1 November 2001
Would love to hear from anyone who was also involved in the skurmish of the "summer of love" events at the end of the summer term, 1965, when I remained one of the few who was allowed to return to the school to resume my studies,albeit incurring huge penalties!! Rosemary Sedman, when are you going to forgive me for not attending the last reunion?
Whatever happened to Andy Fullerton-Batten and Bill taylor, the singer in Group 66....perhaps I've missed all this sort of gossip by being so late in logging on. "Charlie" where are you; last seen in the canteen at Hammersmith Hospital, when I was posing as a nurse to get a free meal!....Also Jayne whom I bumped into whilst walking with my family in Sandringham woods more than 20 years ago, whilst we were living in a cottage we rented from the Queen on the Sandringham estate.....
P.S. Dave Hodgson I notice you have recently joined the Register..I wonder if you will still remind me of Michael Caine.

Julie Jennings (Egan) (C64-67)

1 November 2001
Wow, wonderful! I remember both Jean Cooke and Sue Locatelli - and Linda Cooke came to one of the reunions at Newbury, as I remember. Jean, we always seem to get a lot of St James girls attending reunions - Jenny Foot has been to all of them - you will have to try to come to the next one! If it's not a "naughty" thing to say, I have posted some photos from the 60's on the Windsor Club site - also some on my web site.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)

3 November 2001
There seems to be a lot of names missing around this period for Malborough! Does anyone remember me or any of the following (in particular Gaz?), Gary (Gaz) Burton, Rob Walker, John Black (JABs), Dougie Broad, Peter Smith, Steve Porta - there were loads of others but the names are fading .... help me out please

Paul Moss (M68-71)

4 November 2001
Eddy Eagles,Dave Hodgson,Tony Pye and Terry Smith(H). Names leaping from a page.It's nearly 30 years since I saw those names last.Dave I saw in 72or73 in Melton Mowbray.He was just starting out in the teaching profession if memory serves well.Terry has by shear good luck got in contact again,for which I am over the moon.Eddy and Tony it's been along time.Have you got any other names to share? I would like to get in contact with our old friends. Best regards,Steve.

Stephen M Fitton (M64-68)

4 November 2001
From the overhead view photo of WBS on this website there is a courtyard surrounded by buildings, behind the gymnasium , can anyone tell me what that part was used for because I dont remember that bit at all.
Also am I right in remembering there was some bog marshes that were out of bounds near that area.

John Birks (H75-76)

5 November 2001
I have just "found" the web site, spent some time reading messages, most from years much later than when I was at Windsor. I am not very good at remembering names, but do remember Gill Loney, she was a House Prefect. My best friend was Gillian (Moley) Smith nicknamed because she played "Mole" in Toad of Toad Hall. Also remember Heather Scott and Ingrid Mackay. Minds gone blank, will close now but will sort out more names and dial up again. Cheers every one and thanks for a really great website.

Sue Shepherdson (French) (H57-60)

5 November 2001
Finding this has been an experiance!great fun,i was in tears, almost from the off, reading all the notes and dittys.I was going thro some good and horror memories,the x-country runs,the food(@times),watching pop farrah run!any body remember Michelle Wells from wgs? ?where abouts.also the Maxwell family, dad was housemaster in hills?anybody remember me please contact me

Craig Mcdermott (C74-79)

6 November 2001
It's my "thiry-tenth" birthday today and have decided that today is as good a day as any to try and track down some old school chums. Edinburgh house (dorm 201 the 303) is about all I remember - names: Debbie, Angela Halsey, Sharon Dicks, Kate and Chris Saunders(I am in touch with Chris already so if you want to track her down drop me a line). Hope you hear from someone soon. Take Care. JD

Janice Dingwall (Hanslow) (E73-75)

6 November 2001
Julie Royles, I have tried to e mail you, but your address is incomplete. I lived in Osnabruck at the same time as you, I used to get a lift to school with you sometimes. My mumwas Gwen and my dad was Vic, we lived in the flats opposite the new community centre.
Please get in touch

Christine McKay (Austen) (M76-80)
6 November 2001
Hi everone,
Good to see a few more of the 60's leaving messages. But remember, for ever message left here there are probably a hundred people just looking in hoping to spot a friend. Well here I am, because I left the message, get the idea, don't pass through without leaving yours.
Looking for Paddy Bourke (Sandringham), Horrace Hedges, Michael Casatorigiani and more of the Hillboro' 60's. If your looking in sign in

John Fisher (H65-68)
7 November 2001
Hi to all those with far better memories than mine! Would like to hear from anyone that can remember me. Some names that I can remember:
Jim Turvey
George Raman (sister, Shanice)
Ian Wareham
Darren (Warren?)
Chris Epps.
Housemasters name was Mr Jones.
Hope to hear from someone.

