1 December 2001
This is friggen amazing...I was just thinking about the great times I had and all the great friends I made during my experience at Windsor Boys and was relating it to a good friend and thought I would search for it this evening. What a great idea...I should have known you Englishmen (women) would put this together! and I should have looked sooner. Man do I miss those days. I haven't heard from anyone save a couple of the other DuPont brats like myself, since I left. It was an experience I will never forget and always hold close and very special the hospitality and friendship you all provide me and my brothers and sister. I sure would like to know where Nick Peddley is, Colin, Noddy Waitman, all the boys on the rugby team and basketball team, Mr. Hearn who I will never forget for giving me the blessing and annointment of higher mathematics, Mr. Dudley who always did get us to the game afterall, and the Headmaster Mr. Worrel and all the staff and employees that I came to know and befriend. I really miss Maria at the Fox and that special way she could pour that half liter! I gotta join this club and get back to a reunion. I'm on my second marraige and have two sons and three daugters, two of which are in University. Life has been very good and I have only the best wishes for all alumni of Windsor. If anyone knows where Nichola Haynes is please let me know, we were very close once and I would like to know how she is. Best Regards and wishes to all
Tom McPartland - the Yank.

Thomas McPartland (S70-74)

1 December 2001
Well done Willie Henry!
The mug shots you spotted in the newsletter were Neil Cassidy, me & Jim Nicholls.
(Sorry - I forgot to breathe in!)
Jim & I were in Hillsborough & Neil was in Balmoral. We've actually kept in touch ever since leaving Hamm. Neil & I were each other's best man and Jim was also invited to my wedding but his car broke down en route! (That's his story anyway!) I keep seeing the odd familiar name on this site which brings back a few happy memories. If you do remember me I'd be pleased to hear from you..

Neil Carrick (H72-75)

1 December 2001
Can't believe I found this. I phoned around once trying to see if there was something like this but with no joy. I was just speachless and nearly crying. Excellent. Thanks so much.

David Reid (M80-83)

2 December 2001
Dose anyone remember the American students that went to Windsor Boy's and Girl's School? My four brothers went to the boy's school and I went to the girls....my brother found this website this week and we could'nt belive it. I still have my Concorda pin and actually wore it on a sweater last week. I live in Knoxville,Tennesse in the U.S.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers.......My brothers were Harry,Tommy,Danny and David Shawn. .

Madlyn McPartland (Mottern) (B68-73)

2 December 2001
Strange the things you do when you reach 40. Like seach the internet for references about your old school. Amazed to find this! So the usakl list of names to try and remeber. Kevin Sawyer, Richard Tett, Andy Sturgeon, Andy Webster, Ian? Beresford, and some I did not hang around with..
Steve 'Grot' Green, Mike Baldwin, Kevin? Woods.
Nody Holder, did you jump my brother at roll call once?
Fellow Chelsea man Geoff Hern, Maths guru.. Still cant believe the grade I got for Maths O level - thanks!
Chris Epps, I worked with him for a while until he left to become a bingo hall manager.... haven't spoken to him for 26 games.. he's a spurs fan....
Anyone remember me? No? just as I thought.... e-mail me if you do! .

Paul Chappelle (M73-77)

2 December 2001
Hello All, hope you are all doing ok, its been a long time, mail me if you remember me. .

Mark 'Hendy' Henderson (E78-81)
2 December 2001

Janet Bradley (Carr) (C77-79)
2 December 2001
Susan Bertie i remember your name. you were in caernarvon i think and you're right, the matrons name was Zurich...goodness she could ring that early riser bell!!!!! i have left a message for floss! but she probably doesn't remember me. i was in dorm 208 i think, upstairs with liz burke (who i'm in contact with still) and darleen whiddington. we had posters of the rollers all over the walls and if i'm not mistaken the ceiling too!!!! there seems to be a lack of caernarvonites on the message board, where are you all? was windsor that bad? love to hear from anyone who remembers me......

Wendy Foran (C74-77)
3 December 2001
Hi, I just finished reading a whole bunch of message's and it was very interesting to see some of the name's that I remember. Anyway I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Pauline Fletcher (M75-78)
3 December 2001
Just found the site and spent some time viewing messages and recognized a number of names. Does anybody know how to get in touch with Hazel Steele, Mike James, Lynn Williams, Eraina Whittaker. Would like to hear from anybody who remembers me.

