5 June 2001
Just came across this while browsing..is there anyone out there that was in the sixth form during my brief stay at the school? Regards, Ian (especially Asley Norton)
Ian Smith (B 80-82)
9 June 2001
Along with all other good wishes and thanks I would like to add mine to you David. I am very grateful for all the hard work that the committee has done for all past pupils and staff of both WGS and WBS. It is always the same people who moan, those who sit back and wait for others to do all the work and then criticize the work done.

Before my sister and I went to WGS we attended the Lycee International in Fontainebleau, France from Easter 1964. I would like to contact any 'old' classmates from then: Lynn MacApline (returned to Lincoln 65/66), Cynthia Suter, Mandy Wilson, Michael Reddy, Keith Hutchinson to name but a few. The Head was Mr Emerson, Mr Williams taught History/Geography and Miss McNamara
English/Latin. Having attended so many schools it would be nice to contact 'old' classmates - I also attended Queens' School Rheindahlen after leaving WGS and would like to know if any of them remember me: Ann Ashworth (last seen in Inglis Barracks,Millhill London in 1971) Maureen Smith, Susan Hughes and others from the Lower Sixth in 1968/69.
Sharon Pearse (M 66-68)

12 June 2001
Can't believe I've found this site - it's terrifying !!! don't seem to recognise any names, but then was always better with faces. I remember in particular being quarantined for a number of weeks due to a meningitus scare (as I remember it was a girl called Jacqui who
contacted the virus but luckily made a full recovery). I also remember stealing tubs of nutella to smuggle into prep - yum, also remember that revolting 'Jungle Juice' we used to get in the summer !! - if anyone remembers me, I'd love to hear from you...
Fiona Brosowski (Moran) (C 72-74)

14 June 2001
Posted this message the other day but it hasn't appeared yet, so I'll give it another go. Great site by the way. I have fond memories of WGS, anyone quarantined with me during a Meningitus scare in 73 or 74 (can't remember which year). Also remember stealing jars of Nutella at
tea time and smuggling into prep. Also remember catchwords at the time were BRUFS & FLAPS!!
Fiona Brosowski (Moran) (C 72-74)


16 June 2001
congratulations to all who have received the latest newsletter-you must be favoured!!!!
Mike Cowley (E 67-67)


17 June 2001
What a bummer.... just as I was preparing for a smooth hand over of the site the Visitors' Book went t*ts up!! Messages sent during June, even those I posted myself, were not getting through then they all turned up on Saturday evening! My apologies to everyone who posted a message this month (including those who posted test messages with no content), this page is now up to date.
As you will know, I resigned from the Windsor Society committee a couple of months ago and have been 'baby sitting' this web site until a successor could be found and arrangements finalised to move the site to a new server. My replacement shares my initials so 'DP' will continue to run the site, only it will be Doug Pruden, not me.
I've enjoyed my eight years on the committee though felt stagnation setting in, hence my decision to concentrate on my other major interest; restoring my 1954 Riley with the idea of competing in classic car rallies - think of the film 'Monte Carlo or Bust' and you get the idea.
During the past few years I've met quite a few of my old friends from both schools though sadly not the one person to whom I would like to say "Hi, how are you?'' If you can figure out who that is and have any news, please get in touch.
I've also made several new friends so to all of them and to you, my best wishes. I'll see you at a future reunion, perhaps...
David Pipes (S 65-67)

23 June 2001
Hi Have just found the web site and thought I would write to let you know that I went to Windsor Girls School from Sept 74 to July 76 when we returned to England.  My name then was Lynda Rowley and I was in Sandringham House.  I was in the second and third year whilst I was there. 
Lyn Rowley (S 74-76)

24 June 2001
hi to everyone who knows me. love to hear from you all.
carol hibberd (nee green) (B 77-80)
30 June 2001
It's infact part of my job to find Websites like this ... but it does give you the creeps. I was in Marlborough House in the "flares and anarchy-" period. I've seen quite a few familiar names and just got here. Hi to all!
Rob Webster (M 72-79)