1 January 2002
Happy New Year to all.

Doug Pruden (S 61-62)

2 January 2002
Happy and prosperous New Year to all whom were at Windsor Boys and Girls.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)

3 January 2002
Happy New Year to you all, especially anyone I know. Keep in touch.

Sheryl Blackmore (B74-79)

4 January 2002
Happy new year to all.
Hope to hear or see some of you soon.

Barry McGovern (M78-81)

4 January 2002
Happy New year to all, what a fantastic site, have sent off my subs.
Hello to all that remember me give us an e-mail and lets start chatting..

Sue Vigus (C72-75)
4 January 2002
hello and happy new year to all. love reading all the messages, it's great to see so many positive memories. what happened to dee baker "donna summer" of balmoral, a fab rendition of bad girls at talent show.would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.looking forward to next reunion!!

Kristine Hearnden (B79-81)
5 January 2002
A Happy New Year to all. If anyone remembers me from Marlborough House it would be nice to hear from you..

David McKirgan (M61-65)
5 January 2002
Happy new year to all
any one know the where abouts of the Greenwoods Faith and Ian. and where is Leggett .

Sue Vigus (C71-76) confusion setting in? (see 4 Jan.) - Comes to all of us! - Doug.
5 January 2002
Hello John Christens, got your eMail but my reply bounced back and I've no other way of getting a hold of you. Apparently your eMail address is masked. Try again and this time leave me the address.
Jakki, former WGS friend of Carl Holiday, where are you? Anyone remember Carl? What do y'all think about a Windsor reunion in the USA? Anyone know where Curran is? Anyone know where my RED VeloSolex is? Paid 400DM for it new... can you believe it?.

Harry McPartland (S70-72)
6 January 2002
would love to hear from anyone who might remember me in the early sixties. house no m188.
mr schofield was our house tutor.
John O'Shea
6 January 2002
Attended Windsor Girls round about 68-71 would like to hear from anyone who may remember me or my sister Sandra..

June Basham (C68-71)
7 January 2002
Wishing everyone a healthy and wealthy 2002.
Trust you all enjoyed the Christmas & New Year festivities. It's that 'Life Begins' age for me in a few weeks time, like many, I would love to get in touch with friends I have lost touch with over the years. Have scanned through Novembers & Decembers Visitors' Book, few more names bringing back memories. Apologies to anyone who has emailed my at my hotmail account, as my access to the internet is via the company, who have blocked us accessing Hotmail/etc, and please use my business address. Love to hear from you.
Maria Jobes (Hawkins) (M72-79)
7 January 2002
hi its me if you know me plse contact me has this web site has put tears in my eyes its great to see the old school my house master was mr mckay so if you know me plse get in touch thanks

Mark Austin (C95-98) -??? I rest my case - Doug.
7 January 2002
HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone from the Windsor Schools. Hope you all have a Healthy and Prosperous one and that all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled. Looking forward to the next reunion already! It's hard to believe the Society has been going strong for so many years. Where do the years go? Best wishes to you all. Any possibilities of another trip to Hamm?.

Christine Redpath (Miller) (S61-63)
8 January 2002
I would be thrilled to hear from anyone who may remember me. Particularly anyone from
Marlborough dorm 316. I have many photos of sports, etc. which may be of interest. .

Jeremy Locatelli (M58-61)
8 January 2002
Happy new year to everyone!!!
Thanks to everyone who has contacted me, I will be trying to respond shortly - been a bit busy at the moment. Does anyone have any contact with the Haydens, Jimmy Nelson, Eugene McGowan?I shall be putting up my personal site soon @ http://joncressey.co.uk/ do visit when you get some time! .
Jon Cressey (C73-76)

8 January 2002
What a find!! reconise a few names from my time, I was in 3rd, 4th & 5th years but still lots missing. Simon Youngs, have tried your Email but it has bounced back!! Where are Ken Kirkham, Dave Gardener, Dinger Bell, Gus, Duncan McTavish but to name a few, Hi to Cathy towers and Your Bro, give him my best, great site.

Mike O'Neill (S72-75)

8 January 2002
hi its me again sorry about last entry i put wrong dates in it must have been that i was emoticional when i made contact with this site and to see every one again i am still looking to find my old room mates in caernarvon house especially in 1977 love you all.

Mark Austin (C75-78)
10 January 2002
Happy New Year to all. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me, or anyone who can help in contacting any of the following Jackie Allcock, Greta Hammond, Cathy McKenzie, Sandy Hilton, Roswitha Clement, Linda Blackburn, Julia Pyke.I can also be contacted on kathy@bairdk.fsnet.co.uk Good luck to all seeking old friends. I know the Windsor Society and Friends Reunited Site have helped me contact several old friends and oh what memories!!!.

Kathy Rockett (S66-70)

10 January 2002
sorry new to the net but i keep putting the years in ok
i was at the school in 1975/to1978
i was in berlin and thats why we were called berliners at school i want to to see if any of my dorm mates are about if so and you know me plse get in touch i am a member of freinds reunited
which u can find a pic of me there i would love to hear from any one that knows me also does any one have a pic now this might sound daft but looking for a pic of the white school bus we had to take us about if you have one could you send it to me thanks and hope this one works lol .

