7 May 1999
Greetings to anyone I was at school with....
Sue McCrory (now Partridge) (E 65-69)
7 May 1999
The site is great it brought back lots of memories. I'll see everyone at Newbury next June.
Gail Wetherly (C 65-70)
8 May 1999
Looking for Mark Gibbons, Steve Walker, George Frazer, Raymond Tuffin, or anyone who remembers me please get in touch. Cheers.
Steve Thorne (S 66-69)
8 May 1999
What a great site.....and easy to access. I will have a look for my old photos and send them in I think!
Carolyn Amos (now Meakin) (M 76-79)
8 May 1999
I found an old black and white photograph of a school band called Jacks Union playing at a social. I think that the bassist was called Geoff and the singer/guitarist Steve. Does anyone else remember them? Also does anyone know the whereabouts of Bill Gibson who was at WBS 1966 - 69? I think that he was in Caernarvon. Also a guy called Mike Mawr?
Sue McCrory (now Partridge) (E 65-69)
8 May 1999
I absolutely love your website. It was well worth waiting for! Anyone any idea where Steve or Phil Blackshaw are? They both attended School in the early '60s and when I knew them, lived in Munster? I would love to know how they are!
Keep up the good work all you committee and a special hello to Bob!
Pia Ayres (now Poynter) (C 63-68)
8 May 1999
Anybody out there who was in the Sixth form at Windsor Girls between 1970 and July 1971. In my last year I was Head of House - Claire ? was Head Girl.I am still in touch with Barbara Wilkes and Glynis Parton but that is about all. I would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. I now teach in Leeds and have two teenage daughters. Look forward to hearing from you!
Lesley Leaver (now Clare)(E 70-71)
8 May 1999
I am amazed to have discovered this Web Page, great piece of work! I was in Hillsborough from 1964 - 67ish. I'm struggling to remember names, but I shared a dorm in the fourth year with Joe Muscat, M Bosworth, R Chamberlain, F Winkworth.
Love to hear from anyone who was at the school at that time.