Jeanie Godfrey (Fletcher) (M75-77)
3 December 2001
Anyone out there that remebers either of us please get in touch. As I said in my previous message I was the quiet one,Mandy was the youngest girl in Caernarvon and had to cut a cake with the youngest guy in Caernarvon.Anyone that travelled from Verden with us is welcome to drop me a line. In particular we remember some Brothers they were the Peacocks I think there were about 4 of them..

Jane & Mandy Cleary (C70-73)
3 December 2001
What a wonderful site, just been introduced to it, and can't leave it alone.
Regonise a lot of names, but can,t be sure, I was in caernarvon house 73-75 ish 5th and lower 6th, shared dorms with lots of people but can't remember all their surnames. My sister was a year or two below me. I was a Berliner, and remember that terrible train jouney and the poor squaddies that had to put up with us. I also remember the very cold pool and being fished out of it by Miss Wilde in the middle of the night, and being grounded yet again. I had a few freinds in Malborough House, Lynda Varney being one, contact me Lynda would love to hear from you, Karen Potter also remains in my memory. Sue Ellis that I have been in touch with for many years, anyone else out there remember me, Terri
Hilary, Janine, Geraldine, Julie, to mention just a few but the surnames elude me. I remember Miss Wilde and Miss Diet, anyone remember watching Princess Anne's wedding on TV in the Attick rooms under Miss Diets supervision. What about Leggit, (I think) who showed me all the smokers places on my first night there. Would love to hear from anyone.

Gina Vigus (C73-75)
4 December 2001
Just found the site & read the messages but don't recognise anyone! Housemaster Hayden Jones, Hillsbro.English teacher called Marsden.
Brother Mitch who was suspended/expelled.
Remember: John Miller(MUtd fan)Jeff Evans, Pete Moddie,Andy,Baz,Clarkie (was it Dave?) couple of brothers who were Maltese (one called John )
Who was the Canadian who lit his gas?
How about Oggie, still around?
Knew John Powell (Pow) use to live near me but moved to Ireland couple of years ago.
Knew plenty of W Girls! remember faces but not the names apart from Mo Parnaby who I met in London in the mid 80's.
Anyone out there just get in touch love to hear from you. .

Steve Ellis (H67-70)
5 December 2001
Gina I remember Leggitt she taught me to smoke and nearly 30 years later I still can't stop the habit. I remember leaning out of the window in the loos and throwing the tab end out of the window.Can anyone remeber staging Alice in wonderland I had the great role of the griffin which required me to wear a great big paper mache head. Probably not a bad thing in those days.
Wendy your comments about the number of caernarvonites has been noticed by me too.I'm sure there were a few more of us than are joining in here.
PLease if anyone does remember me or my younger sister Mandy please do get in touch. .

Jane & Mandy Cleary (C70-73)
5 December 2001
Didn't know this existed!!
Wow, what memories! I believe the flood took place about 58 or 59. Before the Girls School opened.
Oh, what happy days!.

Clive Pappadakis (M57-61)
7 December 2001
Just found the site. Lots of names I recognise, Vince Gulley, Ted Wick, John Gay etc...would love to hear from any one who remembers me although memory isnt what it used to be.Yes that is my age now on the end of my E mail address so no taking the mick.

Trev Graham (M72-76)
7 December 2001
I just found the site yesterday and had a real blast (from the past) going through the 65-68 messages. I was in Edinbugh house and remember Tony Fance (previous june '99 message) Geoff Murray & Steve Bickerstaff were my main chums I guess.. There was an American kid with the fabulous name of Bailey Hamilton Mundy the third..nice guy but rubbish at basketball I recall.. shame. I was the kid with a big ginger quiff and a dansette record player that only ran at about 28 rpm and Bob Dylan had a very deeep voice.. sorry dorm-mates. I remember 'bumpering' the corridor lino quite a lot, probably punishment for some infringement or other. ....................is a name of a kid I seem to recall being on the recieving end of some rather wicked punishment from us.. it involved the use a of a scrubbing brush and intimate naked flesh... hope it didn't cause problems in later life.. oops. I do remember the canteen giving us some frothy conncoction which I found out not so long ago was Evaporated milk whisked up.. and poured over 'crumble cake'? not too unpleasant I recall.. I did actually visit the school in 1987 and found it full of young USA Soldiers in fatigues who complimented my on how well I spoke English.. thanx yank. They wouldn't let me into the school so I took a few photo's of the barbed wire fences .. hmm The best bits of being stuck there for 3 years was going to the PX's in Werle & Soeste? when my parents visited and getting my fix of American comix, marshmallows, ketchup(catsup) and nesquick.. ah bliss. I also remember the school was a breeding ground for thievery.. am I right in recalling something like 20 odd kids from one year in one house all getting caught thieving in Woolworth's(?) in Hamm.. at the same time...? organized or what.. They just closed the doors and I think they all stuck their hands up.. Tell me i'm wrong please.. I remember a huge kid called Ray Bagley who impessed us all at shower time.. I hope it stopped growing at some point Ray.. oh yes Bruno Lord (another fabulous name..)who had ownership of 'mucky' pictures.. gimmealookpleeeeze... Somewhere I have some Xmas menu's which I came across a few years back which everyone signed for each other and would supply lots of names though.. if mr Fulfold is still around wouldn't he have old registers maybe.. I apologize for calling everyone 'kids' I can't imagine y'all grown up some-how with nice shiny heads and beer bellies. I suppose 10% (national average.?) have shuffled off the old mortal coil in the interim shame. I went to a school in Ratingen before starting my sentence at Hamm and actually found the building during a visit to Dusseldorf this summer.. does anybody have any info or websites pertaining to.. whatever it was called, school? Anyway thanks for letting me contribute and will keep an eye on the site and well done all those who have made it possible..

