2 Dec 1999
Hi all, just found site very impressed. I was at Windsor Boys from 1976 - 1979 . I was in Caernarvon house I was more commonly called Woody It would be great if any one who remembers me could get in contact.
John (Woody)Woodward (C 76-79)
john william @ john william .frsnet.co.uk
John - perhaps you could check your e-mail address? There shouldn't be any spaces. DP.

8 Dec 1999
Hope you all have a good Christmas and a better New Year, I'll raise a glass at 12pm and toast you all.
Talking off toast, does anyone remember raiding cheese rolls kitchens for the bread?
Dave Gordon (H74-77)

12 Dec 1999
Hi to everyone who I used to know during my time at Windsor. I haven't yet replied to the e-mails that have been sent to me since putting a message in the book, but I have received several and I will reply to them all, promise! Hi to Chris Duxbury and Kelly Roberts, (I said hi to Jackie for you), of course we both remember you. Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy Millenium! Hope to see as many of you as possible in June at the reunion.
Sheryl Blackmore (Stuart) (B 74-79)

12 Dec 1999
Hello - if anyone remembers us please E-mail the above address.
Julie and Joanne Williams (C 73-76)
13 Dec 1999
I'm interested to hear from Caernarvon ex-puplis from the late 1950s, Mr Howe and Roy Edmeads era. My number was C48.
Anthony (Tony) Boyce (C 57-59)

14 Dec 1999
Simple & Short: Happy Christmas and All the best for the millennium !
See you all at the re-union !
Watch out for a club special at Ex-Windsor BFPO (Yahoo - See Links Page)
Mike Massey (S 77-82)
15 Dec 1999
Wishing everyone a "Frohe Weihnachten und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr." I am looking forward to Newbury but if anyone wants a meet before then within reasonable distance of Gloucester then email me. One other question, why haven't you all joined the Windsor Yahoo Club yet? We have already had one mini-meet and there are more to follow.
BTW if anyone knows whereabouts of Bob Mansfield, Tony Jobber, John Weston or anyone else from my era then please email me.
Bill Craswell (C62-65)
15 Dec 1999
If you see this message Myra, send me your address as I lost it when we moved. Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year. My love to your family and to Kitty and to all the other girls who were in Hillsborough with us. Didn't we have some fun?
Chris McDougall (H 65-67)
16 Dec 1999
Nick Welford. Sorry modern technology has not caught up with me yet so no E Mail address. I have got in touch will Paul (Illers) Illingworth in Cyprus.
Mike Adkins (B ?? - ??)
No e-mail address given
16 Dec 1999
I can't believe that I have managed to find this site. I am so pleased to be able to contact old friends and partners in crime!! I am wanting to speak with Sheena Morrison, whose message I have received tonight. Also anyone who remembers Heather Gallagher, Tom Mcguire, Little Jock! or anyone from RAF Laarbruch.
Please e-mail it will be great to hear from you and maybe all get together at some point. We can all remember the "good old days"!! What about Miss Devine!! or Matron G. Please write soon. XXXX
Sarah Marshall (S 76-79)
17 Dec 1999
What a great site. I didn`t go to WBS but my two brothers Kurt & Bill Graves did in the late seventies. I went to John Buchan Middle School in Sennelager and later to Kings School in Gutersloh. Any other ex Kings or JBMS students out there? Drop us a line.
Especially like to hear from Micheal Codd, David Smith, Sharon Smith, Darren Johnson, Mike English.
Martin Graves

18 Dec 1999
A Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year to everyone out there. As yet I have not come in contact with many old friends from my days at WGS (Marlborough, 68-71), but have met many ex windsorites through the Windsor BFPO web site and Sunday chats. So a special Merry Christmas to you guys.
Nick you can count me in on your trip to Hamm after the re-union; It would be a perfect finale to the first reunion of the millenium. Lesley, hope to see you there too (bring Mike with you). If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of Carol Squires or Lynda Creighton get in touch with me please.Great site David.
Merry Christmas to all.
Sylvia Woodside (Robertson) (M 68-71)

18 Dec 1999
Dawn Crosby (H 80-83)

18 Dec 1999
Hello, anyone remember me? Started off in Hillsborough, finished in Edinburgh house. All seems along time ago !!!!!
Tim Law (H 64-69)
19 Dec 1999
Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy christmas and wish you all everything you want from the new millennium. Christmas brings its own memories of the time spent in Advent at school. I remember the advent wreaths with the candles which were lit one at a time, and singing carols at the end of the corridor. And how about the night of St Nicks, when we had to clean our shoes and put them outside the door. In the morning we might have got some twigs or sweets or a mixture of each depending on how good we had been! I always got a mixture so I guess thats why I didnt make prefect!!! Oh well back to the baking, present wrapping etc....
Carole Amos (Meakins) (M 76-79)

20 Dec 1999
Just found this site. I've looked through the entries in the visitors book but there seems to be a distinct lack of entries from WBS in the early 70's. Where are you all?

David Lewis (B 70-72)
24 Dec 1999
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
to all society members worldwide
(and to those former students and staff
who haven't joined us yet)
from the Windsor Society committee
- see you at Newbury next June.
25 Dec 1999
Hi!! Finally linked to the web....Great fun scanning the pages - like turning back time. Have all ready linked with Caroline Martindale & Carolyn Amos........would love to hear from anyone else that remembers me or my bruv, John Lind (M77 - 79) Merry Christmas to all and an even Merrier (Hic!!) New Year!!!!! See you at Newbury.
Julie Lind (S 76-79)
25 Dec 1999
Just want to wish all Society members a Good Start to the new millenium. Looking forward to the reunion in June.
Malcolm Brunsdon (F 67-69)
27 Dec 1999
I did not attend WGS but knew someone there who I would love to contact if possible. Her name was Sharon Gloucester and would have attended from approx 1966-68. We lived in a block of flats on Drabert Strasse, Minden. When we finished primary school she was sent to WGS and I to PRS, Wilhelmshaven. The last contact I had with her she was married to a soldier and her surname was "ARMOUR". Does this ring a bell with anyone?
Julie Appleton