Alan Hawkes (H 64-68)
9 May 1999
Hello David Website is excellent. Great to see you on line. Look forward to receiving e-mail from you. Vera
Vera Gibbs (now Malcomson)(C 60-64)
10 May 1999
I attended WGS along with my sister Geraldine Rogers - who attended 59 - 63. Has anyone heard of Vanda Helm? - or anyone who remembers myself or my sister please let us know!!! Old dorm 304 terrors? Tessa Nolan where are you and sister Sandy??????
Georgina Rogers (H 60-63)
10 May 1999
Brilliant web site. Hi to anyone at Windsor during the years 78 - 80, I have to say best years of my life.
I would really love to hear from anyone who attended the school at the same time as me. I shared a dorm with Chris Lancaster, lovingly known as "LOFTY", we were given the lovely task of Head and Deputy Head Girls (not).
I will definitely be attending the Millennium Reunion on June 24th next year and hope to see the crowd I met at the last one I attended. Look forward to hearing from friends (male and female) that attended during 78 - 80.
Chris Duxbury (now Butler) (B 78-80)
10 May 1999
Hi Everyone, Just a short message to register my existence (see previous message from brother Brian).
Am now living in Cardiff, and retired from BT after many years computer analysing. Currently part-time job working for local MEP Wayne David.
Hope to be at the reunion next year.
Iechyd dda.
Danny Bethell (B 60-67)
10 May 1999
Now living in Bognor Regis
Jean Irene Gates (now Volz)(H 57-60)
10 May 1999
Well, I've finally got my act together and joined. It's a bit of a pleasant suprise to see so much written about Windsor, and that so many of you have such fond memories of it after all these years (some have more years than others!). All I can say is that I hope that it'll help me contact some old chums from my days at Balmoral. So Al Gardner, Cliffy, Nige Wardell, Rob Dorning and altogether far too many others to remember, do contact me!. Best regards to all ex Windsor inmates from all eras.
Paul "Capes" Capon (B 79-82)
10 May 1999
The site is great. Thank you.
I know I should recognise some of the girls on the WGS page 3rd year camp, but I don't. Help.
Has anyone ever managed to find any of the Amercican girls that were with us during our 5th and lower sixth? (68-69) Debbie Alley was one of the names and there was another called Becky.
Seems like only yesterday except the memory isn't as fresh as the memories. I always look forward to getting the newsleters in the hope that the following may have contacted you. Mary Pavitt, Anthea Wood, Sue Barker, Margaret Fraser (Fred) to mention just a few. Looking forward to June 2000, but if you have minute, drop me a line Thanks
Mary-Ann Eagles (H 63-70)
10 May 1999
Like the web site... thanks for the newsletter, I thought I must have been struck off for non-payment of subs!!
Pam Capener (nee Hutchings) (C 57-58)
11 May 1999
Just checking the site after receiving the latest copy of the newsletter. Haven't checked all the pages yet will do so over the next few days. Next visit will be under Edinburgh.
Malcolm Brunsdon (S 62-64)
11 May 1999
Hi everyone. Its great to see all the old names again. I used to live in Soest as a 'Day Bug'. I still keep in touch with Melinda Berry, Yvette Tortice, Bob and Pete Chatfield, Mark and Alan Welland,Rob Wright, Dana Booth.
We had our last reunion last weekend at my house and are having another at Yvette's house on the 2nd July 1999, and sometime before or soon after we are having a reunion at Starsky and Hutch's night club in London..Anyone interested?
Lets see some more e-mails from our time at Windsor(late 70's early 80's).
Jakki Manners (now Geeson) (C 75-81)
11 May 1999
Hello, It was so nice to get onto the web site, but a bit of a shock to find a picture of myself, was I ever that young?
It was great to see so many "older" friends at the first reunion and look forward to the year 2000.
I would love to contact Lorna Stott. She had a brother Robert (what a heartthrob) and a sister Averil. Does anybody know of her whereabouts?
Bye for now, Lesley
Lesley O'Neill (now Blanchard) (C 65-67)
11 May 1999
The curse of Caernarvon is back. One of the few seventies people (it seems) who are registered. I had a whale of a time at WBS and have been in the Society more or less since it formed. I'd like to hear from anyone who was there during 73-76, wore flares and had an outrageous hair cut. I've got some really terrible pictures that I will submit in due course, all totally uncensored.
If I looked like a pratt then so did everyone else! My immediate memories are of the people (Chip, Fil, Fiona, Helen etc) the chip machine outside the kiosk in Mark and the amazing backcombed hair that enabled us to pass the termly hair length test.
Great site, I will be a regular visitor.
Steve Mayne (C 73-76)
11 May 1999
I received my April newsletter today and visited the site straight away. It was good to see photos of the school again - it's funny how you never seem to forget that place! Some of you may remember my sister Jacqui Foskett, she is now 38, keeping well and now has two teenage daughters.
I married Kevin Leadbetter from Marlborough 77-79, he spent some years in the Army in the Royal Engineers and we have three children, two sons aged 11 and 9 and an 8 year old daughter.
There are some pictures of Kev in the photo album section so he's achieved fame at last. Keep the photos coming, they're great. We both hope to make it to the Millennium reunion.
Elaine Foskett (now Leadbetter) (S 75-77)
11 May 1999
Have just received No 14 Newsletter, what a relief.....I thought perhapes I owed loads of money and had been struck off the register ! Well done to the Society for all the hard work you've put into the Web site, a big thank you.
If anyone can remember me, please write. I'd love to hear from you. I'm hopeless on the phone, but am generally quite good with letters/email. Pat & Chris Law, "Puckey", Anne Wheeler, Elaine Smith, ARE YOU OUT THERE ???? And anyone else who was in Marlborough 1977-1980 ?
With fondest wishes. See you all at the reunion.
Sally Webster (now Griffith) M 77-80)
11 May 1999
Help!!! Where are all you girls from the 70's. Vickey Norsden, Thersa Varga, Dawn McMeekin, Julie Lind. to name but a few.
Love to hear from anyone who knew me. Ok if you don't remember me , how about my brother James Martindale. A few years younger and in Balmoral? Or Shirley, my baby sister also Balmoral, who was there until it closed down.
If any of the names ring a bell e-mail me. Thanks.
Caroline Martindale(now Ewers) (S 74-79)
11 May 1999
I received Newsletter No.14 today and immediately located your Website! Many congratulations on your efforts. I am sure it will prove very useful in putting former staff and pupils in touch. Indeed I am hoping to receive lots of E mail! as a result of my getting in contact. Hopefully amongst them is Bob Bernays, last known address - British Colombia.
Good wishes to all my `old' friends - staff and pupils. Looking forward to Reunion in 2000.
The Revd. John Fielding (Chaplain WBS 61-69)
11 May 1999
Rec'd the newsletter today and looked up the web site straight away. Congratulations, there's obviously been a lot of work done and it shows! Can't believe I left the school 21 years ago - and I confess my memory is not brilliant but I would love to hear from any of the girls I used to board or study with. I seem to have lost Jackie Devereux/Bennington - very careless! - last contact was Farnborough a couple of years ago. I'll keep checking in.
Ali (stationed @ RAF Laarbruch)
Alison Close (B 75-78)
12 May 1999
Enjoyed looking at the website and would be pleased to get in contact with anybody who remembers me or my sister Peta.
We'll both be at the reunion in Newbury in June 2000.
Barri Allmark (now Hicks) (H 58-60)
12 May 1999
Just received the Newsletter and this is the first sight of the site. Excellent it is too. I was one of those sporty types and was captain of the Junior Hockey and Netball teams that visited other schools in Germany to compete in Inter School competitions. Does anyone recall the awful packed lunches we got to take with us and the tins of Cremola foam? We used to eat the powder instead of making it up in to drinks.
See you at the Millenium Reunion.
Tracey James (StJ 69-72)
(J97, laundry number remembered 27 years on!!)
E-mail address not supplied.