Martin Chamberlain (E65-68)
7 December 2001
Message to Marc Brown (B77-80), Mike Cox has found me through a past posted message, we are now in contact through the telephone network. Marc I know you have posted yourself on the 'Friendsreuntited' site, get in touch if you can via my 'E' or through my 'M'07801 333425. Hi to anyone who knows me: Chris Scribbins, Malcolm Marshall, Coxy, Elke , Steph Southall, Mr Donovan, Mr Lewis (does anyone know where he is?).

Mark Eeles (B77-80)
8 December 2001
Clair Blake my first love where are you? Remember us troublemaking, rebellious Yanks? I was there from 70 thru 72 and loved it. Went on to get an Engineering Degree @ Villanova University in Philadelphia, USA then began a career with duPont that ultimately took me to California. Still there. Remember Harry Hearn and Ma Flinders... where the heck are they? What a trip down memory lane this site is. Hats off to the authors of this baby, you guys deserve a reward or something for following thru on this idea.

Harry F McPartland III (S70-72)
8 December 2001
Hey Martin,
What a wild and vivid recollection you have of your time in Edinburgh House. Thank god I was in Hillsboro', and yes, I have a shiny bonce but no beer gut!

John Fisher (H65-68)
8 December 2001
Having already made contact with at least 4 ex Hammites already, I am still looking to contact more of my ex School friends from WBS and those who lived in Belm, Osnabruck at the sam time as me. I would particularly like to hear from my ex- Dorm mates, Andy Gent, John Walker, and David Jago. From the Girls School, anybody know what happened to Linda Hoskins,Christene Driscoll, Yvonne Beaumont, Yvonne Black ????? And where on this earth is Avril Hoy ?? From what I have read on the Yahoo.com linked site, it seems every member from WBS and WGS is looking for her, I have my reasons to track her down too......hehehe
Hoping to hear from anybody who remembers me......Great Site......Congrats to the Society on an excellent piece of work !!!

Alan M Brady (H72-74)
9 December 2001
I have not added anything since July 2001 so a small update from Oz and to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2002.
Karen Aukett in NZ has taken over the job of looking after the WS in Oz/Nz - if you want to get in touch with her the email address is joekar@attica.net.nz otherwise please relay anything via myself.Still looking to get in touch with Phil Cann ex Balmoral (59 - 62)and an old flame Jackie Martin (ex Jackie Barnacoat) I think!

Jon 'Bambi' Marshall (B59-62)
9 December 2001
This time of year brings it all flooding back - walking a crocodile of juniors into town to do their Christmas shopping; Matron doing "shoe inspection" as a ruse to play St Nicholas; Advent in house evening Assembly on Sundays; and Carol Service at the Paulikirche - great excitement - with the boys! In particular, I remember them singing "Standing in the rain, knocking on the window" with great gusto.

Pamela Ross (StJ63-68)
10 December 2001
It was truly amazing to come across memories that I tought was so isolated, and alien, to other parts of my life. Like a good number of members I attended numerous schools, (ten in total), and in my maturer years I reflect, with envy, that most people I know, from civvy street, have had a stable and continous education within one or two institutions. They have, and do, attend 5,10,15 and 20 year re unions and reflect in a degree of comfort the passing of their time. There is a certain reasonance and security in being able to do this.
Anyway I was glad to see the web site and shall join forthwith.
In connection with that fine clan of the MacPartlands, (Dupont USA) I think they may may know my sister Sheena, who now lives in Canada. I think Sheens went out with Bo' O'barr, a talented rock artist, and,by the way, I really liked his sister. (It was the time when Pie Pie American Pie came out,although Madonna has attempted to pollute the same).
If any one is out there recallls me please drop me a line. Many thanks.
Graham Keil (Balmoral House) .

