1 April 2001
Hi to Avril Hoy as it is her birthday today if I remember rightly. Also hi to Lynne Aberdeen, Sue Spinks, and everyone that remembers me.
Carol Gibson (H 73-77)

4 April 2001
Sad to see you go this way - I do not believe for one minute that by stopping email addresses from
appearing in the visitors message book will add to the coffers of the society.Over in this part of the world I don't remember the last time I received subs from anyone and have continued regardless in doing my little bit to keep the WS in Oz going.
I established the beginnings of a WEB site with MSN - invited all Windsorites over here to have a look and have had two responses to date - one of those from the UK!
At last year's reunion I was promised a replacement Sec for Aus/NZ as soon as I returned to AUS - am still waiting - have not had as much as a letter from ANYONE on the committee over there despite my having sent follow ups.
In truth I really feel that despite our efforts to build up the WS over here we are a forgotten lot!
I trust we will not lose you, your great capabilities, devotion and enthusiasm to the WS infact I doubt you are replaceable if only for the experiences (or lack of them) that I have felt over here from others of the committee.
Jon (Bambi) Marshall (B 59-62)

5 April 2001
Hi to anyone out there who remembers me, you may recall the dire nickname of "Floss"?
I was amazed to see the website as I was only mucking about on it and didn't expect to find anything - what a marvel technology is! Will be watching it closely in the future. Contact me on the above e-mail address - I would love to hear from you.
Denise Burnham Smith (nee Carter) (C73-75)

6 April 2001
Warren Frost (M 76-83)
7April 2001
Carol. I think I remember being paired off with Avril Hoy at a Hillsborough house social in 74/75ish, does that sound like the same girl to you. Regards Sean
Sean Cockcroft (H 74-76)

7 April 2001
Well, folks, we seem to be slow in getting April's page off the ground - so while we are on the subject of birthdays, was I lucky or unlucky to always have mine at school? My parents felt guilty enough to always splash out for me to have a birthday cake and a party - this was in the
Keller Club and much appreciated!
Pamela Ross (St. J 63-68)
Pamela.Y.Ross@btinternet .com

Apologies, everyone - just spent four days in bed with flu' so unable to update this page. Normal service is now resumed.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

7 April 2001
So sorry to hear of your resignation David. Many, many thanks for all your hard work, put not only into this site but also the reunions etc. And just one point......this is a members site right? So why weren't us members polled for our opinion before this decision was taken???
Love to anyone out there who may still remember lil old me!
Jacqui O'Halloran (B 75-79)

8 April 2001
Glad to hear that you have recovered from the Flu David. Seems that birthdays at school are a bit of a topic. If you had one it was usually the bumps and other things I don't know about parties, can't remember ever having one.
Malcolm Brunsdon (E 67-69)
9 April 2001
Hi Every one. Did we or did we not Have a great time. Was I suprised to see myself on the tennis courts shy young thing. Love to hear from anyone in Malbrough House that remembers me.?
Helen/Helena Pearce Nee Collins (M 63-68)

9 April 2001
Birthdays! I remember waking up one morning looking up at the ceiling rushing by as I was carried along the
corridor at a brisk rate of knots to a very full and cold bath. I then learned how popular I was by the number of 'House Guests' who queued up to take turns holding me under. After they had their ammusement and headed off to breakfast I sloshed my way back to the dorm only to be caught by Haydn Jones with "Fisher, why is the floor wet" and "Make sure you clean it up before you go to breakfast". Needless to say I didn't get to breakfast that morning. Thanks boys.
John Fisher (H 65-68)

10 April 2001
Just discovered the website and recognise lots of names - Kurt Grave and Chris Cox from A level Chemisrty - the "Shippo, Steve Dipper, Glen & Andy Muddle crew" from Sandringham. Would like to track down Stuart (Dinger) Bell, Dave and Brian Rafferty and Kevin Hopkins - we last met up in Duisburg, Summer 1981 where the Rafferty's had a flat. Pictures of the school now look awfully sad!
David McGurk (S 74-79)

11 April 2001
Hello everyone, in bed with the 'Flu' and thought I'd revisit this site. Happy to respond to anyone who recognises the name "Pleso".
Steven Pleasance (E 71-74)

11 April 2001
Another posting to say this damn 'flu' I picked during my recent trip to Lippstadt. I stopped off at Hamm and the place looks very "Seedy" lots of graffitti daubed on the walls....ended up getting very, very drunk and staggered around the place hence the 'flu'...Forgot that I'm to old to
do this sort of thing..never learn....
Steven Pleasance (E 71-74)
When I was last there in '95I found discarded syringes on the path to the chapel, abandoned cars on the tennis courts - sad.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

12 April 2001
I'm sure some will remember me, I had a bad rep at WGS and the teachers at WBS hated me..ditto. Mr Kitchen was the Housemaster..Mr Cadby taught English, Hughes & Roberts-Maths. Me? I became a teacher!! Funny old world is it not?
David Pye (M 66-69)
14 April 2001
Hi To all you ex Windsorits.
Great time was had by all Iam sure Love to hear from anyone who was at the school around the time stated . Look at the photo anyone for tennis I am the shy one on the left quite a shock to see
ones self after all this time Contact would be great to se what life has thrown your way.