12 May 1999
I was at the school for the final four years of my school life, taking in O and A levels before eventually ending up working overseas for the next 15 years with Cable & Wireless. I now work for a US telephone company - Sprint - after a ten years with AT&T.
I have mixed feelings about the school although there were some very fine teachers who I will be forever grateful to for their efforts in my education. It was the Rev Fielding, I think, who passed on my name to the society when I lived in London and used to attend his Church in Highgate.
I attended the last reunion at Newbury a couple of years ago where it came as something of a surprise to me that so many ex students and teachers had fond memories of the place. But that event was very enjoyable and I shall be back again next June to meet up with more old school friends. A nicely designed site. Could the photos be bigger though - my eyesite ain't what it was.
Mike Hutchinson (M 64-68)
12 May 1999
I have been trying to find this web page for ages. Now SUCCESS!!! I have been trying to find a Sarah Marshall for some years now, so if anyone can help please let me know It is good to see that some folks have managed to find this page. I shall be telling everyone I know about this. The more the merrier.
Sheena Morrison (S 76-79)
E-mail address not supplied
12 May 1999
Anybody who knows me please get in touch.
Mandy Muir (now O'Shea) (B 78-82)
13 May 1999
Good to see all the news on this site - well done and thanks to those who did all the work on getting it set up. It would be good to hear from those who shared a (mainly!!) enjoyable time at Windsor.
Alan Jones (C 61-66)
13 May 1999
Hi I am back as promised under Edinburgh. I have now had a look at some of the pages and might even appear in the Sandringham photo on the WBS page. Can't be sure though.
One suggestion that I have is that the photo pages just show a thumb nail picture linked to a seperate page showing the 'full sized' picture so more detail can be seen. **
Yes it is true I did go to the School twice. Having a break in the Mid Sixties out at St John's School in Singapore (in case anyone knows of it). I am looking forward to the next 'Millennium' reunion.