Graham Keil (B71-76)
10 December 2001
There was a school in Ratingen called Thomas Dalton Middle School. This was in the late seventies. We lived in Hubbelrath and my younger brother went there. .

John Garnett (H77-79)
12 December 2001
Having problems over the last week with my e-mail address,apologies to anyone i have not replied to, can you try sending your message again. Cheers

Willie Henry (H71-75)
12 December 2001
Message to Gina Vigus and Jane Cleary. Jane I clearly remember Alice in Wonderland, I was involved in make up etc, wasn't there a really funny tape recording of a baby crying??
Gina - how I remember Miss Diet and how we used to wind her up. I remember we had to take up something useful in the evenings, and Miss Diet started a keep fit class (how appropriate), she asked us all to bring some music, so I brought along 'Billion Dollar Babies' by Alice Cooper, she wasn't amused at all. She also used to check under our beds and in the wardrobes after school socials to see if there were any boys hiding. Is the Geraldine you are talking about Geraldine Gammon (long blonde hair, v pretty)? if it is she and I got caught smoking in our first week and had letters sent to our parents....
Fiona Moran (C72-74)

12 December 2001
Hi all i've just found this site and theres a few names i remember hammy hamlet mr donovan and a few more. If theres anyone out there who remembers me let me know, also when is the next reunion?.

Neil McKee (M79-81)

The next major reunion is currently planned for June 2003 to celebrate 50 years since the school opened. - more details in the September 2001 Newsletter - Doug

12 December 2001
Greeting to all the inhabitants of the Sixth Form house. Gradually getting in contact with a few old cronies and dorm mates. Uisng friendreunited (not as good as this site!)
Merry Christmas to all. Did we always have white christmas' in those days?. .
Mike Adkins (B67-70)
13 December 2001
Anyone know the where abouts of Clive Springham, used to be in Osnabruck

Gina Vigus (C73-75)
13 December 2001
Just read Martin Chamberlain's message, I can remember Bruno Lord, in the same dorm when I first got back to the school. End of the corridor on the left overlooking the Gym etc.

Malcolm 'Bruno' Brunsdon (E67-69)
14 December 2001
I've spent hours reading through the notice boards and can't believe the amount of names I recognice.Its a brillant site. I was in marlborough house from 72-77 and would love to hear from anybody who remembers me. If anybody is in contact with either Steve Twigg or Dave Anthony could you please remind them that they owe me a pint from 1976 when I thrashed them at table football......my memory is long and my thirst still need quenching.

Michael James (M72-78)
14 December 2001
Joined Hillsborough House in April 1954 and left in July 1957. Headboy of house And Deputy Headboy of school. Member of Athletics, Rugby, Football and Cricket teams. In the published photo of the football team 1956-1957 I am 4th from left. Sheppard is on my left. I have some of the original Concordia magazines. Congratulations on a magnificent web site, coupled with the Yahoo site, I am already in touch with old friends.

Robert C Stocks (H54-57)
15 December 2001
I was a Day student in Sandringham house and I lived in Heessen. I attended the Boys school from '72 thru '74. I am an american and my father worked for Dupont at a plant in Uentrop (sp). Moved to middle east in Dec '74. My two older brothers, Harry and Tom also attended the school and my sister, Madlyn attended the Girls school. Would like to hear from anyone who remmebers me.

Dan McPartland (S)
15 December 2001
hi everyone,
wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.Anyone know the whereabouts of Maureen Loveday would love to hear from her.And anyone else from Caernavon House.

Irene Bird (Harvey) (C56-58)
16 December 2001
To John Garnett.. message above.. Thanks for the school name in Ratingen, it doesn't ring any bells to me and I had a feeling the school may have closed or re-located after '65. It is currently known as the Anne Frank School.. and now on to Mr. John Fisher (also message above..) as for my vivid recollections they were actually very vague and I've sobered up now (yes, i've got a beer bellie but i've also got loads and loads of hair... nyah nyah) sorry, i'm being childish .. and I've got a feeling all these 'steptoes' I remember were in Hillsboro or caenarvon house not Edinburgh.. so don't get all 'holier-than-thou' on me purleeze.. oh, by the way .. do I know you..? come to think of it I don't think Ray Bagley or B.H.Mundy III were in Edinburgh either.. come on guys lets hear from you.. This has got to be cheaper than therapy.. P.S. I love the 'I've got Drain Bramage' ID.. laughed my sox off..

