1 July 2002
Hi Jacqui, going back to remembering others... When we called in to see you (about 10 years ago??? must have been about that!!) Do I remember you saying you had been/were in contact with Roswitha? If so, can you let me know where she is? I wonder if she has kept in touch with Sandy Hilton? I remember just after joining the Windsor Society, see Chris (brother), registered and contacted him but I never heard from Sandy so whether he passed on the message, I don't know, she may have not wanted to get in touch. Going back to Hazel Sorbie, we kept in touch for a while after I met her again in 1975. Her husband was stationed in Blandford Camp, where my father was also stationed. By then I had David, she had 2 children Tommy and I think the other was a younger girl. Hazel had joined the army when her father was posted back to the UK (I remember she was not allowed boyfriends!!). When we (Derek, David and I) called round to see her all she could do was harp on about RB - Derek was not amused, he still get jealous now if RB is mentioned!! Hazel got on about the friends she'd made when she joined army and mentioned her best friend Sandra, a girl from Edinburgh and would you believe, Derek had been engaged to her before he joined the forces!!! Well, it's the 1 July, so wondering how long it will be before this message appears on the site?? Take care. Speak (one way or another) to you soon.
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
2 July 2002
Retired after teaching in Australia, also into industrial engineering and Op Research
Bill Wright (S 59-60)

2 July 2002
His former colleagues and pupils taught by him will be saddened to learn of the recent death in New Zealand of Granville Watson ( former Head of Maths - WBS).
John Fielding (Padre)

2 July 2002
Hello everybody,
Its a while since I posted a message but my humble apologies to Alan Brady, I have no idea why your e-mails are not getting through to me.
I have the same problem to with folks not replying.
Perhaps its the inertia of not having been in touch for such a long time, so come on dont be shy.
Hello to Alan Savage and everyone who was at Blackpool in April, wicked tatoo Alan, brilliant weekend mate hope to see you all soon at the next one.
Willie Henry (H71-75)

3 July 2002
Dear All
I was in Marlborough and lived in Osnabruck - went out with Denise Pegram (Balmoral) who is now my wife, have twin daughters aged 11 - I used to be Captain of school football team and at the ripe old age of 43 am still playing - Some of the names I recall, Nigel James, Paddy Hawkins and Shippo (of course), Shuffs, Blockhead, Neil Barnes and so many others, if there is anyone out there who remembers Denise or I, it would be great to hear from you.
Best Wishes
Denise & Scot
Scot Innes (M73-76)

5 July 2002
Well done all you organised people. I hope I can get in touch with some of my old mates.
Jo Stevens (StJ74-77)

