1 May 2001
Anyone, remember Michelle(miche)Crawford? I would love to hear from some of my old pals from windsor girls school and windsor. I am still in touch with Donna Smith, Angie murgatroyed, Debbie falcus and Maria harker. I will return all e-mails. Does anyone know the where abouts of Julie Hardstaff? please get in touch.
Michelle Wilson (E 78-82)
2 May 2001
Hi I am Babs Magee of Prince Rupert School, Collingwood Girls 1959 - 64. I hope I am allowed to leave a message on your site for Mike Hill,ex Windsor of Perth WA.....Sorry Mike, both your email addresses do not at present want to accept my mail but look forward to meeting again in Sept in the UK!!!! Hi Bambi Marshall....we have our reunion coming up in June in Bristol this year. Peps flying in again from Cyprus and she hsn't changed an iota. Perhaps next time I come out to Oz we could have a combined reunion....Melbourne or Brisbane? I did visit Hamm with the Hockey team and we thrashed you then!!!! Thanks for the use of your board. Babs Magee (PRS 59-64)
PS Has Roger Hollyoak or Anne Kendall been found yet?
2 May 2001
I have just received my Newsletter to confirm the move to
http:www.windsorsociety.org among other items in it. At last we have got one.
Malcolm Brunsdon (E 67-69)

6 May 2001
Just received the latest newsletter even though it was addressed incorrectly. If you have the new members list that came with it, please correct my address from "5198 Vanderhill Rd" to "5108 Vanderhill Rd". I was a House Prefect at Hillsborough in 1956 along with Charlie Stocks
and Bert Ivy. Also stage manager on a couple of plays in '56. Now living in Southern Cal. Please drop me an e-mail if you want to get in touch.
Pete Porter (H 56-56)

6 May 2001
Hi everybody. Just to let you know I have changed my email address. Tim Scragg please get in touch. I have
found some old friends and made some new ones through this site - keep up the good work.
Anyone who would like to widen their search for old friends please feel free to email me to put an
article in the Ex British Forces Kids Newsletter due out May/June. Also take a visit over to
http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/exbritishforceskids or http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/exfareastbritbratschools
Kind regards

Jean Rontree (nee Bartaby) (S 62-66)

7 May 2001
Julie Maslen, saw your message, have just changed our email address. Will send you a message and hope it gets thru! Met up with Karen Campbell this weekend afer 20 years, talked for hours! Hope to hear from you soon.
Elaine Elliott (nee Stonehouse) (C 75-78)
10 May 2001
Dropped in by accident! It's like coming back home! Brilliant work by Dave and Co who initiated the site - can't see the argument for supressing the email addresses - seems crazy in today's eWorld :-(.
Would love to get in touch with JANET TAYLOR, LIZ JONES, TINA EDWDARDS or ALISON DAVIES. Anyone out there remember me? My nickname was embarrassingly enough CREATURE.
Alison Hole (C 77-80)

11 May 2001
Just took a trip down memory lane. Wasn,t life simple then?
Would love to hear from anyone who knew me especially Debbie Kimpton (spuggy), Sue Waugh, Christine Schofield. Is there going to be a reunion in 2001?
Pam nee Thompson (B 69-72)
The next reunion is due in 2003.
13 May 2001
Just discovered the site from a redirect through my brother, it's a small world when we get round to it. Hope to meet sometime - Keep up the good work.
Alan McGurk (S 75-78)


13 May 2001
Hi to all who know me, Moya Girven gave me the site address and for all who know her she is still as mad as a fish. Having been on here for over an hour searching for those names that stick out its amazing that none are inside?
Cheryl hows your bruv Sean? Has anyone any info on the where abouts of George Wood i last bumped in to him in 89. For the greatest footy team Windsor had i met old pop at the rass a few years ago and yes he still wears his old trackie. Please get in touch.
Ollie Jones (C 78-81)
13 May 2001
I'm trying to contact Sandra Rawson does anyone have contact details, also Barbara Yeo, Beatrix Alberga and anyone else, particularly from Balmoral. Jill Gravener, many thanks I got your e-mail but have problems with the internet connection (living in Latvia!) will contact you soon. Great to hear from you.
Pat Shearing (B 71-74)

19 May 2001
Hi to anybody that may remember me. Loz Parry are you out there?.Ex Laarbruch heads may like to take a look at: http://uk.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/exlaarbruchbrats
Andy Lindley (S 76-78)

19 May 2001
Hi, I wonder if anyone remembers me? I had two brothers in Edinburgh House, Tom and Mike Maguire.
Naomi Maguire (H 77-81)

20 May 2001
Hi i am on line now so anyone who knows me can e-mail me direct
Andy Rowley (E 79-83)
21 May 2001
hello to all who may remember me and the great times that were had at wgs and when we later joined up with wbs.i am now married with two children matthew aged 8 and annabelle aged 3. i also work part time as
a midwife in gloucester. my brother mark smith also went to wbs from 79 -81 so if anyone would like to contact either of us please do on the above address
Donna Lloyd (nee Smith) (C 79-83)

25 May 2001
Denise Myers...your email address is defunct, keep on getting a returned address unknown
Tony Reilly (M 73-76)
26 May 2001
I'm one of the "yanks" who attended WBS in the late 60's and early 70's. Now living in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Anyone out there remember me ?
John Christens (B 66-72)

28 May 2001
Hi Found out about windsor society on web. Nice to recognise so many names. if anyone remembers me i would love to hear from you all. Julie Tibbs, Lofty, Tiny, Denise Baker Julie Roberts to name a few. One person i am in touch with is Hazel Chain she lives in the next village to me. How strange eh! She hasnt changed at all just a few wrinkles like us all. My brother Steve went
to windsor boys so anyone who wants to get in touch with him i will pass it on. Hope to see you all
soon. Love to everyone.
Carol Hibberd (nee Green) (B 7?-80)