2 December 2002
Here we are another month closer to the re-union, which ever one it is that you are going to
Bruno (E67-69)

no email provided

Bruno (or is it Malcolm Brunsdon?), who says you can only go to one?..DP

2 December 2002
I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Pearl Waldron, she was in a Class of her own, extremely popular and I am sure all our antics gave her lots to laugh about, I know when she caught me sneaking out one night and getting my hair caught in the barbed wire she howled laughing with Miss Ramsey... She was a Star..
My sympathies go to her family and she will be missed by us all.

Carol Martin (nee Gibson) (H73-77)

2 December 2002
Congratulations to Denise (nee Fletcher) and Nick Meyers on becoming Grandparents recently they must be extremely proud, which I know they are. Give me a while Denny before we exchange knitting patterns ha ha ha. Love C.

Carol Martin (nee Gibson) (H73-77)

2 December 2002
have been avid reader of the visitors book on this site for a while now in the hope I would come across some names I would recognise, with limited results.
I was able to make contact with Gerry Bird, a former dorm-mate, and have spoken and met with Lorraine Fox(Hillsborough 68-71), who I also knew in my time at WBS. She, like me, would like to hear from people who may remember us. Particularly Dave Jenkins who also lived in Berlin, and was in Marborough House

Tony Higgin (M67-69)

2 December 2002
To Mr P Ball and all his family. How sad I was to hear of his death. He was a great teacher to all of us. He was a wonderful man and always had time for all his pupils. He will be sadly missed.
Alan Price (it wasn`t me Sir).

Alan Price (S75-79)

2 December 2002
Just to let everyone know exwindsorbfpo are holding another informal reunion in January.Details can be found on the link http://www.alternativefocusmedia.com/thehouse/Windsor/

Anyone who attended Windsor is welcome, you dont have to be a member of exwindsorbfpo to join us
Lynda Mcallister (M79-83)

The link above was incorrect and has now been corrected... DP

3 December 2002
I was in Windsor Girls for about a year and can still sing "Concordia!" My darling brother Bernard(Toby) Tyler, who attended Windsor Boys during the same period, unfortunately died of cancer in 1999. In Kensington House I remember Bernadette Melia, who I met again in '73 in Hong Kong, and also the name Linda Proverb. Regards.

Deirdre (Dee) Tyler (K60-61)
4 December 2002
EX WINDSOR BFPO - Re-Union - Cumbrian Grand 10/11th January 2003 We have approx 100 rooms so please book ASAP as will be very much first come first served. Remember to state Windsor reunion when booking. If groups are coming, there are rooms with more than two beds. Would be brilliant is some of you could share where able. The less rooms we use, the more spaces available. Options: Saturday dinner / bed and breakfast £ 32 Friday dinner / bed and breakfast £ 32 Friday only bed and breakfast £ 25
There's a chippy in the village, plenty of pubs for meals close by. NOTE: YOU MUST TELL THE HOTEL WHETHER YOU WANT THE £32 DINNER INCLUDED OPTION ON FRIDAY OR THE £25 B&B AS THEY NEED TO KNOW IN ADVANCE
Entertainment: Friday night the hotel have a comedian on Saturday night is an ex-windsor disco in the underground ballroom. Meals: TBA during December.
Just to reiterate - this is an informal reunion, a chance to just get together and have fun. You don't have to be a Society member or even a member of the Yahoo club. As long as you went to Windsor, or you are related to/ friend of someone who went to Windsor and you want to have fun - come along.
Directions: Leave the M6 at junction 36 onto the dual carriageway for the A590 and Kendal. Leave the dual carriageway onto the A590 for Barrow and Grange, continue until roundabout, take first left exit onto the B5277 for Lindale and Grange. Left at the mini-roundabout in Lindale to Grange, after approx 1 mile the entrance to the Cumbria Grand Hotel is on the right hand side, a distance of about 12 miles. From the West make for the A590 thro Newby Bridge, High and Low Newton, to Lindale. Approx 200 yards down dual carriageway - " Lindale Hill " - take right turn down into Lindale to the mini- roundabout at the bottom turn right to Grange, after approx 1 mile the entrance to the Cumbria Grand Hotel is on the right hand side. Anyone arriving by train can walk off the station platform onto the promonade, a short walk up towards the signal box there is a foot bridge across the railway lines which leads to the Cumbria Grand Hotel entrance.
Additional hotel info:
It's a huge place, most of it unexplored for years. There are four underground levels that no one goes down. Part of the third floor is blocked off ! Apparently the floor of the ballroom used to slide away for the swimming pool but the machinery will be well rusty as it hasn't been moved in years. They used to do synchronised swimming! Place was used as RAF Officers training camp during the war. It's a lovely hotel but has no airs and graces giving it a relaxed feeling. What more can I say except book ASAP and please pass the info to Exwindsor friends.

