1 July 2001
I have just come across this amazing web site. I was a commuter from soest ok then a day bug. I was trawling through some of the old e-mails and saw some names that I recognized so I will be in touch with you at some point.

Chris Neill (E 78-83)

2 July 2001
Hi There! My name is Roy Webster, I suffer from Cerebral Palsy since birth and I live in Berlin in Germany. I must admit that I had nothing to do with Windsor-Boys-School, but my two elderly brothers Robert and Derek Webster spent their schooldays in the 70's. After searching in the internet a couple of years ago, trying to find some interesting history on Windsor-Boys-School in Hamm/Germany, I am chuffed to suddenly come across this very interesting homepage.
Roy Webster

4 July 2001
Ha Hah!...fantastic!.....nearly fell off my chair when I found this site!.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers either myself or my sister Kim.(even the teachers!).We were at Hamm between 1974-1976....I am in touch with Tony Reilly & John Gay & could probably track down Steve Twigg.So come on,some one must remember us!
Nigel Murray (M 74-76)

5 July 2001
At last an opportunity to perhaps make contact with some of the great friends from a gerat period of life (old school friends). I was in Hillsborough house from age thirteen untill sixteen when Haydn Jones was the housemaster. The names of fellow students that i recall are 'Peter
White' Dave Dilly, Brent Manuel and of the staff Pop Farrah, Mr Ellis MR barrington thats about it, i wish i could remember more. I have fond memories of inter-house competitions on the main football and rugby pitches in the centre of the school; of 'letter writing' to the girls school; of the end of school play (something about Dracula) and the end of school disco (summer 78);of sneaking into Caernarvon house (or was it Sandringham?) to watch 'Happy Days' because our house t.v. couldn't
pick it up. Lots of schoolday memories. Anyone who may recognize my name-please get in touch!!
Paul Hendy (H 76-78)

6 July 2001
Paul 'The Pinball King' Higgins (B 81-?)

6 July 2001
Hiya out there all who remember me, Dave Higham i have lost your E-Mail address.
Is anyone in contact with Dawn Perry, Claire or Anne O'Brian, it would be good to see how they are getting on. Who remembers Keller Geister what a good wine that was, anyway need to hear from people who know me, don't be shy. Andy!!!
Andy Rowley (E 79-83)
7 July 2001
Hi,sorry about the e-mail address!!Does anyone remember me? I shared a dorm with Leslie Irwin and Nicole Abrahams, where are they now?. Please check out..... friendsreunited.co.uk there are loads of the ex windsors on this site, if anyone remembers me please drop me a line, i would love to hear from you.
Mandy Hudson (H 80-85)

Sorry Mandy, if you care to submit an e-mail address that doesn't contain a four-letter word it will be accepted. DP.

7 July 2001
Brother introduced me to this site. If anyone remembers me, e-mail me for a chat.
Paul Saville (Savs) (B 80-82)
8 July 2001
Mandy, I remember you, we also lived at the same home address. You have two brothers so I recall. Email me you address, we can chat. Thanks Windsor, what a great site.
Karen Austin (H 79-81)

8 July 2001
Anyone around who was in Edinburgh at the same time as me? not very good at names. My brother was in Marlborough at the same time but was 2 years older. I left at the end of 4th yr. names that I remember are Bill Gibson, Fred Winkworth, Mike Mawr
Sue Partridge (nee McCrory)(E 65-69)
8 July 2001
Hello to every one out there,Its only been 18 years.Ive seen names in the visitors book that come to mind and they seem to bring back lots of good
memorys,so if you remember dorm 126 from Balmoral get in touch.If any one knows how i could
contact A Mr Donavon who was head of house at this time i would like to thank him for all he put up
with. Also to all the Windsor society staff, your all doing a great job.
Steven Saville (B 81-83)
8 July 2001
Found this site recently & keep visiting it for some compulsive reason!! Loads of names I recognise & have been in touch with Sean Cockcroft, Vince Gulley! "A-Mount" great chat with both of them!!Still in touch with Nige Murray, (Marlborough scum-bag) but that doesn't make him a bad person??!! My sister Helen is also a fan of the site, St James WGS same time!! Would both like to hear from anyone who Knows us.Stan Graham, Steve Pegram if you read this, get in touch!!!
Great site DP & may it continue!!
John Gay (H 73-76)
9 July 2001
Good to see the visitors book on the move again. Come on you 60's pupils, don't be shy, leave a message. Anyone got news of the Wharton Brothers, the Gibbs twins, Horace Hedges, Brute West?
John Fisher (H 65-68)