Jeff Venus (H74-77)
7 November 2001
Hi to anyone that can remeber me. Came back from Germany in 1977. (Stayed on for 'O' levels. Had a good time then, with Jubilee celebrations etc. Lived in RAF Laarbruch. Seem to remeber partying rather than studying. May explain why I didn't do so well in the exams). I remeber getting suspended from school for visiting the girls school at night. Dorm bust!
Remeber the carefully placed elastic bands to get you through the dreaded haircut inspections! (Seem to remeber that Mr Jones was wise to that one!)
I think I recognise a couple of names, but need my memory jogged. So if you do recognise my name I would like to hear from you.
Settled in Cardiff, UK, after doing a degree in Civil & Structural Engineering. Married my long time girl friend, Joanna, 11 years ago. Have two children, Holly, 11 and Liam 8. Just started my own comapny (Consulting Engineers), but am still working for another as employee, which makes for a lot of work - which is what I should be doing now instead of reading the message board at some ridiculous time in the morning. All the best.

Jeff Venus (H74-77)
8 November 2001
I was in Sandringham House from 76-79 when Mr Scott was Housemaster. Recognised some names on the site and had a great conversation on the phone going over old times with Steve Carr. It had been 20 years since we had spoke but it seemed like yesterday. Does anybody remember Ian Black (blackie) or Martin Baldwin (baldy). We were all in the same dorm and trying to track them down.
Can anybody remember the name of the Matrons in Sandringham in the late 70`s. I remember one of them was an ace table tennis player.
Craig Mcdermott, youre name is familiar.
Anybody who may remember me leave a message on the visitors book or send me an e-mail.
Alan Price (Pricey)

Alan Price (S76-79)
8 November 2001
Love to hear from anyone who knew me. Now 44, married with a daughter. Living in Inverness but working near Oxford and commuting weekly. Left Army after 16 yrs (never really adjusted (no surprise for anyone who knew me).

Kim Ponting (H71-73)
8 November 2001
to anyone who remembers me, also known as teri. I have very bad memory for names but sandy wilton ,tina latham in my dorm, carole dalton in my form. I now eye surgeon in moorfields eye hospital london. would love to link up with dorm or form members. I remember frau giesefeld and pinching a guinea pig and keeping it the dorm, also fireworks nights were the best ever!! and also the suppers when we got pomegranites and thought they were giant onions and supper went on for an hour longer as everyone took so long to eat them!!

Theresa Richardson (S75-77)
9 November 2001

Sandra Howell (StJ61-63)
(no email address provided)
10 November 2001
After finding the Friendsreunited web I found the link to Dear Old Windsor School and there was a message from Lesley Annable B.60-63. Yes I do remember you as we met up again in Singapore. So where are all the others from `Balmoral Lone Majestic Strong as the old school song went?
Remember Ellen Brandon, Yana & Heidi Lee Janet Quinlivan. We had some great times and wonderful memories.

Wendy Crampton (Holbrey) (B60-62)
11 November 2001
Great to discover this site! I was in Marlborough, the only house worth being in!. My two brothers Tony and Gary where in Hillsborough.Do you remember any of us? Look foward to hearing from anyone.

Linda Pridmore(Gant) (M66-71)
11 November 2001
Hi, love the site, but been unlucky so far in finding any old freinds, apart from Heather Blandford who i am in contact with, not very good with memories on names! love to hear from any one who shared a dorm with me or knew me, also looking for Babs Lloyd who i shared with, i believe she went to live in America.

Sharon Robinson (S70-72)
11 November 2001
I have just seen Dave Bunting's message (August '01) and just want add that anybody who knew me at WBS from '66 to '68 to get in touch. I recognise some of the names Dave mentioned but I also remember Tony Gant.

Douglas Kay (H66-68)
13 November 2001
Jane Pykett, Liz Smith, Denise Fletcher, remember you all. 3rd yr dorm 1979 was Jane Pykett, Linda Hughes, Jackie and Linda Cailes (twins), me, Liz Dodd. I've got a photo of the group taken with us all stood on the bed in our blue check dresses!

