1 February 2001
Just thought I would say Hi to anyone who knows me and
let you know my e-mail address. Would love to hear from you! Still new to this internet, its all trial and error and not enough practise!
Christine redpath (Miller) (S 61-63)

2 February 2001
Just though i would post yet another message to waken
you guys up. we were supposed to be the elite, the finest that schooling could offer, but we are letting ourselves down. Where are all the lost souls, floating through time not knowing about this club and what it can do to lift ones soul. spread the word my friends, do not keep this to
ourselves, and remember, lets be cheerful out there......
Tiny McDermott (M 77-79)

3 February 2001
Hello all,
a few names to strike a few chords of memory for all of you who remember those years......but first, thanks to my brother who told me of the existence of this site. Miss Leece..Biology. Miss Watmough..Chemistry.
Mr Harris..History. Mr McGuiness..English .Mr Chedgey..Art. Mr Tarling..German. Miss McDade..French. Miss
Crooks..German. Miss Bold..Dep Head and Latin. Misses Stennet and Beatson..Gym. Padre Thackeray..Divinity. Miss Feerick..(Sulfeerick acid)..Headmistress.

Well then,who do you remember? For myself, it was Matron Sill(gertrude), Miss Cliffe and Miss Stewart of St James while I was there. Best years of my life as they say...and it's true. Great memories.
Wyn Carrol, I remember you well, also Lesley Nunn and your sisters Dawn and Kim. Lynn waller..I believe we shared a dorm along with Joan Newcombe..do you remember?
A few others I recall with happy smiles are Jackie Michelle, Lisa Caddick,Eileen Breen, Sally Flood, Pat Timmins and the Osman sisters, Selma, Sezin and Sevinch, also my best pal, Nikki Benn, who also lived in Bunde. How about Linda Cook, Karin Silk, Moira Artingstall, Sue Shrubsole, Wendy Brooker, Caroline Henchcliffe, Roz Adams, Pam Fox, Sue Rutter and her sister Linda plus my room-mate in the third year, Dawn Thomas. There are so many others I remember...but do any of you remember me? If you do, let me know either via this site's guestbook or the e-
mail wossname included....and did Gill Harridence, the lovliest girl in class ever become a beauty queen does anyone know?
Hope to hear from some, if not all of you soon,and Concordia to the lot of you!
best wishes

Sue Leitch (Churchfield)

With love to Mick.

At least ten of these names appear on the Windsor Society membership list which includes addresses and phone numbers and is available to all members of the society. Visit the 'How to Join' page to obtain further details.
4 February 2001
Tina & I are searching for old friends. Anyone who remembers us please get in contact at the below email. Tina was a prefect in Edinburgh House.
Tina & Kathleen Moncaster. (E 58-62)

4 February 2001
I wish i was in ST .JAMES then but alas no. Bogtrotter where are you ?have none of my emails got thro

Ted Wick (M 72-75)

4 February 2001
Hi everyone, Thank's for the replies from my last e-mai attempt. Nice to hear from you Theresa, is it true she is marrying Alan Hunt? If you could send me Julie Cole's new address or phone number, I would be really happ, as I lost contact with her year's ago... Also, would like to hear from Kim Gregory or Marion Lennon. Maybe somebody somewhere can help. Big hello to everyone who used to live in Soest and remembered a german called Bogie, he was an
honorary member of our youth club. Ken Menzies and Arthur where are you now?????
Katie Rolfe (St. James 71-74)

6 February 2001
Hi everybody Bob Byrne [bogtrotter] did you get my email?
Ted Wick (M 72-75)
6 February 2001
Just found this site. Be interested to exchange news with any at school at the same time. Looking especially for John Olivera.
Joe Caroll (E 67-70)

7 February 2001
Hi everyone, smee again. Been looking in regularly to see if there are any messages from mid to late 60's but not many coming through. The 70's seems to be a popular era with many of you looking for contacts. So, if you are just passing through and can't see your era, LEAVE A MESSAGE. Someone might see it!
Anyone seen Paddy Bourke from Sandringham? Can anyone remember the lad from Caernarvon who used to draw caricatures, can't remember his name. We used to sit next to each other for several lessons in the week and he got me detention more than once by drawing caricatures of teachers on his desk knowing I would laugh histerically when I saw them, cruel sod! But very tallented.
John Fisher (H 65-68)
7 February 2001
Hi to all,I am so pleased to find this website, wish I had found it alot sooner.
I would really love to hear from anyone that remembers me, probably by my nickname "chick" it may jog a few memories, and I was also one of the Berliners. Sue Churchfield I remember you well and alot of the people you mention in your message, I have emailed you, hope to hear from you soon.
Yvonne D'Arcy (Johnson) (St. James 69-71)

11 February 2001
Hi to all you Windsor kids, There does`nt seem to be very many people in the Society from the last Five years of that fine school! Being just a (Baby) as all you old un`s called us at the Mellenium Reunion, any ideas to
where they all are? old un`s?
Must dash, got to go and order a Mobillity chair for the future!
Dave Ross (C 80-82)

The first six pages of the Windsor Society's membership list show 55 members from the years 78-83. The list is 30 pages long so at a guess around 250+ are from those years.
11 February 2001
Hi there ya'll out there in cyberspace, just leaving my e-mail address for anyone who might like to get in touch after all these years.....
Tony P in Very Sunny Cyprus.
Tony Parslow (H 77- 80)
13 February 2001
Looking for any one that was in Mr Victor Baily class from 74-79,also any one that was a day boy or girl from werl I also had a brother at the school named Jenner so if there
someone get in touch.
Kevin Hilton (E 74-75)