11 July 2001
Well done Bwabs, on your above message, see its easy, I think a wait of 2 years for another reunion is a long time, so how about some of the mid 70s crew meeting up for an
informal mini reunion somewhere, sometime this summer possibly, that is agreeable to most, if not everyone. When I joined the club there were only a couple of people I knew from Hamm, now that number is well into double figures in just over a year, so heres to the future. Some names that I hope will think about the meet, are John Gay, Vince Gulley, Tony Reilly, Colin Cope, Molly Graham, Chip Carpenter, Ted Wick, Nigel Murray, Neil Carrick, Dave Gordon and any girls that knew the afore-mentioned lads, some other names I am in contact with that are'nt online yet are Skin Kelk, Paddy Ferris, Jim Turvey, Rob George, apologies to anyone I've missed, but if you can make it all
the better. Regards.
Sean Cockcroft (H 74-76)

11 July 2001
If you had attended the first of the Reunions at Newbury, you would have met up with Phil Wharton, who had made a special effort to attend from wherever he is now based overseas.
Incidentally, I was also at primary school with the Whartons in Wuppertal in 1959.
Pamela Ross (St. J 63-68)

15 July 2001
I was in Sandringham (S60) with my brother Peter (S194) from '60 to '62. Somebody will remember him, as he was a fantastic soccer player. Maisy Brown perhaps.Gerry
"Boots " Kelly and David Blackiston from Sandringham, and Jon "Bambi " Marshall also from about our time. Mr. Kelly I would also like to contact Bob Chetwind, and if anybody knows the whereablouts of Chris Halford (Hillsboro) I would appreciate it. At the moment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but living in Johannesburg. My brother Peter is in Azerbijan.
Mike Handley (S 60-62)
17 July 2001
Just found the site.Well done to Mr Massey @ Co for an excellent job.I was in Sandringham house from 1978-1981.Would have stopped longer but Mr Scott was convinced I should leave ASAP as he had packed my bags and was nice enough to take me to the train station.He must have been concerned for my safety because he would not leave my side untill the train left the station (I swear there was a tear in his eye).
Paul Matthews (S 78-81)
No e-mail address supplied
This site was designed by and has been maintained for the Windsor Society by me, David Pipes.
Mike Massey is not a member of the society.
17 July 2001
Hallo out there, just found this site and what a site it is! I cannot believe some of the names i've come across, er i mean found on this site.Still a few though who are not, Mark (maggot) Maddocks, Cookie, Pete (PJ) Hannaway, Lloyd (Eddie) Lathen and a few more i cannot remember at the moment. Have been in contact with Shane Ray a few times and Gary Benson both from Sandringham Hse. Don't really know what else to say, oh Sharon and Allan are both fine if anybody remembers those two and this is Allan's email add. if anyone wishes to get in touch with any or all of us. stay smiling and hope to hear from someone soon, cheers H.
Hyron King (S 78-81)

18 July 2001
David, my apologies for the error. Well done.
Paul Matthews (S 78-81)
S'OK, Paul.

18 July 2001
What a find - I was just surfing the web and for the first time in 6 years of having access to the internet typed in the words "Windsor Boys School - Hamm" and this site popped up! I was so excited!! I was in Caernarvon house when Mr McKay was housemaster, Tim Westland was winning everything in Athletics and I was going out with Deb Percival. Gosh those were the days!!
Jon Cressey (C96) (C 73-76)

18 July 2001
Found this site as a link from 'friendsreuinted' I recognised names like Bambi Marshall, Mike Hill and Margaret Burrell. Their younger siblings Andy, John and Jean were my contemporaries. I knew them in Germany and then Malaya and I would love to get in touch. My mother and Mrs Hill still keep in touch so I know what Mike, John
and their sister Shirley are at.I have sent an e mail to Jon Marshall asking for Andy's whereabouts so I am hoping for a reply soon.I tried to copy the same mail to Mike on the two addresses that I found in the visitors book, but they keep coming back. I don't recognise any names of my old classmates or housemates, but I hope that when I join the society proper, I will see some familiar names.
Lynda McDonald (now Robinson) (B 61-63)


19 July 2001
John. I think you mean Tim Westmore dont you, apologies if not, but he was quite a good athlete as well, although not as good as me, lol. regards Sean.
Sean Cockcroft (H 74-76)

20 July 2001
I was really surprised and rather delighted to find this website. I was at WBS just for one year in 1960, long enough for it to make an impression upon me. I was in the first form and recall having the 'slipper' within a very short time of being there. I was the one who got caught
during an inter-dormitory pillow fight!!
I also remember the floods affecting the school. The whole school site was covered in a few feet of water - very exciting for an eleven year old.
I was co-opted into the scrum of some rugby team which was being filmed for I know not what. I also remember the wonderful schools meals we used to get and have a recollection of a 'banquet' involving a stuffed pig! It was a function for adults and older boys - I think.
On one occasion there was a house dance (?) with the girl's school and I met a girl called Carol, much older than me, who I had crush on. It was all so long ago and I often wondered what happened to the school. My father was posted back to the UK and I went on to a grammar school which I stayed at when he returned to Germany. I don't suppose anyone will recall - I certainly can't remember any names. My father was with the Rifle Brigade at Wuppertal. A good website and the photographs of the school confirmed that my memory isn't that bad.
Bob Horbury (S 60-60)

