8 December 1998
My apologies for the delay in the Windsor Society's web site appearing - I hope you enjoy it.
Contributions/suggestions welcome.
David Pipes (S 65-67)

11 December 1998
Excellent site David, congratulations. I attended Windsor School, in Marlborough house, from 1954-1957 - I'll be looking for ex mates from that period.
Philip Bosley
(M 54-57)
11 December 1998
My brother and I went to Windsor in the late 50's to early 60's. This web page brought back some great moments. My name is Trevor and my brother is Mike Clough we were both in Caernarvon. If there is anyone who remembers us, please e-mail me.
Trevor Clough (C 59-60)

11 December 1998
I am glad to see that the Society is well and planning to send out information. As the Canadian representative I am more than willing to connect former colleagues with the society and ensure that they receive new communications when they are available. And I know that there are a larger number of former Windsor-ites living in Canada with whom we have yet to be in contact.

David Dunlop (S 58-60)

11 December 1998
Nice site, having recently joined I have been slightly worried by the lack of activity but it is worth the wait. Please include my email as I would be happy to hear from anyone.
Bill Craswell (C 62-65)

11 December 1998
At last, Windsor on the Web! Congratulations on the launch of the Windsor Schools site. I know from my own efforts there are many of us out there. Look forward to the Millenium Reunion.
Wayne Davies
(M 80-82)
11 December 1998
I am very pleased to see the site up and running. I was at Windsor School from April to December 1955 but was very home sick and, as my brother was at King Alfred's School Ploen, I moved up there to Temple Boys. I remained there until the school closed at the end of the Summer term 1959 when I moved back to Windsor Boys School Hamm until December 1959. I then joined the Regimental Band 13th/18th Royal Hussars(QMO)where I served for 22 years. I then joined Merseyside Police at 40 years of age, retiring in April 1998 at 55 years of age. I now build computers as a hobby for friends and others. A happy Christmas to all and congratulations on getting the site up and running.
Alan R Parsons (S/H 55-59)

13 December 1998
Hi! great website....about time! :-)
I was there twice! 1969 - 1972 Caernarvon House..please e-mail me if you remember me. Does anyone remember the Caernarvon Journal? Ed Jones? I was one of the editors and have copies....well we thought it was great then!!! What a place.
Iain Armour

13 December 1998
Very good site wish there was more info about the 1977-80 period. Be nice to hear from Sharon Gascoigne,Kelly Roberts,Karen Cheatham?
Debbie Rymer

14 December 1998
Congratulations on the new site. It is already bookmarked. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend the 2000 Reunion. Anyone from my "era" please e-mail me.
Steve Graham (B 77-79)

14 December 1998
Well done a great website! My brothers and I all went to WBS (Edinburgh / Hillsborough House) from 1965 until 1970 so if anyone remembers Phil, Bob or Pete Bull then please get in touch on my email address.
Phil Bull (E 65-70)

14 December 1998
Congrats David. Great Website. Just a few words to all those Windsor Webbers out there..... I was in Balmoral from 1959-1961 and am already in touch with Mike Hill, Mike Ridley, Tony Williams on a regular basis. I would like to hear from others who were at Windsor School at the same time and in Balmoral or any other of the houses or maybe the same form as me. Cheers
I look forward to seeing many old friends at the 2000 Reunion
Alec "Uggy" Pratt (B 59-61)

16 December 1998
Just found the 'site. Very impressed. I will definitly try to get to the reunion and will pass the info on to both brothers. I look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers any of the 'Toppy' Clan. I will pass any messages to the other two onto them.
Ian Toplis (E 78-82)

16 December 1998
Great pictures on the web site, they bring back all the memories. I was at Windsor School between 1959 and 1964, my sister, Pat Williams was there between 1957 and 1962. We were both in Caernarvon House and remember our numbers C54 and C29. I'm in contact with several old friends including Mike Hill, Alex Pratt and Mike Trevithick. I hope to meet as many of you as possible at the next reunion.

Tony Williams (C 59-64)

19 December 1998
Congratulations on putting together the Windsor Web site. I was at WBS - Sandringham House between 74 - 80 and I am looking forward to hearing from anyone from that period.
Kev Hopkins (S 74-80)

24 December 1998
A happy Christmas and best wishes for 1999 to all former Windsor students and staff.
David Pipes (S 65 - 67)

24 December 1998
My sister Debbie and I lived in Soest between 77&80 and both attended Windsor during that time. Anyone from the patch reading this drop us a line - we're both living in Canada now and would like to renew old ties. Hey Belinda Summers - where are you?
Paul Lutman (E 77-80)

31 December 1998
Just got online myself. I was at W.G.S. as a day pupil, bused in daily from Soest, boarded a few wkends for socials. Left right after my O levels in June of '80 to immigrate to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I still am. Would Love to hear from anyone.

Debbie Yacey (nee Lutman) (B 77-80)