4 Jan 1999
What a great way to start the New Year, finding out about this web site. I was at WBS - Sandringham House between 1964-67 and have nothing but great memories. My two younger brothers Eric and Peter were also WBS boys. Love to hear from anyone from that period.
Tom Dean (S 64-67)

17th Jan 1999
I was at Hamm for quite a while, having come over from Prince Rupert School, Wilhemshaven. My early years were not good - having been a somewhat naughty child. You're right, I needed the odd slipper and I certainly got that! However, with the help of Maj Kopke and the CCF, I eventually made the elevated rank of Cadet RSM and finished school at 18 years old after 'Summer Camp' 1965. I still have my RSM badge to this day.
Does anyone remember the trouble in Jul 65 when the boys were found at night in the Girls' School near the end of term? I was one of them, but not caught. Jane H*****s!
I still love you.
Mike Hogg (now Cassidy-Hogg) (B 61-65)

18 Jan 1999
Does anyone know the whereabouts of "Geordie" Schofield who was a member of Balmoral at the same time as me?
Alec "Uggy" Pratt (B 59-61)

20 Jan 1999
Excellent site, I hope it expands and eventually tracks down all ex-pupils and staff. See you all at the Millennium Reunion.
Alan Gravener (M 70-74)

21Jan 1999
I was at WBS, Sandringham from 75 to 77, and my sister Sue Dipper was in Hillsborough (74-77). Anyone who might remember either of us please e-mail me. Is anyone in contact with Andy Ranson (Balmoral) or Alec Robinson (Edinburgh) in the 70's?
Congratulations on an excellent site. Hopefully it will continue to grow (Pages for each house?).
I'm looking forward to the millenium reunion, I'll definitely make it this time
Steve Dipper (S 75-77)

24 Jan 1999
I will try and dig out some photographs from the 1980's.
Phil Fraser (E81-83)

The Windsor Society would appreciate the loan of any original photos showing aspects of school life. It is our intention to make these available to Windsor Society members on CD Rom. If you have photographs you would be willing to loan for a short time, please let me know.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

31 Jan 1999
I attended WGS from 69-70. Before WGS I was in the Primary school on the same grounds for 2 years. We lived in Rhynern and my father worked for Dupont. This is a great site! I would like to hear from any of my old classmates. Norena Shopland, Susan Williams...?

Mary Kristin Cavanaugh (now Jarman) (M 69-70)