Carol Okasha (H77-79)
13 November 2001
Hello everybody
This is my first posting to the message board and I'm not quite sure how to start. I would like to hear from any of the residents of Edinburgh House around the mid 60's. The roll call started "Apleby, Appleby,Austin,Bickerstaff.. If Norman Fance or Mick Peberdy are still around I would very much like to hear from them.

Robert Shread (E65-68)
13 November 2001
sorry about the incomplete address now rectified..still waiting to hear from anyone who remembers me or has news of donna ord, lorraine mcainsh, sharon bowkett, jane duncan, come on you pupils of 70's caernarvon where are you?

Julie Farrell (Royles) (C73-77)
14 November 2001
Have noted a few names from the past (Terry Horner, Jackie Lloyd). Have only managed to contact Terry to date, if anyone remembers me (Jackie, Chris Lane, Bo, Laff's etc) it would be great to get back in touch.

Rob Ford (E69-71)
14 November 2001
It has been many years and I have often wondered what had happened to all my friends I knew at Hamm. I am looking forward to being able to catch news of some of them. I was Angela Swain then. Thanks

Angela Brown (E68-71)
15 November 2001
I've been racking my brain and come up with a few names that I remember from my 4th yr and girls in St James, Linda Sutherland, Gill Furnival, Maggi Harris, Annette Brewster, Chris Bennet & Mo Petty who were best buddies,Doris Whittle as I remember was always dying her hair in fact she once went green! Pam Ross, Do you remember Ailish O'Driscoll (eyelash) her father taught me history in Osnabruck, and my father used to take her home at end of term. How about Angi and Jenny Frost and who could forget Mo Rankine who was Head Girl in 64 I think. Miss Evans was Head and Miss Feerick Deputy Head.Art teachers Barry Cummings and Mr Chedgey. Miss McCann taught me maths. How about those Sat mornings when we all used to tune in to BFN (BFBS) at 9 to listen to all our requests. By the way whoever was looking for Danny Lovejoy I have his address and phone no as he leaves not far down the road from me. I have 4 children now 2 girls aged 30 and 27 and 2 boys 26 and 23 and 4 grandkids. Be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Jean Cavanagh (Cooke) (StJ65-68)
(no email address provided)
15 November 2001
Vince Gulley, are you still there?
Get in touch mate, Regards Sean
PS Nottingham Forest?????? :-)

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)
15 November 2001
Jane Pykett, my message on 13 Nov gave married name not name when at school, email address also
wrong should be cmo@kingfieldheath.com
It would be nice to hear from anyone else out there who remembers the good old days. (Jane remember Fido?)

Carol Wilson (H77-79)
15 November 2001
Hi All who have stepped through the gates.Found this site by accident. A big Hello to Mr Thompson (House Master) and my maths teacher Mr Herne (Not sure on the spelling). Also a big shout to the Quigley brothers, Mouse, Phil Campbell. How are you all doing.

Ian Ryan (E74-79)
15 November 2001
Dear Jean (Cooke) - I remember your list of names - Mo Petty has been to several of the reunions at Newbury; Mo Rankine was in my class, was Head Girl 67-68, also at the first reunion. I also have 4 children = two of each - but so far no grandchildren. And what we used to listen to on BFBS - "Hallo mother, hallo father" and "I want to get out of this place".

Pamela Ross (StJ67-68)
16 November 2001
Hi, Ian Blair ( fondly known during my WBS days as 'Plug' ). Older brother of Sharon Blair and Billy Blair. We are all still alive and kicking. Good memories of my short time at WBS. What was the name of the pub around the corner from WGS ?
Anyone remember me or Sharon and Billy get in touch

Ian Blair (S78-79)
16 November 2001
My name is Nick Cuthbertson.
I was in Sandringham House between 1973 and 1974, left briefly for 6 months, and returned to Balmoral House until the end of 1976.
Anybody remember me?

Nick Cuthbertson (S/B 73-76)
17 November 2001
hi all,
if anyone rememers me get in touch!!!!

Kevin Jardine (H75-79)
17 November 2001
Hello to anyone who was in Hillsborough House or lived in Belm,Deodheside,Vertha or anywhere in Osnabruck,or to anyone who remembers us, John, Willie, and Alan Henry (Belm).