7July 2002
looking for guys from dorm 5.LOUIS BORDER,ANDREW CRUIKSHANK,anyone know of them get in touch.since leaving now work for an american co,ENGINEER
Steven Crawford (C65-68)
7 July 2002
anyone know the whereabouts of Mike Cowley??? ex Edinburgh House. Any info greatly received
Nathan Bond (E66-68)
10 July 2002
I have a very bad memory and cannot remember names or even the house I was in, although I can remember it was the 2nd along to the left on entering the main gate. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Jane Bligh (nee Ransome) (B60-63)
11 July 2002
i do not know if I attened long enough to be remembered.I do not know the house name but wasn't ghiven an I don't know choice!,so thats why Balmoral is here,I was aged 11 and according to my report I was in form 1x and in S23 house.As we kived in Hamm i attened as a day pupil
Christine (Tina)Drost (B63)
11 July 2002
Just seen your message and I can't believe it!! Long train journeys back and forward to Hamm, plus out all the time once we were back in Berlin (remember the dances in the NAAFI and meeting at the TOCH by the barracks in Spandau?) Still got a newspaper cutting of Paddy and I at one of the dances at the NAAFI!
On the train journeys the soldiers tried to keep the boys and girls apart, didn't always work with us!!!
Are you both coming to the reunion next year?
Lots of luck in France Paddy
Liz Sowten (S 65-68)
13 July 2002
Have already posted one message but have not seen it appear yet. I was in Marlborough with a number of good people including Nige James, Neil Barnes, Ian Mynott, Al Barber but to name a few - I have had contact from a few names, particularly ex Marlboro' but none of the aforementioned. (Apart Nige)- So if anyone is in touch with any of my ex-mates from that era please ask them to get in touch.
I am also interested to hear from my ex school football team mates and can almost remember the old line up Mike Cartwright, Brindley Brothers, Clive (Big Bird), Steve Hollis, Neil Carrick, Peter Dyche, Terry Leahy, George Black,Ken Dodgson, ? Henderson, Sam Weller and Ia Mynott (Sorry if I left anyone out) - I am married to Denise from WGS - She has kept me on the straight and narrow since we left school (most of the time)
PS I am still playing at the ripe ol age of 43 - Pop Farrer will believe it if he remembers me (football mad)
Scot Innes (M73-76)
14 July 2002
You mention everybody from the inferior football team.How about the year after.Vince gulley,trev graham,andy+glen muddle,shuffs{no goals}aubrey adams,john henderson,steve pegram,malcolm boyd,bob mcormack,yourself.
Vince Gulley (E72-77)
15 July 2002
Hi guys, I live in Sydney, Australia but had a great time at school. I was in Edinburgh house with my younger brother Graham. I remember trying to learn to drive in an old beat up VW that we tried to get going. I used to babysit for one of the PE masters, whoose name I have forgotten. never forgot the trips we used to go on to Stratford On Avon. Hope to hear from someone who remembers me,.
Glyn Johnson (E63-68)
15 July 2002
Don't know if you remember me but I was in Hillsboro' at the same time as you and I'm sure we attended some of the same classes. I just got back from a holiday in the UK and saw your May posting on the Windsor Site, The names you mentioned ('Quita Locke, Karen Goodeve Docker, Paddy Flyn, Brian Terry, Posy Candlin) sure brought back a lot of memories. I am in e-mail contact with Bob (Charlie) Stocks in New Zealand and Ross (Bert) Ivy in England. We all shared the House Prefect's Room in Hillsboro' Boys during my last year (1955-56). BTW they both dropped their First names for their middle names after they left school so it was a little difficult to track them down at first. I actually met with Ross and his wife in Coventry this June and the three of us are hoping to make the big 50 year Reunion in Newbury next year. Ross only found me a couple of weeks before we flew to England, when his son suggested that he look on the Friends Reunited site if he wanted to check for old Windsor schoolfriends. To quote Ross, he was "totally gobsmacked" when both of his old room mates showed up from his search. I have also been in snail mail contact with our Matron, Doris Petzold. I'm really looking forward to next year's Reunion and hope to make contact there with as many of the old (sorry) young crowd as possible. Hoping that you can make it.
Pete Porter (H55-56)
15 July 2002
Willie Henry,
Please get back in touch can't get my emails through to you.
Scot Innes (M73-76)
16 July 2002
Iwas at Windsor Girl's School from 1963 to 1966.
Does anyone remember Mrs. H? she had a daughter who lived on campus too. Also the wonderful housemother who used to look after us. She married while I was there. She was German but I don't remember her name. I have been a nurse for about 30 years now and I live in Canada with my husband and two children aged 12 and 22. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me.
Mary Jackson. Nee Denyer.
Mary Denyer (M63-66)
16 July 2002
Hi all
I was in Edinburgh house from 1981 - 1983
would like to here from anyone who remembers me the last thing i remember was waving good bye to Susan Simons as i was heading back to the u.k
my nick name was Barney
Stewart Barnett(E81-83)

17 July 2002

Ian Kennedy (B54-58)

22 July 2002
I would love to hear from anyone in Marlborough House WGS who may remember me, or anyone in Marlborough House WBS who might remember Graeme Hutton.
Those were the days!
Lynne Bellinger (nee Ferry) (M77-79)
23 July 2002
Hello Everybody,
Here is my new e-mail address, i have no idea what went wrong with the other one, it just went mad.
Sorry to anyone whos been trying to get through,
Scott Innes, Alan Brady ect ect
Willie Henry (H71-75)
24 July 2002
Hi again! Is there anyone out there who was involved in the production of Hiawatha? I rememberit vaguely and was a lot of fun to do and a lot of work. Also, the whole school made a 45 record of the Concordia song which I still have but no turntable to play it on. Somebody in Marlborough please respond
Mary Jackson(was Denyer) (M63-66)

