2 March 2001
Many thanks to 'Tony' for letting me know something like this exists.
Colin Cope (M 74-76)

2 March 2001
Reading Mick Churchfield's inane message (his words, not mine!) I pondered - thought, if he really did attend from 58 to 72, I must have known him or at least heard of him -
longest serving pupil? However, looking up his January message, it is disappointing to note that he was actually there from 68, so I will have missed him! Or maybe not - the 6 might be a misprint, not the 5? Are you at least pleased that someone is reading your letters, Mick?
Pamela Ross (St. J 63-68)

3 March 2001
Thanks to pamela for reading my bit .Yes its a mistake it should be 1968 to 1972.I hope that there is life from my time still out there!
And will get in touch
Thanks mick.
Mick Churchfield (S 68-72)

4 March 2001
Hi, Just found the web page... remember good times at Windsor...any one remember me get in touch.
Mark (Noddy) Holder (M 72-77)

8 March 2001
This is a BIG HELLO to all the girls & boys of Windsor School that can remember me.
Please E-mail me I'd love to hear from you.
David Brooks (B 80-83)

9 March 2001
just been reminising my days at windsor,does anyone out there remember the boys school band namely DURGY GROMMIT and their brilliant rendition of Edgar Broughtons Out Demons Out,unfortunately the band members names elude me but i do remember happy times watching them practice on my privilege weekends
Yvonne D'Arcy (nee Johnson) (St. J 69-71)

9 March 2001
Here is a really sad memory from the very early sixties. We had "socials" with the Caernarvon boys and I was definitely unmemorable.
My mother wouldn't let me have nylon stockings so I had to wear short white socks with my nylon party dress.
She said my legs would look like chickens' legs if I wore stockings.
Determined to be grown up enough to attract a Caernarvon boy I wrote to a glamorous friend of my parents who sent me a pair of the latest seamless nylons. I practised on them in advance and then washed them( whilst wearing gloves so as not to snag them).When they were dry, I noticed that they were a bit wrinkly so I tried ironing them.
The resultant black, bubbling mess on the bottom of the iron effectively ruined my chances of being glamorous for the Caernarvon social in 1961,. Sorry boys!! And my mother was right........my legs did look like chickens' legs!!!
This is a small, pathetic memory I have of life at WGS.
Caryl Lambourn (C.37. 1961- 1962

10 March 2001
I've just discovered this website thanks to my brother Vince. If there's anyone out there that remembers me send me an e- mail . I'd love to hear from you.
Steve Gulley (E 70-74)

11 March 2001
Hi Steve Gulley, tried sending you an email but it bounced back saying wrong address. Try emailing me if you want. Think I know your name.
Alan Savage (C 70-74)
13 March 2001
Hello everyone, just found out about this site and hear Julie Morgan is looking for me and John. Would love to hear from you Julie and the rest of the Berliners. Reading the messages was like a trip down memory lane, all those names from our carefree days! Does anyone know where Toni Brennan is now ? would love to hear from anyone from those days.
Elaine Elliott (nee Stonehouse) (C 75-78)

14 March 2001
Hi to Steve Gulley, tried to email you the other day but got a message saying address was wrong. I remember your name but the grey matter is not letting much else come to mind.Get in touch if you like
Alan Savage (C 70-74)
15 March 2001
hi, I have just discovered theses web pages about Windsor. Iam so excited and reminisent of my school days there and then to find a photo of Edinboroughs 1979 house party and myself amongst them - did I really look like that? I have tried to keep in touch with various poeple
but you know how it is, so I am hoping that this time, with help of the net, I will be more successful!
Anyone out there still remember little old me - nikki durant, friends with tracy swift, janet mckenna, julie roberts and loads more - please contact me. look forward to lots of correspondance!
Nikki Cochrane (nee Durant) (B 79-80)

