Still trying to get in touch with your Malc but he is always in meetings, gave up competing with meetings months ago. Wonder if he would give an ex Windsor Girl, (or is it once a Windsor Girl always a Windsor Girl?) a good discount in Curries...
I do remember Linda Blackburn, but sadly only the name, photographs are so important, I have posted a few more in Scooby's album, remember Hazel Sorbie, Val Box, Yvonne Taylor and Jackie Blackler, not to mention the gorgeous Su Turner. Does Brian Drury ring a bell, heard from him this week. Cant wait for the Big Reunion next year, there are people coming from all over the world, should be well cool as my son would say.
Its funny how we remember the hair of our old mates, the beautiful shiney hair of Babs Judd, the very very long blonde hair of Francis Zavishlock, and the long fringe of Kathy Rockett (lol), not so much visual, but the more audible tones of our dear Matron Eva Giesefeld.... I can hear her now..." Checkie, eef you dont get up now, the cold flannel is coming..." I have all 31 Christmas cards that she has sent me, all home made, so thrifty, a wonderful lady. I have found some more photo's of Malc Malone and will scan them and post them. Keep smiling, see you soon..
Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
11 June 2002
For those not aware of it if you wish to join an off beat slightly nutty ex-windsor site then come and join the exWindsorHobbits at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/exWindsorHobbits/
Happy to see any new members you can try it out and if it is not for you the we won't mind you not staying Bruno Moderator of exWindsorHobbits .
Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)
12 June 2002
Haven't posted for a while, but have been in touch with quite a few old mates and some new ones, at this rate the whole year of 76 will be back together, just a couple more and it's the full monty. Hope yopu can all make the reunion next year, it should be one helluva do. All the best Sean .
Sean Cockroft (H74-76)
12 June 2002
(on the back of handmail envelope)
Charlie loves Gandalf for eva....followed by HOLLAND, JAPAN, POLO etc etc etc.
Ruby (Charlie)Adams (StJ77-80)
15 June 2002
I would just like to say if anyone remembers me, i was always the one caught smoking in the bathroom, and always on house report, at one stage every 15 minutes, till bed time,all ways escaping through the window after lights out and going out side school, but over all they where the best days of my school life, thanks windsor.
so give me a bell if you know me, i also had a sister called Sharon, who was a year older then me.
Angelina Spencer was Donkin (H80-83)
15 June 2002
I am still trying to find Jamie Burford, one of the many 'yanks' we used to hang around with at Windsor..........Anyone heard from her?.
Angie Dunmall (S69-74)
15 June 2002
dear all,
I am moving to France on the 1 July this year
will keep in touch thro website. Anyone in the Dordogne feel free to contact
Paddy Mcmurray (E65-67)
15 June 2002
Berlin train.!!!!! any travellers from 65 67
such as colin daniels ,Jill fletcher, liz sowton
kay oneil, mo howard, lyn eglington etc etc etc.
conntact please..
PADDY &JACK (E65-67)
16 June 2002
was in hillsborough from 1976 to 1980 my last dorm mate was john crane can anybody get in touch that remembers me ie
simon royle, andy tibbs, dave padbury, dave floyd, debbie rymer, elaine robb,debbie humphreys,paula thompson and her big brother, and anybody else
Robert Peterson (H76-80)
16 June 2002
hi everyone that remembers me like to here from anybody that remembers me and does not it don't matter. found this site tonight and think it is great. also anybody heard anything on andy tibbs jobby john crane david floyd dap debbie rymer paula thompson dennis thompson ect ect anyway get in touch soon.
Robert Peterson (H76-81)
17 June 2002
Hi Jacqui, works a bit quiet at the moment - boss out of the office 3 days this week!!! Funny you should mention Chris Jones, I had a message from Rosemary Jones, apparently her elder sister Marilyn is still in contact with Linda Blackburn, so she is passing on contact details. The last time I saw Linda was at my wedding (18 November 1972!!!). This is turning out to be some year!! It's my parents Golden Wedding Anniversay, our Pearl Anniversary, one of my nieces (or is it nephews - I need my home calendar to check up on which it is) becomes a teenager, and one of my sister's will be 40, all within a week!!! So we shall all be well hung over!!! On top of which, as you already know, I am having my 50th in Zakynthos and then 3 weeks later (or roundabouts), the reunion!!!! How do I get to access Scooby's album??? Yes, I remember Hazel Sorbie, the last time I saw her was Christmas time 1975 in Blandford Camp. Val Box - long blonde wavy hair??? Yvonne Taylor, I would need to see your photos, I have a photo of Janet Taylor, are they related? I remember Jackie Blackler, she was in Hillsborough (I believe), with Su Turner, they used to go around with Pip Edwards. I also remember Babs Judd (didn't she have a younger sister?), and Frances, who can forget her, what a dormitory ours was Rockett, Noyes and Zavishlock!!! I don't have many photos left at all, most of them became tatty and torn, (disintegrated with age more like), but I never did have that many photos. I don't recall Brian Drury - but you know me, never had much time for the boyssssssssss, just one!!!! Must go.... time to log out and go home!!! Kathy .