Martin 'Moe' Chamberlain (E65-68)
16 December 2001
What a nice suprise to come across this web site, and especialy to read the message board.Unfortunatly i did not see many names i remember from my year and a half at the school,but reading some of the memories brought back some of my own.
Like the chippy up the road from the school, which had Deep Purple (black knight) on the jukebox, or carol singing around the German houses(starting some time in early november) to supplement our meagre pocket money, what the locals made of it all God only knows,one cup immersion heaters (illegal) sweetex, recommended stirred into your porridge at breakfast(was sugar on the ration book?, i never saw it at hamm at least),cockroaches,everything being ACE, getting up early on Sunday to attend holy communion, thus escaping the horrors of the main sunday service,exeats,humming the theme tune to batman as the gaffer went swooping through the assembly hall on friday assembly wearing his cape,not forgetting Ringo Roberts the maths teacher, who at least made maths interesting(not that it helped me) and a history teacher ,who awoke an interest in history which is still with me today, bless him(unfortunatly i can't remember his name but i recall he had a natty line in sartorial waistcoats,had attended Trinity College Dublin, and drove,i belive,a M.G sportscar) i could go on but i won't.
Fond memories yes,but i think we should remember those boys who for one reason or another did not enjoy thier time at Windsor,mainly because of bullying, i myself had both good times and bad times at Hamm,but some of the lads lives were made an absolute misery, and i often wonder how they managed (some of course did'nt and left) and i just hope those guys who made other peoples lives hell, reflect on it,and are better as adults than they they were teenagers.
On the whole though and in hindsight it was a good time and it certainly made me grow up and be more self reliant,than iwould have been had i gone to an ordinary school.
Anyone remember me please e-mail especially Richard Plumb or Harry Harrison, both i think Berlin boys

Roderick Holt (S70-72)
17 December 2001
Great site for the nostalgic sods who remember the heady days of WBS & WGS with fondness!
Who can forget the mid-night jaunts to WGS, (how did we squeeze through the bars I ask myself?) breaking the ice on the outdoor pool, the back dyke with Sabrina the German beauty, who everybody from the 50's to the 80's seems to remember!!! Matrons, hot drinks and cakes before bed, table tennis and sliding down banisters by the crook of your arm!!
Heady days with no (!!)bad memories it seems...
If anybody out there remembers me, drop me an email and we can remenis together!

Nic Cutherbertson (B73-76)
17 December 2001
It's Steve (Mouse) Forster here.
I am sure one or two of you can recall some loon with a hockey stick or a TT bat, so send me an e-mail to sforster@flintink.com !!

Steve Forster (E72-76)
17 December 2001
Found the web site in hope not extpectation, sent off the money and like a little kid at xmas couldn't wait for the reply! I'm now hoping like ET for contact which I hope will let me put the 1974 defeat to PRS at rugby to bed, I'm still in therapy!
I have a 1976 dorm photo of Smithy, Lamb, Kurt, Nelson, Scraggs and Scotty!
Having gone to a school where I had more frees than leasons I can only thank all the teachers for the best of the 6 schools I got to.

Chris Elgenia (C74-76)
20 December 2001
Hi everyone. I don't suppose anyone will really remember me as I was quite quiet. I hate to say it but I was the skinny one with red hair and freckles!!! I don't have the red hair anymore and I have filled out a bit since then and the freckles have faded!!! I shared a dorm with Karen Austin, Julie Mitchell, Fiona Hutchinson, Amanda Hunter and Martina(?). I remember Ollie Jones and The O'Brien Twins. In fact I saw one of the twins in Andover Town Centre a few years ago now, don't know if they still live here. If anyone remembers me and wants to get in touch they can do so on my mobile as I don't have an email address (I am doing this at work and I can't give the site address). My mobile number is 07941 389732. Text messages welcome. Hope to hear from someone!! Someone out there must remember me.

Sue Swinson (Hammond) (H80-82)

21 December 2001
Dare I visit your site? I was at PRS Wilhelmshaven 1953-56. Just wanted to wish seasons greetings to one and all especially anyone who lived in Lubbecke. I am in Indonesia so am just about to pop over to Bali for Christmas to compensate me for not being in Yorkshire!

Jean Bateson (Bruce)

Yeah, you can dare - just don't tell us about exotic places when we're stuck here! - Doug

21 December 2001
Doug & the Committee
Happy Christmas - thanks for a great website
Rodger Holyoake if you read this Have a great christmas and if you speak to your sister, give her my regards. ( did try & email you at office but it came bouncing back)!!