15 March 2001
"Chicken legs" Caryl reminds me of my own first social occasion - a Caernarvon/St James House dance (with boys!) - I was only 13, and my mother wouldn't let me wear either stockings or high heels. It was a case of saving my pocket money to buy the stockings, and
begging/borrowing the necessary suspender belt and shoes from other girls, with promises of all sorts of recompense - and hope my mother didn't find out! After all, wouldn't be seen dead in ankle socks and sensible shoes. As a postscript, it did me no good - still didn't get asked to dance.
Pamela Ross (St. J 63-68)
16 March 2001
I came across this site by pure chance, and was hit by a flood of memories and nostalgia seeing photos of the old school.
John Fisher (H), writing in the Feb.01 visitors book: I do remember you, although I don't think we were in the same circle of cronies. Other names that come to mind from that era are, Robert Young (M) Anthony Baker (M) Max Penfold (C) Tim Buckley (S) Paul Jude (S) Ron Sherwood (M). Others will probably surface through the haze of time as I put my mind to it. I'll be visiting regularly, now I know the site exists.
Edwin Radford (M 65-67)

19 March 2001
Discovered this webb page. Lots of happy memories from Windsor Boys especially the cellar club where we we used to have a smoke and drink. Any of you old boys remember get in touch.
Peter Bull (E 65-68)

20 March 2001
At a meeting in February, a majority vote by the committee of the Windsor Society decided that from
1st April e-mail addresses should not be shown in the Visitors' book, thus preventing contact between those of you who post messages here.
Last week I resigned from the committee of the Windsor Society. You may wonder if the two events are connected - I couldn't possibly comment.
As a consequence, the future of this site is in doubt. Since it started in December 1998 I have maintained and updated it though not always as often as I would have liked - sometimes I have work to do.
If you are a member of the Windsor Society and are willing to maintain the site (which is awaiting transfer to a new server under a new domain name) please contact the Windsor Society's Chairman, Bob Jordan whose contact details are to be found in your membership list.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

20 March 2001
David, Sorry to hear that you are no longer going to be webmaster of the site. Thank you for all you have done in getting the site up and running. Also for maintaining it so well. Through this site I have managed to contact a number of "marras" which wouldn't have otherwise happened. Thanks once again, and I hope to catch up with you in the Yahoo! Windsor Club from time to time.
Steve Dipper (S 75-77)

20 March 2001
Attended from March 1968 to Summer 1969 at Sandringham House, was a 5th form prefect, member of CCF(Army)Matron was Frau Schidloff, anyone remember CCF Camp Sennelager Summer 69 we walked on sand while Armstrong walked on Moon! Remember Swimming Pool being built by RE and school socials with the School Group 'Jacks Union'? Anyone remember Chops?
James (Jim) Lawson (S 68-69)
20 March 2001
Just an announcement to anyone who remembers me, " I'M STILL ALIVE ! "
I've applied for the membership list etc, but in the meantime I'm saying hello to the following: AJ
Wheeler, Chris Epps, Nigel Horne, Nick Cuthbertson, Kevin Rennie, Rob Millard, Mr Donovan...that's it for now. Typically I remember faces and not names ! So help me with my leaking memory and drop me a line.
Mark Scott (B 74-77)

21 March 2001
Hello to Michael Wilson and Mike Cowley I saw your messages from August 1999 and April 2000 and sent you both an e'mail, hope you got them if you did'nt leave me a message in the Windsor Vistors Book as I now religiously look through the latest messages during my lunch
break here at work.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Malcolm Cooper, Clive Burhouse and Pat Rowney we shared a dormitory when Pat was Head of House and I was Deputy Head. Also would like to hear from Ernie Davidson, Mike Cross, Rick Bowman and Alan Quartermain just a few more names of the old friends I can recall. If your out there get in touch.
Peter Bull (E 65-68)

Peter, I remember several of the names you mention - including yourself and your brother Rob who I spoke with (all too briefly) at last year's reunion.
Best regards, David Pipes (S 65-67)

21 March 2001
I sent a message on 10/03/01.Unfortunately I posted the wrong E-Mail address. Apologies.Thank you to Alan Savage for pointing this out. Hopefully iv'e got it right this time.
Steve Gulley (E 70-74)

22 March 2001
EDWIN RADFORD....just read your message and sent you an email, but it has been "returned to sender" uhu. Your email address might be wrong so give me a shout on mine.
John Fisher (H 65-68)

22 March 2001
Sorry to see that DP will be moving on, thanks for the good work Dave. Message to the Committee - the whole point of the web site is to enable contact between consenting members, that is what the www. is all about. Can't think for one reason why you would want to stop it being so.
John Fisher (H 65-68)
Thank you, John, and every one who has sent personal e-mails; you'll forgive me if I don't reply to each of you individually.
The committee feels this site gives too much away 'up front' i.e. it is allowing people to get in touch with each other without having to become members of the Windsor Society. The plan was (is) to have a section of the site accessible solely to subscribing members with e-mail addresses shown in that section only; this was to be installed by 1 April.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

