2 August 2002
Hi to everone
First of all i would like to say a big sorry to all the people who's emails i have not answered. And a very big SORRY to Will Henry who i promised i would email not long after the last Blackpool Gig. Hope you and the family enjoyed yourselves mate. And that goes for all that attended. Scott Innes I think I owe you an email also and many others. If by chance I dont get in touch with some of you soon, then by all means email me again because my PC is going to the great PC Doctors yet again soon and I may lose email address' again. Any one got any Idea of the where abouts of Mike Melia, Dave Bremner or Steven Forward. A big thanks to Alan Brady (who I also owe a reply to)but have still had no luck tracking Mike, but thanks for the leads you gave me. Tata for now people.
Alan Savage (C71-74)
3 August 2002
just wandering if there is anyone from the time i was at wbs.my brothers were also there kevin and colin gardner.hi to all that went to wbs anyway

Shaun Gardner (C77-79)

4 August 2002
Here we are another month nearer the Re-union next year.
Can't believe it how time flies since the last on. I hope that this one is even bigger and better than ever. See you all there in the Bar
Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)
5 August 2002
Hi, Fascinating web site, though it demonstrates how poor my memory has become. Names I remember are Mike Bosworth, Vic Wooley, Derek Hitchin, Sandy McPherson, Alan Hawkes, Muscat, the Ross brothers, Smiler ? Paterson. Also House Head, Micaleff, House Master Hayden Jones, Head Master (Flob Wyllie), Ringo the maths teacher, and the art teacher who let us off prayers at evening roll call. I was in the CCF (Army section). If you remember Tubs Stewart H14 in a kindly fashion get in touch.
John Stewart (H65-68)

6 August 2002
Hi all,just found the site! I've yet to go back through the letters from previous years,so if any one HAS been looking for me,I'll get back to you asap. I remember doing the Saturday Disco's with Rob Jessiman. We were the only two 5th years allowed to do the Disco/Projectionist activity & thought we were the mutts nuts until we realised we'd end up doing most of the Socials so the 6th formers could get ratted!
I also remember being in the football team that won the Inter's Inter Schools Cup(SuperSub).Probably my finest sporting moment!
Anyone who remembers me please get in touch,Bye

Jim Delaney (B79-81)

6 August 2002
Hi i am so glad i have kept in touch with denise myers formerly fletcher as she told me about this site and i told her about all the ex windsors on friendsreunited as there are loads of us on there also.
I am married with four children for my sins. they are becky18 nathan16 gemma14 and jamie6. i run my own accountancy business which has its highs and lows and hopefully now i can make it to reunions.
would love to hear from somemore of you. i was at school carolyn morning

Carolyn Jarman (M71-75)

6 August 2002
Message for warewolf got your email problems with computer lost all info. contact me again. Anybody remember werewolfs real name caernarvon house let me know.
Barrie Gibson ( shuggy ) (C75-78)

8 August 2002
Hi all,
Been in touch with a few old friends,but would still love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Hi to Bruno,Scottie.
Kevin Jardine (H74-79)
8 August 2002
20 years, 20 YEARS!!
What happened? I can remember being asked in class if anyone had heard of the Falkland Islands, then it got ugly soon afterwards.
Getting O level results and even passing most of them, to the surprise of some staff :) I remember Mr Moore (GOM) teaching English, Mr Newton in Maths, Mr Marsh in Physics. Drama teacher (forget his name)telling me to get me hair cut in 1982, haven't chuffing got any hair now! Marlborough House of 1982?
Paul McQuarrie, Paul Brooke , Paul Reader , Richard Docherty, Steve Green, Rob Mitchell, Paul Crawford, the Salt brothers, Mark & Wayne Davis brothers, (youngest one doing Angus Young impersonations on stage). Barry & Laurence McGovern, Davidson brothers, Medford brothers, Steven Brown (and younger brother) Brett Kendall, Gordon Muscat (G-Force), Hart brothers. Hmm, this sounds like a roll call.
You, yes you, stand up and come here...BEANIE!
And wedges, ouch, on a polished floor at start of term...hmm, isn't it, wasn't it? Jumpers for goalposts...
Ah, matron, medication already...?