21 July 2001
Just found your great site,it has brought back many memorable things. Such as the orange Marlborough football top, to not being allowed to walk along the path outside the dining block.My brother Colin also attended WBS at the same time P.S. If anyone remembers me, please drop me a line.
Kevin Hudnott (M 80-81)
21 July 2001
Hi, I'm stuck in the middle of the Omani desert on exercise covered in sweat and sand. Anyone who remembers me is more than welcome to send me e-mails to boost morale and they will be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation!
Jim Alger (S 78-80)

22 July 2001
Hi,Great site managed to contact Derek "Webby" Webster (Marl) Pascal Quigley (Edin)... does anyone have news of Steve (Winks) Winkler, Dave (Mac) McMenermy, Graham (Pikey) Pike as would like to get in touch we were all in Marlborough house together in the 3rd & 4th year.
Noddy Holder (M 72-77)
23 July 2001
Hi all who remember me. PJ, Cloughie, Lloyd Latham, Mark Smith, Morx and all the rest of that motley crew. Anyone know what happened to Dawn Perry and Tracey Bramhall?
Feel free to email me if you know who the hell I am. Oh...Hi to my sister, Kay, if she reads this. By the way, where are all the photos from the Eighties? Come on...get posting.
Mike Lucas-Carter (H 80-83)

24 July 2001
Just stumbled on the site. Facinating reading the messages and seeing the old buildings again.Any one who remembers me or my brother Ian (cocoa) drop me a line.
Steve (boggy) Palmer (S 63-66)
24 July 2001
Has anyone heard from Andy (rocky) Long, Andrew Randson, John Farmer or P.J. (pop) Carey one of Balmoral's house masters
Keith Turnbull B30 (B73-75)

25 July 2001
Hi, Found this site via Friendreunited.co.uk and what a find. The above site has gone round the office like wildfire. The photos bring back fond memories ie. Remember Peg-Leg or Mr. Riddle and his DM sole and the fear it installed in us all? Remember the mote freezing over and our feeble attempts to skate. I was a border all the way from Berlin. I remember the excessive amount of time spent traveling between Hamm and Berlin, but what fun we had on those journeys going through the corridor taunting the Eastie Beasties. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me at WBS, especially Dean Pogue, Quiggs, Faulky, Mark Brewster, Jenks, Annette Lomaz, Paula O'Brien, Dez Russell, Mark Henderson
Geoff Girvan (E 78-81)

25 July 2001
Thanks Rob for pointing this site out to me. It's great! (Just causes sleepless nights). All the familiar names make me jump and off my memory spools...
Made contact with Noddy (see 22nd July 2001) and
am hoping for more ;o)
All the best and thanks Windsor Society.
Derek Webster (M 73-78)

29 July 2001
hello I was at Windsor from  68-70 my school number was M-138 I would like to say hello and would like to hear from others
Peter A Hudson (M 6-70)

30 July 2001
Hi all, The WS in Oz/Nz is at a standstill due to no-one wanting to take it on so until Bob Jordan and his crew can organise someone please continue to use me as a contact point for this part of the world. I am also marshotwo@hotmail.com so either address will find me
Have found a couple of ex BFPO's in Yahoo living here so will follow them up to see if they are Windsorites or not and if they would like to join. Has anyone heard/seen or knows the whereabouts of Philip Cann (Balmoral) - would like to get in touch.
Jon (Bambi) Marshall (B 60-62)

30 July 2001
Hello I was a day boy from 77 - 80 Balmoral House, any others out there. My sister was at WGS
Tony Hines (B 77-80)

30 July 2001
Hi, I was at Windsor from '81 - '83. I was known as Wanda Blackburn and was in Marlborough House, my brother David was in Balmoral.Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me, especially Pooh (Lisa Winick), Jeff Charlton, Donna Callard
Wanda Blackburn (M 81-83)

30 July 2001
This is awesome! Does anyone have contact with Clifford Harris, Trevor McArdle, Jimmy Nelson? Yes Sean - It was Tim Westmore, but I do remember that there was a guy in our house (Caernarvon) in our year who was just as fast and ran in this wierd upright position (100m), I don't think you will have beat him! His name escapes me at the moment.
Jon Cressey (C 73-76)