1 Oct 1999
Anybody move on to Gloucester School, Hohne 64-67?
John Rayner (E61-63)

1 Oct 1999
Just found the site.Anybody who remembers me or my two brothers Andy and Stuart please e-mail me. Thanks.
Rob Jessiman (C76-83)

2 Oct 1999
It was great seeing everyone at the reunions and i look forward to the 2000 one. Hello to anyone who knows me or even remembers me maybe someone will e mail me back. Best wishes and keep up the good work.
Lynn Ryall (Kenney) (M ?)

3 Oct 1999
Message for Rob Jessiman. Recieved your E.Mail but no return E.Mail address. Martin Potts. What do you mean don't tell shuggy.
Barrie Gibson (Shuggy) (C?)

6 Oct 1999
Hi, just browsing through your site, didn't go to your school but was in Howe Boys at PRS, Whilhelmshaven, between the years of '60 and '65.(Lived in Hohne). Now living in Abu Dhabi, (UAE). Must say you have a great Web site. Ours,(Wilhelmshaven Association), has just got started and it's obvious we have a lot of catching up to do.
Best Regards.
Geoff Heath (PRS)

6 Oct 1999
Just been told about this site. Anyone who remembers me please get in touch. I was in Edinburgh House 1960-1962. Look forward to hearing from some old 'old friends'..
Fred Williams (E60-62)

9 Oct 1999
Hi to anyone out there who remembers either me or Stuart. Just found the web site on new computer, great to see some familiar names.
Michelle Wells (Jessiman) (C75-80)

10 Oct 1999
I'm searching for ex first and second years of St. James House between 1975 and 1977 - Elaine Gibson, Sharon Mcleach and Gillian Tuck.
Mandy Kinchin (Eveson) (StJ 75-77)

10 Oct 1999
Excellent site David. My sister Marjorie is looking for Heather Coulson (nee Stubbs) B 75-76, might be in the Nottingham area. She would also like to say 'Hi' to Nina Ball. ( yes, I do remember your dad & mum - she was always on duty in the sickbay when I went for a skive..Rob).
Also my sister Donna would like to say 'Hi' to Vickie Norsden (love to your sister Lorraine...Rob) and to anyone that was at Windsor with her..
I will pass messages on to my sisters - please get in touch via my email address....see you at the reunion....
Rob Wright (S74-78)


10 Oct 1999
Still a great web site. In case anyone is interested my email address has changed from AOL to currantbun. Really looking forward to the 2000 reunion.
I may be mad but I really miss WGS. Would really love to hear from anyone. If anyone knows where I can contact Chris Lancaster (Lofty) please let me know, my last contact with her was when she was living in Lubbecke and I was in Minden back in 1991.
Chris Duxbury (Butler) (B78-80)
12 Oct 1999
Hello everyone. I'm trying to contact anyone I attended WGS with between 1970 and 1975. In particular I would love to hear from Denise Windsor, Shirley Hewitt, Karen Enwright, Nicky Rolfe, Kathleen O' Connell or anyone else whose name doesn't appear here but remembers me anyway.
I've sadly lost touch with everyone. Where are you all now? I'd love to hear from you!
Yvonne Henderson (S70-75)

14 Oct 1999
Just discovered this site exists. Be nice to hear from anybody who remembers me (please keep replies clean) Can also be e-mailed on: andy.tibbs@danwood.co.uk
Andy Tibbs (H74-79)
14 Oct 1999
I went to Windsor Girls School in the early sixties. I am glad there is a society for the schools, I returned to Germany today hoping to locate and visit the old school. I now reside in Canada and hope to stay in touch.
Pauline Magee (B63-65)

15 Oct 1999
Found the site following a call from Dave Edmunson. Me and my sister Julie (WGS) both now live in Leeds.Ii would be happy to hear from anybody who remembers us.
Andy Tibbs (H75-80)
15 Oct 1999
Great to see more names appearing from the years that I'm familiar with.
Just wondered if Alan Evans (or Julie) was out there anywhere. Would be lovely to hear from either of them.
Kelly Roberts (E77-80)

