1 February 2002
Hello Everybody and a belated happy new year,Andy Gent how are you pal, its been a long time,drop me
a line when you get the chance.
Come on Angus McPerson where are you. .

Willie Henry (H72-75)

1 February 2002
Gday to all you Windsorites out there, boys and girls. I have just found this site, so I thought I would put my name in the hat and see if anyone rembers me from WBS, i would love to hear from anyone who does old boys or girls. We lived in Hubblerath (I think thats how you spell it) near Dusseldorf. I now live in Adelaide South Oz, look forward to hearing from somebody, anybody,(I will have to get a life one day) Also had a younger brother there at the same time called Mick. All the best for now..

Vic Cook (B64-65)

4 February 2002
Hi, I`m looking for all old schoolmates, especially Kathy Gray,Brian Barlow. If anyboday knows how to get in touch with Brian Barlow, an amercian who use to live in Hamm. Please contact me Thank you. .

Cathy Hodder (nee Leahy) (B73-77)

5 February 2002
Beware the dates could be slightly inaccurate (it was a while ago!). I just came across this sight and wondered if anybody out there remembers me?u. .

Richard J Low (M66-68)

6 February 2002
Hi there to everyone. Its been fun reading all the messages posted on this site. One thing that puzzles me though, where are you guys from my era?? I have been seeing alot of messages posted from persons going to school between 55' - 81' is there anyone out there that remembers me or went to school between 80' - 83' the good ole last days of WGS get in touch PLEASE.. .

Carol-Ann Jones (M80-83)
6 February 2002
Does any body know the where abouts of Neil BARNES, Scott INNES, Hammy, Freddie HOOD, Titch JONES, or Pete LAMBERT from Marlboro Hse between 1971 & 1974.

Ian Mynott (M66-68)

6 February 2002
Hi Carole-anne, check out http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/ where there are 60 ex-windsors from '81', 52 from '82' and 83 from '83' maybe you'll see someone you know, good luck. Regards Sean .

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

The Windsor Society Register has over 230 contacts who were at Windsor in the 80s - Doug

8 February 2002
Hi Everyone
It all came back to me looking at all the photographs, quite emotional actually. I know we all hated school, but looking back the two years in WBS were the best school days of them all. .
Garry Jones (B77-79)
8 February 2002
Is there any you Osnabruck people out there????.

Pete Oakley (S79-82)
9 February 2002

Gilfred Cummings (M67-69)
10 February 2002
Does anyone remember making a record in the early sixties of German and French Christmas songs. I remember it was played on BFPO radio. It was direcetd by the language master (can not remember name). He played guitar, but also a good rendition of 'La Mer' on piano. Did anyone out there ever make it as a rock star. Why don't we all take instruments to the next reunion. Even guys in their 50's are still allowed to have hit records!

Paul Bertie (M61-64)
10 February 2002
just looked at the pictures of the front of both schools and memories flooding back! would love to hear how ali haw, janine, pam sowter, janet grimes anyone else from hillsboro are doing now. really sad to see on friends reunited that padre had died. am teaching drama in secondary school have one daughter at uni and son on the couch (permanently!!)wishing he would at least read a book.also where is steve carmen??? .

Gaenor Stoate (Brown) (H68-71)
10 February 2002
Had no idea the Society existed - looks good.
The dates posted could be slightly off - I left germany in '56. I was at Windsor when the top floor was added to the boys dorms and I was around when the chapel was still under construction - anyone else remember those days?? My sister Christina was a student at the same time. Students I do recall include: Winters; Lishman; Butterworth; Renate; Staff: Mr Howarth; Wilkinson;(Wilkie) Barnes; and of course Matron(Caernarvon) Looking forward to making contact with some of the originals through the society - .

Maurice Venables (C53-56)
11 February 2002
What a fantasic site. Found it by accident, but it has brought back so many good memories. I was a day boy (day bug) Sandringham,with my brothers, we lived in Werl. Joined the Army in 76 and still serving.

Steve McManus (S94-96) (oh yeah?!!)
11 February 2002
Hi 2 all that Know me, it's been about 3 months since my last confession, so here i am. But seriously, nice 2 c that people r still visiting this site, as it was the first contact that with friends that i had from Germany since '87.
And no Carol- Jones i dont think i know you but i had a brother that used to know you ( Andy ) also a m8 who told me of you ( Jeff Charlton ).
Big shout for Robert Oxley and family used to live in Dortmund if any one knows there where abouts i would love to know. I know that they moved to B'dos in 86ish, but lost contact with them after that.All the best for now people..

Jason Rowley (E81-83)
12 February 2002
With reference to the query about the languages concert broadcast. I can picture the master in charge but as usual I can not remember his name.
However I do remember that the broadcast was made in 1963 and I still have a copy of the record made at the time, copies of which were on sale at the time.

Alan Knowles (C63-66)
12 February 2002
Been looking at,the messages and names are ringing bells...Maxine Danvers, Debbie, Yvette Jane Pykett. Would love to hear from any Hillsbough inmates 76-79 .