Mark Austin (C75-78)

12 January 2002

I'm the bearer of sad news I'm afraid. Peter Thackray who was school Padre in the 60s & 70s, passed away 6th January)
Penny Higham (Butler) (E67-70)

13 January 2002
Hi to all who may remember me. I had a few E-mails from Tony Dawkins (EX Balmoral) but despite replying (to two different addresses--Tony are you trying to confuse me?) I haven't heard anything for a while.
Happy neww year to all and hope to get more early 70's contact this year .

Dave Savage (C70-74)
13 January 2002
Hi to everyone, a bit late but have yurselves a cracking year!!!
Havent visited the site much lately, but glad to see it's catching on!There are loads of new names appearing all the time which is really cool. Charlie Adams, tried to send u an e-mail but bounced right back. Please get in touch, also love to hear from Cathy.
There were two girls' Sharon and Susan in my human biology class in our 5th year from St James, unfortunately cant remember surnames - if they know who they r pls get in touch, also anybody else who remembers me.
Cheers .

Chris Harrison (Lofty) (B76-80)
14 January 2002
Still trying to find out information on and hopefully make contact with Bill Ponting.
Bill has never appeared on the members list up to now.
I believe his father was in the RAF and Bill may have joined up as well.
During my five years with the RAF I once saw a W. Ponting mentioned in some official paperwork but no contact details.
If you know anything about Bill or his whereabouts or if your reading this Bill please contact me at the e-mail below..

Robin Ellwood (M67-68)
16 January 2002
New to this sight just looking at the photo's something obviously happened to Herr Kutz, our favorite head basin barber who was forced upon us every fortnight whether you wanted to or not..

Alun Baxter (M63-65)
16 January 2002
HI to all hope you had a greeat new year. This site is brilliant have already had contact from Cathy Towers who was prefect in Caernarvon. Haven't seen anyone from my old dorm yet but keep checking the site. MY sister Mandy was the youngest girl in Caernarvon and had the honour of cutting the cake with the youngest lad (are you out there).HOw I wish I had some photos of the old days anyone that was from Verden Aller please get in touch. .

June Howorth (Cleary)
17 January 2002
A belated Happy New Year to all.
At last we are seeing a few names from the early sixties. There are a lot more appearing in friendsreunited.co.uk website which has free registration but a fee to contact people. The same people are not appearing on our Windsor website. Why not leave a message on the Windsor Site so friends can contact you. Similarly people who are not registered on the friendsreunited site, register its free! This must increase the chance of catching up with friends and present us with the opportunity to expand membership for the Windsor Society.
Jon Marshall I cannot contact you through your bigpond e-mail address.
Roger Holyoake can you contact me through this e-address.
Does anyone have Sue Brewer's e-mail address
David Otter can you contact me re:Pierre Nayna Best wishes and regards.

Mike Hill (B59-63)
18 January 2002
Has anyone tried contacting me on my work's email address? For some reason it is showing "dfres" - it should read
kathy.baird@dfes.gsi.gov.uk, I can also be contacted on: kathy@bairdk.fsnet.co.uk Just a few more names of those I'd like to contact: Maria Murdoch, Linda Blackburn, Hazel Sorbie. Haven't seen Linda since she came to my wedding in November 1972. Met Hazel again in Dorset (Blandford) in 1975 (thereabouts!!). Anyone else who knew me is quite welcome to email..
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
19 January 2002
Here's another one from the early
sixties! Anyone out there who did
O-levels in 1961? - especially
members of the "Dugnut Club" - you
know who you are!.

Nick Lord (C59-61)
21 January 2002
A belated happy new year to you all. This site was a great find last year but have had no luck finding any information or making contact with my best mates Ian Black and Martin Baldwin (i think he had a twin sister Linda? at WGS). Also remember Paul Miller, "James" Bond and Steve Wyz...Looking forward to getting back in touch with more old friends this year.
Steve Carr give me a ring.

Alan Price (Pricey) (S76-79)
21 January 2002
Belated Happy New Year to all ex-Windsorites, Boys and Girls, oh, and Teachers as well........
So far I have managed to contact about a dozen or so from my days at Hamm, and most of them, like me, were living in Osnabruck ( Belm, mostly )at the time. I would still like to hear from anybody else who might remember me, I could list a lot of names, but it would take up a LOT of this message board, so to keep it short, if you think you might know me, email me, and I will reply......meanwhile, a VERY HAPPY 2002 TO ALL.

Alan Brady (H72-74)
21 January 2002
I would like to get in touch with Susannah Jackson and anyone else who was in the same dorm or anyone else who remembers me.

