1 January 2001
Jackie Redfearn (S ? - ?)

1 January 2001
Happy and Prosperous New Year to everybody. Hope you
have all recovered from the festivities. Perhaps this year I will find some more 'old' friends from the sixties - I hope so.
ps When is the Windsor Newsletter arriving?

Jean Rontree (nee Bartaby) (S 62-66)

The newsletter has been held back to include news from a committee meeting due to be held in January.DP

2 January 2001
Founders, Keep up the good work this site is excellent!
Have a great year!
Spoke for an hour with Ted Wick last night for the first time in twenty five years and more new memories came flooding back as though it was yesterday. Great fun!
Tony Reilly (M 73-76)

2 January 2001
Happy new year!
Tony Reilly (M 73-76)

3 January 2001
hi anybody remember us david higham and zoe loftus now
anderton living in preston lancs love to hear from anyone who remembers us andy rowley woody boris big jim mark riley dicky jo charlton petra cressy liz rixton hailey murray and hundreds others its all flooding back lots of love for now.xxxxxx :O)
david higham and zoe loftus (81-83)

3 January 2001
Anyone out there remember me from Caernarvan or any
other house for that matter? Be pleased to hear from you and catch up on 30 odd years of life!
Alan Banks (C 61-64)
4 January 2001
We used to live at Soest, live all over the place at the
moment. Should anyone remember any of us, we would love to hear from you, especially Avril Hoye (for Sue), Sue Chapman (for Kate) and absolutely ANYBODY who hasn,t heard from Nicky.......
Get e-mailing today ha! ha!
katie nicky susie rolfe (St. J 71-75)

4 January 2001
Nicky, Susie and myself have just discovered this site..... we are 'grown up' and boring, hopefully, somebody out there will remember one or the other of us and get in contact.
I would really like to hear from Marion Lennon, know she married a german and got divorced, lost contact in 1978. Apart from that, hi, to all you ex Windsor brats. TTFN
Katie Rolfe(St. J 71-74)

5 January 2001
Hi to all old friends of Hillsborough. Having logged onto the site, it seems like only a short while ago, not 28 years.
Wishing all those who knew me a Happy New Year.
Kevin Parfitt (H 71-73)
5 January 2001
G'Day from the land of Oz and Happy New Year to all.
Have had a couple of ex Windsorites email me as a result of finding this site so it is starting to happen. Please note my home email address - I am retiring from Fortis in the next 4 months so I would appreciate anyone wishing to communicate to use the home address until the WS appoint a new Sec for this part of the world.
Jon (Bambi) Marshall (B 59-62)

7 January 2001
Happy New Year to everyone....... Have I missed a
newsletter? I don't seem to have had one for ages..
Angie Dunmall (S 70-75)

No, it's been postponed - see 1 January above.

11 January 2001
Would like to hear from anyone who might have known me during my time at Windsor. Have very fond memories of my time there.
Particularly searching for Jacqui Grimes from the Girls school 77-79, Ian "Abbo" Aberdeen from Hillsborough house 77-79 same as myself, Carolyn Boyes from the Girls school. Hope someone can help.
Tony Parslow (H 77-79)

13 January 2001
A couple of people have mentioned problems accessing this page, put it down to the after effects of an excess of New Year spirit! From now on, the Visitors' Book should automatically open at the current month.DP

13 January 2001
Hi. Just another quick note to try and see if anyone remembers me? I went on the breakfast show at BBC Radio Stoke at the end of last year talking about the schools - did anyone hear me? Im particularly looking for some of my house mates - none of whom showed up at the reunion last year.
Steve Elwood, Andy McKay, Dave (titch) Lundy, Keith Corbett - or indeed anyone who was in Edinburgh at the time. Two girls that come to mind are Deborah Case and Amanda Reed.
Michael Davies (E 70-73)