Wayne Davies (M79-82)
9 August 2002
There is a meeting being arranged in London again.
This time its the Dickens Inn, in St Katherines dock, next to the tower of London. 12 Noon until you need to leave. Be good to see any Ex Windsor members there.
Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)
9 August 2002
Re-Earlir Posting of London Meeting Date is 7 September 2002 at dickens Inn, St Katherines Dock, London.
Malcolm Brunsdon (S62-64)
11 August 2002
Hi - I would love to hear from anyone that was in St James [or all of Windsor raelly!] from '76 to '81. I was Sharon McLeish then... slimmer... loud... and fit!
Sharon Bennett [nee McLeish] (StJ76-81)
11 August 2002
Hi - First visit to the site today.... it is excellent! - Tried to e-mail to a clutch of friends but a few came back as 'bad' address... so REALLY trying to contact Anne James... are you out there Anne?? - please get in touch! Also: Denise Kennedy, Paula Thompson, Tina Jones... Luv to hear from you... or anyone else that knew me! Sharon xxx
Sharon Bennett [nee McLeish] (StJ76-81)
11 August 2002
hello to anyone that can remember me or my brother david....we lived in osnabruck (lotte). i had cropped hair dyed badly blonde (very attractive).it was early punk. have grown out of that now,just,and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my hair. til soon takecare all.
Kristina Hearnden (B79-81)
12 August 2002
Mike Palmer (C60-65)
13August 2002
Hi every one. Sorry have not been in touch. Going through the horrible "D" So would love to hear from anybody that remembers me to help get me by.
Have been in touch with Pete LAMBERT would love to hear from you all.
Big AL SAVAGE will give a ring soon mate, promise.
Any one heard from Kathy MOSS? Balmoral Hse 74-76
Am contactable on 07764 - 764477
Ian Mynott (M70-74)
15 August 2002
My name was Christine Ramsbottom. I attended WGS from ages 11 to 13 years and remember them as my happiest school days. I didnt know that I was going to leave, so I didnt get a chance to thank anyone or say good bye
Christine Birkett (StJ96-98) oo-er!
19 August 2002
Well it’s been a long time……… but maybe someone remembers my Brother David or me Brian Rafferty.
Both of us were in Sandringham House run by ( Mr Scott … Beam me up ).
Steve Owen was head of house in 79 / 80. If any one knows were Steve Owen is these days it would be great to hear from them, as well as anyone else who knows Dave and myself. God !! the photos bring back great memories and all the names sound so familiar as if it was yesterday ( don’t we all wish). Late nights at the MB. Anyway I hope to hear from someone soon.
Great Web site !!!
Brian Rafferty (S76-80)
19 August 2002
Hi to everyone who remembers me just letting you know im still around living in ashford kent. contact me if you remember me
Yvette Tortice (E75-81)
19 August 2002
Hi looking for anyone who knows where lee lawrence and steve irvin are both lived in verden and went to heide middle school and windsor school hamm. would like to locate them. e.mail enclosed. would appreciate any help
Yvette Tortice (E75-81)
20 August 2002
Great web site !!
I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me,or My Brother Dave.
i've seen lots of names I remember already.
see you all soon
Brian Rafferty (S77-80)
21 August 2002
Hi to any one out there who remembers my bother Dave and me.(Brian Rafferty Sandringham)
If any one knows how i can find Steven Owen (Sandringham)or Dawm McMekin,that would be great. I Just found this site last weekend and its great!!
Thank you DP
Brian Rafferty (S77-80)
21 August 2002
Trying to get in touch with A.J.Wheeler of Balmoral fame? I have an old phone number, but he's moved!?
Can anybody help
Nic Cuthbertson (B73-77)
23 August 2002
Hello to Christine Birkett (Nee Ramsbottom)
Did you really go to the school in the years 96-98, or is that a typo and you went at an earlier time? It's just that your name is slightly familiar but then so many are. Could you let us know when you actually went to the school
Malcolm (Bruno) Brunsdon