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
18 June 2002
Hi Angie, thanks for your e-mail of this week. Yes my sister remembers you, she and I both remember Libby Daniels. Frau Giesefeld is well, as far as I know. Yes she is old now, but wasnt she old when we were at Hamm? That must make her about 112 now. Everyone older than 25, was old in those days. Except some of the male teachers, Mr. (darling) Tarling? Chedgey? Wonder if they have blossomed with age, as well as we have.... LOL If you would like Lyndsey's email address or Matron's, just say and I will send them. I had a phone call last night, just as I was tucking my teddy into bed, at 10pm, Carol Squires, remember her from Laarbruch? The years just rolled off as we spoke about the laughs we had in the late sixties. She isnt on line, but hey, the phone is even better!!.
Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
18 June 2002
Hi there,
Hoping that someone from my group gets in touch. It must be a sign of a mid-life crisis trying to get in touch with the past but here goes. I basically did my 4th , 5th and lower 6th at Windsor from 79 -82 and went back for the final bash in the summer of 83. Is there any body out there ??????? .
Simon Peacock (H79-82)
18 June 2002
I was in Edinburgh House from 65 to 68. My name was then Linda Duffield (Duffy). Can anyone remember me as I'm hopeless at names, I can only remember a girl nicknamed Horsey. I loved it at Windsor but when it was time for my sister to join us all Dad got worried that he would lose us both, so he put a posting in for England, I was so upset especially as I wanted my sister to be bullied by us older ones!! I also miss 'peg leg'..
Linda Dodsworth (E65-684)
18 June 2002
Just to notify a change of e-mail address for anyone interested: Pearsehall@btopenworld.com.
I have read a great deal of the messages but don't recognise any names. I would like to contact any ex-Marlborough pupils from 66-68. Has anyone any contact with Carol Wilson, Jackie Mayes, Christina Monteith, Lucy O'Brian and the many others in the 4th year in 1966..
Sharon Pearse (nee Holland) (M66-68)
18 June 2002
i was there aged 14'ish...anyone else ?? penny, lesile, teresa swan, diana, janet...top floor dorm...
Sharon Younghusband (S75-76)
19 June 2002
Hello to all, was at the school from 1955-56,Mr Aspinall was HM, Mr Flowers was Head of Hillsborough boys.Was in the choir(but was still a
scruffy and unkempt brat)Met up with Mr Flowers some years later-he was a CCF officer and i was the regt orderly officer at 50 missile regt RA and was instructed that some cadets were coming to stay-lo and behold Mr Flowers shows up with his cadets from WBS, then instructed CCF at Hamm for a year on tuesdays.Left army in 76, immigrated to Canada
have been with canadian pacific rail now for 22 years(drive trains).Visit uk every 2 years, have farming relatives in Hepscott, Northumberland..
Syd Turnbull (H55-56)
20 June 2002
Hi, anyone remember me. Linda Duffield from 1965 to 1968, Edinburgh House. Nick name Duffy. I only remember a girl nicknamed Horsey (see what age does to your brain)!
Here's hoping.
Linda Dodsworth (E65-68)
21 June 2002
Message for Sharon Pearse (nee Holland), M66-68
Hi Sharon, We don't know each other (I don't think!!, but you mention trying to contact various people. Don't know if you are aware of the Friends Reunited site, as there is a Carol Wilson listed in 1968. She hasn't put much detail on the site, but will probably know if she is the one you'd like to contact. I was in Sandringham from 1966-1970, dob: 1953, so slightly younger than yourself. I check the FR site regularly, covering several years as I'm still trying to track down several old school friends. Anyway, hope you have some success and many hours reminiscing. Isn't technology wonderful!!.