Sara Clarke (S79-82)
13 February 2002
Hello to anyone who can remember me. Would love to hear from you. Looking for Sam Connop especially, anyone know of her whereabouts please!!!! They were some great days. Midnight runs, breaking curfew, dorm fights etc.. Getting caught kissing and holdng hands with the boys and especially the lesbo discos!!!!!

Sam Hope (Jennings) (M80-83)
15 February 2002
Neil Mckee, get in touch. Twenty years is a long time!! .

Pete Oakley (H76-79)
17 February 2002
It was Mr Brangwyn Jones who conducted the Languages Concerts and who always sang "La Mer", one year we had a contingent from the Girls' School invited to take part - it was very exciting going to the Boys' School for rehearsals. I believe the boys used to enjoy the German drinking songs best - "Eins, Zwei, suffe!"

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
17 February 2002
just finally go on to the internet found you site and it has been interesting reading the messages. If anyone would like to contact me or my husband Gerry Bird who was also at Windsor Boys School, we would like to hear from you. Went the reunion and it was great cant wait to hear about the next one. .

Elayne Bird (S69-71)
17 February 2002
What a wounderful site, tears are rolling down my face with laughter at the memories that are flooding back.
Remember the saturday night films they used to show, and the house parties, where we got paired off with the boy's. I was in Balmoral and the party was always in the Summer.Would love to hear from anyon who remembers me, had some great times. Love the site.
Mim Glenn (Mimbo Williams) (B71-74)
17 February 2002
I was at WGS in Edinburgh House from April 1967 to December 1968. My name at that time was Gillian Winkworth. I would love to get in touch with any old friends that can remember me. .

Gillian Lockwood (E67-68)
19 February 2002
Mike Hart (B79-)

20 February 2002


Well we certainly got this one. What did you want to say? - Doug

20 February 2002
Before I came to WGS I lived in Tripoli but cannot remember the name of the school. I was there from 1957 to 1960. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ingrid Starling. As far as I am aware she never went to school in Germany but lived there when she married. It is brilliant going into this site and seeing the messages from everyone. Mind you could do with some more of the more mature generation.
Lesley Annable (B60-63)
20 February 2002
What a silly fool I forgot to put my maiden name on my message that I put on the 17th Feb 02, my name was Elayne Watson I hope some people remember me now. .

Elayne Bird (Watson) (S69-71)
20 February 2002
What a great way to meet old mates. Is anyone in touch with PAUL MATHEWS ( Sandringham 78-81). Have tried mailing with no success.
Excellent site, well done everyone.
Shane Ray , Debbie Ray, and Denise Ray ; if anyone in cyberland wants to correspond with us, you know the score.

Shane Ray (S78-81)
21 February 2002
Have searched through these messages many times and sometimes think I must have gone to a different Windsor School since almost all the names are unfamiliar to me. At last I found one I recognised (Nige Murray...I have e-mailed you) but can never see the people I remember. Jacqui Foskett, Sue Jennings, Susan Olliver, Daphne Forrester, Lindy Kirby, Sue Willcox, Lorraine ?? and others from Sandringham. I was the quiet blond one but turned into a swan due to the attentions of Martin (Mac) McDonald in my last year. (ah...first love). .

Joy McCourt (S73-76)
21 February 2002
Found this site by accident, although I've always been looking for it! I attended WGS in St.James, then it amalgamated with Caernarvon before joining WBS. I constantly talk about the brilliant times I had at boarding school, which totally pi**es off my partner, finding this site has just topped it all!
I remember, Elaine Quigley, Allison Clarke ( the three of us were always late for roll call), Melanie Ayling, Denise Tranent, Miss Cleverly, Miss Brown, Mr Sarney, Rev Fillery and loads more. I've got WGS handbook (loads of pics), the double spread of Windsor Girls in the local press before the school closed. I missed the reunion in '88 as I was expecting and my parnter thought the reunion was all in my head! When's the next reunion? Anyone (as long as you're not a pervert) can contact me!.
Gail Hayward (StJ79-81)
22 February 2002
Hi Everbody,
Still trying to get back in touch with Ian Black and Martin Baldwin. No luck yet if anybody can help please send me a message either direct or to the message board.
Haven`t seen many names from 76-79 not from Sandringham anyway, look forward to more this year.
Steve Carr it was good to speak to you again after all these years, give me a ring when you get time.

Alan Price (S76-79)
23 February 2002
I,d love to hear from anyone who was around in 1957/58. I was in the School Hockey and Tennis teams and in most of the Caernarvon |House teams.
Ellen Geyer and Michael Barnicoat were Head boy and girl at the time. I have Concordia from 1958 and the programme for the speech day in the same year, also some photographs.

Pat Moren (Nee Haynes) (C57-58)
23 February 2002
Hello to All,
Just a short message to let EVERY one know that there is a mini reunion organised for the weekend 19th-20th April 2002, in Blackpool. All are welcome including partners. Distance no excuse as we had another weekend bash a few weeks ago and we had people turn up from Kent and Scotland. A good time guarenteed. For more information and phone number feel free to email myself.
Alan Savage (C71-74)
23 February 2002
hi carol-ann i'm one of those rare guys from your era, theres a few of us about just look at the years next to our names. Do you or anyone else out there remember Amanda Quarterman if so let me know.