16 Oct 1999
Gidday from New Zealand.
I've spent 20 years over here expecting to run into a Wiggle or Wobble some day....and now an ex- Prince Rupert joker has moved in right next door and put me onto this site !! Wow!
I was dept House Captain of Hillsborough in 78/79, but used to escape back to Dusseldorf (and the Alt Stadt !!$#@!%) most weekends.
I see some familiar names in the book. Hi Nina Ball! Kev Hopkins and David Jones...didn't we used to go sailing/drowning at Monesae (Spelling's still atroshus!!) David, I'd love to contact Sian. Does anyone know a contact for Debbie Wiles, Karen ?? John ?(A level Bio group) Chris O'Toole , Sue and Cherry Pile,Graham Bell (Dinger), The Rafferty boys, Ian Martin, Lesley and Carol Gordon, Melinda and Madeline, Martina Olly, Shirley Millar, Les Martin? How about Phil Martin, the pottery/art teacher?
(NO ! I didn't marry an All-Black!! - but whot about the rugby eh ??)
Soo Holloway (Thompson) (H77-79)
16 Oct 1999
My brother and I were students at Windsor between 1969 and 1972. My brother (Jim Waller) was in Balmoral house 1969-72, and I was in St. James'1970-72. I've enjoyed meeting old friends at two reunions to date. If there is anyone else out there who remembers either of us, we would love to hear from you.
Lynn Waller (St J 70-72)

16 Oct 1999
Hiya everyone, If anyone remembers me please drop me a line. Here's some names that I remember: Hermoine Payne,Helen, Tina,Steve Allen,Shane Ackers - two boys I had a crush on!!!
I would love to know anything about Matron Leahy!!!! The loving lady who saw me though my years at Windsor. And of course the wonderful German Matron (whose name escapes at the moment,sorry.
If anyone remembers Dave Mcann I can always pass on a message for you. No we are not still together...I just know his phone number!!!! :-)
Dawn Crosby (H -83)
17 Oct 1999
Nice to see the pages filling up.would be good to find some others tho.Karen Cheatham,Becky Hobbs,Sharon Gascoigne,John Palmer.or if anyone has any news of them it would be much appreciated.
Debbie Rymer (E77-80)
19 Oct 1999
When are we going to see any piccys from the 80's? You lot from the 70's had some appalling fashion-sense! Let's see some of the more sensible stuff from the punks and new romantics that used to prowl around the place during my time.
By the way; "hi" to anyone who remembers me.
Mike Lucas-Carter (H80-83)

Does anyone have photos of 80's punks and new romantics? If so, please contact me. david@windsorsociety.freeserve.co.uk
20 Oct 1999
Its great to find this site, brings the memories flooding back. Thanks Dave for creating this wonderful site. Does anyone remember me from my short time in Balmoral? If so It would be great to hear from you. I was in a dorm with Colin lovell, Andy Beaumont, Nick Wardell, Anton Smith + others who I can't put names to (apologies!). I also remember Mike Snook, Paul Houston, Becks and HOGGER!!! I think that the following phrase will only mean something to those in my dorm, "Don't turn bloody light on, blow bloody room up!!" anyone remember?
Gareth Shaw (B79-80)

28 Oct 1999
I have some really bad news, unfortunately whilst trying to find Steve Valentine from WBS, I have discovered that he passed on about two years ago. He was a great friend and even though I haven't seen him for years he was still the best friend I have ever had. I hope if any of his family see this I am not dragging up old pain but for me the pain is fresh. I always believed we would meet again and even get the band (Silver Phoenix) together for a one off reunion gig, alas this will now never happen.
May he rest in peace.
Mike Snook (B79-82)

30 Oct 1999
Congratulations on the web site. My sister sally and I (Julie) Rich attended Windsor Girls School from 1970-1973 and were in St James house.
Looking forward to hearing from ex-pals of that period.
Julie Rich (Jenkins) (St.J 70-73)

30 Oct 1999
I look into these pages on a regular basis in case old pals leave a message. If you browse through the messages always leave a note to say you've been in. It might start a snowball effect, somebody will know you and may bring others into the society. I've been!
John Fisher (H65-68)