William Henry (H71-75)
17 November 2001
I am currently living in Scotland 2 children 19 and 15 I shared a room with Jane Duncan on the top floor cant remember many names (long time ago) but I would love to hear from anyone who can jog my memory I left in 78 to go to Queens I remember when they changed the dining room to all different types of food also when the catholic priest let us by altergirls and go in his sport car and eat biscuits in his car also sneaking out of school with someone to go to the Monasay Dam with some army guys
Moran Yates (Bristow) (S76-78)
18 November 2001
I would like to hear from friends, aquaintances and staff of either gender, particularly those of Hillsborough Boys/Girls houses during 1953 to 1958.
I have recently traced Tex Scott to Australia. That I called him in the small hours, after a heavy night out, did not minimise the shock of my voice from the past. Fortunately he took it very well and has since kindly sent me a photograph and interesting resume of his life since leaving Hamm in 1956.
I have also met up with a few others over the years but would be pleased to hear from any that remember me wishing to make contact and share news, expanding our age group contact lists.
Life is short, particularly in our "maturing" years, so "Don't delay do it today".
I am delighted at making contact after all these years and hopeful of several more through this medium.
May I take this opportunity to you and yours every happiness for Christmas and good fortune through the coming year.

Kenneth G Squires (H54-56)
18 November 2001
just found this site.So many names i recall.
Would love to here from anyone who remembers me.

Kevin Jardine (H74-79)
18 November 2001

Moran Yates (Bristow) (S76-78)
18 November 2001
I was in Caernarvon House at Windsor Girls School during 65/67. I remember Madeleine Carroll, Elaine Taylor, Ilene Stott and Carol Wishart etc. etc. Talking after lights out, midnight feasts and pranks. Not to mention detention for scouping out the custard sauce from a cake and replacing it with egg shampoo for one prefect who always got us into trouble for talking after lights out. Does anyone know what happened to Miss's Ridge, Tope and Gelling who I dearly remember to this day. I hope someone who knows me reads this and contacts me it would be lovely to hear from anyone. First love... Windsor Boys School... Tony Willis... dad in the RAF... he was the older man 13 and the only man with red hair I have ever loved! Anyway here's hoping you are all well and happy. Linda Cordingley C129

Linda Cordingley (C65-67)
19 November 2001
Hello, normal question. Does anyone remember me?
I now live in Holland, Michigan U.S.A. and have been here for 10 years now after stints in Ediburgh, Worthing (w.Sussex), Detroit, and Frankfurt Germany.
Love to hear from people.

Bill(y) Blair (S78-80)
19 November 2001
Hi, I need some help!!
I attended the Boys' School in the mid-late 1970's,and I've lost my CSE/O level papers!! Can someone contact me regarding how to get some transcipts of these as the university I'm attending needs them. Thanks alot.
PS...I have changed my name since then..I was known as Peter Knight Fitzpatrick

Peter Knight (H74-78)
19 November 2001
Hi again. It was great hearing back from different ones that I knew also note left by Wendy on the visitors book. Names I couldn't remember before came back to mind, like Helen, Heidi and especially Janet. Oh! how the years have flown by, but the memories will always stay. Also needed to put the correct e-mail address as this has changed.

Lesley Annable (B60-63)
21 November 2001
jHi to anyone who remembers me. Have been having great fun reading all the messages. It's lovely to look back 'specially as most of the people I was at Windsor with are 40 this year!!! Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that. Would love to hear from anybody in Caernarvon especially Darleen Whiddington,Bev Mallett,Debbie Holden,Donna Ord,Sharon Bowket. The brain has gone blank for now but hopefully some memories have been jogged. Heres hoping..

Wendy Foran (C74-77)
23 November 2001
What a Blast..I was in Balmoral House from '71-75, John was two years ahead of me and grahm two years behind.. Graham moved to Oz but I will pass on the site link..
Sheena my sis is noe in Canada will also pass on the link
Looking forward to the pack to see who I know..

Colin Keil (B71-75)
23 November 2001
Huge thanks to the Windsor Society Visitors' Book. My good friend Lorraine Norsden and I have been 'reunited', and are enjoying catching up on the last - lots of years!! We are having so much fun reliving our days at Windsor, remembering all our friends and members of staff. Next weekend we are going Christmas shopping together - it just gets better. So a big thank you, all your efforts are appreciated and well worth while. Lorraine, see you next Saturday - don't forget, lots of money and comfy shoes!! .

