1 October 2001
Would like anyone who new me or my borther Jenner to get in contact with me, we were day boys from Werl. ME

Kevin Hilton (E74-79)
2 October 2001
C'mon everyone...get the messages flowing again!!!

Tony Reilly (M 73-76)

2 October 2001
Great for what you have done only I wish I came across the site when you first started in 1999. Look forward to when you organise the next Major Reunion. Please send infor pack soon. Thanks.

P.S. Looking for Concordia mag. cant remember date but it had a birds eye View pic of the school on the front page.

Tony Warford (S71-77)

3 October 2001

Linda Levitt (S66-68)

4 October 2001
Haven't left a message for a while, but have been able to get in contact with a few people, if anyone remembers me or my sister liz smith or brother Tom Smith (he was in Balmoral, and spent more time in the girl's school than the boy's) please get in contact. A few names are Julia Manktelow, Anna Wyatt, Annette Lomas I'll keep thinking of somemore, great site by the
Rose Smith (H 75-78)

4 October 2001
hi does anyone remember me i remember linda hughes came from coarbridge in scotlandshe was my best friend also liz dodd and a kim who always had nose bleeds does anyone remember the house mistresse who passed away in hillsbbboooorough

Jane Pykett (H 74-78)
(no email address provided)

4 October 2001
Posted my first note in September 2000 since then I have moved house and bought a business. I now live in Berkshire. Can't seem to access any of the site entries for this year so am not sure if anyone responded to my last message. I was in St.James House and would still love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time as me 61/63.
Miss Beckett was House Mistress and Stella Hall, Sue Parker, Michelle Walker, Jane Foy and Sue Whittaker were in my dorm. I remember 'The Owl's Nest' in the basement of St.James - having to pay all my pocket money over to matron to get my clothes back which had been confiscated during the week (still very untidy)!! It's brilliant remembering all these things. Hope someone from my period at WGS reads this and remembers me or any of the others I've mentioned. I really loved my time at WGS.

Thrilled to find the Windsor Society. I look forward to receiving news about friends I thought I'd never hear about again. My days at WGS were really happy and I would like to thank all those involved in this website and with The Windsor Society (much appreciated, Sue)

Sue Jones (Jaine) (StJ 61-63)
(no email address provided)

5 October 2001
H44. Hi to all, espec. John Fisher, Tim Law. John has been in touch already. I've read virtually all the messages since year dot, what a lot of memories that reawakens.
Was anybody a member of the CCF and Model Railway Club at that time? Anybody remember the school trip to Wolfsburg, I met someone special during that trip. Also about 4 others in the same Wolfsburg hotel room had a nightime experience as well ;-) I remember the cold swimming pool, playing rugby in deep snow, the fire in the farm, Ringo and Mrs Jackson, partial eclipse of the sun, singing a song in latin "Guadiamus Igitor" I think and one big party for the staff and seniors at which a couple of us polished of the wine (hic) after climbing in a window back-stage. What were the house matron's names, I can remember their faces. Who was in my dorm when we rigged up a white shirt to float across the room at night after priming a new kid with ghost stories. Who was with me on a CCF night exercise when we were thrown out of the pub by a teacher who then stayed and finished our beers.

I left in 67 to join the RAF, did 24 years, leaving in 91. Now married with 5 children between us, 7 grandchildren, and living in Baldock, N. Herts. Special Hi to Dave Naylor, Hayley Brown and Pamela, sorry if I've not mentioned all who knew me but please drop me a mail.

Terry Smith (H65-67)

5 October 2001
Jane Pykett.
The house mistress who died was Miss Ramsay. What is your email address.

Denise (Fletcher) Meyers (H72-78)
7 October 2001
Was a boarder in hanover, then moved to soest and became a day girl. not got a good memory on names.
if anybody remembers me please make contact or any body that lived in soest.

Angie Wells (Howard) (M72-74)
7 October 2001
Julie Morgan, have tried repeatedly to e-mail you but message keeps getting rejected, even your new address. Will keep trying, have been in contact with Mike Price. Have just joined society but can't see your address anywhere.Have also sent an e-mail to Dawn Bradley, hope you received it.Will post another message for you soon Julie.

