4 Apr 1999
I am looking for contacts who went to Windsor school ( boys and girls) in 1961-65ish) who "may" have been pupils in Menden or Celle or Gloucester School Hohne at that time.
I was a pupil at those schools and due to a family tagedy was not allowed to go to a boarding school following the death of my brother. I was Connie Coombs, now Davis, 48 years old Mom to 2 sons, and just become a Grandma for the first time.....live in Holland for the past 7 years and would love to meet up with pupils from those days and be able to share photos with them.
Thanks for allowing me to share in your page, it brought back some wonderful memories and wherever you are Good Luck with your lives.
Please contact me if you are one of those from then.
Connie Davis

9 Apr 1999
Just found the Website - lots of nostalgia!! I'm sure I can dig up some embarrasing photographs etc from my era (it'll need a trawl around the attic though!)
Just for info, there has already been one reunion, on 8/8/88 at Trafalgar Square, which was very well attended. If my memory serves right, we also arranged another, same place, on 9/9/99...maybe someone can confirm?
Mark Guthrie (77-81)

10 Apr 1999
Hi, I was a member of Balmoral House from Sept 1977-1980,and have lost touch with some of the girls. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of the following persons would be appreciated: Lesley Nicks, Pauline Forrester, Jane Leadbetter.
Liz Brown (nee Guthrie) (B77-80)
andrew.b@which net
13 Apr 1999
Hello to anyone out there who remembers me from Roosevelt House (King Alfred School) 1958-59 and Balmoral House 1959-1963.
My brother John was also at Windsor Boys School at the same time. I have had such a great time meeting up with old friends through the Society and the 1995 re-union and hope to meet up with quite a few more yet.
I have lived in New Zealand (Wellington, 74-79)and Australia (Perth, Western Australia 79-present) these past 25 years and get back to the UK every 3-4 years.
In August 1998 Alec Pratt organised a mini re-union for a group of us comprising Alec, Tony Wiiliams, Mike Ridley and myself, together with our wives. This was held in lovely old pub in the Cotswolds. We had a great afternoon, dinner and breakfast together and still did not run out of things to discuss!!
I also keep in touch with Mike Williams and Jon (Bambi) Marshall (Balmoral),Gerry Carpenter (Edinburgh) and Margaret Burrell (WGS) Margaret has told me that she knows the where abouts of Dougie Howe (Balmoral) Alec is always looking out for past friends and I have seen a few names in the Visitors Book I intend to look up.
I would be delighted to hear from anyone particularly in NZ and Australia even if we were not in the same years. Jon Marshall has been trying hard to find people in this part of the world but without a great deal of response.... where are you??
Congratulations to the society in getting the website established and hope to contact many more people in this coming year.
Regards to all.

Michael Hill (B 59-63)
11 Apr 1999
Does anybody know the whereabouts of: Elizabeth Allan, Julie Thompson and Linden Sharp? All at Windsor Girls in 1960.
Alison Pangbourne (nee Kentish) (E 60-61)

27 Apr '99
I was there at Traf. Sq. 8/8/88, but was a bit too "tired and emotional" to remember too many of the other folks who made it. Nice to hear all about the old school after so long. Here's to 9/9/99!!
Mike Lucas-Carter (H 80-83)

28 Apr '99
My sister and I attended Windsor 1972-74. We were in Marlborough House. I still have a diary from that time somewhere and the girls in my dormitory were Ann Merrick; Elaine Ball; Alexis Kane - where are they now?
I would love to hear from anyone who knows me or my sister and we can not wait to attend the reunion.
My sister's name is Susan Sillett.
Syvia Wharmby (nee Sillett) (M 73-75)