Helen Pearcenee Collins (M63-65)

15 April 2001
Elaine Elliott - it was great to see your message in the visitors book. I have tried to email you tonight (15th) without any luck, the mail was returned. If you see this please email me, address below, and I will get in touch straight away. From the Berlin crowd I am in touch with Steve Owen too. It would be great to hear from you both - look forward to it soon. Take care.
Julie Maslen (Morgan) (E 76-79)
15 April 2001
I was amazed to find this website today. After going through my wife's school year book and looking back on her school life I thought, what a pity we didn't have something like that for us...(or maybe we did and I did'nt jump on the bandwagon....)So, just for a laugh, I typed Windsor Boys School into Ask Jeeves search engine and lo and behold!!
Anyone remembers me drop me a line.....and lets talk about how exciting the back dyke was.....
Andy Potter (M 75-80)
16 April 2001
Hiya to anybody who knows me. I used to be a member of the windsor society but there wasn't many of us. Anyway I've just become internet friendly (I think), and I can't beleive this web site. I've just recentley been sent an application to re-join and its on my pile to to do? I've just
sent Moya Girvin a message. And does anyone remember or in touch with Anne-marie Dickinson, Julie Mullin, Penny Dobson, Michelle Barnett, Tracy Bramhall, some of the boys were Mark Maddocks, Paul Clough, Mark Patterson, Pete Webb. Anyway the list is long but the memory fades fast. I do miss those times.
Love from,
Andrea Kean (nee Barnes) (E/B79-81 )
16 April 2001
Laurie O'Neill here. I was at WBS from Summer term 1965 to October 1967. I just found this site here on my computer. I live in America now, East Texas in fact. I would be glad to hear from anybody who remembers me from my days at Hamm. Anybody here in Texas?
Laurie O'Neill (H 65-67)
16 April 2001
Hello to anybody that might remember me. I think Shane Barnes is out there somewhere?
Bob Thompson (M 69-74)
20 April 2001
Just found this site and it's brought back so many memories reading all the messages. Can
anyone remember me Tina Latham I shared a dorm with Teresa Varga, Teresa Richardson, Caroline
Campbell, Vicki Norsden and a few others but I can't remember their names. I remember playing
hide and seek after lights out and climbing on the wardrobes and the bloody maybugs and walking
up to chapel. Please email me if you know me.
Tina Healy (nee Latham) (S 74-77)

22 April 2001
Glad to see that email addresses have not disappeared from the visitors book - obviously the committee have seen the light of day and "gone with the flow"? - David, I hope you continue with the WS and keep this site going - maybe you can even assist me with an Oz site and
we can provide a link through to this site - would appreciate any assistance you might be able to
Jon (Bambi) Marshall (B 59-62)
As far as I know the committee has not changed its mind. I will be maintaining the WS site here until it relocates to a new server. What will happen at this location I haven't yet decided
David Pipes (S 65-67)

22 April 2001
Hi everybody, especially those in Balmoral from 62 to 67. I was delighted to see all of the photos and news, and stunned to see me and Mike in the tin bath in the photo gallery. I was also the tractor driver in the 'detention' photo. Would whoever has the originals drop me a line as I too have them in my phto album, plus a few others.
I would particularly like to hear from Danny Bethell, Brian Bethell, Ralph Snape, Ted Little, Bob Bernays, Piers ??, Jehangir Khan, Mike ???, '??? Wilson- Goalie and Wicket Keeper- and Mike in the bath.
Eric Patterson (B 62-67)

24 April 2001
Just thought i would drop a line to all those that remember little old me. I remember all the girls that i wanted to go out with but did,nt and i can't remember the girls who i did go out with, apart from Kelly, Dawn, jo, tracy and caroline. Respect to all the school football teams and the
conquering relay team, paul sambrooke,chris white,paul? and yours truly on the home leg. Still looking for the Dawn and Debbie Johnson, purely for innocent reasons.
Paul 'Tiny' Mcdermott (M 76-79)
26 April 2001
I've spent a few hours and ££s browsing through the messages on this site since finding by accident. I remember sharing a dorm with Avril Stott, Irene Stock, Karen Winder, Jane Byfield, Janet Garner, Helen Every and Joan Lamb. Are any of you out there? If so, I'd be pleased to hear from you.
Shelia Cumming (C 66-68)

27 April 2001
Oh dear I spend nine months out of the country and what do I find when I get back the person who I consider has done more to raise the profile of the WS and the cause of ex Windsor school pupils and staff has resigned over what seems to me to be petty meddling by people who seem to have a need to control how we communicate, I for one will never subscribe to their wish to only allow me to contact fellow ex Windsor people through the WS, I am not a current member of the WS and it is unlikely that I ever will be in the future, I just hope that the website survives without the time and effort that David put in or that an alternative site offering the same sort of access and freedom to leave whatever information people feel is right for them becomes available.
Again thanks for all that you have done David.
John Foley (S 66-69)
See my reply to Jon Marshall. I have yet to decide what happens at this location, an 'independent' Windsor Schools web site is a possibility.
David Pipes (S 65-67)
29 April 2001
I remember "Wally" Waldron the house mistress,I shared dorms with various people, some of the names on the site ring a bell and it would be great to hear from other students who may remember me.
Carole Csordas nee Matthews (Matti) (M 74-76)

29 April 2001
Like all concerned I`m sorry to see "red tape" holding up Davids efforts here at The Windsor Society, of course at the moment there is the Yahoo club which is free and includes advanced functions such as live chat, e-mail addresses, photo`s, profiles and much more:
Mike Massey (S 77-82)

29 April 2001
Hi to all. Posting my new email address. Jan Crawshaw are you there ? Am I still in the 'DOG HOUSE'. Let me know. Hi to the 'seventies crew' from me and him (Alan). Anybody else who remembers me please make contact.
Jill Gravener (Nee GREEN) (B 70-74)

30 April 2001
Hello everyone, this is Alan Henry. This is just to tell you all that my e-mail address has changed. If anyone remembers me feel free to e-mail me. Cheers,
Alan Henry (H 71-75)