Dawn Shrives (S76-79)
23 November 2001
I have just been going back through the visitors book now in Sept '00. Angie Dunmall's post about the concerts at the Kurhaus... Does any one remember from the seventies going to see elke(spelling) Brooks (something Mr. Donovan laid on)and getting our shirts signed... and then there was the genesis concert (what a good chap. I rember singing at the Kurhaus a Beetle song 'let it be' I think. Also the numerious school musicals ' HMS Pinafore and the Mikardo.. Where I was asked to play nanki-poo but the oposite lead was a female teacher (does anyone remember her name?) but see couldn't take the embarrassment of having to kiss me. so I became the under-study and an other teacher took my place. I can't remember his name(?) but I am sure that the 'kissing' was better. I do remember having a good snog behind the set after the last night..
Yes, so much comes flooding back..The night raid by the staff on the hockey pitch and running trying to escape as I made my way on my many nocturnal escapades..
As I remember it Balmoral were making quite a few waves on the sports field in the even against the mighty 'C' who were the ones to beat. There are so many memories and reflections.
Frau Dilla, Mr Morgan, Mr. Dudley, 'Pop' Carey, cheep german wine and visit's to the Fox. Sometimes you wonder if it was real?
I hope some one remembers me, I can remember more girls than boy's (Ivy Gleeson, Ann saxton, Robyn Cubbage (who had a birthday the same date as mine ), the William's (hard as nails). A fly half called Redburn (sorry I forgot your first name)
Its been a joy and I hope that this promts some of the 70's memories.
What was the name and profession of the ghostst that walked Edinburgh house corridors?

Colin Keil (B71-75)
23 November 2001
Well this was a surprise, after 25 years of convincing myself that Windsor boys school was just a nightmare I find this website.
Only Joking I remember my time there with great fondness. A big hello to Vince Gulley and any other Edinburgh Boys who where there during my time.
Can anybody send my Gillian Gallimore's (NEE Davies ) current e-mail address.
And if you see this Dawn it would be nice to hear from you as well.
Hey Nick Cuthbertson was it a shock to see my name or what. .

Pete Crowder (E73-76)
23 November 2001
Susan Simmons (Watson) S67-70)
(no email address provided)
23 November 2001
Haven't left a message in ages.....been in touch with Marcus Shrives, Steve (Winks), Yvonne Crawshaw, Derek Webster (Webby) - Pascal Quigley if your out there lost your email/phone number please get in touch.
Anyone heard of Graham Pike (Marl) or Ted Heath (Carnarvon house 73-75 I think).
Mark 'Noddy' Holder (M72-78)

24 November 2001
Oh what joy,I received the Windsor Society Newsletters in the last few days,can someone help me out with the faces on the inside of the front page (No. 17,April 2001 Newsletter)? are they Neil Carrick (Middle) Jimmy Nichol on his left and I am sure I know the other bloke but i cant remember his name.

Willie Henry (H71-75)

25 November 2001
Anyone remember me, get in touch. Sandra and Denise Kennedy where are you??? .

Julie Calder (StJ77-79)
25 November 2001
hi all i would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or my brother barry(Caernarvon hse).i knew lee lawrence(paddy) michelle hall rob gaun(im not sure of the spelling) craig mcdermot and maxwell(can't remember his first name but his dad was head of house or deputy head caernvanboys school. used to come visit that hse alot in the wee hours me & michelle hall. if u remember me or barry get in touch. i miss those days!.

Kim Kent Lawson (E76-77)
26 November 2001
What a surprise finding a web site on WGS. I remember quite a few names on the message board like, Denise Carter (I think you were in my dorm)were you in the same dorm as Jackie Dobin? I can't quite remember who else was in the dorm, just faces without names. My brother Colin went to WBS (Edinburgh House 73/4 to 76ish. Miss Wilde was the housemistress at the time and I think matron was called Zurich? I remember how cold that swimming pool was, and how much I enjoyed it there and was sad to leave. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Susan Bertie (C75-77)
26 November 2001
Hi all the bodies! Hope toure all thrivin'. Anyone heard from Debbie (Kirmit) Kirman,Cosmo(Tracy Walker) Sammi Clelland, Cherry (Caroline) Pile, Jo Lees or know of their whereabouts? Andy Lindlay! You were supposed to meet me by the church! What happened? Anything to do with Dawn Clarke or Heather Gallagher??? Anyone seen Wendy Duncan, last heard of in Doncaster..