Gerri Langton-Way (H - )

Thanks Gerri, how much do we owe you? Merry Xmas - Doug

21 December 2001
Merry Xmas everybody (hic)

Sean Cockroft (H74-76)

22 December 2001
I do believe I am a "Sandringham Heavy", fifth from left back row. If you were in that photo please give me an "e" to see if I we can remember anything more about those days. Miss Dubois French Teacher( a beauty) "Boff" Barnes Science Teacher(drove an American estate car) (a Rambler as I remember - Doug) Mr Spanky Maths.

Ben Moore (S65-67)
23 December 2001
Message to Fiona Moran, now you come to mention it I think it was Geraldine Gammon, long blond hair, she was a deep purple fan if I remember.

Gina Vigus (C73-75)
23 December 2001
I would like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year from Sunny Cyprus.

Tony Parslow (H77-80)
23 December 2001
Merry christmas all the bodies and a hipty new yur

Ruby Adams (Charlie) (S77-80)
23 December 2001
Any one remember me give me a shout.
Barrie Gibson 'Shuggy' (C75-78)
24 December 2001
Hi Alan Price (Pricey), I was in Sandringham from 76-79 and am still trying to track down Ian Black (blackie) and Martin Baldwin (baldy). If anybody can shed any light on these two let me know.
This site has certainly been the find of the year for me and brought back some fantastic memories (sliding down the banisters from the top floor being one that I noticed sombody else had mentioned)
I would like to wish everybody a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year.

Alan Price (S76-79)
24 December 2001
greetings to u all..so many names!Twenty years on and here we all r in cyberspace,i blame the school meals love 2 hear from everyone that remembers me.take care..njoy life..A..

Andie Crawford 'fud' (H77-81)
24 December 2001
Merry Christmas to all former Windsor School pupils and staff.
If anyone remembers me, drop me a line.
Great web site - keep up the good work.

Simon Parker (C76-79)
24 December 2000

Best Wishes for Christmas
and the New Year to all our visitors
from the Windsor Society committee.
24 December 2001
Fiona/ Gina do you remember having to lineup in the corridor in front of the house mistress before the scholl disco and having to bend over to make sure our minis weren't too short?
My memories seem to be of tuck parcels arriving and only having fifteen minutes int he bath luckily I followed my youger sister so to save time she would leave the water in for me.
I remeber going to the big church don't think it was a cathedaral and singing along with the rest of the congregation at christmas.
I was put in a dorm with 13 year old when I first started and suffered the apple pie beds and coffee made with shampoo.
I have heard from Cathy Towers who waas one of the prefects nice to know I haven't imagined it all.
Hope everyone has a merry Xmas aND A GREAT nEW yEAR.
Sat writing this whilst my twelve year old twins are watching cartoon network. How sad is that!

Jane Cleary (C70-73)
25 December 2001
Merry Xmas to all
Anyone who remembers me or my brother please drop a line.

