1 April 2002
Only just found out about the society, would really love to trace some old friends from both the Male and Female schools, especially my best mate; "Pez Perry".

Graeme Simpson (M72-74)

1 April 2002
Kathy: I tried to locate Frances couple of years ago too, to no avail. Maybe one day she will see us on Friends Reunited, and it will all come together..? Hope to visit you sometime this summer, compare depth of wrinkles, amount of grey hair, degree of senility etc etc, but hopefully we will remember the good times, always. Sharing a dorm with you and Francis holds many hilarious memories, like burning a hole in my bri nylon nightie, after hiding my cigarette under the covers when Matron came in unexpectedly. That could of been nasty... lol. Keep in touch. See you soon babe. .

Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
1 April 2002
These sites are so heart warming. Kathy, had anyone contact you from Friends R. yet? I had surprise contact from a girl from nearly forty years ago, and then another girl went to Tripoli College, same as me, hi Lesley Annabel.. e mail owing I know. I dont remember much about those days, very cloudy, but I do remember that the Primary School that I attended, prior to Tripoli College, on RAF Idris, had only one teacher for about 20 children. Her name was Mrs. Turner and she deserved a medal, as the children's ages ranged from about five to eleven, and all in one classroom. She had us eating out of the palm of her hand.. I think they call it respect.
Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
4 April 2002
The email address on my message dated 20 March 2002 is incorrect, it should read:
kathy@bairdk.fsnet.co.uk If anyone has tried to contact me, please try again on the right address.
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
4 April 2002
Thrilled I found this site, I feel 15 again!! I would dearly love to find old chums Tracy Joynes, Debbie Allen and old boyfriend and WBS inmate David Allen. I remember Wally Waldron with not soo fond memories but do I understand correctly that she has got married? I would love to hear from anyone who lived in Soest during the early 70's until 1976 please .

Michele Goodson(Nee Britt) (M-76)
5 April 2002
Congratulations on a wonderful site. I am not an old pupil but my father, Harry Tovey, taught at Windsor 1954 to 1959 (House master, PE and CCF)and my ealiest memories are of a very happy place. Dad lives in North Yorkshire and has very fond memories of the School.

Mark Tovey (B54-59)
6 April 2002
I have just spent the best part of an hour reading through the messages. What a lot of memories there are! i have found a couple of names that I remember so shall be sending a few e-mails out. Although there are many people from the same time as me I don't recognise many of the names, it must be because they were all in different years. I was in the girl's school for my 'O' levels in '71 and then was lucky enough to start the trend of girls going over to the boy's school to study for 'A' levels. It was a great time. I was then Carole Todd. If you remember me send an e-mail but please put 'windsor' in the title as we have a habit of deleting mail that we don't recognise.

Carole Brannigan (Todd) (E69-73)
6 April 2002
Alive & kicking, living in Scotland, curious to see how many old friends from the past read these messages esp. Les Caffrey & the Gatow Gang.

Peter (Ped) Lock (B69-71)
7 April 2002
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, particularly Christine Jenkins, Pip Edwards, Pauline Barlow and Peta Gillan.

Sue Clifton-Moore (nee Hartley) (C67-71)
7 April 2002
Hello all ex-Balmoral boys and staff.
I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers my time at Windsor School. I have very fond memories of my time there, before my family left to go to Cyprus.

Harry Tovey (B54-59)
9 April 2002
The back Dyke, cheap red wine, a trip down the autobahn during the night, oh and causing Mr Ramsdale endless headaches - 70s Windsor Boys School! I recognise and have been in touch with old (I'm sure you are now) class mates.
Has anyone been in touh with Andrew or Colin Hyde?
Would like to here from Julian Worthy, Dinger Bell & David McGurke... I can feel a few beers coming on. Hope to speak to you and others soon!
If anyone from the Girls school remembers Susan Brightman please Ping me. Regards to all (Sorry Mr Ramsdale). .

