3 Nov 1999
The web-site goes from strength to strength. I recently made 'proxy' contact with Mike Hill from 3AB (1960) days via my brother who lives in Perth and turns out to be only a few miles from Mike. Although my brother, Paul, never had the pleasure of a sojourn at Windsor he is now as well-infomed as anyone about those great days.
Actually, I just popped into the site to check the date of next-year's Re-Union since I wanted to get it into my diary before anything else was planned. Then I had a quick look at the visitors book and got hooked for an hour reading all the messages.
Great to hear from everyone. I am looking forward to June 2000 and renewing all the contacts and memories.
See you there
Tom Ryan (H59-61)

3 Nov 1999
Hello everyone. What a fantastic site this is. I was in Hillsborough with my two brothers from 1971-1975, we are William, Alan and John Henry. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers us.
The names I remember are Angus Macpherson, mark Coburn, Martin Sedgwick, Ricardo Stillwell, Scott McIntyre, Nick (Coco) Lowe who was a brilliant athlete, footballer and rugby player and in all the school teams also Steve Smith who was into diving at the time.
My sister was also at WGS, her name is Jeanette (I'm not sure of the house).
Hope to see some familiar faces at the Millennium Reunion.
William Henry (H71-75)

5 Nov 1999
OK John...lets get November rollin...Hey if anyones in touch with MASON BRADSHAW aka "Joe" let him know I have a roll of his slides taken c.1970 containing the play us Yanks did OUR TOWN. Featuring each and every one of us, (he was the lead, I believe) and our band ... including Bo O' Barr...Mike Gardner...Beth Thompson . anyway tgif....
Bruce Kolesar (C67-71)

8 Nov 1999
Myself and two brothers all attended WBS, Hamm (Edinburgh House) from 1968 to 1972. Peter and myself were well known for the art work defacing many a classroom desk - 'Biffo' and the 'Phantom Bog Woman'.
Any old school chums please get in touch.
Philip Griffiths (E 68-72)

9 Nov 1999
Greetings. First time on the web site? Then leave a message, don't have a look without letting us know you've been. You could miss out on a lot of fun catching up with old mates.
Cheers, John.
John Fisher (H 65-68)

10 Nov 1999
Thought I`d put a note on the visitors page as I haven`t visited for a while due to work and running ExWindsorBFPO (look in on The Windsor Club - the link is in Windsor Links). So - Sandie Guppy, Kev Walker, Andy Hollingsbee, Zoe Loftus, Joe Charlton, Pattie Maddren, Kala Anderson, Lesley Ferris, Sarah O` Connor and the many other people who knew me .. where are you all ? If anyone knows these people mail me please and Snookie if you`re reading this give us a call or post me at The Windsor Club. Cheers.
Mike Massey (S 77-82)

10 Nov 1999
The usual old thing out there. Does anybody remember either myself or my brother. We are Michael and Keith Hearn with limited memories of our time at Windsor Boys School. Mr Fox was my tutor and I remember a few other names of teachers. If any of the second year and above who spat all over my (and other first years) blazers during the screening of Jungle Book are at the reunion, I will not hold it against you!
Michael Hearn (S 70-71)

12 Nov 1999
I was a pupil at King Alfred School, Ploen and then moved to Hamm when Ploen closed down. I have just been reunited with one old school friend June Pummery and we would love to hear from any others who were at either school with us especially Carola Laverack, Lynne Francis, Tubby Rogers.
Jeanette Crossley (K 59-61)

12 Nov 1999
Great site,
Both me and my brother (Steve) were `boarders` WBS and saw the amalgamation with WGS and the eventual closure of the school - I`m looking forward to catching up with old friends. Has anyone got a copy of the last ever Concordia mag? I was never sent one.
Paul Valentine ( C81 - closure)

12 Nov 1999
I last visited Hamm in 1992 while I was working for a spell in Hamburg. First time since I left in 1970. I don't know if there are any trips planned, but I'm thinking of organising a couple of days there immediately after the reunion in June. I might just pop over in the car for a couple of days from the Sunday. If anyone else is interested, I'm happy to make up a party, either using private cars or arranging transport. It would round off the event really well. Get in touch if you are interested.
Nick Welford (E 68-70)
nick.welford@barclaycard.co.uk hebgb@hebgb.screaming.net
19 Nov 1999
Hi, Great site and society. I'm amazed at how many people I recognise just looking through the visitors' messages.
Drop me a line anyone who knew me..It`ll be great to hear from you.
Bye for now
Paul Valentine (B 80-83)

22 Nov 1999
"Ringo" Roberts, Stan (Llawern?? phonetic!), Ma Brown, Dudley Chater, Mr Wylie, Frau Schickloff (sp.), Frau Kaula (sp.).......thats about as much as my ailing memory can recall regarding staff.
Things don't get much better when it comes to mates....."Chip" Coggins (C ?-69), Tim Ackehurst (B 65-66) who had an older brother,a house prefect in Balmoral at the same time, Geoff Hurst (B 65 - Wembley 66!!!), Stuart Pearce, Mike Mawer - both Sandringham till '69 and not forgetting Fred Winkworth (H 'til '69).
The only other "fond" memories are CCF summer camp '68 (or more probably '69) on Lunnenburg Heath and the grotesque annual steeple chase.
Graeme Bowell (S 65-69)

25 Nov 1999
I was told about the web site and spent some time locating it as I didn't have an address. It's been great going through the pictures - but I didn't find me! Have recognised a few names so far. I wonder if Iain Butler is 'Geezer' that I knew in Balmoral house when I attended the Boys School for all my 'A'levels ('Geezer' was in Caernarvon 71-74 - DP). I'm just about to join the society so hope to be getting in touch with a few more people from school. My memory has begun to fade so there are a lot of names I don't remember.
Carole Brannigan (E69-73)

28 Nov 1999
Hi, I would love to find anyone who remembers me from Sandringham. I was the one always in trouble with matron! It has been great reading through all the messages. I hope to meet up with you all at the reunion.
Mary Smith (Mclaren) (S 70-72)