5 Mar 1999
Great to see a web site for WBS. I attended WBS between 1961 to 1964. Had a great time and often wonder what happened to everyone. Anyone out there in cyberspace that used to know me I'd be glad to swap history
Alan Banks (C 61-64)

7 Mar 1999
Hallo staff and girls. I am still healthy and wise and looking forward seeing you next year at the reunion.
If you want to see the Windsor School buildings again hurry up to "Bad Hamm", you are welcome to see me.
love Hessi Monster
Gisela Hessenbruch (Matron B 61-83)

14 Mar 1999
Have just stumbled on this site and feel like I've peeled back the years! I was in Edinburgh House, Dorm 312.
Would love to hear from anyone from that time, maybe Sian Gardner, Fiona Longworth??? Have found Ali Lindley, it's just a blast to see people want to keep in touch after 20 or so years!
Claire Morgan (E 77-78)

15 Mar 1999
How exciting to find this page!
Does anyone know where Tracey Samways, Dawn Williamson or Johanna Lees are? I now live in Australia, are there any other students from my era who are in Oz?
Julie Maslen (was Julie Morgan) (E 76-78)

17 Mar 1999
My utmost respect goes to you David for the excellent work you put into creating this important homepage. I haven't heard much from the society lately so your Homepage has become my main link to keeping in touch with the Windsor members.
Both my two older sisters and I went to Windsor. Jane Cole (Hoole) was in Hillsborough in the late 60's, early 70's. Sandra Cole (Messiah) was in Sandringham early till mid 70ties. I myself joined Hillsborough and changed over to Sandringham later.
If anybody know any of us, we would all be very pleased to hear from you. I in particular would like to find my best mates from Sandringham. Does anybody know where Douglas Griffen, Leigh Walker, Mike Jennings or Paul Falcus are? Where is David Basham, Dawn Mcneeken?!?, Tracy Samways? It seems to me that the members list is missing most people I knew. Where are they all disappeared too? If you can help me find them, I would be very appreciative.
My sisters and I are looking forward to the Reunion 2000. The first we will be attending. Best regards to everybody.
Any one visiting Hannover for the Expo 2000 or any other occasion, please feel welcome to call in.
Bye and good luck to everybody for the future. David a special thank you goes to you.
John Cole (S 74-78)

24 Mar 1999
As some of you are aware I recently spent a weekend revisiting the schools. (19th - 22nd March '99).
The visit took place with a couple of old friends Christine Law and Garry Maddran after making contact through the Society. I was amazed to find we all got on and it was if we had never lost contact. We reminisced about the old days and felt very much as if we were 15 once again.
The Girls school is currently housing refugees from Russia and has been very well maintained. Due to Garry's excellent grasp of the German language we managed to spend a few hours walking round the school taking picture and video footage.
The Boys School was a slightly different story. Again this is housing refugees but from the old East Germany and has been left to weather. Most of the buildings are boarded up and in a bad state of disrepair. The majority of the school has been partitioned off, however we managed to gain access by climbing the odd fence or two. (Reminded me of those late nights in the good old days)? A large prefab has been constructed on the rugby pitch opposite the gym, and the playing fields to the back of the school close to the old dike are overgrown. Again we took extensive film and video footage.
The highlight of the visit for all of us was a pleasant evening spend on the Saturday with Mr & Mrs Marsden - Ex Windsor teachers. Their hospitality and warm welcome made a successful weekend complete. As for the film and video, I hope to present some of the pictures on my site in the next few weeks.
Roll on the reunion. By the way if Mark Carver, Steve Brown, Paul Burdge and Paul Farrell are around, it would really be nice to hear from you?
Phill Lowrie (M76-79)

25 Mar 1999
Staff at the girls's school (Physics) - many happy memories.
Gareth Evans (C64-67)