24 July 2002
Dear ex-Windsorites
Have been busy and set up yet another web site - on this one, I have included a couple of pages of photos of Windsor Girls' School - some when I was there, and some from the visit in 1995. If any of you are interested, web site is: http://pamelaross.co.uk/index.htm

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you again next year at the reunion!
Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)

26 July 2002
Scot Innes! did you get my e-mail? if not, any news on Steve (Peggers) Pegram,
Sean Cockroft (H74-76)
27 July 2002
Browsing my way through so many messages, am delighted to say I have found someone I knew from the Hillsborough "oldies." Gaenor Brown - HI!!! will catch up soon, off on my hols soon. Got a photo of you Gaenor (with Pam Sowter) holding a bottle of something - don't think was a bottle of milk!!
Can anyone help - Carol Dunn, where are you?? With us at the same times - so many memories!!!
Janine Kennard (H67-70)
27 July 2002
Hi all, i was at windsor boys for quite a while, i left many good friends behind, when i first got there, i went to balmoral, but, after a year, balmoral was used for all the first years, then, i went to sandringham, which was very good, i hope i can meetyou all one day soon
Ray Birrell (S 67-71)
27 July 2002
hi, i dont know whether or not you remember me, but i remember some of of you, i didnt know about this untill my sister, Lynda, told me about it, im very pleased to come on here and see what the school looks like, its been a long time since i was last there, but its hardly ever changed, i remember people like Paul Saxton, and Pete Kenyon, whos sister Ann was head girl of the girls school, there people i miss, my sister still keeps in touch with Ann, but i havent seen her for years,
Ray Birrell (S 67-71)
29 July 2002
Looking for some assistance please.. A couple of old roomates and I (from the sixties) are looking to drive over to Hamm for a couple of days and visit the School around the end of september. We would be most grateful if anybody has any information on local lodgings, ie. reasonably priced hotels or guesthouses etc. But mainly any relevant information on the possibilities of gaining access to the school (Boys) or even possibly inside one of the buildings if they are not in use. I have seen Bill Caswells excellent snaps of his visit and ask.. how didja do it...? Is it possible to contact the current users of the School site and gain permission to enter does anyone know?
We may have a spare seat in the car if anyone fancies it(ex '60s Edinburgh preferred) to split expenses. I thought we may be able to get some video footage and put that on the site... Is that possible Doug? sounds great, I'll look into it - Doug Please note my new Email address though if anyone has any advice, please post it on the site as I'm sure others would be interested. Thanks.
Martin Chamberlain (E65-68)
29 July 2002
I always look back on my days at Windsor School with great affection. Even the extra activities we did at the time proved character buliding (CCF/Ballroom dancing). I was a absolutley thrilled to find Pete Porter and Bob (Charlie) Stocks through Friends Reunited and as Pete has said in another message we met up recently in Coventry with ouur wives and had a really nice time.
I am just joining the Society and certainly look forward to meeting up with more "old" school friends at the next reunion. I have heard from Teresa Fenton briefly via email and I owe her a longer response. I had a note with my joining application from Gill Walker and I will email her soon. The only photograph I have left of my days at the school is one of the Cross Country Team in 1955 (I think) and apart from myself, I remember all of the faces on the photograph but only two names, Clive Crosby and Richard Lishman
Ross (Bert) Ivy (H54-56)
30 July 2002
This web page is brilliant - Haven't seen many names I recognise though. I was first/second year, Marlborough. Found Kim Walker from my dorm through Friends Reunited would love to hear from Suzy Younie, Heather Ferguson, Louise Sutcliff. I have so many memories, some of them are even good! Love to hear from anyone who remembers me
Dawn Williams (M79-81)
30 July 2002
Hi everyone, just found the web site and had a quick glance through (only had a wee break)and loved it! One day I'll make the trip back to Hamm, perhaps taking my children with me. They think it's hilarious, "you went to Boarding School; was it like st. Trinians?" Well, maybe it was .....ocasionally.
I'd love to hear from anyone that remembers me (or my sisters Crystal (B65-69), Liane and Marjorie M-69ish.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Susan Baldwin (Baldy), Christine Fowler (my best mates), Sandra Marlow or Sandra White? I'd love to get in touch with them. OKay, time's up, I need to get back to work.
Take care, regards
Pamela (Bowen) Handley (B65-68)