13 January 2001
Just found this site amazing pictures brought back a lot
of good memerioes some of the best time of my life, Looked through the entries not a lot for the late 60s early 70s.If you remember me drop us a mail. A few names i remember are Tony (Toots)Brown,Mick Fawcett, Russel
Jones, Brian Sparrow, Jimmy Morton, Pete Magivern, and Twiggy Turner. Are you out there if so drop us a mail.
Mick Churchfield (Churches) (S 68-72)
14 January 2001
Happy new year everybody. Dave why do the month dates keep coming up in Russian? Do you know ?
I was talking to Tony Reilly on the phone a good laugh.Can anybody recall the name of the Housemaster of Boys Balmoral 73ish ? Great site keep it up.
Ted Wick (M 72-75)

Russian?? They were supposed to be Greek! They're all OK here using three different browsers. Has anyone else experienced this?DP

15 January 2001
A Very Happy New Year to everyone. Now back in Uk after 5 memorable years in Zimbabwe. Lost all friends'
E mail and home address in the move, Would love to hear from the 70's gang.
Much love,
Jan Short (nee Crawshaw) (C 71-74)

1 January 2001
Sorry to bother you, my two sisters were at Windsor
School at the end of the 70´s. Jacqui & Elaine. So does anyone out there know of St Georges School, East England. Does it have a homepage.? Does anyone know my Sisters.?
Neil Foskett (? - ?)

16 January 2001
Hi, I'm trying to track down Barbara Yeo, Sandy Rawson,
Beatrix Alberga, Gillian Green, Linda Dawson, Chris Smith or Janet Abraham. All ex-Balmoral inmates, can anyone help?
Pat Shearing (nee Dempsie) (B 71-74)

Three of these names appear on the Windsor Society membership list which includes addresses and phone numbers and is available to all members of the society. Visit the 'How to Join' page to obtain further details.DP

18 January 2001
Happy New year to all! Would still like to hear from any early seventies pupils that may remember me, especially those in Sandringham House.
Heather Blandford (S 71-72)
19 January 2001
PAT SHEARING! I have tried to e-mail you this week but
the message was returned saying that your e-mmail address was incorrect.
It should be OK now -
It's just that i noticed you were trying to contact a Sandy Rawson and I was wondering if she had a brother by the name of Kevin who I have been trying to track down for some time. If it is her brother and you have better luck than myself, could you pass on my e-mail address.

Hello to all & a Happy New Year to all.
Still looking for the following, Kev Rawson, Mike Melia, Steve Forward, Dave Bremner & anyone else that knows me. Get in touch.
Also don't miss out on the camping weekend in May.Open to all that can get up to Durham.
Alan Savage (C 70-74)

21 January 2001
Hi,I'm trying to find friends who were in my dorm,Jo
Lees, Sharon Gascoine,Yvette Turtle,leslie woodward,jackie(can't recall surname),and Debbie Rymer,who I have E-mailed in the past but have had no reply!Love to hear from you.
Elaine Morgan-Rees (nee morgan) (E 76-78)
21 January 2001
Hi to anyone who may still remember me.... it was a long time ago!
Has anyone heard from Linda Austin, Nicky Leggett, Basher etc.. all in Balmoral. Fantastic web site, God knows how long I've been on line the photos are wonderful! Also "Hello" to all the people at the reunion last summer - what a night!!!
Jacqui O'Halloran (nee Blackmore) (B 75-79)

21 January 2001
I don't remember many people but Susan Jones is a name i can recall. If anyone remembers Wyn Carroll or Ann Carroll then I would like to hear from you. I now live in Stockport.
Wyn Hall (nee Carroll) (St. James 66-69)

24 January 2001
hi david higham just to say that i'll pass your message
onto andy, i'm sure that he'll be delighted to know someone out there still wants to know him after all these years. only joking. at the moment he's in london working, as soon as he comes home i'll get him to e.mail you. why doesn't anyone remember me? see you all have a nice 2001. great website.
Jason Rowley (E 81ish - 83ish)