Malcolm Brunsdon (E 67-69)

** It's an idea I've been working on for the updated site however I'm concentrating on finishing the site first and will add linked photos when time allows. DP.
14 May 1999 - Bahrain
Have just found this page after the recent Newsletter. Congratulations! Greetings to all my Music Students! On 31st May after 25 years in the Middle East I shall retire for the second time! Good wishes to all.
Denise F Murray (M 68-72)
murraydf@batelco.com bh
14 May 1999
Tell Bob that we are not drinking any of his wines because he PROMISED to have the 2000 reunion at a time when we could get over from Hong Kong!!
You have done a great job with the web page, I will send you some photographs from our time, mess piss-ups etc, later in the year.
Any ex-staff wishing to send cheques or cash to prevent this can..........
Terry and Judy Bugden (M 72-83)
14 May 1999
I've just received the long-awaited latest newsletter, so I thought that I'd give the new web site a 'go'. Congratulations to all - this has to be the best way to bring all members together!
I will write further when I have time, but in the meantime, I'm very glad to see that my friend, (from those dim and distant days, Phil Bosley, has finally had his name added to the list of contactees. I will be writing to him shortly - he now lives in Australia! (I'm writing from Warszawa in Poland)!
Bye for now.....It's great to be back.
Ralph Czumaj (H 56-58)
14 May 1999
Great site, so much to see and recall 'old' times. Thanks for all your hard work.
While I'm here, if any of my ex-house friends are reading this please send email and we can have a chat.
Ann Woods ( now Woody) (S 60--65)
15 May 1999
Hello to all. Good to be in touch with the past. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, not that I can guarantee to remember you. Names to remember Cliff Walker, Martin Potts, Andy Jessiman, Manny Evans.
Talk to me.
All the best, Shuggy.
Barrie Gibson (C 75-78)

17 May 1999
Right! Who of you lads from the early to mid 70's remembers Heike & Sabrina? Stop sniggering for chrissakes, the missus'll get suspicious!
Hi to all those I know, hope to catch up with you all in June 2000. Party on.
I'm looking for anyone who can help me find any of the following Windsorites:- Dave Halsall (E) Phill (peasoup) Morris (C) Sue Carlile (StJ) Rose Passfield (StJ) Tony & Preston Northcott (C) Kev Jones (S) Terry Dugan (S) Mike & Jill Moran(?) Simon Keeping (S) Pamela Cooper and Sue Airey. Non Windsorites, Bob Smith (Laarbruch) and Paul Blackhurst (Laarbruch). Last heard of at 16 BtnR.A.O.C. Bicester Oxon. If any of you want to chat & reminisce, give me a call, it'd be great to hear from you.
Nige Hoar (S 71-74)
18 May 1999
This is just to let anyone who wants to get in touch with me know that I've changed my email address.
I'm currently in Darwin/Aus, and I'd love to hear from anyone who's in this neck of the woods (fat chance!!)
Who remembers wedgies, peg-leg, night-runs, sneaking out over the back dyke, those (sometimes dreadfull) socials...the list could go on.
Ah...those were the days!
Mike Lucas-Carter (H 80-83)

18 May 1999
I only spent one very eventful year at Windsor, but I collected some very fond memories while I was there.(Hello Matron Hessenbruch - I still fill with fear at the sight of your name!! And I'm still in therapy for my 'irrational' fear of POODLES!)
I have been lucky enough to attend all of the reunions to date, including the unofficial Trafalgar Square 8.8.88 and 8.9.89. I am looking forward to next year's reunion, but is anyone coming to this year's unofficial Trafalgar Square 9.9.99?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who was sober enough to remember Paul Sambrook's impromptu announcement!!! I look forward to seeing you there!
Feel free to E me if you remember me!
Sandie Guppy (now Power) (B 81-82)
18 May 1999
Found the site at first go. Looking forward to the big reunion at Newbury. I am still looking for Maureen Loveday, she was in the same house. Also looking for David Silver, he was in Caernarvon in 1955.
Best wishes to you all.
Irene Harvey (now Bird)C67(C 55-58)

homerun.@birdie23.freeserve co.uk.
18 May 1999
I received the latest newsletter today and immediately looked up the site. I was in the sixth form when Claire was Head Girl - I was her deputy. I spent most of my time in a minibus travelling to WBS for Physics & Chemistry A level lessons.
Anyone who remembers me, please get in touch. My two sisters, Dawn & Kim were also at WGS at the same time.
Lesley Nunn (now Bennett) (St J 68-71)
18 May 1999
I'd love to hear from any 6th form gals during the above period, especially Kathy Rocket, Jacquie Noyse, Jan Mitchell. I'm desperately trying to 'dig out' some photos I know I have in the attic somewhere!!??
Frances Zavishlock (now Jordan)(S 69-71)
19 May 1999
I have just found this page and am happy to say that I remember two of my former house-mates that have left messages! This visitors' book is a great forum. Keep up the good work!
Monica P Edwards (now Mills) (H 58-61)

