2 Sept 1999
Hello everyone, must say I'm tickled pink to have found this wonderful site. I had been looking for it for a couple of years, assuming that it existed. I was in Hillsborough house from 1961 to 1964. Currently living in Northern California near San Francisco but my heart is in Western Australia.
Congratulations David, a fine and welcome site.
Would love to hear from anyone that may have known me.
William (Bill) Pirrie (H61-64)

3 Sept 1999
Can anyone confirm a reunion meeting on the 9\9\99 in London?
Barrie (Shuggy) Gibson (C75-78)
There is an 'ad hoc' meeting in Trafalgar Square on that date. If anyone is attending, could they please get in touch with Barrie?
If you go, have a great day - unfortunately I shall be in Germany on business. DP.

6 Sept 1999
Hi all, just got back from a visit to Hamm and Cologne as part of my holiday touring. WBS is pretty run down, I managed to talk my way in to both parts, the block on the left of the entrance is occupied by foreign workers and the last block by the local Police. Most everywhere else is not being used. I took a few pics over there and have decided that the best way to show them is from my own webspace. They are in thumbnail form and are of the WBS and the Volkspark in Cologne. Click on the one you want to see then use your browser "back" button. You can get to the page by using this link - http://www.btinternet.com/~billc/pics/Trip.htm
See you at Trafalgar Square.....
Bill Craswell (C62-65)

8 Sept 1999
What a great web page, is great to see Windsor on the map so to speak.
Shame that isnt more of the 80s people here but I'm sure they will soon come flocking in once they have the newsletter. I recognise a few names.
By the way Mike...Windsor Club room on Yahoo is very good also, what great ideas you lot have. I have the annual picture of Marlborough Girls for the year 82 or 83 (memory fails me) and will add it at some point (when I find it of course). Keep up the good work and feel free to mail me anyone that remembers me.

Liz Rixon (Walker) (M81-83)
10 Sept 1999
I have gone online - first visit to www.windsorsociety page or should I say web site? If you remember me please use my brand new email address to contact me.
I suffered a stroke early in Febuary of this year but seem to be making a good recovery and hope to be at the Millenium reunion next year.
As the Editor of Concordia for two years I have lots of photographs to bring along - c.1970's.
Tony Fox (Staff WBS 67-81)

10 Sept 1999
I'd love to hear from anybody that remembers me, would especially like to know where Jacinta Conway is these days.
I've been inspired by the meet on the 9/9/99, all the memories came flooding back!
Lyn Padbury (E78ish-81ish)
13 Sept 1999
Would love to here from anyone who was around at the time.
Stuart Devereux (C74-81)

13 Sept 1999
Hello all 70's Windsors, love from Nina X
Nina Ball (Bridgeworth ) (E72-77)
No e-mail address supplied.
13 Sept 1999
Mike (Arfur) Adkins - saw your recent posting, but no email address. I've only recently found the site and joined the society, but haven't yet received my full list of members.
The heady days of the Sixth Form House - the bar, the snooker room, the rooms full of bike bits in the cellars.... and do you remember the bottle of rough German brandy!! Looking forward to the reunion next year.
I hope others will be in touch.
Nick Welford (E67-70)

13 Sept 1999
Really pleased to find this site and the Windsor Society.
Would be really pleased to hear from anyone at WGS,especially Hillsborough from 1976-79.Please e-mail. Can't wait for the reunion next year
Sara Clarke (Phillips) (H76-79)

14 Sept 1999
Hello everyone, Christine Law has finally got her way and I have joined the Windsor society(14-Sep-1999).
Excellent site. If anyone sees this message don't tell shuggsy, no wonder his computer crashed. I have read quite a lot of the messages and am very impressed. Along with a small team I use to be heavily involved with the discos in both the Boys and Girls schools between 77 and 79. Current status Happily Married for 11 years, two wonderful daughters and I am almost bald. How I use to folding my hair over to one side in the seventies. Nice to see Brun0 (Gary Madden ) on the site.
Look forward to hearing from anyone.
Martin Potts (C76-79)

14 Sept 1999
Hello to all ex -Windsors I attended WGS 1972-1977 andI have 2 sisters and a brother who also attended - Erica, Shelagh and Marcus and our father taught RES at WBS -P Ball.
Great to find the site. Can't add e-mail address as we have just changed it and I cant find it at the moment!
Nina Ball (Bridgeworth) (E72-77 )

15 Sept 1999
Saw a message at the top re: Trafalgar Square, there was a small gathering and I know Mike Snook and Bill Craswell (who went) have a contact list which I`m sure they`d share. Yikes I`ve just seen a message from he that used the slipper (frequently) just time to say don`t forget to say hello and join your friends at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/exwindsorbfpo it`s free and getting bigger all the time ! See you at Newbury.
Mike Massey (S77-81)

17 Sept 1999
Would love to hear from any old school friends who remember me. Please drop me an e- mail
Nina Ball (Bridgeworth) (E72-77)

18 Sept 1999
Hi Everyone, reading this visitor's book is so interesting! So many names I recognise now, more 70's people logging in which is great. I have recently changed email and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me - I promise to reply! After chatting to other ex-Windsors my memory now is really quite good. Sorry I couldn't make Trafalgar but I will definitely see you all at Newbury....
Ali Lindley (E77-79)

18 Sept 1999
I would like to hear from any old mates who can remember the good old days. Perhaps a few names might jog some memories: Tim Law, Michael O'Brian, Horace Hedges, Cassa, The Wharton Bros, Smudge, Etc. Not forgetting housemaster Haydn Jones and others. Some information please.
John Fisher (H65-68)

22 Sept 1999
Did not go to Windsor but to PRS '61 - '65. Lived in Lipstadt '64 - '65. If anybody knows the whereabouts of Janet McPhee who also lived in Lipstadt during this time and then moved to Chester please let me know.
All the best with your reunion next year. Have a BLAST!!!
Dave Nelson

27 Sept 1999
Greetings from a Windsor "Yank"...great to find a WBS/WGS site...was in Caernarvon 67-73... enjoyed those years but figured there was no way to "say hey" to all the scattered folk..
A few memories, stream of conciousness style...the first on the right, folk night, playin' in the band can get you in the girls school on a Friday night Dudleyography, liked cricket and rugby...oh well they could go on and and on...and thats not naming names...You still playin' that open tuned guitar Terry Horner ?
Be glad to hear from you.
Bruce Kolesar(C67-73)

28 Sept 1999
Hello to anyone who might be reading this who may remember me! I've been to several reunions already since finding out about the Windsor Society in 1993 and really looking forward to the Big One in June 2000. It's brilliant to meet up with friends again after all these years, some haven't changed at all!
Look forward to hearing from you all!
Sheryl Blackmore (Stuart)(B74-79)