Charlie Adams (StJ77-80)
27 November 2001
Hello Noddy - thought you might have said 'Hello' to me, Mark's little sister, glad to hear you are well.
You mentioned Yvonne Crawshaw in your message, any chance of asking her how I can contact her sister Annette? Please, if you don't mind. Lorraine - 4 days to go, can't wait.
Dawn Shrives (S76-79)
27 November 2001
Hi everyone,
anyone remember me? I'm busy retracing my miss spent youth now that I'm a settled down oncology nurse
Lee Welland (M79-81)
27 November 2001
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! Wendy Duncan (last heard of in Doncaster) Cosmo, Debbie Kirman, Jo Lees, Cherry Pile, Sammi Clelland, Scottie (Janet?)Where are you now???? .

Ruby 'Charlie' Adams (StJ77-80)
28 November 2001
I cann't believe that I have found such a wonderful web site. My sis, bro and me are always talking about Hamm as though it were yesterday. Please contact me if you remember me,(I was the fat one!!) Names that come to mind are Pat Aris, Kim Teagle, Laura Zammit, Pauline O'Leary, Karen ??, Una Gallagher, to name but a few. I will have to get my old photo album out, (and it is old now!!). Would love to hear from anyone out there. .

Jill McKechnie (Cuthbertson) (E73-76)
28 November 2001
Who remembers, chuggy, the back dyke, kellergeister wine, barbed wire, the windsor knot, that gardener-(he was horny...Well not with me, unforunately) School block, that **** they served up for supper (snotty water with the lumps in) Faggin in the end loo,jumping the bus without a ticket, swing on the fire escape for a laff, being chased by that army guards dog after lights out, hiding in the attic prep rooms to escape chapel....raaaaghhh! The HAPPIEST days of my life .

Ruby 'Charlie' Adams (StJ77-80)
28 November 2001
would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my sister Sue, or Gina Clark who I still keep in contact with, as we would love to get together with a few old friends, I have only just found out about this site and find it fasinating. Hope to hear from someone very soon.

Tina Bartlett (H73-74)
29 November 2001
A big hello to anyone that remembers me during the great time I had at WBS .

Kev Wheaton (H78-81)
29 November 2001
Hi to anyone who remembers me or was just at school the same time. Can't believe I found a site. I've thought about trying to find people from the school for years. Here's a few things to jog memories of me. During the first year there I shared a dorm with fatty lawless, the next two years I was in with Lloyd , Mark Medford and Mark Maddox. I also hung around with Billy. Actually me and Billy did a robotic dance routine with Mark Medford to Automatic Lover. I was also in the school play Scungpoomery, which involved a lot of bunkjamjamering and tomtfernerbeling. I was also in a punk band with Llloyd that did one song at the saturday disco. We basically formed so we could use the practice room. If you lifted the grate off in there you could get behind the Catholic chaple and get jiggy with your girlfriend. The one thing that always sticks in my mind was how grateful I was that I wasn't a Catholic and therefore didn't have to go to church each Sunday. Great site but haven't seen any mention of getting put in bath of urine on your birthday yet. If anyone out there remembers me drop a line. My younger brother Richard was also at the school and now lives in the Hartz mountains. Also my dad's best mate had a daughter at the school called Sara Crampton who was in the army the last I heard. She was actually my first girlfriend back in the 70's and then again at Hamm. But my mum was in the army before she met my dad and says she probably wouldn't be interested in me now. Don't know what she meant though. .

David Billy Reid (M80-83)

30 November 2001
I find all this talk about reunions very interesting. Could anyone please confirm where and when the next one will be?

Jill McKechnie (Cuthbertson) (E73-76)

The next major reunion is currently planned for June 2003 to celebrate 50 years since the school opened. - more details in the September 2001 Newsletter - Doug

30 November 2001
Stuart Devereux-
Have tried to e-mail you. The thingy wasnt having it!! I never did turn into a swan! See friendsreunited WGs 1980 notes!
How do I contact you?.

Ruby 'Charlie' Adams (StJ77-80)
30 November 2001
Hi to every one who knows me.Ive been reading through all the notes on this website,they bring back some very happy memories. Id like to say ello to Mich Hall, Kelly Roberts, Tandy Jackson and anyone else who knows me. Mich I sent you an email hope you got it. I remember pegleg night, applepie beds, then a dunk in the bath and the the sand pit on birthdays, Diana ross thumping on the taperecorder,socials,saturday discos down the boys school and meetings on the dyke and lots and lots of fun.When ever anyone asks about my school days and what they where like I say my days at WGS where the best. Does anyone have contact with Angie dias or lee lawrence last saw lee in 1983 but havent heard from him since would love to catch up. must fly boring things to do but will visit often.would love to here from anyone who remembers me. .

Kim Kent (E76-78)