2 June 1999
Just to inform anyone out there who might want to get in touch, I now have a new email address.Anyone from 78 to 80 please get in touch.
Hope to see you on 9/9/99 or the 2000 reunion
Chris Duxbury (Butler) (B 78-80)

3 June 1999
I have been trying to e-mail Gail Wetherly, Caernarvon 65 - 70 but her e-mail address seems to be incorrect. Gail if you are reading this will you check it out? I look at the visitors book everyday it's great.
Bye Lesley
Lesley Blanchard (O'Neill) (C 65-67)

3 June 1999
There are so many names on the visitor's book and in the newsletters that I recognise that this message is for any one of them. Notice that Debbie Rymer remembers me and it would be great to hear from her. Julie Roberts, at Windsor during the same period as me can be contacted at the same email address. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there who remembers either of us.
Kelly Roberts (E 77-80)
5 June 1999
I visited Hamm on the 24 April this year. For anyone who is planning a visit, be warned, they are building apartments on the Kurpark.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Brown or Mike Vine?
Paddy McMurray (E 64-67)

6 June 1999
Change of Email address. If anyone has tried to contact me I do apologise, trouble with computer.
Barrie Gibson "Shuggy" (C 75-78)

8 June 1999
Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of Patrick Rowney who was in Edinburgh House 64-68. Pat joined the RAF on leaving school and I the last time I saw him was about eight or nine years ago when we literally bumped into each other in London on the way to work. He was working at the MOD at the time.
Mike Hutchinson (M64-68)

9 June 1999
Hi to anyone that remembers me. There is a small get together in London at Trafalgar Square on Thursday 9th September 1999 at 12.00 midday. hope you can make it.
Garry (Bruno) Maddran (C 77-79)
e-mail address not given

9 June 1999
An excellent site, congrats to all involved in the production. Quite amazed to see the number of familiar names on the visitors' book, quite scarey!!!
Eddy Eagles (M 64-69)
9 June 1999
Its amazing what turns up on this internet thing..... Really surprised to find you here, will have to dig out all those old photos now!
Looking forward to hearing from you.....
Dave Cumbley (Apple) (C 63-67)
9 June 1999
My brother and I were students at Windsor Boys, Hamm. We were known as Tony E92 and Norman E122. Does anyone remember us?
Tony Fance (E 65-69)
12 June 1999
Thought I might have a drop by again after the pleasant surprise of a newsletter, better start saving my pennies for the overdue subs. Not many from the 80's here yet.
Don't suppose many will be familiar with Mr Newton (aka to the pupils as Eggy or Skittle, take your pick) sitting on one of the mathematical model cones in the maths block of WBS. Come on now, you must remember those square & conical pyramids and cones on the shelves. Well, WBS was one less on the day I placed one on his chair. Some fool started him off on cricket so we all closed our books. I left after the first bell and was retrieved from my next lesson by Steve Wieczysty (spelling?). Apparently Eggy was mid sentence waxing lyrical about the finer points of teaching cricket at another school when he pulled out the chair and err... sat down, or should that be sat up. I was taken into an empty room and had the finer points of trouser tailoring drilled into me. Mr Newton was, understandibly, quite emotional that his tackle was still intact. And when you were Eggy's shape, trousers didn't come cheap (his words not mine) Looking forward to the next newsletter and the 2000 reunion, wonder if Mr Newton will be there, hmmmm!
Wayne Davies (M 79-81)
13 June 1999
Sister (Sian Jones) joined the soc. some years ago and I have been full of good intentions ever since! Web site convinced me to finally sort my act out (actually noticed it on a Canadian newsgroup).
Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures of other sixth form contempories on the site!! I actually had the dubious pleasure of living in WBS as my father (H Jones) was housemaster of Hillsborough for decades so I not only did all my secondary ed there but grew up being misled by older boarders as well!
I have quite a few pictures etc but they are all in storage in UK as Iam here in Canada for a 3 year military exchange.
David Jones (H 71-81)