22 March 2001
I was interested to see Peter Bull's message who obviously hasn't managed to check all the messages as he would have found my details last year. Like Peter I would be keen to here from some of the ex Edinburgh folk from the swinging sixties and yes I do remember the cellar bar which as I recall was kept as near to pitch black as was possible. I have a clear recollection of
sitting drinking beer and listening endlessly to Sgt Peppers when it first came out thinking it was the height of sophistication!
Pat Rowney (E 64-68)

23 March 2001
With reference to the committee, who are you and what possessed you to think, that not allowing e-mail addresses in the visitors book was a good idea? How on earth can you get in touch with old friends if there is no contact address via computers especially as this is a mainly web based club, I think the explanation that DP gave on your behalf was pretty lame, at best. Also
where's my newsletter, that i've paid for, twice in a year I might add, I await your reply with anticipation. Regards Sean Cockroft (H 74-76) (Fully paid up member)
I'd like to clear up the misconception that the Windsor Society is mainly web based. It isn't. It was formed back in the early 1990's before internet use became widespread. Of the 1700 or so names on the membership list I would make an educated guess that 50% are not internet users.
It is the Windsor Society web site currently at www.windsorsociety.freeserve.co.uk that I am concerned with, not any other site or internet club or
on-line community which may linked to from this site but which is independent of the society.
The newsletter was postponed until 2001 to include information resulting from a committee meeting on 27 Jan. A new editor has been appointed and the newsletter will be completed shortly.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

24 March 2001
I joined the Windsor Society in the early days, I have attended every reunion, contributed to newsletters/magazine, wrote to local papers to publicise it. From September last year, I have been on-line, regularly visit the Windsor web site, joined the club, contribute to that.
Since the primary aim of all these facilities is to enable ex-Windsors to make contact with each other, I see no earthly reason why these three should not live side by side in peaceful co-existence.
No doubt when the Windsor Society organises the next reunion, it will be publicised on the website, arrangements discussed and disseminated through the club, and those unable to attend (whether Society members or not) able to participate through the web cam.
I would urge the Society committee to remember the Society’s purpose – after all, although many members may not be or may not wish to be on-line, the website and club must surely have provided a service by enlarging the Society membership and reaching those parts which other means cannot reach.
I would also like to express my appreciation and admiration for what David Pipes has done for the Society and the website, and thereby for ex-Windsors over the past years.
Pamela Ross (St.J 63-68)
24 March 2001
David. Thanks for putting me right on the windsor society not being a web based sight, what I was really trying to say, as other have, is that apart from you, the committee members are anonymous and the easiest and quickest way to correspond is via the web site, the only time I
have not used the web site for correspondence with the Windsor Society is when I send my membership fees off and if it wasn't for the web site no information about all the recent goings on would have gone on unknown.
Regards Sean
Sean Cockcroft (H 74-76)

25 March 2001
To Edwin Radford:
Hi Ted
Your e-mail doesn't work (at least the version published here. Long time no see I believe it was in the Petty Officers Mess HMS Neptune around 1980.
Max Penfold (C 65-68)
Please try again, Max, it should now work.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

26 March 2001
Just to say that I too am extremely sorry that e.mail addresses are no longer to be shown. I can`t really believe that the society misses out on membership because of internet access. It will certainly put a stop to the spontaneity of recognising a name and esponding..a shame! Also, people who do not want to be contacted by "just anyone" need not disclose their address
surely, or at least, would not even be posting a message...would they?! Many thanks to D.Pipes, and PLEASE, where is the LONG promised newsletter.
Rae Mitchell (nee Cleverly) (M 77-81)
See above (23 March) for info
rmation about the newsletter.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