Elaine Elliott (C75-78)
10 October 2001
Hi all,
Would love to hear from anyone out there who knew me from my time at WBS. Particularly looking for John Grimes, Jacqui Grimes, Ian Aberdeen.

Tony Parslow (H77-80)
10 October 2001
Just a message for Sue Jaine, whom I remember, along with the names in her letter. Miss Beckwith, who was house mistress in the early 60's, came to the first reunion at Newbury. St James seem to be well represented at reunions, perhaps Sue will come along to the next?

Pamela Ross (StJ 63-68)
11 October 2001
Hi, I just found this web site and I think it is awsome. I would love to find some of the guys and girls that were at Windsor during my time. I was there with my two sisters, Jeannie and Pauline. I have great memories and I would love to chat with some people who share some of those memories.

Carole Fletcher Hudson (M75-77)
11 October 2001
Just found this web site and would love to find some people from my days at Windsor. A few names that I would like to connect with: Al Copley, Keith Shipton, Steve Twigg, Nigel Murray, Vince Gulley, Carol McCall, Lynn Morton, Denise Fletcher, Elise O'Meara, to name a few. I moved from England to Canada and now live in S. Florida. Wish I had known about the reunion, sound like you all had fun. If anyone remembers me, let me know.

Carole Fletcher Hudson (M75-77)
11 October 2001
Hi! Attended WGS years 3/4 &5 before returning to the UK. I was one of the house prefects in 1967/8 and ran the Sandringham tuckshop!!!!! Anyone remember Mrs Smith (English & Sandringham housemistress) Miss Kimberly (aussie geography teacher with the vshaped fringe!) hunky Mr Harris (well he was to 14 years old girls!)who taught History. Shared dorms with Maggie Bull, Jackie Townsley, Val Puddy,Carole Jones & Sue Andrew we went nearly everywhere together! Great days!!

Liz Souten (S65-68)

12 October 2001
I was only there for about 10 months from 75/76 in Hillsborough. I remember vividly about my experiences there, and enjoyed it,I think.
In my "dorm" there were 7, I remember Malcom Frame, John Hamilton,and my friend CAL, I was also "Sent to Coventry" does any one remember?. I enjoyed Snooker I think Hillsb,was the only house to have a full size table, but I did,nt like the Cross country runs past the old firing range.

John Birks (H75-76)

12 October 2001
Just thought I would say hello to all old friends and new ones I've met at the reunions. We are well into October now so let me be the first to say it wont be long before Christmas is here! Have a good one!

Christine (Miller) Redpath (S61-63)
12 October 2001
does anyone know the whereabouts of Linda Cordingly - we were in one of the large dormitories together. Her father was in the Army based at SHAPE in Paris. I remember the night she ran away to get back to Paris but was found by the German Police and brought back.

Maralene Carroll (C63-67)
13 October 2001
Hi out there Windsorites.
I am particularly looking for Joan McMenamin, Jayne Greedy, Dee (Deirdre) Cashmore-Thorley, The Wellands (Mark & Alan), the Pickerings (Spike and Mark), the Chatfields (Pete and Bob), Petra Cartwright, Ali Allen, Anne-Marie Bryce, Jock (can't remember his surname)and John McAllister.
Would love to hear from anyone knowing of them.
Was a Soest day bug, reliably informed as being tolerated by the boarders.
Currently in touch with Anne James and Debbie Moore (Hillsbro boarder). Get writing.

Maxine Danvers (H77-81)
13 October 2001
I have visited this old school website along with the one upon FRIENDS REUNITED. My time at WGS is still an episode which I look back upon with pleasure as I made so many friends during those years.I am still a teacher- currently at The Gulf English School- KUWAIT and awaiting a whole load of nasty stuff!Nevertheless, planning lessons and marking books continues!Very pleased to correspond with anyone who cares to remember me.
Mr C.A.Hawthorne (M74-79)
13 October 2001
Hi,Started of in Caernarvon then on to Marlborough
when the School mixed,if anyone knows the where abouts of George Wood
(probably jail) and a Julie Mitchell please drop us a line.
Both my brothers Mick(city) and Steve and my sister Tina(Edinburgh) went
to Windsor. what ever happened to Egg-on-legs? and pop farrah?
One thing that everyone seems to have this site is good memories of a School
that will always live on.Keep mailing.

