4 July 1999
A good start to the site. I've still not managed to uncover any more potential members in Papua New Guinea, but who knows?
I've found a few photos which I'll get scanned shortly. All the best,
Neil Peterson (S 63-66)

9 July 1999
Just checking out the society pages again. Is there anyone out there who went to St Johns School in Singapore as I did from '64 to '67? It was only open during the sixties as it was closed down when the Forces were withdrawn from Singapore.
Malcolm Brunsdon (E 67-69)

10 July 1999
Still here in Zim. after 3 wonderful years of sun and social life. Return to UK Dec 2000. Will try to make the Millennium Reunion. Would love to hear from anyone with airline/travel agency conections who may know of special offers during June 2000. Jill and Alan Gravner contact me please.
Janet Crawshaw (Short) (C 70-74)
10 July 1999
Hi, myself and my two older brothers Keith and Russell were all dayboys making the trapise from Soest via Werl aboard the 'white elephant'. Gave us a chance to crib each other's homework so sometimes we were thankful for the long journey. Looking through the messages I notice that the majority of them date from before my time so if there are any 'younger' ex-pupils around who may remember the three Askew brothers we would be happy to chat. Congratulations on the web-site gang.
Shaun Askew (S 79-82)
10 July 1999
I thought I'd drop in to say 'Hi All'. Using this site, I got a great response from chums from way back. Still looking for Vickie Norsden, Theresa Vaugha, Dawn McMeekin and Sheena Morrison. Sheena, if you're out there e-mail me at this address.
Until then Ta Ta for now.
Caroline Martindale (Ewers) (S 74-79)
12 July 1999
I wasn't at Windsor, but I'd like to congratulate you on an excellent site. I attended Oxford and Edinburgh Schools, Munster and Kings School, Gutersloh (from Sennelager) in the mid to late 1980's. It's refreshing to see the BFG community gaining some recognition on the Internet. Good luck to you.
Yours Sincerely, Chris Jordan.
(ps. did the old Queens School, Rheindahlen, steal your name? I always thought that became Windsor too).
Chris Jordan

Yes, Queens School has 'borrowed' the name 'Windsor School'. DP.
15 July 1999
Hi, just found this new site, great to get hold of Mike Masseys e-mail address as we lost contact a couple of years ago. I'd like to hear from any body from Balmoral or Sandringham (80/81). Oh in ansawer to Sandy Guppies message I was there in 88 and I'll be there in 99. See you. Oh if there is any one in the Kent area pop in to the Townhouse pub in Bromley.
Mike Snook (B 79-82)
16 July 1999
Recently joined the society, only to find that Johnny Walker had died as has Anne O'Barr. I remember Mr Walkers class when he collected some gas in a wine bottle, wrapped a towel around it and put a match to it. The loudest bang I've ever heard - I think he used the same experiment for years. Anyone out there know the whareabouts of David Lundy, Keith Corbett, Steve Elwood, Andy Mackay. Same year, house and dorm as me.
Mike Davies (E 70-73)
16 July 1999
Hi, Just discovered the site, thanks to Ali Close. Great work has been done, keep it up. Have already found Sue Dipper!
Trixi Gunn (Nelson) (H73-77)

19 July 1999
Does anyone out there remember the glorious experiment of the 'truncated' house system? Where all the Sixth Formers were transferred to Edinburgh (with a bar and smoking room). Still had dormitory points though!
I am looking for Charlie Caruana (last heard of in Malta), Peter Risebourgh, Paul Illingworth and Nick Welford.
Mike Adkins (E 68-69)
E-mail address not supplied

20 July 1999
I was in Balmoral house when Mr Harry Tovey was the house master.
I was in 3D and later went into 4C. I was in the house cricket, soccer, basketball, and athletics teams. In addition I represented Windsor School in athletics specialising in the long jump. The people I knew as students were: Ian Jordan, Manfred Booth, Jock Sanderson, Grimshaw, Polly Parrott, Horrocks and many more whose names now escape me.
After leaving Hamm, the family returned to UK where my father left the Army. I completed a mechanical apprenticeship and joined the Merchant Navy. I got married to an English lady and had 3 boys. In 1968 I left England's fair shores for Australia where I have been for the past 31 years. During this time I graduated in Marine Engineering, and joined the Royal Australian Navy were I rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander (Engineer). During this time I Completed a Master of Applied Science degree and a Science Graduate Diploma.
I am at the moment in my spare time completing an Environmental Masters Degree which I hope to complete in the year 2000. Next year I had planned to be at the reunion so I hope to see some familier faces, now many years older. Please drop me an email if you were at Hamm during 56-58.
If you know any one by the name of Jackie Curtis or Stephanie Diprose I would like to make contact. (Stephanie was in 4C and I thought she was terribly sexy) and Jackie was my first love. I divorced in 1987 and remarried in 1988 to an Australian lady.
In 1998 I left the defence forces and now work and live in Cairns Queensland where I work as the engineering examiner for Queensland Transport.
Richard Spencer-Footitt (B56-58)
revid@altnews.com.au or revidrichardspencer@nescape.net
23 July 1999
I have just seen Mike Adkins entry. Yes Mike I do remember the truncated house system. I wonder how long it went on for? Did it finish after '69 or did it carry on for some time. One of the reasons I remember it is that for most of the year I ran the 'BAR', with assistance from some others. Does anyone remember the free 'coke' night? I can remember Paul Illingworth, Charlie Carruna and some of the Rugby team from those days.
Malcolm Brunsdon (E67-69)

24 July 1999 - Announcement
Coming soon - Windsor Chat, on-line, real time chat exclusively for Windsor Society members.
Launch date is 2 August; please let me know which day(s) of the week, time(s) of day and for how long you would like Windsor Chat sessions to be held.
David Pipes (S65-67)

27 July 1999
Connie Charles where are you? Does anybody know where Connie is? I would love to hear from you.
Lynne Brice(Harris) (B74-79)

29 July 1999
What a horrendous flash back to arrive at this website......I was on the Malbro' escape committee in about '73-74 ish (cant remember exactly - it is all a dull blur - thank god).......Well, I did have Mr Fox as a house tutor!!!!... I have grown up to attack anyone wearing cordroys, Hush Puppies and tweed jackets!!!! I remember, Ivan Gleeson, Billy Whitehead, and the School rock band. A chance to meet the girls (legally). Hello and atb to all who survived Stalag WBS.
Does anyone remember Karen Paganelli??...........I loved her something rotten.
Tracy Russell (M 73ish)