27 January 2001
Hello everyone, I thought I'd try and post again. I'm
sitting here grinning whilst reflecting on my short time as a House monitor and being the radical decided to call out the morning role using everyones first name.....not the done thing yet I was trying to act so hip in those days. (A bit of a prattish thing now on reflection) I was good friends with "Spook" McGookin, Kev. Wilmer, Steve Dobson. I met "Spook" some years back, yet to hear from anyone
else......bye for now.
Steve ("Pleso") Pleasance (E 71-74)
28 January 2001
Hello there everyone, been a while since my last posted
message. Trying to get into contact with anyone that remembers me. The likes of Bev Sanderson, Kay Stubbs, Tim & Helen Collins, Dawn Hawkins, oh gosh and there are so many more I know, memory and age fails me.
Well just drop me a line if you know the whereabouts of any of them and will be happy to reply....bye bye for now.
Liz Rixon (M 81-83)

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29 January 2001
Long time since I left a message. I trust that you are all fit and well, and enjoying life. And getting into the swing of 2001... Carol Gibson, at long last you have surfaced... I have emailed you.(About three times)...
For any of you wanting to get in touch please do... Still no sign of Avril Hoy? Does anyone keep in touch with Dawn and Debbie Johnson? Scott and Carol Fergerson answer your emails.... Catch you all on the return emails. LoveD
Denise Meyers (Fletcher) (H 72-78)
29 January 2001
Hi everyone, just a quick line with yet another new e-
mail address!! you can now find me at: artychol@yahoo.com (although the old address is still in use). Great to see still more names joining the society daily. Love to hear from anyone who knows me.
Sheryl Stuart (nee Blackmore) (B 74-79)

30 January 2001
Still searching for lost pals from the dark ages. Ok
we've all got really important lives to live and things to do, bur don't we all occasionally drift off in our minds to those hazy days of midnight dorm raids, girls school runs through the darkness, tuck shops, food parcels, bus rides for hours on end then back again, saturday discos and fumblings, get in touch with the real you, the side that your partners really do not understand, face those years and laugh in the face of reality. ( do you think this is too much ?.......)
Paul 'Tiny' McDermott (M 77-79)

29 January 2001
I have tried to contact Patrick'Paddy' O'Neill at synstar, as per his message of June 1999, but the message is returned as 'undelivered' by the ISP.So Paddy, if you see this message, drop me a line.Best wishes Kevin.
Kevin Parfitt (H 71-73)

30 January 2001
Hi anyone out there remember the Potts Clan, We were all day girls and boys, we didnt have the luxury of living with you all! people we remember are Suzanne Robinson, Heidi Lowe, Sherrian Ormorod, Dinah Putman, Walter Gunner and Steve Evans and anyone else
that nows us
Theresa, David, Martyn and Sandra Potts (St.J 70-73)

One of these names appears on the Windsor Society membership list which includes addresses and phone numbers and is available to all members of the society. Visit the 'How to Join' page to obtain further details.DP

30 January 2001
Great website. Keep up the good work. The photographs
make me homesick! How about giving consideration to a reunion further north?
Aidan Tasker (M 57-60)

The location for reunions is under consideration; further news in the next newsletter, due within 2-3 weeks. DP

30 January 2001
Greetings to those who may still remember me - it was a
long time ago.
I went to the last 2 reunions and I'm still trying to track down some friends who lived in Osnabruck ie Kay & Sian Williams, Fiona Nichol, Dave Carrol, Wendy Duncan, Toni Brennan, Bruno & Gina Maddren etc.I shared one
of the Annexs' in Balmoral with Steve Owen but does anybody know the whereabouts of our other 'dormies' Ken Willis and Micheal Thorpe, Dale Harding & Mike Maddern were in the other annex with A.N.Other.
I went to the last 2 reunions and they were great just meeting up with people like Fletch just brought the memories flooding back, I also work with Mike Price at RAF Wyton. I would like to hear from anybody who has any info regarding the above Cheers
Dave McQueen (B 77-78)

31 January 2001
Hello to everyone that knows me......do you remember
those weekend disco's. I was one of your friendly weekend deejays, of course it didn't stop there for me, as I had some house socials, and teachers parties to cater for just to keep me busy. I recall being asked to the girls school to demonstrate the art of trying to become a
dee jay to the girls.....and I might add they were very good as I recall.

On another note, I just like to add I still cant get over missing the last reunion due to military commitments. Hope everyone had a wonderful time......still, of course you all did.
dale Harding (B 76-78)