Neil Mckee (M79-81)
23 February 2002
To the following,Stephen Bringhurst, Colin(no surname) Wayne Davies,Lee Welland, David Billy Reid, hi guys i was in marlborough at the same time as you all nice too see more of us are finding this excellent site, drop me a line.
Oh if i remember right for those who asked, the guy in the med center was Paul brooks and if he's out there or anyone knows his whereabouts tell him to get in touch with us all.........theres not enough of the 79-81 gang logging on. see yawl neil..... .
Neil Mckee (M79-81)
24 February 2002
My name is Stuart Baines, I was in Marlborough from 1964-66. In reply to Ian Mynott (6 Feb)I remember Pete Lambert but have no idea where he is now. I also remember David Barclay who was in the RAF with me and he was good friends with Pete. I also remeber Pete Hurford, Kim Slater, James Bennett, Tony Alvin, the Pearson brothers, Mr Kitchen was the house master. Do these ring any bells?
I also remember Sue Meech and Sue Lawrence from the Girls School (Marlborough)The socials were great!!!!????
Be nice to hear from any one who remembers me.

Stuart Baines (M64-66)
24 February 2002
Hi there to all ex Windsor pupils & their partners, just a short message to let you know that there is a mini reunion organised for 19th& 20t April this year in Blackpool. We had another one a few weeks ago and it was a great success so dont miss out on this one. For more information either check on the Windsor message board or email myself alnsvg@aol.com. I will reply to emails ONLY if you have "Windsor" in the subject box so that I know it is not commercial spamm mail.The cost for B&B is £20 per person per night, to book hotel ring 01253 351907 quoting Windsor for this special rate.

Alan Savage (C71-74)
25 February 2002
What a great site, I loved looking at the photos. I spent 2 happy years at WGS. I am sure I was in Sandringham House, it was the one just inside the gate on the left. During the time I was there we lived in Lemgo. I can remember going to the shop in the town for sweets which used to sell nearly every kind you could think off. I loved walking in the crispy snow in the morning. I now live in Perth Western Australia Does anyone remember my name..

Jean Speirs (S66-68)

25 February 2002
Being a newish member and having just received my bag of goodies I now have a better idea of the sort of information that is available within the society. ... And now having made contact with a few people from my time I would like to proffer a suggestion as a possible new user area in this excellent site. Like most of you I am losing my mind.. er, I mean memory and the memories I do have are probably getting muddled.. When I first found the site I wanted to find the names I could remember of the friends I used to have but would be nice to also have access to lists of other people who maybe I shared a dorm or particular lesson with but can't quite remember their names. Also, another one of the more important points for me is/was the actual geography of the school itself and even inside the buildings themselves... to envisage walking around (Virtual Reality would be nice.. anybody...?) and filling in the bits that have faded.. (Gun recesses in the teaching block corridor walls?) Also, I am still puzzled by those stable looking buildings behind the gym (from the Arial photo's) and were they still there in 1966? The main thing I would love to see would be a sort of ‘Genealogy tree’ with multiple layers of Who, What , When & Where… i.e., I was in Edinburgh House from 65-68 and when I was a 1st former I was in a dorm sharing with...yadda yadda yadda.. in room No.102 (or whatever)… and also with a plan of the house layout would be nice... where were the toilets, the common room, the tuck shop etc? I can remember a fair bit but as an on-going program it could be added to in time by those with better memories to complete a slice by slice view of any particular period or house. What teachers were teaching at various times and so on. I know a lot of this information is there in the Register and past Visitors Book mail and I imagine it's more a case of a suitable program or Data base (come on you clever PC types..) that can make it accessible in a user friendly sort of way.. Would it work? Could it work? Does anybody have the time to make it work…? And why do I suddenly sound like the bow-legged bird from ‘Sex in the City’… (Oh yes, sorry Doug, it’s my spellchecker that seems to like to call you Mr Pruned.. I’ve spanked it and hidden it’s batteries so it shouldn’t happen again.) .

Martin Chamberlain (E65-68)

Many thanks for your great suggestions, Martin. Food for thought. - Doug.

Funny, my spell checker wants to call you Mr I.A.Elmbranch (not Dutch, I trust!)

26 February 2002
I was at WBS durring the 70s,along with my brother Peter.we were in marlborough.Ive never seen or met anyone since we left Berlin in78,but I did meet someone called Brian who was there in the 60s playing a nonmusical instrument called a banjo whilst doing an Al Jolson theater tour,I was part of the sound crew.Im now an unemployed slightly knackerd biker.

Ian Lambert (M73-77)
26 February 2002
Hello Everybody. Trying to track down Lynn Smith my old dorm mate in yrs 5 & 6. Anyone remember the two magpies in the school play 1977.well that was us great site.
Would also like to hear from Carol Fairhurst, Clive & Jayne Bridgman, Keith Shipton and anyone that remembers me..
Carol McCall (C73-77)
27 February 2002
re my message on 21 Feb. Have been married for so long that I have forgotten who I used to be. I am the girl formerly known as Joy Stephen.

Joy McCourt (Stephen) (S73-76)