Andy Lindley (S76-78)
5 December 2002
Mr. Wylie was the Headmaster, the Bald Eagle his off-sider, Ringo Roberts taught Maths & a guy named Marsden took English. My sister was in Marlborough House. Our father was stationed at Laarbruck. We all moved to Australia in 1969. I played Basketball & Athletics. I had the school record for throwing a cricketball 321 feet. I got the cane once with a boy named Halligan & believe he is in Austraia too. If Glenn Perrers is out there let me know, his older brother was called Ken & played in Group 66. I,m also trying to find Chris Monteith if she is still around I would like to catch up

Roland Smyth (S64-67)
7 December 2002
Man o man--finding this on the web was a significant trip. My life at Windsor, and before that at Hamm Primary, shaped me. Since then, I've never been an American, nor quite an Englishman. For that, I think I'm grateful. The jury is still out on that issue

James McTyier(M72-74
10 December 2002
i only attended the school for a short time we were based at RAF laarbruch i have 2 sisters helen and julie went to rhine middle school. fond memories of a hot summer round the camp pool .used to be friends with sharon cooper and anita verscoyle.the first week we were in the school we had a visitor from wbs , remember weekly linen changes, tuck shop, parcels from home ,a story going round about a oujiea board and girl who was found in the cellar(sorry about the spelling) that kept us at bay for 1 night i also remember some german boys outside the fence at night shouting to the girls. i think i was there in 76 .the big 40 this year,any one help my grey cells best wishes.

Tracy Cholerton (Sandell) (?)
12 December 2002
I cannot remember the year that I was a border but it was around that time.
I am looking to Jackie Arnephy, Elaine Treadgold, Lorraine Hargraves, (I was around when SOD was intorduced Save Our Dave (he was being suspended) and everyone of the girls went round with badges on in protest.
There are more people I would like to get in touch with but cannot remember their names I am at college at the moment so when I get home I will look out the names
Janet Morris (C74-76)
12 December 2002
This is when I was there. 74 to 75 as a day girl and 76 to 79 as a border.
Atonia Brennan Tony - had a brother.
Dawn Gold - had a younger borther and a sister
Lorraine Bell
Jackie Arnephy Last heard of in Germany
Elaine Tredgold - moved back to england .

Janet Morris (C74-76)
13 December 2002
ian parkinson i cannot access your e mail
get in touch .

Ray Prior (C74-75)
13 December 2002
Anyone that remembers me please get in touch.

Fred Richard Williams (E60-62)

15 December 2002
To All you Windsorians out there - I do hope you have a Good Christmas & that the New Year brings you all you'd wish for yourselves.
kindest regards

Harry Watson (M 61-64)

16 December 2002
Just a quick line to all wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year.A few contacts have been made through this site this year for me and my brother(any messages do get passed on).
On a sader note I would also like to pass on my condolences To the family of Mr Ball.I Had lots of laughs in his class and will not forget him.
When work allows maybe we will meet in 2004 or maybe when people are in Berlin ,or want to visit drop us a line
Barry McGovern (M78-81)
19 December 2002
Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

Tony Reilly (M73-76)
19 December 2002
I would like to get in touch with anyone that remembers me.
I attended the last reunion at Newbury Race course..

Carol Squires) (M68-71)
19 December 2002
Was over in Germany recently at the Aller Heiliges Kirmes (that's the Soest Fair)to all fellow day boys/girls. Thought I saw Yvette Tortice in the old Naafi, didn't go up to her in case I made a complete wotsit of myself. Fair was as awesome as ever, second trip backsince leaving Soest, especially the Bayern Beer Fest. Any body who remembers the Saga/Spliff Radi Show/Foreigner/Meatloaf Concert of December 1981 at the Westfallenhalle will remember that SAGA stole the show and at last they are coming to London on March 7 2003 at the Mean Fiddler, Charing Cross Road. Should be a good night!!!!!
Merry Xmas to everyone!!
Keith Askew (S74-81)
20 December 2002
Great site...I have finally found some of the mates I have not spoken to in so long..we are now in regular contact. I would like to find Gary (Bruno) Maddren and his sister Gina..we were at Dalton Middle School prior to going to Hamm..I work in Manchester where I believe he is now residing. Also does anyone know the whereabouts of Mr Lewis (Music Teacher) and Mr Donovan (Physics Teacher and Housemaster of Balmoral. Hello to Steph Southall, Elke Guppy, Marc Brown, Mic Cox, Gary and Chris Scribbins, Dougie Allen, Dale Harding, Tracy Smith so on and so on...Get in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW.... .