26 March 2001
To Max Penfold:
Hi Max, You're right - it was the early 80's, I'd just joined the submarine branch. Didn't I lend you a
fiver ?
John Fisher:
Max appears to be having trouble with my e-mail too. Everything seems fine at this end and the
address looks fine in the visitors book. Have another go.
Edwin Radford (M 65-67)
27 March 2001
Still a great site, shame to hear about your problem DP. Its still a great way to contact all our old friends. Has any one heard from Mike Truran, Tim Westmore, Mario Zammit?
Steve Mcgowan (E 73-76)
27 March 2001
Thanks David for all your time and hard work put into the site. I cannot believe the Society is banishing e-mail addresses on the visitors page. I think they seem to have forgotten what the Society is mean't to be all about... and that is, getting in touch wth long lost friends, and finding out about re-unions and such. With the sporadic newsletters we are never really kept truly up to date. This site and the others linked to it have been fantastic and I have been in touch with a few names which have shown up here.
I understand that we are all busy and that the Society is kept up to date by volunteers, but wouldn't it make their lives easier also if they used the site to the best of it's abilities. Isn't it possible these days to pay for things via the internet, so why dont the society set up subscriptions payments via here, then they would get all of their subscriptions for the year up to date (from internet users at least) Then they could publish the newsletter here, and the society list. Thus saving money on posting out newsletters etc. Making it possible for the internet users to opt in or out of the scheme, and making the pages only accessible when you have paid up.
It's an idea!!! I for one would definately pay up on time (I am one of the late subscriptions payers..tut..tut!!!!)
Anyway, thanks again for all your help in the past David. And to the Society, this is a world of modern technology, use it to the best of it's ablities.
Liz Walker (M 80-83)
I'm informed the committee is preparing a statement which should appear soon.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

28 March 2001
I shall miss the sight. It is one of my weekly tasks to read through the messages and look for names which are familiar.
I do remember the bar. The many happy hours and rough nights. If I remember the bar was just below my dorm and we equalled if not exceeded the noise generated by the teacher's mess. I also was next door to the Jack's Union. So what about A levels? I do remember the Summer of 70 being the Mexico World Cup and the night England lost. The locals were a bit happy.
Mike Adkins (B 67-70)
You'll still be able to read messages. You won't be able to reply other than by posting another message to the Visitors' Book unless you join the Windsor Society in order to gain access to the proposed Members' Only section of the site where e-mail addresses will be shown.

29 March 2001
I fine decision by the 'committee'? Perhaps it's time for the first unofficial Windsor society web site / message board. Closing the main contact area of the site to non members makes this almost a certainty. Thanks Dave for all your efforts they are certainly appreciated by this non member. Best of luck.
Eddy Eagles (M 64-69)

29 March 2001
Looking for some old friends ie Tony Dunn,Mark Upson and Marino Meeds or Guys and girls who know me in Werl.
Jenner Hilton (E 74-77)


29 March 2001
I too have enjoyed regularly checking the Visitor's Page, - in the hope of seeing a familiar name, of being able perhaps to send a quick hello. I never did see many from the nifty fifties, and the chance to reply is about to evaporate too. Pity.

I can understand the comittee's problem, this site probably costs money to maintain (true Dave??).
The site has not cost the Society a penny. It is on a Freeserve account I set up in my own name, I designed the site and I maintain it voluntarily. In 1999 it generated 90 enquiries for membership, in 2000 almost 200.

Using it therefore for communication without joining is unfair. That said, if access to e-mail addresses is to depend on membership, then the Society will be at a disadvantage vs the "free sites", and membership totals may likely suffer.
Perhaps they already have.

Lets face it, the hardcopy newsletter and members lists are (perhaps for good reasons) too sporadic to attract and maintain serious interest.
The newsletters have been my work too. Unfortunately contributions have been few, I've had to write most of the content and I don't see any point in sending out newsletters which are largely 'waffle'.

Admittedly the membership list does allow us to contact those people without PC's - but this advantage will evaporate over time as more people succumb to the electronic menace ;-) Has anyone on the comittee done a trend analysis here?
Based on the increase in e-mail communication over the past three years, I would estimate that more than 50% of members have access to the internet. Personally, I prefer to meet old friends face to face (preferably over a pint) than via e-mail.