Paul Brightman (S73-764)
10 April 2002
Hi all, someone contacted me several (about 4 years ago), looking to contact Gail Sullivan. Unfortunately, I am unable to find "the piece of paper" with the contact name and telephone number. I have now been in contact with Gail with several months and wondered if whoever was looking to contact her read the messages on this site. Should that be the case, Gail can be contacted through the Friends Reunited Site, and is listed in the year 1967. Hope this message is read by the intended person!!! Apologies for losing your contact details. I will re-scour my "Windsor" file (sad, I know!!).

Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
10 April 2002
Hi Jacqui, In response to your message on the site, re. contact from Friends R..... I've had several..... some who have emailed and literally said "I think I know you", and then not responded to my reply!!!!! The fog must have suddenly cleared and then realisation sunk in "Oh no!!! Not her!!" I've also looked up the school I went to before WGS and found several names on there!! Unfortunately, a couple of those appear to be the same names as some on the Windsor Site - but they are different people!!! Isn't that a coincidence!! I have also found, what I believe to be are brothers of some of my earlier friends!! Not had any replies from - probably think I just trying to chat them up!! Male egotism - don't suppose that will ever change, eh? Well, have just emailed the hotel for the mini reunion in Blackpool, waiting for their response, if I don't get one before I leave work, I will phone tonight to book. Don't forget to let me know if you change your mind about going!!! Take care. Speak/See you soon.

Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
10 April 2002
I was interested to see Liz Sowten's message and clearly rember the inter schools athletics with the mixed bus. As I recall we stayed with families at Rheindahlen and met up at various clubs including the bowling alley. Also I seem to remember travelling to UK via Dusseldorf airport by air with Liz and a number of others (including my brother Chris) whose parents had been posted back home. That would have been in my last year which was 1968.

Pat Rowney (E66-68)
11 April 2002
Having been educated in the ways of THE INTERNET, by my wife, I read through the Visitors Book, and having seen so many names from the past, I would like to see more of the same and perhaps get in touch with some of my old friends and colleagues from the "Good Old Days". Both Caernarvon and 6th Form House hold good memories for me. Rugby and CCF seemed to be my main hobbies. Lots of names, too many for this time flood through my mind....where is John Nightingale?...to name but one. Hope to hear from others.

Iain (Sandy ) Sanderson (C66-69)
12 April 2002
hi all
its great to see so many familiar names, ive just discovered the site and am sorry to have missed out on the reunions but i hope to catch up at the next one. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (and for those that cringe i am so different nowadays, but guess we all are), or anyone just wanting to reminisce over old times. Anyone know of Tracey Boons whereabouts? we lost touch some years ago, last known in Cambridge
Frau Hessenbraugh its good to see your still busy with your poodles.
Tracey Smith (B76-79)
12 April 2002
Mandy Muir, hope you still log on, i tried to email you but it was rejected, i would love to catch up with you and chat over old times, you were such a bad influence on me back then!!.

Tracey Smith (B76-79)

12 April 2002
Hi there to all ex Windsor pupils & their partners, just a short message to let you know that there is a mini reunion organised for 19th& 20th April this year in Blackpool. We had another one a few weeks ago and it was a great success so dont miss out on this one. For more information email myself alnsvg@aol.com. I will reply to emails ONLY if you have "Windsor" in the subject box so that I know it is not commercial spamm mail.To be held at The Windsor & Westmoorland Hotel, cost for B&B is £20 per person per night, to book hotel ring 01253 351907 quoting Windsor for this special rate..
up to now we have around 50 ppl coming, pupils from years 1960's to school closing.

Alan Savage (C71-74)

13 April 2002
Hi All
I have just been outside and it looks like the summer has arrived, so it must be time to laze about on the cricket nets " hammocks " or dash over to the back dyke to drink some "corn" god that was disgusting stuff. Anyway great to see so many names on the site, trawling through the past 3 yrs is great fun still waiting for more names to appear such as Richard Tett, Neil Beresford, Kev Sawyer,Andy Sturgeon, Micheal Cahoon, Mike Hooper, and countless other marlborough detainies. nice to see Paul Brightman paying a visit must head south for a drink with him keep the diary going catch you all later .

Gerard `gez`Gilmer (M73-77)

13 April 2002
hello i would love to hear from anyone who shared dorns with me. anyone remember mr.phipps house master a top man.got house colours in last year.