Kevin Jardine (H74-79)
26 December 2001
Just posting my new email address should anyone wish to get in touch.Trust you all had a very Merry Christmas.
Jon (Bambi) Marshall (B59-62)
26 December 2001
I've just thought "wonder if Windsor School has a web site" and now wish I'd thought of looking ages ago. I still dream after all this time sometimes that I'm back at Windsor School as it was one of the happiest times I've ever had. Our Matrons were Frau Drabble and Frau Witte, and the house mistress was Miss Dunlop. My dorm stuffed the rising bell one morning with socks and the whole house of Caenarvon slept in! I was always on detention but my parents were assured it was all for high spirits. Don't suppose anyone remembers me as I'm one of the oldies from the 50's. All the best to all of you out there..Are there any other ex Windsor School students in Brisbane or Australia (yes - Doug) and are there ever any reunions? (yes again - Doug) I was in a dormitory with Janet Dodd, Patricia Williams, Noreem Milburne, cannot remember the names of the other 2, there were 6 of us. Anyway, would love to know of anyone over here who went to Windsor School.
Carol Reading (C56-58)
26 December 2001
Hi, what a long time ago..and I'm sure a lot of changes,I was in Sandringham House, we only had four houses in those days, when we were a mixed school. I remember going to Ploen while the school underwent the change to two spearate schools. Oh and I remember leaning the school song to the tune"my old man's a dustman". It seems only yesterday when we listened to the top ten on Radio Luxemburg and the Everly Bros were no.one.After all these years is there anyone out there that can remember me, I can remember well the party we had for Princess Margaret's wedding when television was allowed into the school for the occasion. To name but one of the many events..
Patricia Harte (Beckwith) (S56-61)
28 December 2001
Well, I don!t know what to say, I was just playing around on the internet and thought I would see what would happen if I tried Windsor school and look what came up.Both my sister Jane and I were pupils at the school during the late sixties, Jane in Sandringham and myself in Edinburgh houses.Things I remember- swimming in the indoor pool in town,Edinburgh winning thefootball final in 66 or 67 the memory gets a little hazy these days and Clive B (cannot remember his last name) breaking his leg,Al Quartermaine getting stabbed in a fight with some local German lads,cross country runs in the snow and many other s just flooding back as I type this, too many to mention now. People I remember- Jon Kell ( loved peanut butter) Mark Blenkinsop,Martin Fry (the singer guitar player).Ralph Bryant are the ones who stand out in my memory. I enjoyed my time at Hamm short though it was,we moved back to the UK and then on to Australia where both my father (Jock Cochrane) and I joined the Australian army for a bit of adventure ( Viet Nam ) I served for 27 years and now live withmy wife and 2 ytoung children in beautiful sunny (today it is 34 degrees celscius) Brisbane.I will look forward to looking in on this site again soon.Cheers,Bill cochrane Edinburgh House 66-67.
William Cochrane (E67-68)
28 December 2001
Dear "Windsorians",
A friend of mine (Mike Borthwick, Marl. 60-63) said he hadn't heard for awhile & couldn't find the website, which prompted me to look. I found you via KAS-PLOEN. 2 of my bros were there.There was nothing on any search engine for Windsor society, plenty of stuff for Windsor, Ontario.
Anyway, congrats to whoever designed ,built & maintains this site. I've looked at KAS & PRS sites & they don't compare with this site.
I'm a little sad that this may reduce membership of the Windsor Society. What's a few pounds(Euros) to get written info & address lists. Bob J & all those people who made such an effort to launch the society deserve more.
Looking back through the mists of time I have predominantly fond memories of my time in Hamm . I had 2 sojunes 1954-58 (as a resident of Hamm not the school) & 1961-64 at the school. Naturally there are one or two things best left in the past or perhaps not. Nowadays they seem hilariuos.I was going to tell all , but others involved my not be too happy to be reminded.
Amongst my most treasured memories are the after lights-out stories of "Josh" O'Shea & the CCF & trips to the city baths with people like Jacky Holyoake sister of Ted!!.
I wonder where Josh , Bryn Jones , Brian Unwin, Frank Knight,Gerald Astbury, Brian "Rusty" Rye (Who was the 8th in the dorm, Sept 61-Jul 64) are these days.I think Don Pearson joined some during the year. They were my 1st dorm-mates. "Rusty" Rye's slipper was a favourite of some of the house staff for punishment. I never experienced how bad it was, luckily.There is a mutitude of memories , more triggered-off each time I look at the news letters & membership lists. Anybody know anything of "Dengo"Chaplin from Edinburgh. He was the same year,5th in 1964.
To all "Windsorians" from both schools I would to wish a PROSPEROUS & PEACEFUL NEW YEAR in which all that you'd wish for yourselves comes true.
If I'm not travelling in Russia I hope to be able to get to a re-union sometime.(Is it possible to hold a re-union between Oct-March?)
Kind regards .

Harry Watson (M61-64)
28 December 2001
hi very intresting to see this site and has brought so many memories back and i would love to hear from anybody where is catchpole rafferty boreham and many more that we all spent so many hours days weeks months together. does anybody remember takeing the short cut to the dining rooms, through the that old boiler room how we ran like made to get to the frount of the que,only to be sent back by the prefects, not thinking thay all did this at sometime and not forgetting those long summer days and nights killing maybugs with tenis racketsand the freezeing cold swimming pool.any way please contact me.
David Mays (S66-70)
29 December 2001
Hope that you all had a merry Christmas and that all your wishes came true.
Jakki,Yvette & Melly have a happy new year and try to drink as much as you can.......(as always) and I hope to see you all soon. Jakki, had a great time in London....same time next year.
Also hi to my sisters Marjorie & Donna.
all the best Rob.