17 February 2001
Hello Everyone
In May this year I am going to do one of the maddest things I have ever done in my life, any one that remembers me will know that I've done some pretty mad things in the past. I am taking part in a John O'Groats to Lands End
Trans- Britain bike ride. The distance is 841 miles and is expected to take two weeks to complete Cycling an average of about sixty miles a day.
The reason I am doing this is to raise badly needed cash for the Neurofibromatosis association. My son Oscar was diagnosed at an early age as having Neurofibromatosis One (NF1).
Neurofibromatosis or NF for short is a genetic disorder that affects about one in every 2,500 babies born in the UK. Complications may include amongst other things Learning difficulties, Behavioural problems, Curvature of the spine, Large benign skin tumors and increased risk of epilepsy.
As well as the NF Association six other charities will also benefit from money raised from the ride these include The Home Farm Trust, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, British Epilepsy Association, National Osteoporosis Society, The Ulster Cancer Foundation and National Kidney Research Fund.
All, as I'm sure will agree are very worth while causes so if anyone out there would like to make a donation no matter how small contact me by e mail and I will give you details of where to send cheques etc. to.
Thank You in anticipation for your support
Pete (Formally Dick) Whiddington. (C 75-79)

P.S. If anyone would like to know more about NF the Association have a very good web page at

18 February 2001
hi to everyone
does anyone remember me mn;SAMSON if so would love to hear from you for a chat or perhaps meet at the next reunion
louise Macleod (C 78-82)

18 February 2001
having just read all ex windsors e-mails didnt realise so many of us kept in touch, would like to find Denise Tranent,Lisa Varadinek,Karen Barker (last seen in Osnabruck in 1985) Serena Campbell all shared a dorm together any news please e-mail me.
louise Macleod (nee Louise Samson) (C 78-82)

19 February 2001
Hello everyone, I was in Marlborough house between 1976 and 1980. I am trying to find Helen Docherty who I think was in Edinburgh House, and Shirley Morrison who was in Marlborough.
If theres anyone out there who remembers me please get in touch.
Christine Austen (M 76-80)

22 February 2001
Just thought I would put another message out to all ex Windsorites who lived in Osnabruck(76-78) Some people may remember me(some might not want to) I had 2 younger brothers Peter & Patrick but they didn't go to WBS. Still after some info on Kay & Sian Williams,Dave Carroll,Fiona Nicholl,Wendy Duncan,get in touch Phil Lowrie good to see you at the re-union (I've got a picture of Sharon taken at WBS during the Fete),to Gary Scribbins-did you live in Osnabruck? the memory is getting bad the closer I get to the big 40!!
Please contact me if you have any info
Dave McQueen (B 77-78)

22 February 2001
Have been to 2 reunions and would recommend themto everyone. Looking foreward to the next one. Have kept in touch with Lindy Kirby, Sue Wilcox, Sharn Sacco and Sheila Cricton all these years. Met Paddy Hawkins, Grott, Elaine & Kev Leadbetter, to name a few, at last reunion, hope to meet, or be in contact with more this year.
Carole Hammond (Hughes) (S 75-77)

23 February 2001
Just had a quick read through and had quite a giggle at some of the e-mails, quite a talented lot us ex-Concordians. Managed to hear from Julie Cole and had a good natter about old times, will be meeting up soon. Remembered a few more names, Sue Chapman, Denise, Beverley (all old Soesters).
Anyone fancy a chat?
Katie Rolfe (St.James ? - ?)

24 February 2001
Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Vince Gulley (E 72-?)

25 February 2001
Would like to hear from anybody that remembers me ,already seen a few familiar names,Chris Bowyer,Sean Cocroft,Carol Buchanan.
Vince Gulley (E 72-?)

24 February 2001
Well having no responce to my message on the 13 jan 01, I thought I would try again It would seem that everyone who I listed is"nt on line,or has been got by Pegleg !!! remember him.To afraid to even go to the loo alone incase you were got by him. As I remember the tale he was a pilot who crashed on to the roof of one of the house blocks and was doomed to walk the corridors. frightening little boys some life eh (oops or death ). This was of course told to us by the older more mature seniors of sandringham house so it had to be true,only later to find out it was some, shall we say a mature senior with a large boot and a broom handle. well on to other things a few more names I remember Peter Dytche, Christine Cahill, Heather Buck,All of who lived at
hunnebruck near Bunde as did most of those on my previous message. Well justa little bit more nostalgia do any of you remember being in the school play Dr Banardos a play we took to Wilemsharven (possibly the wrong Spelling but Ha it was so long ago) I had a staring part of about 2 mins and then threw me self off the roof to no applause what so ever. The seniors did pirates of penzance that year and as I recall it Windosr Schools made a clean sweep of the competion.Still thanks for reading the ramblings of a deranged sandringhamitte no dought I will be back with some more inane drivel when the moment hits me again. churches S18
Mick Churchfield (S 58-72)

27 February 2001
wot happened to barbara naylor michelle stapleton sue jephcott, can anyone help me find them cheers!!!!
please someone put my sister katie out of her misery and write to her.
Nicky Rolfe (St. J 71-74)

28 February 2001
Would love to hear from anybody that remembers me.
Telephone or e-mail.
0**** *****
0**** ******
Vince Gulley (E 72-?)

Personal phone numbers are best left off the internet. It is the Windsor Society's policy not to display them.