Mark Eeles (B77-80)
21 December 2002
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year all! .

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)
23 December 2002
I have not written a message for a long time it seems, but have been checking in periodically to see if I remember anyone, and have been in touch with a few. Just wanted to tell everyone to have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For those that do remember me please get in touch. Happy and safe holidays to all
Pauline Fletcher (M76-78)
23 December 2002
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Chip Carpenter (H73-76)
24 December 2002
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all ex Windsorites. And long may this site run. Thanks to the commitee for keeping the site running

Dave Bunting (H66-69)
24 December 2002
The committee of the Windsor Society wish all its members a Happy Xmas & a Prosperous New Year.

25 December 2002
Hello to everyone.
i'am glad i have found the windsor site,sorry to hear about P.Ball he was a very good teacher he will be sadly missed. my days at windsor i remember them very well. sailing on the mohner damm sorry about the spelling!. remember Mr R Clarke my phisics teacher
i was crap at phisics. Does any one know were G.O.Moor is he used to be my english teacher. Mr G hern DofE and maths teacher.Mr Kitchen my house master. Alot has happened in my life since leaving windsor
I'am now married with one doughter. and i've just taken up swimming again. passed my driving test on my second time in Cheltenham in 84. Now i am a full time wheelchiar user i have arthritus of the spine and hands. also keep in touch with mark Edmunds via email and Chrissy.
now living in cambridge.
like to wish you all a very happy christmas and new year for 2003.

Mr Lawrence Mcgovern (M77-82)
26 December 2002
I hope that you all got what you wanted from Santa this year.
See you at Newbury in June
Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon (S62-64)
26 December 2002
Hi people also not sent a message for a long time, was a border when my dad was in Hanover then moved to soest and became a day girl. Does any one remember me Went out with a guy called chris prince he worked in the naafi in soest he had 2 sisters maxine cant remeber the name of the other sister. left in 74 then worked in the naafi for a short time before coming back to the uk, my maiden name was Howard

Angela Wells (M72-74)
26 December 2002
Hi!! Does anyone remember me? Love to hear from you! Love to hear from Hazel, Caroline and Marie!.

Jackie Smith (M73-76)
28 December 2002
Anyone who remembers me, please contact me through my daughter as below . Looking for Sheila Wilkinson,Wendy Betts,Mandy simmons,Jane latimer,Renee bezant and any one else. Would like to know what you are all doing. I have got two daughters and 4 grandchildren and living in lancashire

Helen Sunter (Spicer) (M60-63)
29 December 2002
In October 2001 I discovered this site and like everyone else, I started to read the messages. What a surprise to see one from Lesley Annable Balmoral 1960-1963. We were in the same year and had shared a dorm together a few times. We last saw each other in Singapore in 1965. I of course left a message for her. Well in November this year, Lesley came to New Zealand for a holiday and we had our own very mini reunion. Many thanks to those who give their time to this site and all the very best for 2003 to all ex Windsorites.
Enjoy your reunion in 2003

Wendy Crampton (Holbrey) (B60-62)

29 December 2002
Original Monkey dorm, john bell stevo stevenson Paul Stevenson and a few to boot, always in touble did more miles over the rooftops that anyone else, of john henry and willie fame from Belm. Hope all ave a merry festive one and a great one year.

Have spent the past 4 hours reading the log. sweetly knocked out and well stunned. Many names, sadly including those who have unfortunatley passed on to better cricket net sessions, dyke (get off the panet) sessions and, any session with the man who had the toughest tap on the planet, (name on request he never hurt me(then) )ouch. some names. Wish you all well for the new year
You can get back, but 30 years on do not complain about feet, bad card playing, batteries in roled up newspapers, desilver, dilla, or an of my three brothers......

Willy (Paul) Williams (B70-75)

29 December 2002
Hi to everyone
Just to let you all know I have a new e-mail no. Hi to Rob, Melly, etc and everyone form Soest and Werl. Does anyone know where Debbie Clarkson and Peach are? Hi also to Linda Markham.
Look forward to the re union! .

Jakki Manners (C75-80)