Ollie Jones (C79-81)
13 October 2001
I have't posted a message for a while, so I thought I should remedy that tonight as I can't go out as I'm doing the Great South run tommorow.I'd like to say hello to Mark Girvan and Steve Wzy .Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of the following :Mark Palmer , Mike Milne , Rich Slaughter or Terry Brewster (brother of Mark)?Also hello to Scribbo who I'm sure I'll see for a few beers when he gets back from Canada.Regards to anyone who remembers me (not many it would seem ).Dave Manx

Dave Manx (E77-82)
14 October 2001
Hi to all, I haven't checked the site in a while and have seen a ton of names that ring bells but just can't put the faces to them. Would love to get in touch with anyone that remembers me, I think most ppl agree their 'best spent youth' was at Windsor, shame we didn't realise it then huh...ahh..what age and wisdom does to us all..*laughs* Bye for now

Liz (Rixon) Walker (M81-83)
14 October 2001
Looking for anyone out there who knows me. Sorry I stopped answering all the letters that I USED to receive.

Michele Wilkinson (M76-83)
15 October 2001
Have only recently found this site. Great way to get in contact with former school mates.Who remembers the cross counrty runs out of school? Or the C.C.F. summer camp to take on the 17/21 Lancers on the Paderborn tank ranges. Thier cap badge was skull and crossbones.Any one out there get back soon. Steve (Fitz).

Stephen M Fitton (M64-68)
15 October 2001

Nicki Guesford (Hay) (H81-83)

16 October 2001
hello to one and all, how fab to have found this site. if anyone remembers me say hi. i remember ann bruce, liz smith and jeanette osman we all shared a dorm.love to know how they all are.have loads of photos will try and get them posted on site...
any news on next reunion?
details in the latest Newsletter already on its' way. Doug
Kristina Hearnden (B79-81)

16 October 2001
I was a day boy, living in Soest, which is where I walked back to just about every day after signing the day book...What a crap school. I remember my first day there, all the senior masters ibn cap and gown, I thought I had been transported back in time. I remember "Piggie" the commerce teacher, I had never studdied commerce, and he had no sympathy for me, the old fart. I remember a poor lad called "Chistle" who had big teath and was a skinny lad, getting bullied all the time, I am proud to say I stuck up for him and twatted the bullies too. Privs, sick bay, matron, ...shudder...I hated the place. If Neil Pumphrey was available, I would thank him for keeping me sane, by joining me at winding up the head, with our smoking antics. After Harrow Way School in Andover, where 16 lt AD Regt RA were before soest, this school was a total shock, I hated it!

Dave Forshaw (S71-72)
16 October 2001
What a great site! have spent hours glued to the screen.My partner in crime was debra humphrys and our house mistress was Miss Devine or "dilly" as we affectionately called her. Have recognised lots of names as ive been reading through but Melinda Austin where are you and Sarah Marshall you got me into a load of trouble with Miss Devine but i have forgiven you!! Love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Madeline Pugh (McWilliams) (S74-78)
17 October 2001
Hi everybody. I`ve just found this website and it`s brought back some great memories. I was in Sandringham House from year1 to year4. My best mates were Ian Black and Martin Baldwin. I look forward to hearing from anybody who may remember me or other class mates.

Alan Price (S75-79)
17 October 2001
Hello there old Windsor friends.I just heard from a good friend who was with me in 2nd and 3rd year amazing as I have children that age now. I live in the states and have been thinking lately of people I have lost touch with, too many, I would be thrilled to be in touch with anyone who remembers myself or my father who was a teacher at the boys school and also would love to be in contact with Anne Marie Brice,her dad aws also a teacher, it would give me much joy to find the sisters of Jannette Leggette thier names are Nicky and Sharon anyone who knows of thre whereabouts I would be eternally grateful if you pass on my e mail address. There are so many good memories from my times there and good friends to think of especially in this crazy time, it would be great to reflect on good times. Peace and love to all fellow Windsoriens and may you share both wherever you may be. love Jayne Greedy, now Norton and proud mother of Autumn, Solomon nd Jessie.