Carmen Borg (StJ71-74)

22 January 2002
I had three very enjoyable years in Hillsborough House, with fond memories of Matron and Miss Brown the Headmaster. I cannot believe when I look back, just how supportive the staff were. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Debra Elliott (H75-78)

22 January 2002
We are having some problems with the server where some people are getting an error message when applying to join. The applications ARE getting through
, so please do not worry or feel you have to repeat the application. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I will shortly improve the Joining process to make it more 'online'. The current system generates an email which is sent on to Gill Walker who then sends an information pack to the surface address on the application. This is not 'instant' so please bear with us in the meantime.

Also, it may not be clear, but the Visitors' Book messages are not 'instant'. They are intercepted by myself to check for 'nasties', etc (to protect the innocent!) before being posted onto the site. I do my best to do this on a daily basis but sometimes this is not possible - please do not be concerned if your message does not appear immediately - it'll appear sooner or later!
Doug Pruden (S 61-62)

23 January 2002
Hi to all,
Does anyone have any contacts with the mid sixties Maltese contingent. Any news on Michael Cassatoragiani and Michael Carrawana (sorry about the spelling)and any others who resided in Hillsborough at that time.

John Fisher (H65-68)
23 January 2002
Was in Marlboro Hse as a 1st year left 1974 as a 5th year.
Still have nightmares about Kitch's sqeeky shoes walking up and down the corridor (not really) Loved every minute of my time at camp Hamm .

Ian Mynott (M70-74)
23 January 2002
Just found this site, would love to hear from anyone who knew my sister ANGELA, brother BOB or myself, of course..

Ian Mynott (M70-74)
23 January 2002
I'm chuffed to bits to have found this site. Anyone from the early sixties know the whereabouts of Brian Powell or Charles 'Puds' Watson (so named after our maths master). Anyone remember the pain of ***** ***** after lights-out? I still have 'Dunlop' printed on my bum! .

Paul Bertie (M61-63)
23 January 2002
Having just found friendsunited and this site I am amazed to have found 2 people whom I have wondered about over the last 25 years. However there appears to be a shortage of contacts from H'boro' during the early seventies (or were we made strange insular individuals by the regime of MR J****?) It would be great to hear from anyone who might think they recognise my name ( and I dont mean WC doors!!) or who were about during my time. I left after my O levels in the 5th year.
Best wish to all .
Andy Gent (H71-75)
23 January 2002
Just found the site, all the best to anyone who remembers me as the failed drummer in Richard Gardeners group with Nethers.We were good till the American lads arrived with real amps. that put our converted radios to same..

Chris Fryer - Eggy (C66-68)
24 January 2002
Im staggered at finding this site and having spent a inordinate amount of time reading the visitors book can only echo the out pouring of feelings and stiring of memories that this brings.
i've already been in contact with Chip Carpenter and have contact with Steve Smith via another source. I am still scanning the site and will contact names I recognise but am more than happen to receive mail from anyone who remembers my name. (Jokes about WC's are boring!!) willi Henry
Steve mayne
angus Mac pherson
Alan Brady
are all old friends I need to get in touch with but I cant believe that Carmen Borg posted to the site just before I found it . Memories indeed!.
Andy Gent (H71-75)
24 January 2002
was a border from Berlin
from my 3rd to my 5th yr.
I was also in the CCF {RAF}
and like to hear from any one
who knew me.
from ron {page'e}.

Ronald Page (E78-81)
24 January 2002
Fr Peter Thackray who was School Chaplain (Windsor Girls School)in the late 60's died very recently. There is to be a Memorial Service mid- March in Canterbury.
Requiescat in pace.

Fr. John Fielding (staff WBS)
25 January 2002
Would like to say hi to everyone on behalf of my brother Bob And I. have only just discovered the site, but better late than never.
Would love to hear from anyone that recalls me or Bob and hope fully meet up soon.

Ian Mynott (M70-74)
26 January 2002
Hi everyone, interesting website. It certainly brings back those memories. I have a house photograph of '66 and trying to put faces to names has been very difficult.
It's nice to see so many interested in this site and wish you all well, and may see you sometime..

Peter Greenwood (C66-70)

28 January 2002
Is there any facility to sort through the member list by house and year to make it simpler to look for old friends. If it can't be done on the web site, how about providing a CD-rom for which I, for one, would be happy to pay for.

Mike Hutchinson (M64-68)

A 'members only' register on this site is currently on the drawing board and your suggestion is very welcome. Thanks Mike .. Doug

29January 2002
There don't seem to be many girls listed in the early 60's. Where are they all? As the schools were seperate, I@m afraid I don't know any of the boys. I was in form 3C and would love to hear from anyone who new me. Janine if your out there,please contact

Susan Davies (B60- )
29 January 2002
Further to my email of 12th Jan re Padre Thackray.
There is to be a Memorial service at Canterbury Cathederal, 15th March @ 1100am..

Penny (Butler) Higham (E67-70)
31January 2002
What a great site - well done to those that are maintaining it and Best wishes to all former pupils of both schools. If anyone remembers me send me an email!

John Sherratt (M71-77)
31 January 2002
Already another month gone and what have we got to show for it. A few more grey hairs and half a cm around the middle. Good to see things are still being used.
Look forward to meeting foks at the big 50 next year. .
Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)