19 May 1999
I received the April newsletter recently with the news of the web site which I decided to visit. I was impressed. Congrats to David!
The visitors book makes interesting reading and I was shocked to see myself on the 1965 school prefects photo- didn't remember how scrawny I was then-(I'm a bit bigger now!!).
Look foward to hearing from anyone.

Keith Buckley (S 59-67)

19 May 1999
Hi I was a teacher at the school (WBS) and look forward to visiting the site from time to time as I become more familiar. Anyone remember
No email address at present. Home address:**
available by e-mail from:
Tony Fox (E 67-81)

** We're not able to put home addresses on the web sit
e but Tony's is in the full membership list circulated to members.

19 May 1999
Hello People, Its great to see so many familiar names. Bloody brilliant idea this visitors book. Love to hear from anyone that knows me. I am also in constant contact with 'Scottie' if anyone wants to get a message to her.
Anne James (S 76-82)


19 May 1999
Hi to everyone who can remember me, just got the site of Phil White, Head Boy? brother of Amanda.
Does anyone remember me? I was at the Traf Sq 8.8.88 will be at 9.9.99.
Take care, looking for Fiona Hutchinson....
Karen Austin (H 79-81)
e-mail address not supplied

20 May 1999
My name is Mrs Lesley Fowler (nee Cox) and I am a member of the Windsor Society.
I have just joined the Internet and am dead excited that we are now on the web and look forward to hearing from the world!
Keep up the good work.
Lesley Cox (now Fowler) (B 66-70)
20 May 1999
I like the new look David. Well done and thank you. I'm trying to respond to a post from Ralph Czumaj, but the e-mail address he's given doesn't seem to want to work. So If you're reading this Ralph, contact me via bosbrian@ozemail.com.au so I can send you an e-mail. Y'all take care now.
Phil Bosley (M 54 57)
Ralph's e-mail address is as received - maybe RomanCzumaj@hotmail.com
will work. DP.

24 May 1999
There was a total e-mail failure on the Freeserve network between 20.00 hrs Friday 21 May and 9.00 hrs Monday 24 May.
If you posted a message to the Visitors' Book between those times, it has been lost - please
re-send it.
Freeserve inform me no messages have been lost but I can't believe no one sent one all weekend, you're all normally far more 'talkative'
- apologies for the inconvenience. DP.

24 May 1999
I'd like to contact Joe Muscat, John Menzies or Richard Chamberlain and Dennis West. Or news of any of these. Anyone in Hillsborough at this time who can jog my hazy memory, please write to my e address. If anyone's interested, I'll relate some of what's happened in my life and what I'm doing now.
Michael Bosworth (H 65-67)

24 May 1999
As everyone says, this is a good web site, got the details off my brother Russell (S77-82). We visited the Boys School in 1993, via Soest from where myself, Russell and Shaun (S79-82) came in by bus and like Steve Graham found the School to be full of people peering suspiciously at us, which given their circumstances was understandable.
Keith Askew (S 74-81)
25 May 1999
Hi, my name is Liz (Elizabeth) Smith and I was at Hillsborough House from 1974 - 1979. I have been to some of the reunions and would like to contact Caroline Martindale, Sheena Morrison & Sara Clarke. so if anyone knows their whereabouts let me know. Thanks
Elizabeth Smith(H 74-79)
27 May 1999
Hi to you all, glad I've found the site. Re visiting as I've got an e-mail address now. Can anyone remember me, looking for Fiona Hutchinson, Karen Thompson and anyone else from Hillsborough. Was at Traf Sq 8.8.88, is there a unofficial 9.9.99?
Karen Austin (H 80-82)