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
21 June 2002
Have just found out about the site from Angie Rowell.I was a day pupil but most students will remember my Dad as Head of History and my Mum who also taught Typing at WBS.Had the luxury of 'living in' for a few years when my Dad was Deputy Housemaster at Marlborough.A few names from the past come to mind,Andy Ransom,Neil Barnes,Ian Mynotte ( had a bigger brother Bob I think)Freddy Hood , of the teachers I can remember Andy Womersley , Alec Chater,Mr Lester,Mr Fox,Mr Hearn,John Stockton.Have sent off for membership so who knows might meet up some day.If anyone wants to please get in touch.
Steve Bingham (M70-74)
22 June 2002
Hi All, time for me to drop another note to try and track down some more old Hamm, and also Belm / Osnabruck based Hammites. As Debbie ( Evans ) has already said in her note, we have caught up with our memories, and yes,Debbie, I really did enjoy Crufts too. It was very educational seeing it all from the Dog Breeders's perspective. So far, I have also heard from Willie Henry, but replying is a problem as my mails are returned (???), Andy Gent mailed me, then disappeared....and the lovely Denise Meyers, (nee Fletcher ) mailed me, but has put a block on her mailbox so that we cannot reply......LOL, Denise, let me know when to send my reply.........I am still, as is Debbie, looking for Avril Hoy and Linda Hoskins, two great friends from Belm, who like us, were also in Hillsborough House, and also keen to hear from the Walker Brothers, John and Robert, David Jago and as the saying goes, anybody else who knows me........please get in touch....Good luck to all of you searching for your mates from the past, I don't think civvy schoolkids had half the fun we had at Hamm....... .
Alan Brady (H72-74)
25 June 2002
I would love to hear more about the Windsor Society. I was in St James House in 1965 and then returned to Balmoral House from 67-68. They were some of my most memorable years! It would be great to hear from anyone who knew me..
Janet Wootten (B67-68)
25 June 2002
I was in Edinburgh house from1970 - 1972 with Tommo as the house master. A great bloke his music class's were great to. Mrs Tommo did a great job in Art classes. I had a great time at the school only I didn't realise this until I'd left. Anyone who remebers me drop us a line. A great web site keep up the goos work.
Royce Longden (E70-72)
25 June 2002
In 1962 I was in Malborough just for the summer term to take my GCE.s. Housemaster was Mr. Schofield who I knew from KAS-Plön 1956-57. Somehow I kept the roll-call book april to July 1962. About 100 boarders are listed together with 3 day pupils. We were known by surnames in those days. I could list them on this site, if legal and if requested. Over the past 3o years I have been running a small successful business in Germany importing and exporting vehicle spareparts. Only once have I met a fellow pupil, he came back to Germany as teacher to PRS-Rinteln about 1981. Forgotten his name.
Robert Burridge (M62-62)
27 June 2002
Is there anyone out there who can remember the padre falling out of his pulpit? Or! Matrons bra and pants being hoisted on the flag pole. I remember a few names Tom Byrne, Keith Taylor, Charles Pringle and de Piro. It seems so long a go now. Can anyone remember who was on the midnight trip to the girls school. Or the fire in the chapel. It would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me..
Ian Westby (H61-64)
28 June 2002
I was in Hillsboro' House during my time at Windsor School and when I left I was head boy of the house and shared a room with Pete Porter and Bob (Charlie) Stocks. I am in contact with both of them after 46 years. I am married and now retired after 12 years in the RAF and 24 Years with Xerox.
Ross (Bert) Ivy (H54-56)
29 June 2002
hi everyone,i hope to be at the next reunion.it would be great to meet my old chums from the band mick green(guitar)dave naylor(drums).remember the "socials" boys.

Rob Killow (H63-66)
29 June 2002
Anybody remember me? Please send me an e-mail!.
Ronnie Williams (M60-67)
30 June 2002
Balmoral house, wish to try and get copy of Concordia magazines, and wish to attend the 2003 reunion.
Have been in touch with loads of friends, and its nice to know WBS & WGS touched so many others in the way it touched me!
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
30 June 2002
Back in touch with Jock Carroll from Sandringham House, and am off to partake in a few beers, and not a little nostalgic chat next week!
Also plan to meet up with Marj Wright, who was my first love 26 years ago!
I am looking for AJ Wheeler, Kev Reannie and Ian Wright, any ideas .
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)