13 June 1999
I've been following the Visitors' Book for a month now - it's a great idea. I've seen some names I recognise from my time at WGS, I'm particularly keen to track down old friends from 79/80 era.
If anyone has details of Caroline (Cherry) Pile, Jo Lees, Sharon Blair, Sian Gardner, Fiona Longwith, Jane Gysin,... the list goes on!!
Missed Trafalgar Square 8/8/88, hope to see people 9/9/99 - is the time the same (12pm)?
Bye for now.
Jools Rycroft (H 78-82)
16 June 1999
It was a blast from the past when someone mentioned a Windsor Society. Unfortunately I remember few people, that is not to say that I don't have some fond memories. Bob (Movie) Hoffman, if you read these E-mails drop me a line.
There is a noted lack of 70's entries from Hillsborough. Come on people!
Pat O'Neill (Paddy) (H 70-75)


17 June 1999
Hello All: I am using someone else's computer. Please reply to claire purvis, using email address desres@ibm.net or, up to 3rd July, claire.purvis@w.fh-fulda.de
I have to admit that I was incarcerated in this institution a good few years ago, despite valiant attempts to escape. Does anyone remember those?
Actually, the reason for my posting is two-fold. My father, David Purvis, taught music at KAS in 1958 or so, then moved with WGS to Hamm. I am putting together a scrapbook to mark his 3rd quarter-century, coming up this summer. If you have any recollections from KAS or WGS which involve him, I would like to hear them. I am sure he would also be interested in hearing from his band and choir participants, as well as those who contributed to the many Gilbert and Sullivan events. (He is still doing those, by the way. He lives in southern Spain and has organized many musical offerings for the local retirement community).
Also, on a recent visit to Plön (site of former KAS), I met Kapitän Körner who maintains a small museum at the naval training school. He has some originals and a few photocopies of the school magazine up to the Spring 1956 issue. If you have a copy of any of the later issues, he would very much like access to them. Please contact me in the first instance to arrange this. KAS people may remember the red dragon. The side gate still bears two dragons, which are freshly painted. Many of the old buildings are still in use, and are much the same, except for fresh whitewash. Does anyone recall anything special about the bell in the quad? When was it installed? What was its history? And how often did it ring?
Claire Purvis (E 61-63)

19 June 1999
Mr. O'Neill ("Movie") - I have attempted to e-mail you at the address provided, but it is returned with the following message: oneillp@synstar.com on Sat, 19 Jun 1999 13:56:03 +0100 The recipient name is not recognized MSEXCH:IMS:Synstar:Bracknell:BRKMAIL1 0 (000C05A6) Unknown Recipient
Robert Hoffmann (E 69-75)
The e-mail I sent Paddy on 18/6 at 6.52 hasn't bounced, perhaps Paddy, if you read this, you could contact Robert direct? DP.

24 June 1999
Hi, I was in the school. my big sister was there also in 77 to 78, her name was Tina.
Missed the reunions but have met a few old members.
Roy Edwards (H 81-83)

25 June 1999
Hi all, I am so pleased at finding this site.If there is anyone who was at the school the same time as me get in touch.
Great site so many thougts brought back by the photos. Good work Dave
Dave Gordon (H 74-77)

26 June 1999
Hi again! Boy, this web site is growing FAST!
Thought that I'd pop in and say ...where are all the 69-72 Caernarvon boys gone! Had some great stories to tell. See you all at the Reunion...I hope.
Iain Armour (C 69-72)

26 June 1999
Just thought I would pop back in and say hello, great site. I'm still looking for Fiona Hutchinson, Tracey Austin, Lena Peters, and anyone else from Hillsborough.
Please note that I have a new E-mail now. This is a permanent one. Take care all.
Karen Austin (H 80-82)

27 June 1999
Finally I got around to checking the Web-site - very impressive - I shall be a regular visitor. I have been rather busy lately and we still haven't organised the presentation of the Hamm-trip photo to Bob Jordan. One of these days... I am looking forward to next year's reunion.
What happened to the rest of Form 3AB of 1960? I am in touch with Mike Ridley, Gerry Carpenter, Uggy Pratt and John McLaren - but there were about 30 others?
Best Wishes to all.
Tom Ryan (H 59-61)
30 June 1999
I would like to hear from members of Balmoral house during these years. Also members of the house sports teams and the athletics team of that year.
Richard Spencer - Footitt (B 55-58)