11 Feb 1999.
Full marks for the web site... I will dig out some terrible photographs to further embarrass Balmoral House pupils from the late 70s and early 80's !
Malcolm Marshall (B 75-82)

11Feb 1999
Nice to find you, I have all the Concordias for the period I was at the school and if you need them I`ll happily scan the content for you. Also I have just set up a Yahoo chat site for ex-Windsor students at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/exwindsorbfpo which I hope you can inclue in your next newsletter or your links list.
Mike Massey (S 77-83)

12 Feb 1999
Me and brother Danny were Balmoralites in early-mid 60s. Danny's now in Cardiff and stepbrothers John & Eddy Rayner (Edinboro' late 50s/early 60s) are in Cambodia and Channel Islands respectively.
I joined the Army on leaving WBS, served in Devizes and Lippstadt till '81 when applied and joined NZ Army by way of a change. Served till 93 then got into digital mapping here in Wellington. Married; 3 kids, 2 grandkids, 1 motorbike. A great little website. Congrats to all involved in keeping the dream alive!
Brian Bethell (B 61-67)

12 Feb 1999
I was looking up Hamm on the internet and ended up back at school!! Scary stuff, hello to all ex prisoners.
Love and jellybeans Diddy Enright xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lesley Enright (S72-75)

17 Feb 1999
I am trying to get in contact with students who were at wgs at the same time as I was. Particularly those at Sandringham. I am looking in particular for Pip Allen, who will probably have a different surname. I can be contacted on the above email address. I have just met with a friend whom I haven't seen since I was 16 at school... a lovely moment.
Yvonne Whittington (S 70-73)

19 Feb 1999
I wonder if Derek Elliot, Max Alexander, Mike Dixon, Willie Dahlhof, Charlie Sammut, Charlie Craddock, Phil Swanwick or other Hillsborough ex-pats are contactable.
Chris Halford (H 58-60)

20 Feb 1999
A great web site. It brings back floods of memories of my time at WBS from 62 though 66. I guess I will have to pay my fees and get my membership up to date!!
Ken Shaw (S 62-66)

20 Feb 1999
My name is Charlie Pringle and I was in Hillsborough from 1962 to 67. Hayden Jones was the housemaster and Mr Cate (Cosher) was the hitman, but a very nice guy, actually. People I remember well from Hamm are: Tom Byrne, Tom Docherty, Tony Austin, Richard Deagan, Howard MacLaughlan, and Aidan Peter Dino Deno Mompilo de Piro (all Hillsborough); George and Dave Brown (Edinburgh); Don and Brian Pearson (Sandringham, I think); Bill and Anthony Blocksidge, Brian Bethell (Balmoral, I think). If I were to sit down with a few of the guys who were there when I was, I'm sure the names would all come back.
I am still in contact with Tom Byrne, who lives in Blackpool now, and in the early seventies we even shared a flat in London, before I took off for Berlin, where I stayed for ten years. I've been living in Tokyo since 1982 and I work as a copywriter for a Japanese electronics company.
Dave Brown was my best friend for the first part of my life. Both our fathers were in the Northumberland Fusiliers; so we travelled around together-Northern Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, and Germany again. At about 04:00 on Christmas day 1967 we were riding a motorcycle together and smashed it and ourselves up. For the next six or seven months we were in and out of hospital (and even thrown out of one hospital with our legs still in traction). I had joined the NF band and became one of the worst clarinettists ever to grace a parade ground so, when I got out of hospital I wen to Kneller Hall and then Gibraltar. Because of my leg injuries (or my clarinet playing) I was given a medical discharge. I never saw Dave again. I was told that about ten years ago he checked into a hotel in Newcastle and drank himself to death. I don't know why, but I regret not having contacted him again.
I will try to get to the reunion next year and I will also tell Tom Byrne about it.
Charlie Pringle (H 62-67)

25 Feb 1999
Hi, have only just found this place - amazing! I was in dorm 312, Edinburgh would love to hear from anyone from back then.
Claire Morgan, u out there??? Email me anyone!
Ali Lindley (E 77-79)

27 Feb 1999
Great site. The old days may be gone! But not lost from our memories? Keep up the good work.The truth is out there?
Phill Lowrie (M 76-79)