Jayne Greedy (B75-79)
17 October 2001
hi denise fletcher i think i remember you . you had room opposite miss ramseys room is that right.miss little was the matron .i was the other end of the corridor they changed that room into a day room because i think it was haunted i will get my hubbys email addresse asap bye for now

Jane Pykett (H74-78)
(no email address provided)
17 October 2001
Hi! Just received the latest newsletter and thought I'd post a message to see whether any 'old' mates are browsing the messages (life will be beginning for anyone from my year - hope it's fun)! It'd be great to catch up with any old Berliners (who mentioned doughnuts?)...in fact anyone from my time at Windsor!
P.S. The cheque's in the post - Phil!

Karen Riach (StJ 74-77)
17 October 2001
This is really exciting finding this website! I have interesting memories of life at WGS Hamm, not least of our tyrannical Housemistress - Miss Divine, "Dilly" to her subjects!

Fleur Diston (M79-80)
17 October 2001
I have a new e-mail address since my last message posted last year.
Just had a quick look and recognise a few of the old names from my house year.
Wayne Turner (S78-81)
18 October 2001
Hi Madeline, I remember you and Debbie very well, in fact I have photos of you both! I used to be in a dorm with Debbie's sister, Inge, and then later with Caroline Martindale. I also used to get into trouble with Sarah and Sue McMenemy.
Sheena Morrison (S76-79)
18 October 2001
Hi, discovered this site with my friend (Nicki Hay H81-83) when she was staying over on a visit. Big Hi to Liz Rixon (big Sis), good to be back in touch with you. Would like to hear from some old dorm mates - Sandie Parrot, Elaine Gardener, Tricia Kirman and Gillian Claridge - or anyone else who would like to drop me a line. Also anyone who remembers my older brother Darren (Daz) Smith (E81-83).
Kerry Smith (E81-83)
18 October 2001
I thought I'd never see those buildings again and then when I came across them via friends reunited today all my work seemed to come to a halt . I was back in dorm number 208 middle floor of Caernarvon House. Folding my uniform and putting it on the chair at the bottom of the bed ready for chapel on Sunday. Does anyone remember matron Bielefeld, she was a real tyrant. I was very quiet so don't expect many to remeber me but my sister Mandy got on with lots of people' one girl especially she was buddies with was nicknamed dormouse cos she was so tiny and quiet.
Jane & Mandy Cleary (C70-72)
18 October 2001
Roger Carpenter (H), Phil McGregor (C) & I are going to be in a pub called the "Moon under Water" in London's Leicester Square on Saturday the 10th November 2001 at midday. Any of you 70's bunch who may remember us are welcome to join us in half a shandy and a bratty which, if we are very lucky, we will be able to make last the whole afternoon. How will you recognise us? I have no idea.
Steve Mayne (C73-76)
18 October 2001
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Brenda Wheeler? I have seen her name on the friendsreunited web site. Must be the same Brenda. If you know her please ask her to get in touch.
Christine Redpath (Miller) (S61-63)
19 October 2001
Jane Pykett, my sister remembers you and so do I, my sister Liz Smith used to share a dorm with Linda Hughes. Also last message my e-mail address was wrong. When you post your email address Jayne, I will get my sister to send you a message.
For the girl from Balmoral, Jeannette Leggitt was my best mate, it's lovely that someone has mentioned her name, I think about her all the time.

Rose Smith (H76-79)
19 October 2001
Would like to get in touch with all the Hillsborough crowd of that time period

John Semple (H69-73)
20 October 2001
Edward Horne (E74-76)
20 October 2001
H22.It is great to find this site. I would love to hear from anyone that was at WBS in my time. Names that I can remember are Mr Hodgson (Geography teacher) and Keith Taylor. I remember the Cross Country runs, the fire in the Chapel and the chairs on the roof of the main building above the RC Chapel. the pool was always cold - the midnight dips memorable. If anyone remembers me and would like to get in touch - please do.
Ian Westby (H61-65)
20 October 2001