Maybe the Society should move it's site to a free location, use the services of a volunteer like Dave for maintenance, and then charge only for annual hardcopy of newsletters, lists and other cost incurring features.
John Ellor (S 55-58)
See above, the site is on a free location and maintained at zero cost. A domain name has been registered and it is proposed to the site to move to a paid for server.
I was thinking on similar lines; make everyone who ever went to Hamm a member (obviously they can only be listed if they contact the Society), then make a charge for hard copies of membership lists and newsletters. That way those who are happy to make contact via e-mail can do so at no cost to the Society (just as it costs nothing now), those who require a printed list pay for the cost of printing and postage.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

30 March 2001
The Chairman of the Society, Bob Jordan, has received the resignation of David Pipes from the
committee with immediate effect. David's resignation letter says that he need needs extra time
to spend in his own business following several new contracts.
The committee are sorry to lose David. He has contributed greatly to the committee and to the
Society over the past years.
The newsletter currently nearing completion will be taken over by Cathy Towers from David
Pipes (David is passing over the work he has done to date to Cathy). Cathy will publish the
newsletter in the next few weeks. The control of the web site will be taken over by Doug Pruden.
The newsletter had been delayed to allow the Society to bring you up to date with  changes to
both the committee responsibilities and the web pages and was intended to go out in early April
with all the updates.
The committee have met twice in recent months  to review their responsibilities and in particular
to put in place a 'shadow' for each committee member, to ensure that as the committee
responsibilities became more onerous, there was a degree of additional assistance and cover
available. In addition it was agreed that many of the responsibilities managed by Bob Jordan
should be reallocated to other members of the committee.
As a result the following was agreed to be put in place on the 1st April 2001.
TASK                                MEMBER                    SHADOW
Chairman                    Bob Jordan                        Phil Bailey
Treasurer                    Phil  Bailey                        Bob Jordan
Secretary                    Ann Bailey                       Cathy Towers
Membership SecretaryDoug Pruden                      David Pipes
New Members
Recruitment               Gill Walker                         Sue Mooney
Internet Adminstrator  David Pipes                        Doug Pruden
Newsletter                 Cathy Towers                     Gill Walker
Merchandise              Sue Mooney                      Cathy Towers
Events Co-ordinator    Sue Mooney                      Cathy Towers(protem)
Staff Member             David Benfield                    post vacant
Archivist                    post vacant                        David Pipes
In addition the committee had requested David Pipes to set up the facility for members to e-mail
committee members directly through the web site.David's resignation will regrettably delay some
of the above and require some reallocation of responsiblities.
The committee are keen to make greater use of the Internet subject to setting up the necessary
security systems.The web site could include a secure chat site, up to date membership lists
and the newsletter. Many of these changed were signalled in the June 2000 newsletter.
However the committee  felt that e-mail addresses should be deleted from the visitors book, and
instead be published in the members secure area of the web site. The current situation allows
non-members to enjoy some of the benefits of the Society without joining . As we move further
down the Internet route, it is important that the Society generates income to support its
development. The committee are also concerned that the current openness of the site, could
give rise to legal problems,which in turn would give rise to personal liability of the committee
members. The cost of insurance is very expensive.
Your committee is made up of a cross section of members and who have a wide range of
practical,business and technical skills. They give freely of their time and their availabilty for
tasks may sometimes fluctuate with external circumstances.  The above developments  were
approved by  the committee in January 2001 and were very fully discussed.
 Windsor Society Committee.
Bob Jordan     jordan123@lineone.net
Doug Pruden  Doug_Pruden @hotmail .com
Phil Bailey     pmbassoc35@aol.com      
Ann Balley  pmbassoc35@aol.com
Cathy Towers cathy.towers@lineone.net
Sue Mooney  susie@mooney2000.freeserve.com
Iain Butler      butleriain@hotmail.com 
Gill Walker     see details on membership list
David Benfield see details on membership list

30 March 2001
Thanks for all your work on the Site. I do wish people would use the correct spelling for a web site it
is NOT SIGHT folks it is SITE it's a location. I'll post again over the weekend as ntl dropped me out during one of my previous postings.

Malcolm Brunson (E 67-69)


30 March 2001
Good to see mention of some familar names, from Pete Bull and Pat Rowney, used to share a dorm with some of them, Has anyone heard from Ernie Davidson in recent years I lost touch with him when I was at Teacher Training College in Loughborough in 1970, He was working as a trainee manager then. I believe he was also out in Singapore in the early part of the Sixties and went to Alexandra Grammer followed by St John's.
Malcolm Brunson (E 67-69)