24 August 2002
I there anyone who was in st james who remembers sandra and denise kennedy we were both small red heads
Sandra Kennedy (StJ 77-79)
24 August 2002
hello, I am looking for anyone who remembers me and my sister, sandra and denise kennedy,it would be great to talk over old times. I would especially like to find julia calder, sue wiles, debbie puchy and lee manning from wbs, windsor was the best days of my life
Sandra Kennedy (StJ 77-79)
25 August 2002
My maiden name was Lynne Adams. I spent a couple of hours going through the messages in the book yesterday and was disappointed to see so few Edinburgh House entries from WGS. Perhaps my message will get the ball rolling. I remember the very timid Frau Schroeder and the not so timid older matron (whose name escapes me) who would yell "schlippers ann" down the hall. People I remember: Jenny Fairman, Jenny Wells, red-haired Sue (Rae?), Sally Anderson, Sheila Needham, twins Shelagh and Angela. I'll have more names if I can find my autograph book. I played Anne of Cleves in "1066 and All That". I'd love to hear from anyone from that time at WGS
Lynne Griffin (E63-66)
25August 2002
Hi to anyone out there who knows me .Would be great to hear from mates of the past. Anyone know where Jes Eckert is ?????, Or Kev the Hop Hopkins,Dinger Bell Jr.,Dave Anthony, Steve Owen,Animal,Les Hann???? from Hilsborough.
Would be Great to hear fom anyone
David Rafferty (S77-79)
26 August 2002
I was in Sandringham House.
My number was 25. Looked after by Matron Geezerfelt (I think!) Shared a dorm with eight girls - one named Janice?
Trish Liddan (S62-65)
26 August 2002
I'm flabbergasted!! - I joined the Windsor Society back in 1992 - attended the first reunion...and moved to Las Vegas...Living large as you can imagine...sadly, did not rejoin the socity as I moved, but am correcting the "error of my ways" as we speak...I was in Balmoral - as well as those I met again in 1993 ( I lost all your info during the move...please recontact me!!), I would love to hear from Sue Chapman (twin sister Janet - they were day girls), Sue Yoeman, Davina Fairley, Sue Locke (twin brother Rob at the boys school),Laura Nesbitt - we crossed paths again in Singapore in 1970 - she married an Aussie...or anyone else who remembers me...I would LOVE to be in contact....
My brother Derek was at the boys school in Edinburgh house at the same time - he's looking for Mick & Clive Burhouse , Julian & Sue Gatt, Alan Quartermaine, Paul (Robo) Robertson or anyone else who remembers..
Jenny Williams (now Mason) (B65-68)
30 August 2002
Hello to all old Winsorians out there. I did go to a meet some 35 years ago in London, ha ha I never change (was the wrong day). I saw Pop Flowers (house master, Hillsborough) in St Albans where he was a headmasterat at church school. Teachers I remember ? Pud Watson (maths) who belonged to the flat earth society. Halworth (English. Killer Kelly (history). If anyone remembers me or my brothers, Paul, Robin, Guy, please get in touch. regards grant whiting
Grant Whiting (H60-64)
30 August 2002
sorry I may have given an incorrect e-mail, however this one is correct.
grant (lemmon drop kid) Whiting
Grant Whiting (H60-64)

30 August 2002
looking for james mulvany from hillsborough house. He is from Malta has a sister pat and maybe more. Last known living in bolford,wiltshire can anyone help?
Andy Holt (C71-73)

30 August 2002
hi all
just updating new email address. Also it would be about this time 26 years ago, that i was looking forward to the train journey from Osnabruck back to Hamm to start life as a fifth year. The speed life seems to be passing i sometimes feel that i am still on that train, is it me or does a year only last a short time now ?. Ah life at windsor it was great but would i turn the clock back? hell no

Gerard Gilmer (M73-77)

30 August 2002
My e-mail address from the message board on 29th October 2001 has now changed to gwen.sharp@henleymc.ac.uk. so if anyone remembers me please get in contact
Gwen Baker (H61-65)

30 August 2002
Rob and Marjie, say a big hello to all the people we know ( big hiya to Jakkie and Yvette, Melly and Nic) see you all soon.L O L Rob & Marjie

Rob Wright (S73-78)