Steve Carr (S76-79)
(no email address provided)
20 October 2001
I realise that time plays tricks & it's easy to filter out the bad times but I have to say I had a really great time at WBS.
Being fairly keen on footy helped - and weren't we good at it??!
So where are you - Steve Hollis, Terry Leahy, George Black, Sam Weller, Pete Dyche et al?
I've met up with the flying full backs otherwise known as the Brindley brothers (the 1970's answer to the Nevilles?!)& also Scott Innes but I often wonder what happened to the rest of you.
Not forgetting 'Pop' Farrar - ' stick it in the onion bag my son!!'
So drop me a line if you remember the slow centre half who thought he was Beckenbauer!
The good news is that I never lost my pace & played up until 38 until a couple of broken legs persuade me to pack it in!

Neil Carrick

20 October 2001

I remember English teacher Mr Moore (aka GOMM) doing a video. Barry McGovern was involved. It was on an old Ferguson VideoStar or something. Probably the dogs doodahs in it's day but a museum piece now. It started with driving through the gates of WBS with Pink Floyds "We don;t need no..." for a soundtrack. The TV Room was full that night.

Come on, SOMEONE must know where Gomm is, he consficated a handheld video game off me in 1982 and I want it back.
Wayne Davies (M79-)

20 October 2001
Colin (M ??-??)said in Sept "One thing I do remember is that there as some kid who 'lived' in the medical block or whatever you lot called it."

"I am the freakie folky" rings a bell.
Wayne Davies (M79-)

20 October 2001
In Sept, Hammy said "Hello I was one of three Hamlet brothers"

I can remember the eldest who left first, the middle one with stacks who would boogie a lot and the youngest. Disco had a lot to answer for :)
Wayne Davies (M79-)

21 October 2001
Great site, would love to get a hold of the few friends I had, and there weren't many! Residing now in the mountains of North Carolina, U.S.A. Would like to know if any other Windsor alumni are residing in the States now; and if not I hear flights are cheap these days! Hey! is there anybody out there that likes to play golf? Well let's go play sometime. Andy Sarney (sp?) if you're out there, grab your clubs and let's go! Sincerely,
Martin Greedy (M72-77, B77-79))
22 October 2001
e-mail kjh051065@hotmail.com not as posted earlier. just in case. also hello from my brother david hearnden to all at wbs and anyone who remembers the rebel he was...
we lived in lotte in osnabruck so hi to anyone who also lived there.

Kristina Hearnden (B79-81)
23 October 2001
hi liz smith and rose i remember sharing a dorm with liz you used to suffer nose bleeds linda and liz dodd was in our dorm as well i still dont have email addresse yet i am living in eastbourne now 4 children i also remember carol gibson i have photos of her and a pete other names i remember are tony and phil rood mr thomas maths teacher sharon carol gurr.i have an autograph book both rose and liz signed it bye 4 now.
Jayne Pykett (H74-78)
(no email address provided)
24 October 2001
I see John Semple is trying to track down the crowd from our era. Had a nice email from John so just add my name to the list of people from that time. I am contactable by email or during the working day on 01344 856578 if anyone would like to get in touch.
Steve 'Greenie' Greenwood (H69-72)
24 October 2001
hi to everyone out there who may remember me?! Any reply can be sent via the above email address, (my sister-in-law) I am currently serving with the army in Germany, am married to Monica and have 4 daughters, yes I've been busy!
Ian Hatton (E77-79)
25 October 2001
I attended windsor girls school from sep 75 to jun 80.
looking to speak with anyone that might remember me back then as Debra Kirman.

Debra Ross (StJ 75-80)
26 October 2001
Calling Colin Stone, Rob Leigh, Dave Larcombe, Spunky, Paul Mathews and Mr Scott!(80-83) Im still alive!!
Give me a shout!

Pete Oakley (S80-83)
26 October 2001
I have enjoyed reading all the messages, not too many from my era which is rather disappointing. I have recognised some names,such as Mike Hill, Rob Chetwin, Helen Ellis. Not too good on remember names myself. Would love to hear from anyone whom remembers me. After leaving Hamm I went to St John's in Singapore and from there I joined the WRAC and I was stationed in Singapore and Bovington Camp.