Peter Logan (C61-63)

13 April 2002
Hi, Loved to hear from anyone who remembers me, Sue Hanna, Karen Pilkington all from Caernarvon House. Remember the good old days of tuck shop raids, powder fights, and the 15 minutes in the bath! I've got a few old photo's from the good old days, will try and get them put on the site. Get in contact if you remember me.

Tracy Lambdon (C75-78)

14 April 2002
Kathy, only a few more days to go before the reunion in Blackpool, this is more exciting than sharing a bottle of cheap plonk between 8, before a house social is'nt it? How did we still manage to get so drunk on it too? Must of been the adrenalin, in anticipation of all those clinches...lol...not. I have been sorting out the attic today, dusty job, in preparation for a move, and what should I find but my old priv. card and some more photo's. We are going to have such a laugh on Saturday. (Hope we are'nt going to be the oldest there...) Will take my camera, should be good for a bit of blackmail afterwards.. See you there, save me a seat, I take it its still girls down one side, boys down the other? Can't wait.

Jacqui Noyes (S69-71)
14 April 2002
am trying to find barbara naylor,michelle stapleton and anyone else who had the pleasure of knowing me !!!! .

Nicky Rolfe (StJ71-75)

14 April 2002
Just thought i'd see if there are any more sadooosss out there, trying to relive their youth.I would like to hear from those who may remember me. My brother was Bruno and my sister Gina.

Patty Maddran (M79-82)

15 April 2002
Would it be possible to have another list of all members..I have lost my original.
Any news of another re-union soon?.

Angie Dunmall (S70-75)


15 April 2002
Hi to anyone who remembers me. Do you remember the competitions beginning with 'f' that we used to have under the bedclothes and somoking in the toilets and listening at Frau Giesefeld's door when she had her boyfriend in the flat and the cellar that we decorated out and did our own plays and had our own little music group. We also had an escape committee that jumped school to meet the boys in the dead of night. I haven't been able to get my old photo album yet but I have photographs of Evelyn Hunt, Zerin Riffat and Gillian (twin) and some funny boy doing the twist at one of the school dances. Hope to hear from someone soon. If our matron is still alive - sorry for all the trouble I caused you!

Mary Withall (S60-62)

17 April 2002
What a great site! Found it today and have spent a happy few hours wading through all the postings. How the names came flooding back. I was in Uggy Pratt's dorm for my first term and can still remember some of the horror stories he would tell after lights out. Others in the dorm included Dave Jones, David Liddy and Greg Pollitt, who played a violin. I went on to share other dorms with Brian Bethel, John Rigby, Gabby Hayes, Ron Mathieson and others, several of whose names I have come across on this site. I used to borrow Mike Hogg's CCF boots for weekend hikes with the Scouts (best excuse ever for a weekend out of school). I didn't realise then that he would ever make RSM. Larry Bawden was head of my dining table and we often led the race for that second bowl of chips. Several of the regular contributors to this site were there at the same time as I, but I can't see their faces. Mr Rattray (colonel?) was housemaster when I started. I remember him pacing around the dining room during meals. If he could grasp your hair in the nape of your neck, you were on the list for Herr Kutz that evening! Looking forward to receiving my membership pack.

John Price (B59-64)

17 April 2002
The latest Newsletter is on it's way!

All paid up members will receive this latest edition very soon together with a full up-to-date register containing approx 1,700 names and contact addresses.

17 April 2002
this is micheal mcnamee
i was a natinal lottery winner and if any of my former school friends would like to contact me please dont hesitate to drop me a line.my birthday is april 19th
so send me a message .

M.McNamee (C58-61)

Happy birthday Michael, oh & by the way.. you couldn't spare a few grand by any chance?....Doug

21 April 2002
Hi to anyone who remembers me or my brother Jenner
get back to me thanks .

Kevin Hilton (E74-79)
22 April 2002
After 32 years of searching, thanks to a message posted by Kathy Rockett I have found Gail Sullivan - cheers Kathy! In the same dorm were Dena Day, Sheila Short and Yvonne Coward, if you're out there I'd love to hear from you. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Kenneth Case who was in Sandringham, he had a brother called Chris and they were based in Bunde? His society address is in Southampton but last time I tried I was told he could possibly be in Australia.