Rob Wright (S72-78)
29 December 2001
Clive Pappadakis wrote a few days ago about The Flood, and wondered about the date. It was in 1960, and started on 4th December, with and I quote from the Concordia of the day, water entering the boiler room at 6 inches an hour on that Sunday night, and the Boys School was dispersed finally on 7th & 8th, with the notable exception of a prefect in Marlborough, as well as the only, but biggest pain in the **** I ever had cause to meet at that School. Why he stayed behind is not recorded! But I leave you, dear readers, to guess my view.
Having seen this site some months ago, I'm delighted to see a few iconic early 60's names starting to appear; so much so that Jeremy Locatelli re-surfaced in Tasmaina, although I suspect his sister Susan has been trying to keep him still secret. www.192.com is a great finder of names and addresses for those searching for other lost contacts.
For anyone interested I have a bound copy of Volume One of Concordia 1960-1961 of WBS, and happy to copy parts, or scan if you make any requests for bits of the past. Gosh, looking at it now reminds me, what ever became of Olwen Riley, Toms daughter, and the reason I wanted to be in the School Cricket team!
I do recall being in Marlborough and waking up to discover dorm mates(!) Cooper and O'Neill going over the wire! Now one really wonders about the later years of Rod Cooper, well known unofficial keyholder to the stationery cupboard in the Main Block! Time to give it back, Rod?.

John Eustace (M59-62)
30 December 2001
In response to Nic Cutherbertson's message - I knew you vaguely and my best friend at the time definately knew you - can you remember? Yes, it was Heather Gordon Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm almost 100% certain that No 16 in the Head Girls photo of 1976 is Lorraine McMillan and not Susanne Spinks. If any of my old school friends remember me It would be nice to read a message on the Windsor Society Visitors Book, especially, Kim Murray, Jackie Felton, Michelle Taylor, Susan Clark and Karen Cambell..
Gina Clarke (H76-77)
30 December 2001
Hi rob cheers for message glad you liked the photos new bond girls got nothing on us. Hi to anyone else who knows myself and jakki. Hope you all had a great xmas and are looking forward to a superb new year. Im just finding out about the wonders of computers shame we didnt have these at windsor or did i miss that lesson,probably. Just moved to kent love it. say hi to charlie adams if shes about. Now going to finish the malibu with jakki byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxx.
Yvette Tortice (E -81)
31 December 2001
Isn't this bizarre, they say your school days are the best of your life, we didnt believe them when they told us that then but we do now. I think I am getting nostalgic at my stage in life, I have recognised some names and boy has it brought back some memories, WGS nocturnal visits, Mrs Donovans popcorn nights, day boy bringing in a pet boa constrictor in his satchel that escaped in physics ahh those were the days, those lovely letters (we sent via the sixth years and those lucky few who had lessons in the girls school), to our school girl sweethearts embossed with such delightful declarations of love such as SWALK. Anyhow hi to all who know me get in touch if you want to swap memories, Anybody know whereabouts of Mick Donovan best housemaster in WBS, Mark Eeles got your message via Mike Cox sent and have sent you an email.
Marc Brown (B77-80)
31 December 2001
I would just like to wish anyone who remembers me a Happy New Year..
Sheena Morrison (S76-79)
31 December 2001
hi everyone yvette and jakki here im just figuring out how to work a computer and loving it, happy new year to all especially rob melly and charlie, petra savage debbie clarkson if anyone knows where they are. get drunk tonight be merry and we hope you get all you wish for in the coming year. teachers aswell go on they deserve it to.
Yvette Tortice (E -81)

31 December 2001
Hi guys from Yvette Tortice and Me Hope you all have a great New Year, drink lots and be very Merry....
Hi to the bodies.....ROB(hope he is ok for reading materials in the toilet) Melly and Gareth and Naomi, Linda Markham and Mark Welland...
We are still trying to find Petra savage and debbie Clarkson from Werl if anyone knows where they are
happy days love
Yvette and Jakki
Jakki Geeson (Manners) (C77-80)

31 December 2001
Incredible, looking at the web site brings back so many memories I was in Balmoral 77-80 they say that school days were the best of your life, well we didn't believe them but WBS changed that. Memories such as sneaking into the girls school via the hole in the wire and across the back dyke, avoiding all those awful prefects and monitors until of course we became them same awful monitors and prefects, Mrs Donovans Popcorn nights, Passing all those letters emobossed with such endearments of love such as SWALK and SNOOP, for delivery to our girlfriends in the girls school by the school postal system (yes those lads lucky enough to have lessons there), Tuck parcels, sliding down banisters by the crook of your arms, comparing the best Doc Martin Sole mark on the backside after that dreaded weapon of pupil discipline was wielded by *******(edited to protect all of us! - Doug). Ahhhh what memories. Drop me a line those who remember me and we will swap memories, Mark Eeles saw your msg, sent you an email. One last thing thanks to the administrators of the site good one!!! oh one other comment Mick Donovan best teacher and Housemaster In WBS..
Marc Brown (B77-80)