Lasley Annable (B60-63)
27 October 2001
Hi just leaving a message to see if anyone recognises the name. I was in hillsborough house, Even remember my no H115. My sister was Jane she is on this site too. All i can really remember is my best friend was Naomi we hid in our dormatory one day and got locked in so we wouldn't have to go to school then got caught climbing out the window with bed spreads tied together, boy were we in trouble, we had to stand outside in the tennis courts that night with that smelly goat.I also remember my first boyfriend called Tony Roode (think i spelt it right) from boys school i still have a pic of him. Well bye for now, get in touch if you know me. Take care. Sue.

Susan Pykett (H77-78)
28 October 2001
Hi everyone little hammy here!
Who out there remembers Steven Stokes what a character.Big hello goes out to Steve Mckenna,Barry Trotman,Peter Lawless and anyone else outhere who might remember me.Also any of you brave people remember 'breaking the ice'diving in the outdoor pool in mid-october,boy was that cold.Finally I don't think anyone will forget the Saturday afternoon disco s'.

Lee Hamlet (M79-81)
28 October 2001
I was in a class called P2, if there is anyone that remembers me!!. I would dearly like to hear from them.
Alfred Humphreys ( )
29 October 2001
Hi, I have just joined the link and can remember a few names from those days- there was Maxine Gardiner, Sandra Nolan, Glynis Wooffitt, Linda ?, I remember Denise Fletcher - HI. Miss Ramsay was a great lady even if she was a bit strict!!! I remember spending a lot of my time in House Detention as I hated going out for walks in the winter. That was until they devised a new pinishment for me - walks with Matron and then you had to wear your beret and blazer. Teacher I remember was Padre Thackery.
Deborah Evans (H71-73)
29 October 2001
Hi everyone out there. I was in Hillsborough House (H107) but I am not very good at remembering names. My sister Maureen and my Brother Herbie (Herbert) also attended. I remember Mr Bartlett (I used to have a crush on him) and he helped me get my O'level Maths and Miss Feerick (not sure of the spelling) who helped me pass my English after the third attempt. I recently came across some old photographs - Hillsborough House pupils, school prefects and prize giving - all from 1965. I will forward onto the Windsor Society. I remember helping Miss Barton with the inscriptions for inside the books presented on Speech Day. I learnt to do Calligraphy at school. I can also remember Donna who was going to New Zealand, big Kathy who always wore white socks instead of tights and Danny (Godwin Danastasi)from the Boys School who was my first boyfriend. We both left when we were 19. Another big event was when some of the girls were caught with boys in their dorm and I had to stand outside the Post Office and guard the girls while they waited for their parents to collect them. Hope to hear from someone who remembers me.
Gwen Baker (H61-65)
29 October 2001
Sorry if anyone has been emailing me at Holiday_Dreamer@hotmail.com, the Company has stopped us accessing the likes of hotmail or yahoos service, as viruses are getting onto to Network via this route (apparently) - clever little suckers... I attach my business email address.
Maria Jobes (Hawkins) (M74-79)
29 October 2001
Hi to Pam Ross. I remember you at WGS. Also your sister Ginny. Others that come to mind are Jenny Foot, Lyn Dillow, Angi Mallett. I also remember Kill Layzelle when we all used to meet in the cellar and have a jam session? I was in the play 1066 and appeared in the very 1st scene. My sis was also in St James (Linda).

Jean Cavanagh (Cooke) (StJ65-68)
(no email address provided)
30 October 2001
just found the site after many long hours trying to track people down. would love to hear from anyone who remembers me especially,donna ord, sharon bowkett, caroline mooney,nic cascarino,jane duncan,and old friends from the regiment,1st staffords regt in osnabruck at the time.this web page says alot about the school and the lasting effect it has had on every body who attended....keep those good memories going

Julie Royles (C73-77)
31 October 2001
I was in St James house and one of the most extraordinary things that happened was when someone stole into our dormitory in the middle of then night and slashed all the girl's school skirts while we slept. They never found out who did it and we were all interrogated by Miss Beckwith and the police! Does anyone else remember? I was in dorm 108 and a favourite trick was to swap the doors over and fool Frau Beilerfeldt!

Susan Locatelli (StJ62-63)