Christine Lyon (titch) (S64-66)
23 April 2002
A big thank you to all those that went to Blackpool last weekend. A good time was had by all I understand.Many friendships carried on as if iy were yesterday.
A really big thank you to Alan Savage (Beccy) who posted lots of emails to every one and did a lot of hard work behind the scenes.
It was really nice to see every one again.

Ian Mynott (M70-74)
23 April 2002
Finalyy managed to track down Kev Springate, if anyone wants to contact him send me an email and I'll forward his details......he's not on the internet yet
Now one of the last tasks is to get in touch with Monty Powell....anyone got any clues????? Gandalf..thx for the 192 tip at Christmas...it worked!! .
Tony Reilly (M73-76)

23 April 2002
Hi to Michael Mcnamee, I have won the pools several times, but don't tell anyone!
PS this is actually true! .
John Fisher (H65-68


24 April 2002
What a great time we had at the Blackpool Reunion. It was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks to those responsible for organizing it. Nice to make some more new friends, reminisce and re-live those fun days. Look forward to seeing you all at the next reunion!! .

Christine Redpath (nee Miller) (S61-)
25 April 2002
Sorry if anyone has tried contacting me on my old e/mail been off line to long. any one who remembers me give me a call. Used to D.J. for boys and girls school and tought girls to use new D.J.equipment along with cliff Walker and Martin Potts.

Barrie Gibson (Shuggy) (C75-78)
26 April 2002
Jacqui: How's the move going/gone! What about access to your PC!! Have emailed and not received a reply, then realised!! How did you rate Blackpool?? Not bad, need to get more of our age group to turn up now... "All you people can't you see, can't you see..... That makes us larger than life!!" Then they'll wonder what's hit them!!! Come on, all you 1960-1970's!! Have spotted your sister as a "new" member on the FR site, and Sue Turner.
Whilst I'm here I think I owe a Windsor Boy an apology from back in 1969/70. His name was Mike ?? (can't remember surname), after one of the school dances (5th form - I think), he wanted to "go out" with me!! I met him on the Saturday/Sunday (day after the dance), and spent the whole two hours walking between the two friends I had taken along!! Sorry, but I was trying to get back at a long-standing boyfriend but it didn't work!! We never got back together again!! .
Kathy Rockett (S66-70)
27 April 2002
Oh Dear
Must be a sign of aging...What good memouries I have of the old school. The choir, CCF, first smoke, getting caught in the girls school, first girl friend ( wish I could remember her name ), climbing walls, missing church and so much more fun...Does any one remember Haydan Jones the housemaster for Hillsborough ? What happened to Niel Champsey ( Not sure if that is the right spelling ) ? Does anyone have any old photos of Hillsborough inmates from the period I was there ?
If anyone does remember me, drop me an email...Happy days..

Robert (Bob) Martin (H66-69)


*** ***

If you have left a message on Ann Blunn's answerphone concerning the Wilton 50's reunion, please phone again.
The BT computer blip wiped off all messages on the answerphone. Ann was in Turkey for two weeks at the time so an awful lot of messages have been lost!

*** ***

29 April 2002
what a blast from the past,anyone remember me?
I remember a few of you,what a place it was. .

Laurence Parry (S76-)
29 April 2002
thanks to the organisers of the blackpool weekend me and my brother both enjoyed it,the first weve been to but not the last.Sorry to the person who introduced themself later on with the long hair beard and tash i didnt quite get your name over the background noise, you said you were in marlb, the same time as me,ill make an effort to find out who you were at the next one.

Ian Lambert (M73-77)
30 April 2002
After 41 years, I can't believe it. Does anyone remember Mr. Purvis, our most wonderful music teacher, recording the school song and hymn, singing Hiawatha for Parents Day, sneaking off to the Boys School for Guy Fawkes Night through the fence in the garden, the night President Kennedy was assinated. Hoping to hear from someone.

Rita Hayes (H61-63)